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National Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Heather Klinck | Feb 03, 2020

Union Springs, Ala. — The National Open Shooting Dog Championship drew 77 dogs and will begin Monday, February 3.

A daily synopsis and particulars can be found on the website.




1. Shagtime Scout, ESM; Ron Prewitt; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

Pinson’s Imgine That, PM; Becky & Tony Gibson; Doug Ray.


2. Strut Nation, PM; Scott Jordan; Scott Jordan. With

Swami Rip Tide, PM; Auddie Brown; Jerry Raynor.


3. Touch’s Two Step, PM; John Burrow; Tommy Rice. With

Quail Roost Accolade, PM; Dr. Susan Wells; Michael Martino.


4. Waybetter Billy, PM; Tom Brigman; Matt Basilone. With

Waybetter Rocky, PM; Muriel & Bill Primm & Carl, Joyce & Collin Bishop; Mike Tracy.


5. Lone Tree Splish Splash, PF; Bill Owen; Travis Gellhaus. With

Osceola’s Seminole Wind, PF (IS); Jin & Therese Morrell, Casey & Devin Hollander; Mike Tracy.


6. Steel City Alabama, PM; Karen & Bob Reed; Matt Basilone. With

Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt, PM; Dr. Tom Jackson & George Hickox; Shawn Kinkelaar.


7. Bail Me Out, PM; Casey Hollander; Mike Tracy. With

Hale’s Southern Touch, PF; Dr. Jeff Hale; Shawn Kinkelaar.


8. Dragonfly, PM; Jim Hughes; Jim Hughes. With

Coosawatchie Smooth Ride, PM; Casey Hollander; Mike Tracy.


9. Miller’s Creative Cause, PM; Tommy Liesfeld; Doug Ray. With

Pure Gossip, PF; Bob Reynolds; Chuck Stretz.


10. Miller’s Just Plain Rowdy, PM; Allen Linder; Mike Tracy. With

Swift Justice, ESM; Brad Kennedy; Steve Hurdle.


11. Miller’s Heat Seeker, PM; Muriel & Bill Primm, Jack & Fran Miller & Dennis Hood; Mike Tracy. With

Charitable Deed, PF; Keith Finlayson; Tommy Rice.


12. Miller’s Lock and Loaded, PM; Bill & Muriel Primm; Mike Tracy. With

Tallokas Sun Dial, PF; Tallokas Kennels & Allison Stewart; Tommy Rice.


13. Armstrong Mountain Dustie, PM; Frank Joyal; Mike Tracy. With

Phillips Wind Line, PF; Becky & Tony Gibson; Doug Ray.


14. Palara, PF; Sal J. Morelli; Mike Tracy. With

L F Silver Belle, PF; Becky & Tony Gibson; Doug Ray.


15. Sand Mountain Icy, PF; Greg Strausbaugh; Mike Tracy. With

Ten Oaks Annie, PF; Jeanette Heise & Louis Qualtiere; Travis Gellhaus.


16. Osceola’s Rebel Chief, PM; Ted Roach; Jason Loper. With

Bittersweet War Cry, PM; Joe Lordi, Jr. & Ralph Gillota; Mike Tracy.


17. Stone’s Tried and True, PM; Harvey Crosby; Doug Ray. With

Northwoods Charles, ESM; Bill Owen; Travis Gellhaus.


18. Westfall’s Ice Breaker, PM; Eugene Sprotta, Jr.; Eddy Taylor. With

Class Act Express, PM; Becky & Tony Gibson; Doug Ray.


19. Born On Fourth July, PM; Jeff Gilbertson; Travis Gellhaus. With

North Country Girl, PF; Joe McHugh & David Mckay; Mike Tracy.


20. Dominator’s Ghost Rider, PM; Harold Ray & Becky & Tony Gibson; Doug Ray. With

Bo Bunda, PM; Jack Arlington; Michael Martino.


21. Upfront’s Southern Star, PF (IS); Lance Schulz; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

Cory’s Easy Holy Water, PF (IS); Muriel & Bill Primm; Mike Tracy.


22. Denton, PM; Bob Canada; Doug Ray. With

Nottingham’s Storm Rider, PM; Roger Dvorak & Gordon Ramey; Matt Basilone.


23. True Choice, PF (IS); Greg Fried; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

Touch’s Mae Mobley, PF (IS); Muriel & Bill Primm; Mike Tracy.


24. Thrill Me, PF; Keith Finlayson; Tommy Rice. With

South Forty Princess, PF (IS); John Roswech; Shawn Kinkelaar.


25. Tug O’War, PM; Glenda Haag & Adam Hart; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

Purpleline Casper, PM; Richard Steckley; Chuck Stretz.


26. Just Thrillin, PM; Keith Finlayson; Tommy Rice. With

Reedy Creek Dial Tone, PM; Joe McHugh; Mike Tracy.


27. Urban Fantasy, PM; Troy Terlizzi; Matt Basilone. With

Glenmartin Excalibur, PM; Christopher Martin; Chuck Stretz.


28. Miller Unfinished Business, PM; Benjy Griffith; Joel Norman. With

Caladen’s Davinci, ESF; Auddie Brown; Jerry Raynor.


29. Steel City Karen, PF; Bob Reed & Betsy Archer; Jeanette Tracy. With

Ridge Creek Kate, ESF (IS); Larry Brutger; Shawn Kinkelaar.


30. Miller’s Bushwacker, PM; Benjy Griffith; Joel Norman. With

Cheyenne Jack, PM; Saverio Morelli; Mike Tracy.


31. S F Fullcolor, PF; Jack Montgomery & Tracy Hammond; Steve Hurdle. With

In Swami’s Shadow, PF (IS); Bill & Mary Sand; Shawn Kinkelaar.


32. Bully Rock, PM; K. & E. Saniga, Muriel & Bill Primm; Mike Tracy. With

Moblie Strike, ESM; Doug Hinton  & Dr. Chet Layne; Doug Ray.


33. Pine Straw Sweet Tea, ESF; Gwynne McDevitt, Mike Reeves * Amber Duff; Jeanette Tracy. With

Zumbro Stinky Pete, PM; Terry Rienke; Travis Gellhaus.


34. Hale’s Kickstarter, PM; Dr. Jeff Hale; Eddy Taylor. With

Master’s Touch, PM; Tommy Liesfeld; Doug Ray.


35. Grand Prairie Thrill, PF; Mac Stidham; Tommy Rice. With

Zorra, PF (IS); Ron Prewitt; Shawn Kinkelaar.


36. Sandwood Creek, PF; Jeff Ruth; Jerry Raynor. With

Joho’s Grand River Bess, PF; J. L. & Lewis Hott; Chuck Stretz.


37. Silver W Jill Z, PF (IS); Debbie Ozner; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

Knight’s White Lady, PF (IS); Bill Owen; Travis Gellhaus.


38. Miller’s Unbridled Forever, PM; Great River Kennel, & Neil Walker; Mike Tracy. With

Deerfield Game, PM; Richard Gillis & Karen Lordi; Matt Basilone.


39. Miller’s Stray Bullet, PM; Benjy Griffith; Joel Norman. A bye.




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