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National Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Mike Husenits | Feb 05, 2018

Union Springs, Ala. — Sixty-three dogs have been drawn for the 2018 National Open Shooting Dog Championship at Sedgefields Plantation, Union Springs, Ala.

Judges for this renewal are Erik Bonner of Shelby, N. C., Dr. Jim Mills of Searcy, Ark., and Tim Ruff of of Irmo, S. C.

The running began Monday morning, February 5.


Name of Dog/Breed & Sex/Owner(s)/Handler


1. Mobile Strike, ESM; Doug Hinton; Doug Ray. With

Chelsea’s Thunderbolt, PM; Tom Jackson & George Hickox; Shawn Kinkelaar


2. Erin’s War Creek, PM; Allen Linder; Mike Tracy. With

Zumbro Stinky Pete, PM; Dale Windhorst; Travis Gellhaus.


3. Seeking A Thrill, PM; Ross Leonard; Tommy Rice. With

Shadow Oak Doc, ESM; Allen Linder & Great River Kennel; Mike Tracy


4. Hale’s Southern Touch, PF; Dr. Jeff Hale; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

Hollow Creek Lilly PF; Alaine & Jerry Barber; Stacy Perkins.


5. Shagtime Scout, ESM; Chris Cagle; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

Sugarknoll War Paint, PM; Allen Linder & Pete Del Collo; Mike Tracy.


6. Caladen’s Davinci, ESM; Auddie Brown; Jerry Raynor. With

C S Shoeshine, PM; Tony & Becky Gibson; Doug Ray.


7. Miller’s Honor Code, PM; Bill & Muriel Primm; Mike Tracy. With

Lancelot’s Tall Knight, PM; Dr. Richard Steckley; Chuck Stretz.


8. Go Johnny Go PM; Tim Tande; Jim Tande. With

C S Joe Kid, PM; Tony & Becky Gibson; Ted Roach.


9. Bully Bragg, PM; Ernie & Karen Saniga, Bill & Muriel Primm; Mike Tracy. With

Nehawka Tall Boy, PM; Jim & Donna Crayne; Mike Martino.


10. Thomas Adirondack Turbo, PM; Jim & Nadine Thomas; Mike Tracy. With

Hale’s Kick Starter, PM; Dr. Jeff Hale; Shawn Kinkelaar.


11. C S Coldwater Rex, PM; Becky & Tony Gibson; Doug Ray. With

World Class Cash, PM; Mick Marietta; Stacy Perkins


12. Charitable Deed, PF; Keith Phillipson; Tommy Rice III. With

Sedgefields Shadow Rising, PM; Sedgefields Plantation; Bill Lee.


13. Miller’s Handsome Ransom, PM; Allen R. Linder; Mike Tracy. With

Urban Fantasy, PM; Troy Terlizzi; Matt Basilone.


14. Northwood Charles, ESM; Bill Owen; Travis Gelhaus. With

Denton, PM; Dr. Robert Canada; Stacy Perkins.


15. Miller’s Armed and Dangerous, PM; Harvey Crosby; Doug Ray. With

White Knight's Prophecy, PM; John Stretz; Chuck Stretz.


16. Jo Ho’s Full Moon, PM; John & C. J. Holt; Stacy Perkins. With

Bail Me Out, PM; Casey Puckett; Mike Tracy.


17. Sedgefields Power House Turbo, PM; Sedgefields Plantation; Bill Lee. With

Miller’s Miss Calamity Jane, PF; Allen R. Linder; Mike Tracy.


18 Touch’s Mae Mobley, PF; Muriel & Bill Primm; Mike Tracy. With

Knights White Lady, PF; Bill Owen; Travis Gellhaus.


19. Jacked Up Jasper, ESM; Larry Williamson; Virgil Moore. With

Backcountry Tornado, PF; Chris Catanzarite; Mike Tracy.


20. World Class Cliff, PM; Mick Marietta, Brian Hamilton & Bill Cignetti; Stacy Perkins. With

Cory’s Easy Holy Water, PF; Bill & Muriel Primm; Mike Tracy.


21. Cock'N'Fire Maggie, PF; Auddie Brown & Allen Johnson; Jerry Raynor. With

Just Thrillin, PM; Keith Phillipson; Tommy Rice III.


22. Zorra, PF; Ron Prewitt; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

Waybetter Rocky, PM; Carl & Colin Bishop, Bill & Muriel Primm; Mike Tracy.


23. Thrill Me, PF; Keith Phillipson & Tommy Rice III; Tommy Rice III. With

R J’s Deicer, PF; Reagan & Kristen Moisson; Shawn Kinkelaar.


24. Steel City Karen, PF; Bob & Karen Reed & Betsy Archer; Jeanette Tracy. With

Tallokas Storm Bandit, PM; Tallokas Kennel; Jason Loper/Tommy Rice III.


25. Miller’s Unfinished Business, PM Benji Griffith; Joel Norman. With

Ramie’s All In, PM; Bill Witter; Stacy Perkins.


26. L F Dyno Mike, PM; Mike McClanahan, Fred Davis & Charles R. Jackson; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

Miller’s Vanilla Snow, PF; Tom & Bonnie Hamilton; Mike Tracy.


27. In Swami’s Shadow, PF; Bill & Mary Sand; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

Palara, PF; Sal J. Morelli; Mike Tracy.


28. Bo Bunda, PM; Jack Arlington; Mike Martino. With

Walden Ridge Shadow Dancer, PM; David Steele; Mike Tracy.


29. Supernatural, PF; Mike McClanahan & Charles R. Jackson; Virgil Moore. With

C S Pressure Test, ESM; Becky & Tony Gibson; Doug Ray.


30. Miller’s Unbridled Forever, PM; Great River Kennel & Neil Walker; Mike Tracy. With

Miller’s Stray Bullet, PM; Benji Griffith; Joel Norman.


31. Osceola’s Gunsmoke Man, PM; Osceola Kennel; Jason Loper. With

Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride, PM; Andrea Clark & Casey Puckett; Mike Tracy.


32. Erin’s Prometheus, PM; John Mathys; Doug Ray. As a bye.


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