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National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity

By Allen Fazenbaker | Jun 06, 2018
Glassilaun War Paint First in the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity

Harrisville, Pa. — GlassilauN War Paint is the 2018 winner of the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity. Sired by Sugarknoll War Paint out of Neely’s Hot Pepper, “Bat” ran in the second brace of the Futurity, and put on a show for his handler Toby Tobiassen and his proud owner Jamie Nee of Keene, N. H. Bat rendered a wide shooting dog race and exhibited his class as he took the edges of the course, wide and forward, scoring three finds handled with excellent manners and style.

This 28th reunion of the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity was contested on April 21 at the Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club in Harrisville, Pa.

Western Pennsylvania has been a bastion of walking shooting dog competitors for many years. Its central location to many prime hunting areas, notably for grouse and woodcock, has fostered a long history of walking dogs. This year was no different as a cadre of high quality young dogs was presented for judicial review.

This was the fourth time the Oak Ridge Club has hosted the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity. The grounds are a broad expanse of open fields, interspersed by spotty wooded areas, notably in the bottoms. The venue is rolling and open, the end result of strip mine reclamation many years prior. A dog can be seen for a ways here, and so must have good ground application and style to catch the judicial eye.

The half-hour course utilized for this event starts at the heavy cable gate and travels west along a wide expanse of open gently rising grassy fields and feed strips, cresting at a small grove of woods, and then dropping into the valley on the back side. The course then gently curves clockwise into the open valley, following an edge, where the course crosses a drainage ditch, continuing north and then looping slowly to the east, following a woodsline along the northern ridge of the reclaimed strip mine. After crossing another small creek flowing from the wooded section on the northeast portion of the property, the course turned south at a small pond fondly referred to as the “Regis Pond,” followed the southern edge of the field and ended at the observation deck.

The National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity Association is extremely grateful to the Board of the Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club for their willingness to host this prestigious event.

This year 24 Derbies vied for Futurity honors. This was comparable to last year, an indication that walking dogs continue to show a strong interest. In addition, the weekend saw a very respectable entry of puppies and shooting dogs for the supporting stakes.

Officers of the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity, President Tom DeRosa, Vice-President Norm Meeder, and Secretary-Treasurer Chris Catanzarite, wish to thank all those who entered their dogs and for supporting this important walking breeders’ stake.

Futurity judges are especially critical to the success of this sport, as they must judge the promise of potential champions. Judges for this renewal were Norm Meeder of Rochester, Pa., and Collin Bishop of Punxsutawney, Pa. The Open Puppy Stake was overseen by Dennis McWilliams of Findleyville, Pa., and Thor Kain of Carbondale, Pa. The Shooting Dog judges were Collin Bishop and Doug McMillen of Dubois, Pa. These gentlemen spent many hours in the saddle and their verdicts were well received and appreciated.

Our field trial sport would not be at such a high quality level were it not for the support of generous sponsors. Purina has been a stalwart supporter of the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity for many years. This year, as in past years, Purina donated a pallet of Purina Pro Plan to be used as a fund-raising activity for the club. In addition, Purina donated Pro Plan food for the winners, as well as picking up the tab for the meals. Our thanks go out to Purina reps Dean Reinke, Greg Blair and the people of Purina for their outstanding support of our sport. Not only does Purina provide support of our trial, they also produce a high quality food that supports your canine nutritional needs. If you want your dogs to eat the best, choose Purina products.

SportDog Brand, our other major sponsor, is a manufacturer of high quality electronic training equipment. SportDog’s Jim Morehouse graciously donated a SportDog Brand collar for use by the club. SportDog carries a wide variety of high quality e-collars, as well as trackers, bark collars, and other canine-related training equipment. Their products are durable, reliable, and offered at a reasonable cost. And most importantly, they back up their products with personal service. If you are in the market for a new collar or tracker, consider SportDog brand. Thank you to SportDog for supporting our field trial sport and our Walking Futurity.

