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National Vizsla Association Midwest Shooting Dog Championship

By Natalie Howard | Feb 22, 2021
Midwest Vizsla Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners. From left: Jarrett Bell, Allison Bell with B G K's White Lightening, Judge Jon Small, Chair Justin Hess, Judge Adam Delude, Chad Chadwell, and Nancy Browne with Another Mai Tai Please.

Thayer, Ia. — The 2020 NVA Midwest Shooting Dog Championship and Gary Jagoda Derby Classic were held at the Bird Dog Ranch in Thayer, Ia., for the second year.

Judging this year was Adam Delude of Campbellsport Wis., who campaigns pointers. Filling in for Tony King was Jon Small. Jon stepped at the 11th hour. Both judges' time was greatly appreciated.

Justin Hess and Paul Howard took over as co-chairs from longtime Chair Chad Chadwell. With the pandemic in full effect, some favorite activities were missed but from my seat everyone had a great time. It truly takes a village to conduct a trial and we thank everyone involved for making this a smooth event.

Purina ,as always, stepped up to the plate awarding food to the winner and runner-up. Their continued support is always appreciated. Garmin a longtime NVA supporter donated devices to the winners.

The grounds at Thayer were in top shape; the time and effort that goes into maintaining a Championship venue is greatly appreciated. Tommy and Linda Thomas were on hand to fill in wherever needed.


The first brace of the event produced the runner-up. Alpine’s Mischief Managed Bottom (Arya/Karen Concillio) and Another Mai Tai Please (Ty/Chad Chadwell) were away at 8:15 a.m after a short rain delay under very difficult conditions of cold driving rain that persisted throughout the day. Both dogs had a strong breakaway. Ty scored at 21 just before the alfalfa field with Arya backing. Ty had his second and final find at 54 right after the road crossing. Arya had a strong start  but began to slow at 45 as she struggled in the cold rain. She finished without bird work. Ty finished strong and fought hard the entire sixty minutes in difficult conditions, earning him the runner-up award.

The cold rain persisted and dogs dealt with cold, wet birds.

Southwind Bully’s Green Fire  (Hatch/ Elsa Gallagher) and Khaleesi (Karen Bravender) were off just before 9:30 a.m. Hatch pointed at 10 with Khalessi backing; Elsa was unable to produce a bird. Khaleesi had a find at 15 in the middle of the crossing and worked it cleanly. Both dogs worked their way toward the road crossing where Hatch went on point for a second time at 30 when a covey of 4-5 birds was produced. Khalessi was not seen after the road crossing and Karen called it at 50. Hatch has his final find at 50 and finished the hour.

Cali’s Wiki Mai Tai at Sunset (Mia/Chad Chadwell) and C K Post Route Scout  (Brian Gingrich) were the final brace of the morning, off at 10:45 a.m.  At 2 Scout pointed; Brian was unable to produce a bird and took an unproductive. Scout again point ed at 20 minutes but took another unproductive here. Both dogs finished the hour without bird work.

Rockwoods Little Nutsy (Skippy/Mike Northwood) and Burr Oaks Born Again (Toby/Brian Gingrich) were off after lunch on Friday as the rain began to move out of the area. Both broke away hard to the front. Toby was found standing before the creek crossing at 15 where Brian produced a bird. Toby was found standing for his second find at 30 as both handlers came around to the silos. Skippy had not been seen on course leading up to the silos. Toby had a third stand just after the alfalfa field but Brian was unable to produce a bird. At 40 Skippy had not been seen for quite a while and Mike pulled the retrieval unit. Toby was found standing for a final time after the road crossing but was picked up after taking steps into the bird.

Millstar’s Lion Rampant (Sawney/Laura Miller) and BGK's  CK Citori Feather (Jarrett Bell) were off at just after 2 p.m. in a light drizzle but continued cold temperatures. Sawney was not seen after the breakaway and the retrieval device was out at 15 minutes. Citori had her first find after the road crossing at 20. Citori was found standing ahead along the left side line just after the creek crossing at 45 for a second find, which took a  bit of work to produce the cold and wet bird. Citori finished the hour with two finds.

Ramblin Rivers Rolling Stone (Brian Gingrich) and Reve’s Royal Hawaiian (Ally/Chad Chadwell), the final brace of the afternoon, off just after 3 p.m. Stone had a strong forward breakaway but soon after was unable to be located. His run ended at 20 minutes. Ally had a find at 25. She was picked up due to breach of manners.

