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National Vizsla Association Quail Championships

By Robert Tomczak | Mar 08, 2019
Open Championship Winners. From front left: B G K’s White Lightening with Allison Bell and C K Post Route Scout with Jim Gingrich. Standing: Barb Vitkauskas, Mark Vitkauskas, Natalie Howard, Jill Howard, Jarrett Bell, Paul Howard, Judge Tom Tracy, Justin Hess, Chad Chadwell, Judge Tony King, Vincent Tuttle, Rob Tomczak, Brian Gingrich, Nancy Brown, Carrie Syczylo, Sean Anderson and Ron Chenoweth.

Cutler, Ill. — The National Vizsla Association held its annual National Quail Championships on the always improving Denmark grounds at Pyramid State Park near Cutler, Ill.

The popularity of this championship trial continues to grow and is a favorite event among competitors, though numbers were down slightly this year. The weather was spectacular for the event and made for pleasant conditions for competitors, both man and dog alike, up until the final day when rain moved in.

The venue for the event here on the Denmark grounds of Pyramid State Park continues to get better each year. It is amazing the changes that have been made and is inspiring to see how this once muddy parking area that was used at the park for field trials has been transformed to a topnotch field trial grounds. The almost 20,000 acres of reclaimed strip mines has been turned into a wonderful state park to be used by all for many activities. We have come from using a large Purina tent in a muddy lot to nice gravel roads, to numerous waterlines, to a brand new clubhouse with kitchen and bathroom, to the final addition of electric hookups this summer/ fall. This is just half of the facilities with a building, barn, bathrooms and bird pens constructed across the road on the north Captain side of the park.

All this has been possible by the help, hard work, vision of so many different groups and people. Groups like FTCI, numerous bird dog clubs, the ILDNR, Dr. Roo; the list is too long to mention. A nice commemorative sign hangs on the wall in the new building, acknowledging many who worked together and made donations to accomplish this wonderful gift to the public.

We would like to thank site superintendent Cha Hill and his fabulous crew for their hard work maintaining the park, mowing areas of the grounds, and all the various work they do for the public and for the field trialers and dog clubs that use these venues. Cha came out on his day off to make sure the dog wagon was dropped off to make the running of the event as smooth as possible.

A thank you also to Barb Foster and Terry Musser for all the work they do at the state in scheduling and the issuing of permits for the events.

The grounds looked great from the mowing of the parking area, to mowing some of the heavy cover on the grounds, to the mild grazing of the pastures, to the nice big and small crop fields. Unfortunately, this year a large piece of course No. 2 with large milo fields were unharvested making them unusable. Fortunately, with some creative thinking, Chairman Robert Tomczak made some alterations and came up with nice courses that were fair to all; however, it created challenges logistically.

Thanks to our chairs Robert Tomczak and Justin Hess, and the rest of our committee for all the help with the extra work needed and for the daily bird maintenance, bird planting, dog wagon driving, food preparation and the list goes on and on. Also, for all the countless hours taken preceding the event and behind the scenes acquiring judges, filling out paperwork, obtaining permits, making calls, etc.

Thanks to Chad Chadwell, Nancy Brown, Paul Howard, Peter Coppens, Todd Meyer, Damon Daniels, Carrie Syczylo, Karen Concilio, Sheri Pharris, Jaime Fountain and Brian Gingrich.

We thank and greatly appreciate our sponsors. Purina Pro Plan with rep Terry Trzcinski, who joined us for a day and helped in the dog wagon. Garmin for the collar donation to our winners, and Win Pro for the supplements. Tremendous companies with outstanding products.

Thanks to Greg Soderberg for his cash donation for the event. It is only because of the generosity and sacrifices of many individuals and companies that we can keep this great sport going.


Thirty dogs were entered and thirty dogs came to the line. B G K’s White Lightening, callname Smudge, was named the winner of the National Vizsla Quail Championship. Smudge is owned and handled by Jarrett Bell of Troy, Mo., and was scouted by wife Allison Bell. She ran in brace No. 6, the final brace of the first day. Lightening had three evenly spaced finds coming at 20, 40, and the third at 50 in the olive grove. Smudge had a nice consistent smooth flowing forward race and finished up front at time. This was her first championship win and shows great promise for the future.

C K Post Route Scout, owned by Jim Gingrich of Winnebago, Ill., and handled by his son, pro trainer Brian Gingrich, was named runner-up. Scout was our 2017 National Champion and is a nice young dog that has a very brigh future. Scout ran in the 10th brace, the fourth brace of the second day. He had a find at 34, a divided find at 50 and a final find at 57. Scout ran a very strong powerful race with a very nice finish to the hour.

The judges were longtime Brittany pro Tom Tracy of Nebraska and pointer man and AFTCA trustee  Tony King of Missouri. We are thankful for their time in the saddle. Their decision was well received.