Continuing the tradition of offering a program booklet for the Futurity, a 28th National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity booklet was available to all participants and spectators. Such booklets require substantial effort and behind-the-scenes work. We were fortunate to have two special ladies who once again stepped up to the plate and provided the effort and work to produce a very nice program for our 28th annual celebration. Special thanks to Deborah Fazenbaker of Kingsville, Ohio and Teri Propst of Edinboro, Pa., for gathering sponsors, designing, and producing this great memento of our Futurity. This booklet continues to be an annual part of our Futurity and it is well received. For those of you who were unable to obtain a copy, an online version is available on the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity Facebook page.

Be sure to visit our sponsors and thank them as well for supporting the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity with their purchase of a page in our program, including Midnight Kennels (Robert Ecker), Mike Husenits, Long Gone Setters (Lloyd Murray), Conneaut Creek Red Setters (Allen and Deborah Fazenbaker), Backcountry Kennels (Chris Catanzarite), Hamiland Sporting Dog Equipment (Teri Propst), Wicked Thunder Kennels (Teri Propst), Hall of Fame member Dave Hughes and Hughesview Kennels, Waybetter Kennels (Carl and Collin Bishop), Brian Ralph and Allstate Insurance, Beaver Valley Pointer and Setter Club, Meredith Mays and Double M Gaited Horses, and of course Purina and SportDog Brand. Thanks to all for your support!

We also thank our professional handlers — Mark Hughes, Hall-of-Famer Dave Hughes, Toby Tobiassen, Scott and Marc Forman, and Sean Melvin — who are an essential part of our sport and its success.

Last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to everyone who pitched in and worked so hard to make this Futurity a success: Futurity Secretary Chris Catanzarite, Brandon Kreuer and Ron Schmeider, board members of the Oak Ridge Club, club members Joe Cammisa, Dave Park, Tom DeRosa, and Carl Bishop assisted in bird planting, line marshalling, and many other duties to keep things moving.

The old expression “many hands make light work” was certainly evident this weekend. We had many helpers, and in the course of events made many new friends in the field trial fraternity.

My apologies if I missed anyone. And, a big thank you to all the participants who entered their Derbies, puppies, and shooting dogs, and supported the efforts of the weekend.


The Gene Uhlman Puppy Classic was won handily by Bittersweet War Cry, classy moving pointer male owned by Ralph Gillota. Running in the fourth brace, War Cry showed a wide and forward pattern, handling well for Toby Tobiassen. Taking the No. 2 spot was Jar’s Way Leroy, owned by Greg Yutzey and Amy Snyder, and handled by Mark Hughes. Rounding out the placements was Grouse Hill Dixie Babe, pointer female owned and handled by Tom DeRosa.


Mac’s Graceland (PF/McClurg) ran a moderately wide race and handled nicely. Setter male Jar’s Way Leroy showed a very wide and forward pattern for Mark Hughes to win second.

Both Pineneedle’s Keystone Ice (PM/Angott) and Pine Swomp Woody (SM/ Blakley) ran moderate races, with some frequent check-ins with their handlers.

Double Deuce Butters (PM/M. Hughes) ran a moderate race, with some back casting chasing tweety birds. Mac’s Silver Shadow (PF/McClurg) ran a moderate race, was forward and showed a classy gait.

Caliber Peak Storm Warning (PF/ Gomes) had a moderate race, a little inconsistent at times. First place Bittersweet War Cry (PM/Tobiassen) ran a wide and forward race, exhibited a classy way of going, with a good handle.

Penny (GSPF/Fraley) showed forward and productive application, with nice handling. Wildland Warrior (PF/ Mundon) was a bit inconsistent, with some immaturity in ground application.

Setter male Tank showed a nice forward pattern for Forman, with good application and a classy way of going. Pointer female Little River was not pleasing Tobiassen and was picked up early.

Double Deuce Oscar (PM/McMillen) showed consistently to the front, making wide casts, often high on the ridges of the course. He handled well and showed good ground application. Caliber Peak Gunslinger (PM/Gomes) was forward and moderate in range.

Grouse Hill Dixie Babe (PF/DeRosa) was wide at the onset, then settled in and showed a nice forward application, handling well.

Harrisville, Pa., April 21 — One Course

Judges: Denny McWilliams and Thor Kain

GENE UHLMAN OPEN PUPPY CLASSIC — 11 Pointers, 3 Setters and

1 German Shorthair

1st—BITTERSWEET WAR CRY, 1674743, pointer male, by Sugarknoll War Paint—Mohawk. Ralph Gillota, owner; Toby Tobiassen, handler.

