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National Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship

By Ed Liermann | Sep 21, 2018

Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. — The National Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship drew 53 dogs, with 10 dogs drawn for the companion Open Derby. The trial will be run at the Buena Vista Marsh, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., beginning, Monday, September 24.

Judges are Pat Sheehan of Jacksonville, Ill., and Mark Johnson of Winnebago, Ill.


Open Shooting Dog Championship

1. Upfront Southern Star, PF; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

Dale Creek Jamie’s Jackson, PM; Tom Waite.


2. In Swami’s Shadow, PF; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

Skydancer’s Fire Feet, SM; Rich Boumeester.


3. Go Johnny Go, PM; Jim Tande. With

Skydancer’s Dancing Spur, SM; Dennis Lutynski.


4. Celtic’s Spectacular, ISF; Ed Liermann. With

Class Act Express, PM; Doug Ray.


5. Absolutely Lil, PF; Ray. With

Skydancer’s Flash Forward, SM; Dennis Lutynski.


6. L F Silver Belle, PF (IS); Ray. With

Scannon’s Stella, SF; Tom Waite.


7. Southbound Mad Max, PM; Doug Ray. With

Tall Oaks Doc, PM; Smith.


8. Always Dreaming, PF; Doug Ray. With

Wicked Quick, PF; Jim Tande.


9. Absolute Diva, PF; Doug Ray. With

Ridge Creek Kate, SF; Shawn Kinkelaar.


10. Master’s Touch, PM; Doug Ray. With

Skydancer’s Hang Fire; SM; Dennis Lutynski.


11. Chief’s Rising Sun, SM; John Mathys. With

Let’s Get Smart, PM; Doug Ray.


12. Zorra, PF; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

L F Darling Samantha, PF (IS); Doug Ray.


13. Webb’s True’N Tried, PM; Doug Ray. With

Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt, PM; Shawn Kinkelaar.


14. C S Trump, SM; Doug Ray. With

Strut Nation, PM; Scott Jordan.


15. Dale Creek Resurrection, PM; Tom Waite. With

Cedar Creek Talon, ISM; Ed Liermann.


16. Erin’s Prometheus, SM; Doug Ray. With

Zansett Simply Red, ISM; Tom Waite.


17. C S Pressure Test, SM; Doug Ray. With

Jumpstart, PM; Frank LaNasa.


18. Phillips Win Line Porter, SM; Doug Ray. With

Hawthorne Melody, PF; Jim Tande.


19. Desoto Springs Jake, PM; Jim Tande. With

Boumeester’s Bar None, PM; Rich Boumeester.


20. Ridge Creek Lou, SM; Shawn Kinkelaar. With

Dale Creek Cuppa Joe, SM; Tom Waite.


21. Nyquist Center, PM; Doug Ray. With

Shagtime Scout, SM; Shawn Kinkelaar.


22. Mobile Strike, SM; Doug Ray. With

R J’s Deicer, PF; Shawn Kinkelaar.


23. Boumeester’s Duramax, PM; Rich Boumeester. With

Skydancer’s Triple Nickel, SM; Dennis Lutynski.


24. Peasions Imagine That, PM; Doug Ray. With

Hidden Hollow Sammy, SM; Tom Waite.


25. C S Little Anne, PF; Doug Ray. With

Skydancer’s Flash Drive, SM; Dennis Lutynski.


26. Dale Creek Jazz Man, PM; Tom Waite. With

Zip Tye, PM; Doug Ray.


27. Blair’s Witch Project, SM; Tom Waite.  As a bye.


Open Derby

1. Bar P Inspire, PM; Rich Boumeester. With

Dale Creek Tothe Max, SM; Tom Waite.


2. Skydancer Silver Spur, SM; Dennis  Lutynski. With

Notorious King's Ransom, PM; John Mathys.


3. Skydancer Triple Play, SM; Dennis Lutynski. With

Dominator’s Kid Rock, PM; Doug Ray.


4. Tripp Nation, PM; Scott Jordan With

Aaron’s Tie Breaker,  PM; Doug Ray.


5. Cheyenne Nation, PF; Scott Jordan. As a bye.


6. Oak Grove Starlet, PF (IS); Scott Jordan. As a bye.

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