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National German Pointing Dog National Championships

By Diane Rakers | Jul 13, 2017
National Championship Winners. From left: Frank Borroco, Purina rep Terry Trzcinski, Jim Yates, Judge Marc McKinley, Keith Richardson with P W Fast Forward, Ronnie Sale, Bob Salamone with Salamone’s Mele Kalikimaka Boo, Jack Marchese, Joe Amatulli, Bill Padovano, Dan DiMambro and Judge Jon Small.

Pinckneyville, Ill. — The National German Pointing Dog Association (NGPDA) Championships were held at Pyramid State Park, Denmark Unit, in Southern Illinois.

It was the 63rd year for these Championships — the 63rd National Championship, 50th National Shooting Dog Championship and the 39th National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship under the auspices of the NGPDA.

The park has three courses on the Denmark Unit. Course No. 1 was not used due to the crossing not being safe.

The weather started off with a snowy welcome to Southern Illinois. It was chilly, but by the time the Amateur started the weather was pleasant.

The camaraderie among pros and amateurs was topnotch. Everyone worked to make this a great championship program.

We had some great meals. A big thank you to Frank from Michigan for overseeing the kitchen several days. Hats off to Chip Denham for some of the best BBQ served anywhere in the USA. Chip and his family donated the amateur dinner on Friday night. Bob Salamone and Jack Marchese again outdid themselves with a sausage/Italian beef lunch on Saturday and provided fresh fruit for everyone to enjoy. We also want to thank Dan DiMambro for arranging the steak dinner provided by the club on Saturday night followed up with a pork chop dinner on Sunday. It was fun for everyone to cook their steaks and socialize.

What a blessing to have a new building with electricity and a restroom. A huge thank you to Dr. Bill Roe, the friends of Pyramid and the State of Illinois for making this happen. In January it was just a grassy spot where we put up the Purina tent; by the time we left in March it was a functioning facility. A special thank you to Peter Coppens and Diane Rakers for heading up the fundraising communications. We would be remiss if we did not mention a few other thank yous. Cha Hill and staff for taking into consideration our needs, overseeing the entire project and putting their own skills to work on the building. A huge thank you to Tom Oswald and Tom Davis for your donated carpenter and painting skills. Dr. Bill Roe, Jacob Schultz, Lori Rezzardi, Joe Amatulli, Peter Coppens and Tom Amend, who all donated time painting, staining and numerous other projects for completion. We also received gifts in-kind from Kim and Tom Amend, Tom Tubergen and Jim Yates. Without monetary donations nothing gets done so thanks to FTCI, NGPDA, NVA, Gateway Club, and many individuals. Also our sponsors once again supported us with a donation from Purina (Greg Blair) and SportDog (Jim Morehouse) that we auctioned off with much success. We have always had premium trialing grounds here in Southern Illinois. Now we have a facility that will only improve on what we can provide for the future.

This trial would not be possible without our sponsors. We would like to extend our great gratitude to Purina and SportDog. Also a shout out to our Purina rep Terry Trzcinski and SportDog rep Jim Morehouse who attended and have shown a great commitment to our sport. Without their help our dog trial would not be the same. Please support these companies.

Thank you to bird planters Dan DiMambro, Rich Barber, Peter Coppens, and Rick Heller. Also thanks to Tom Davis, Peter Coppens, Lori Rezzardi and everyone for taking turns with the dog wagon and horse wagon. Everything runs great when the dogs/horses are at the line ready to go on time. A national event doesn’t work unless you have a lot of volunteer help. We appreciate the pros, amateurs and all who attended the trial this year. Lastly thank you to Diane Rakers, Dan DiMambro, Peter Coppens and Sean Patrick Derrig on a combined effort to get this write-up completed.


We started the Open Shooting Dog on Sunday, March 12. Our judges were Marc McKinley of Conklin, Mich., and Jon Small of Pleasant Hill, Mo. Both men have years of loving, running and training bird dogs. We thank both of them for their time and capable judging abilities. Rick Heller, Peter Coppens and Lori Rezzardi served as stake managers. Thank you all for your time and dedication. We had 33 dogs — 32 German Shorthairs  and one Weimaraner.