2d—JAR’S WAY LEROY, 1673871, setter male, by Full Blast—Jar’s Way Shirley. Amy L. Snyder & Gregory L. Yutzey, owners; Mark Hughes, handler.

3d—GROUSE HILL DIXIE BABE, 1675244, pointer female, by Daddys Little Boy Butch—Grouse Hill Dixie. John Capocci, owner; Tom DeRosa, handler.


Awarded first in the 28th National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity, as noted previously, was Glassilaun War Paint. Second was Cal Peak Hundreth Meridian, sired by Cover Charge Search Engine out of Sandland Dolly P, bred, owned and handled by Sarah Gomes of Wellandpotr, Ontario. Capturing third place was Backcountry Missy, sired by Erin’s War Creek out of Backcountry Tornado, bred, owned and handled by Chris Catanzarite of Scenery Hill, Pa. Rounding out the placements was Mac’s Silver Chief, sired by Mac’s Silver Dollar out of Hilo Southern Tea, bred by Chris Howerton, owned and handled by Tim McClurg of Fowler, Ohio.


All On (PF/Kain) and Backcountry Missy (PF/Catanzarite) broke away on the south side of the club grounds near the cable. Missy scored at 4 in the small grove of trees on the top end of the breakaway, with All On honoring. A bird was produced after an extensive flushing effort, with Missy taking one small step but otherwise very mannerly. All On took a left at the bottom, while Missy made a wide cast to the far eastern portion of the course, catching the front. All On scored a find at 14, on the small hummock on the backside of the course. All On swung to mark the bird on the flush, with a small step. Missy approached and stopped on the shot. Missy scored a find at 18 adjacent to the creek, with a small step at the flush. All On was behind, having cast to the far west portion of the course. Missy scored an additional find at 20 in the eastern portion of the course, showing broke manners. She scored a final find at 22 in the eastern field, showing broke manners for her handler as the bird ran and refused to fly. Both dogs finished forward.

Glassilaun War Paint (PM/Tobiassen) was standing at 4 in the far west corner of the south end of the course; it took several minutes to advance to the dog. Tobiassen flushed a bird at 8, with the dog taking a small step but otherwise very staunch. Mak’s Cadillac Jack (SM/M. Hughes) was in the vicinity but did not back and moved on. “Bat” scored a find at 10 on the hummock, with Jack honoring. Bat showed excellent retention on the flush and shot. Jack scored a find at 14, past the hummock, displaying broke manners. Bat pointed at 16 in the open field on the north side, again mannerly as the bird lifted and a shot was fired. Bat then pressed forward, rimming the eastern portion of the course and showing some classy moves as he rimmed the edges, and then moved into the fields to hunt for his handler. Both dogs finished forward.

Double Deuce Sage (PF/D. Hughes) and Mac’s Silver Chief (PM/McClurg) made wide forward casts. Chief was found standing at 7 in the far back corner, with Sage backing from a good ways off. Chief showed broke manners on his game. Chief scored his second find at 18 in the open fields on the north side, Sage backing from a good distance. Chief showed broke manners. Chief scored his third find at 26 in the east field. Sage honored again. Both dogs finished to the front, with Chief showing a slightly wider race.

Halestorm (PF/Park) and Hilo Silver Dollar Dam (PM/Howerton) were found standing different birds at 9 in the open fields west of the observation deck. Hilo moved eight or nine steps on the flush, stopping with a hard “whoa.” Halestorm swung to mark the bird, taking a small step. At 12 Halestorm pointed on the woodsline near the pond. Park found a pile of feathers and elected to collar the dog forward. Hilo established point in a feed strip on the back portion of the course; the dog took a small step on the flush but was otherwise mannerly. At 21 Halestorm made game at the creek, and gave a short chase as the bird flushed directly into the dog’s face, stopping with a hard whoa from the handler. A divided find was scored at 24, both dogs taking a couple steps on the flush. Halestorm scored a find at time in the woods near the parking area; the dog showed broke manners through the flush and shot. Both dogs showed a forward medium race throughout the brace.