Cutler, Ill., October 27 — One Course

Judges: Tony King and Tom Tracy


30 Vizslas

Winner—B G K’S WHITE LIGHTENING, 1664970, female, by Boot Scootin Boogie—Huntin With A Lil Swagger. Jarrett Bell, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—C K POST ROUTE SCOUT, 1663076, male, by C K Touchdown Guy—Vanguard’s Make Her Mark. Jim Gingrich, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

Derby Classic

The NVA Quail Derby Classic commenced in the afternoon on Monday after the completion of the Open Championship. We had bright sunshine and warm but pleasant temperatures for the running of these young dogs.

Thank you to our judges, Jon Small of Missouri and Tom Tracy. Sixteen dogs were entered and all came to the line. The courses gave great opportunity to stretch and run and places to hunt. The judges mentioned they were looking for a forward intelligent run with good hunting skills that would display big run and great future potential.

It should be noted the Derby this year included several very young dogs at around a year of age. The dogs ran well, although displayed a bit of immaturity at this point. Time and experience will no doubt help transform these young dogs into great future competitors.

Named to first was Burr Oak’s Born Again, callname Toby, which was in the second brace and is owned by Jim Gingrich and handled by Brian Gingrich. What a great event for these two, having winners in both stakes. Toby ran a nice forward race and was consistent throughout the 30 minutes. He showed good independence, and both hunted well and stretched when needed.

Second was awarded to C V Redheaded Flying Dutchman which ran in the third brace of the day. Dutch was also handled by Brian Gingrich and is owned by Matt Roesner of Omaha, Neb. Matt is relatively new to the sport and was able to attend the event and watch his young dog compete. Dutch ran a good race but was not as consistent and forward as the winner.

Third place went to B G K’s Sako Finnfire, handled by his owner Jarrett Bell and scouted by wife Allison. Sako is also young and had a nice run but lacked the consistency of our winner. She showed good promise for the future.

Judges: Jonathan Small and Tom Tracy


1st—BURR OAK’S BORN AGAIN, 1676176, male, by Bangert’s Red Baron—Burr Oak’s Reve. Jim Gingrich, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

2d—C V REDHEADED FLYING DUTCHMAN, 1680729, male, by C K Touchdown Guy—Twenty Gauge Over N Under. Matthew Roesner, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

3d—B G K’S SAKO FINNFIRE, 1675568, female, by Kick Em Up Bullet—B G K’s Blinged Up Rossi. Jarrett Bell, owner and handler.


The Amateur Championship started on Tuesday with more beautiful weather but unfortunately the final braces the second day were delayed due to a rain storm that moved through the area.

Our judges were again Jon Small of Missouri and longtime Brittany man Dennis Sullivan of Illinois. Their time in the saddle and with the bad weather was greatly appreciated and their decision was well respected.

Numbers for the Amateur Championship were down this year. Seventeen dogs came to the line.

Kick Em Up Kimber was crowned the winner and it was a repeat for this great dog in the twilight of her career. Kimber was handled by owner Jarrett Bell and again scouted by wife Allison. What a tremendous event for the Bells, having placed dogs in all three stakes.

Kick Em Up Kimber ran in the final brace of the stake as a bye dog after her bracemate was scratched. Kimber was loosed across the road from the plant and had a find at 6. She went on to have three more finds, the second near the corner of the olive grove, the third found standing on the left edge of bean field off the new duck pond, and on the fourth she went on and cast to the far left edge of the other olive stand near the road crossing and carded a covey find with all in order. Kimber crossed the road and finished to the front.

Named runner-up was B G K’s White Lightening. After coming off her win in the Open Championship, “Smudge” laid down another nice run to put her in the placements in the Amateur. Smudge, as stated before, is owned and handled by the Bells. Smudge ran in brace No. 7 and was braced with Burr Oak’s Bam Bam.

Smudge broke away nicely making some nice casts and had her first find in the corner of the orchard. Smudge carded a second find before the road crossing, and Bam Bam carded a find in nearby area. Smudge had a third find, a small covey, after the third road crossing with Bam Bam backing. After working the right edge down the far field Smudge pointed again and Bam Bam backed with all in good order. They were both taken on and with one minute left at 59 Smudge was found standing with Bam Bam again backing. This was her fifth find of the hour.

This was the 14th year for this event and 11th for the National Quail Championships. It is great to see this event in addition to all the NVA Championships continue to grow and create history for this breed. We look forward to a bright future and hope to see everyone next year in late October or early November for next year’s event at Pyramid State Park.

Judges: Jonathan Small and Dennis Sullivan


[One-Hour Heats] — 17 Vizslas

Winner—KICK EM UP KIMBER, 1617822, female, by Sam I Am—Ck Penny. Jarrett Bell, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—B G K’S WHITE LIGHTENING, 1664970, female, by Boot Scootin Boogie—Huntin With A Lil Swager. Jarrett Bell, owner and handler.

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