The winner of the Shooting Dog Championship came from brace No. 3 — Greyrock’s Mile Marker, owned by Tom Tubergen of Winnetka, Ill., and handled by Rich Barber. “Saint” ran a good course, had three divided finds and two finds. His style was impeccable on all of his finds. The runner-up was down in brace No. 4, Chicoree’s Jake’s Bonnie, owned by Dr. Fred Ryan of Lima, Ohio, and handled by Dan DiMambro. Bonnie is an up-and-coming three-year-old that has plenty of style and power. Bonnie had finds at 10, 18, 23, 38 and 51. She ran a strong shooting dog race the entire hour.

Pinckneyville, Ill., March 12

Judges: Marc McKinley and Jon Small


[One-Hour Heats] — 32 German Shorthairs and 1 Weimaraner

Winner—GREYROCK’S MILE MARKER, 1642030, German Shorthair male, by J A K’s Miles Away—Outbak’s Jade. Tom Tubergen, owner; Rich Barber, handler.

Runner-Up—CHICOREE’S JAKE’S BONNIE, 1659618, German Shorthair female, by Chicoree’s Jake—Chicoree’s Sparkle In Her Eye. Dr. Fred Ryan, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.


The Open All-Age Championship was also judged by Marc McKinley and Jon Small. Peter Coppens and Tom Davis stepped up as stake managers. Thanks, Peter and Tom, for showing your dedication to this trial.

The All-Age drew 21 dogs to the starting line to compete for the title of National Champion. All 21 dogs were German Shorthairs.

The National Championship was won by P W Fast Forward, owned by Keith and Bobbi Richardson of Cheyenne, Wyo. She ran a nice all-age race and had one find.

Runner-up was Salamone’s Mele Kalikimaka Boo, owned by Robert Salamone of Brookfield, Wis., handled by Dan DiMambro. Mele had three finds and ran all-age the entire hour. A few minutes a little too much all-age or Mele could have pushed the winner’s spot.


21 German Shorthairs

Winner—P W FAST FORWARD, 1608384, female, by Alpenblick’s Cody—P W Comeuppance. Keith & Bobbi Richardson, owners; Keith Richardson, handler.

Runner-Up—SALAMONE’S MELE KALIKIMAKA BOO, 1625253, female, by Schuster’s All Max’d Out—Schuster’s Mama’s Girl. Robert Salamone, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.


This year the NGPDA welcomed amateur handlers from several states.

We drew 32 dogs — two German Drahthaars, one Vizsla and 29 German Shorthairs — for the Amateur Championship and it was a pretty competitive stake. Our judges this year were Sean Patrick Derrig of Chicago, Ill., and Peter Coppens of Collinsville, Ill. Both men have themselves had champion caliber dogs, active in their local and state clubs, participants, judges and love this sport. Their decision was well received.

Stake managers where Dan DiMambro and Lori Rezzardi. We can’t say enough about the time and commitment these two put into this stake and making this a successful trial.

Named champion was Haven’s B A Roundabout Rudy, German Shorthair male owned by Jack Marchese of Oconomowoc, Wis. Rudy stood out from the field of competitors and had the judges’ attention from breakaway, taking in large chunks of country but always checking in at a timely manner.

The action started quickly with Rudy’s first find at 6. Rudy was steady to wing and shot while bracemate Connie (Richardson) took a few steps at flush and was leashed. Rudy then had the course to himself taking in the right side of the first cattle pasture. Rudy was found at 12 by handler for his second find. He followed quickly with find No. 3 at the end of the cattle chute at 15. From there Jack and Rudy showed they could take in the country, taking the left side of the course after the first road crossing.