C K Touchdown Sas (Sassy/Brian Gingrich) and Sugar Cane Express  (Ray/Chad Chadwell) were the first brace Saturday morning, off at 8:00 a.m., easier conditions with overcast skies but no rain. Ray was picked up at 4 on his first find. Sassy had her first find at 15 on the right hand side after the first creek crossing. Sassy had No. 2 at 25 along the left side treeline after the water tubs. Her third and final find was at 30. Brian elected to pick up at the road crossing.

Louie (Bill Elliot) and C K Guy’s Hot N Spicey (Ginger/Ron Chenoweth) were the final brace of the morning. After a strong forward breakaway, Louie was not seen again and the retrieval unit was pulled just before the road crossing coming past the parking lot. Ginger was picked up at 35 after not stopping on wild pheasants along the left side before the road crossing.

CV’s Kentucky Boy (Charlie/Paul Howard) and C V Redheaded Flying Dutchman (Dutch/Brian Gingrich) were Saturday's first brace. Charlie was on point at 15 just after the creek crossing; handler was unable to produce a bird, taking an unproductive. Both dogs made their way past the silos and forward on course. At 20 Charlie had a successful stop to flush on a 2-3 bird covey. Charlie pointed at 38 after the road crossing; handler was able to produce a bird, but elected to pick up at 38 at the parking lot. Dutch finished the hour.

Briar In My Boot (Justin Hess) and C K Guy’s Trump (Brian Gingrich). Unfortunitly the reporter's electronic device had a malfunction during this brace and nothing was recorded.

Both Pele’s Wiki Aloha Spirit (Shaka/Chad Chadwell) and Rockwoods Ladies Man (Enzo/Mike Northwood) were picked up by at 20 without bird work.

No. 13:  B G K’s White Lightening  (Smudge/Jarrett Bell) and Ramblin Rivers Fire Woman (Cinder/Brian Gingrich) broke away Sunday morning at 8 a.m. and produced the winner. Both dogs had strong breakaways, racing down the left side toward the creek crossing. Smudge had a strong and mature forward race during the first half of the hour; she was found standing ahead along the left side at 30. Smudge had her second and final find at 36 right after the final creek crossing. Smudge finished the brace going forward toward the silos. Cinder finished the hour but no bird work

In No. 14, Jarrett Bell elected to pick up Coppersage Firestorm Teddy By Tommy at 20. Bangert's Red Baron (Brian Gingrich) was lost on course and handler conceded to end the brace.

B G K’s Savage Arms  (Jarrett Bell) was found on point at 17 next to the silos, but handler was unable to produce a bird. At 20 Savage pointed for the second time; he was picked up for a breach of manners. Willowynd K Tias next Wave (Wren/Karen Bravender) was found on point for the first time at 23 on the left side line after the road crossing, handler produced a bird on the find. Wren had his second find at 34 near the parking lot, bird produced here. Wren was picked up to end the brace.

Spreadin Like Wild Fire (Ember/Justin Hess), as a bye, had a strong breakaway. She was found on point at 8 minutes in the right side line; handler produced a covey on the find and Ember continued on along the right side line going forward. At 14 she had a second find in the forward line at the edge of the field with a bird produced on the find. At 40 Ember was picked up for breach of manners during her third find in the right side tree line before the final creek crossing.

Thayer, Ia., September 11

Judges: Adam Delude and Jon Small


[One-Hour Heats] — 31 Vizslas

Winner—B G K’S WHITE LIGHTENING, 1664970, female, by Boot Scootin Boogie—Huntin With A Lil Swagger. Jarrett & Allison Bell, owners; Jarrett Bell, handler.

Runner-Up—ANOTHER MAI TAI PLEASE, 1650217, male, by Wegler’s Crown Royal—Wegler’s Penny Lane. Chad Chadwell, owner and handler.


The Derby started around 10 a.m. Now warm and humid conditions made for a tough day. To say birds were at a premium would be an understatement. In the end C K Guys Jake handled by owner Ron Chenoweth had a strong forward race coming out on top. B G K's Purdy Side By Side, handled by owner Jarrett Bell, took the runner-up position, with Against the Wind Maximus, handled by Brian Gingrich and owned by Mark Sullivan, third.


1st—C K GUYS JAKE, 1691266, male, by C K Countryside Buck—C K Guy's Hot N Spicey. Ron Chenoweth, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

2d—B G K’S PURDY SIDE BY SIDE, 1691391, female, by B G K’s Long Range Rifle—Huntin With A Little Swagger. Jarrett & Allison Bell, owners; Jarrett Bell, handler.

3d—AGAINST THE WIND MAXIMUS, unreg., male, by C K Touchdown Guy—Vanguard’s Make Her Mark. Mark Sullivan, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

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