Come Back Magic (RSM/Melvin) pointed at 3 in the wooded grove at the top of the breakaway field. Duck Hook (PM/D. Hughes) arrived and moved in front of Magic, and both dogs then moved. No bird was produced. At 5 Hook made game in the same vicinity and pushed the bird without pointing; handler elected to pick up. At 18 Magic pointed in the woods along the creek, showed good manners through flush and shot, and then broke and gave a vigorous chase as the handler approached the dog. At 22 Magic was found standing in deep cover in the woods; he showed broke manners on the flush and shot. Magic finished ahead with a moderate race, albeit lateral at times.

Braggabull (PF/M. Hughes) scored at 8 along the woodsline on the western edge of the breakaway field. Grouse River Princess Star (SF/Forman) came in and moved in front of Braggabull; a bird was flushed with Braggabull holding. The handler elected to pick up Star. Braggabull scored a find at 16 just past the hummock. The dog showed some head motion on the find but had good manners otherwise. Moving forward, the dog showed a wide cast, taking in a large part of the eastern course and scoring a find at 22. Braggabull showed broke manners but with some head motion. He finished to the front.

Backcountry Bruiser (PM/Catanzarite) scored a find at 9 along the woodsline near the pond, with Long Gone Porky (SM/D. Hughes) backing. He showed broke manners. At 17 Bruiser pushed a bird, giving a hearty chase. Porky retrieved the bird to his handler. Both dogs had a medium race, with Bruiser slightly wider. Both finished forward.

Warrior Zeke (PM/M. Hughes) and Nitro Elhew Coalman Dan (PM/Dawson). Zeke scored at 3 in the wooded grove at the top of the breakaway stretch. A bird was produced after an extensive flushing attempt, with the dog showing good retention. Both dogs worked forward around the course with a medium range. At 21 Zeke scored a find on the eastern portion of the course, showing broke manners. Both finished to the front.

Oscar Robinson (SM/D. Hughes) scored a find at 5 at the top of the breakaway field, Springflow Backcountry (PM/Catanzarite) honoring. Both dogs showed broke manners. Oscar pointed again at 11 in the woods next to the pond, taking a few steps but stopping on a command. Springflow scored a find at 18 in a feed strip along the north side of the course; the dog went with the bird and the handler elected to pick up. Oscar finished forward with a classy going medium race.

Cal Peak Hundredth Meridian (PM/ Gomes) and The Outlander (SM/Tobiassen). At 3 Meridian made game in a feed strip on the breakaway field with Outlander backing. On the flush both dogs moved as the bird was hung up in some brambles, with Meridian moving a step or so, and Outlander taking eight or nine steps before stopping on a firm whoa. Meridian pointed at 5 on the crest of the breakaway stretch; no bird could be found. Both dogs showed wide casts, taking the ditch line to the eastern side of the course before turning to check back with their handlers. At 21 Meridian was found standing, dug in on the northeast corner of the course; a bird could be seen under the belly of the dog. Handler was able to flush, the dog showing broke manners throughout, and displaying good retention after the flush and shot. The Outlander was on the leash at 24, not pleasing handler. Meridian finished the 30 minutes strong and to the front.

Shady Hills Zena (PF/Forman) scored a find at 7 in the back corner over the crest of the breakaway, with Double Deuce Zeke (PM/McMillen) backing. Tobiassen handled the honor for McMillen as he was far behind. Both dogs showed good manners as the bird lifted and shot was fired. Zeke was found standing at 10 dug in near the pond; no bird could be produced. At 11 Zena pointed along the woodsline below the observation deck; the dog took five or six steps on the flush and stopped on a hard whoa. At 16 Zeke pointed in the field past the hummock, Zena honoring. An extensive flushing effort produced no bird. Zena was collared forward, while Zeke attempted a relocation, producing a pile of feathers but no bird. At 22 Zeke had a find deep in the woods on the northeast section of the course, good manners displayed as five or six birds lifted. Zena had a find at the same time in the open field, with the bird produced but refusing to fly; the dog took a short step but was otherwise mannerly. Zena scored an additional find at 25 showing broke manners as the bird lifted. Both dogs finished forward.