Rudy checked in at the gate and headed into heavy cover, not seen until 30 by the twin ponds for a good limb find, found by scout Bob Salamone. Rudy demonstrated excellent composure as the bird was sitting tight. Rudy charged toward the right side of the course making a nice swing before crossing the gravel road again. Rudy traversed the island pasture checking the likely bird locations. Upon coming to the third road crossing Rudy took the No. 2 course but was quickly rounded up and back on course. He faded out of sight and was found by scout Salamone at 52 for another good limb find. Rudy then hung the right edge until time was called. The Wisconsin team did an excellent job putting on a show for all who rode that morning.

Runner-up was awarded to P W Extraordinaire, owned and handled by Keith Richardson. “Airee” and Keith put on an excellent performance in disciplined training and fluid workmanship of the course. Airee started the action at 3 with a good find. Bracemate R J, handled by Tom Oswald, started strong with a good find at 6 and an unproductive at 11. R J continued to hunt for the entire hour but came up empty. Airee had another food find at 44, found by scout Jim Yates. Richardson let Airee charge the front and she disappeared after the last road crossing to be found on point at time. Keith showed excellent confidence in his dog for the flush and shot, and pickup was called. Airee had delivered a smooth and disciplined hour showing excellent training and manners.

Other dogs that impressed the judges, in no particular order, were: Franchi’s Son of a Gun and P W Flirt She’s a Keeper which had a strong hour but came from behind to hurt their overall performance. Dulac’s Princess Fiona had a strong race and excellent bird work but failure to back ended her hour. Salamone’s Mele Kalikimaka Boo had the ground race the judges sought but needed a little more bird work. Lundy’s Red Bull was doing a commendable job until lost on point in the second half of the hour. Multiple other dogs put together a solid 55 minutes but could not complete the hour for one reason or another. Overall it was an excellent field of dogs but two contestants stood out among the others.

Judges: Peter Coppens and Sean Patrick Derrig

NGPDA NATIONAL AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 29 German Shorthairs, 1 Vizsla and 2 German Drahthaars

Winner—HAVEN’S B A ROUNDABOUT RUDY, 1625544, German Shorthair male, by Schuster’s All Max’d Out—Schuster’s Mama’s Girl. Jack Marchese, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—P W EXTRAORDINAIRE, 1629669, German Shorthair female, by P W Zipp N Lock—P W Eat Mya Dust. Keith & Bobbi Richardson, owners; Keith Richardson, handler.


The “All Breed” Derby Classic was held on the Denmark unit of the Pyramid SFW. Conditions for the running were good. Judges for the classic were Tim Zick of Edgerton, Wis., and Chase Verdoorn of Platte City, Mo., who stepped up to fill a vacancy. Both own, handle and train dogs of their own while judging and participating in field trials and championships throughout the country. Thank you both for your time in the saddle.

Thanks to everyone for stepping up to finish this stake after a long week and and a half trial.

Nine deserving Derbies ran.

First was awarded to P J Wildfire’s Little Lexi, owned and handled by Joe Vicari. Awarded second was Preachers Sneakin Out At Dawn, owned and handled by Tom Oswald. Third was Burr Oaks Cactus Cody, owned by Tom and Kim Amend, handled by Tom Amend The NGPDA board remains committed to making this the No. 1 trial to attend. We are always looking for ways to improve and look forward to seeing everyone next year.

Until we meet again, Happy Trials!

Judges: Chase Verdoorn and Tim Zick


1st—P J WILDFIRE’S LITTLE LEXI, 1663717, female, by P J Wildfire’s Little Bud—Lone Creek Sweet Anna. Joe Vicari, owner and handler.

2d—PREACHERS SNEAKIN OUT AT DAWN,  1669577, male, by Preacher’s Bare Knuckles—Middlecreek’s Ground Effect II. Tom Oswald, owner and handler.

3d—BURR OAKS CACTUS CODY, 1663839, male, by B D K’s Chloes Jax of All Trades—Liverhead’s Jumpin Jackie. Kim & Tom Amend, owners; Tom Amend, handler.

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