Mon River Kate (PF/Kovacic) scored a find at 4 in the wooded grove at the crest of the breakaway, with A Distant Speck (PF/Hughes) honoring. Kate took a couple short steps but otherwise both dogs showed good manners. Kate established point on the woodsline in front of the observation deck at 13; no bird was produced. Speck pointed at 23 in the open field on the east end of the course. The dog moved as the handler attempted to flush, scooping the bird and retrieving to the handler. Both dogs finished forward, with medium races.

Judges: Collin Bishop and Norm Meeder


1st—GLASSILAUN WAR PAINT, 1667331, pointer male, by Sugarknoll War Paint—Neely’s Hot Pepper. Jamie Nee, owner; Toby Tobiassen, handler.

2d—CAL PEAK HUNDRETH MERIDIAN, 1671286, pointer male, by Cover Charge Search Engine—Sandland Dolly P. Sarah Gomes, owner and handler.

3d—BACKCOUNTRY MISSY, 1672663, pointer female, by Erin’s War Creek—Backcountry Tornado. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.

4th—MAC’S SILVER CHIEF, 1665549, pointer male, by Mac’s Silver Dollar—Hilo Southern Tea. Tim McClurg, owner and handler.


The National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity customarily hosts an Open Walking Shooting Dog supporting stake. This year had a nice entry of 25 dogs coming to the line. This year’s winner was Phillips Half Moon, setter female owned by Matthew Phillips of Cables Kill, N. Y., and handled by Mark Hughes. Second was Boston, pointer male handled by Scott Forman for his owner Jim Kilrain. Rounding out the placements was Lambo’s Koby, pointer male handled by Sean Melvin and owned by Reid Cumbo and Donald Lamm of Clinton, N. C.


Wayward Flying Tomato (SM/M. Hughes) and Boston (PM/Forman) broke away on Sunday. Both dogs reached out, making wide casts and following the course around to the far eastern portion. At 16 Tomato scored a find in a feed strip on the northern portion of the course, with Boston backing. Both dogs exhibited good manners and showed good retention after the flush and shot. A divided find was scored at 20. Tomato took a small step toward the handler after the flush and shot. Boston pointed on the eastern edge of the course at 24, Tomato backing; good manners by both dogs. A divided find was carded at time, out on the point past the observation deck. Tomato took a few small steps toward the handler after the flushing sequence. Both dogs showed a wide race during the brace.

Nic of Time (PM/Forman) scored the first find of the brace in the wooded grove at the crest of the breakaway course. The bird popped and flew behind the dog and he maintained his composure. Mac’s Gunny Lou (PF/McClurg) was found standing in the back corner below the breakaway stretch at 8. As the gallery approached, the dog self-relocated. A bird was produced, and Lou showed good manners. Nic had a find at 14 on the hummock, good manners displayed as the bird lifted. He scored another find at 19 along the creek, with Lou honoring. Lou took a couple steps after the sequence as his handler approached. Nic produced a single in a sorghum strip on the east side of the course, good manners displayed. He scored another find at 25, after a lengthy flushing attempt along the ditch along the east side of the course. Lou rendered a wide cast, taking the woodsline edge below the parking area and reaching out to the point near the breakaway stretch. Lou was found standing at time; a single lifted and flew directly into the dog’s face; Lou showed good manners regardless. Nic finished forward.

J’s Shadyhill Bailey (SM/Angott) scored a find in the wooded grove at the crest of the breakaway, showing good manners. He scored a find shortly after in a sorghum strip along the western portion of the course. A third find was carded in the back corner, again with good manners. Bailey scored again at the hummock with good manners as the bird lifted. His fifth find was along the woodsline near the creek. Bird No. 6 was Bailey’s demise as the bird popped in front of the dog and he lunged at the retreating bird. Cover Charge Search Engine (PM/D. Hughes) had no birds.

Thunderhills Pale Rider (PM/M. Hughes) and Mac’s Silver Chief (PM/McClurg). At 4 Pale Rider pointed at the crest of the breakaway stretch with Chief backing. Pale Rider elected to go with the bird and was on the rope. Chief scored a find in the back corner, good manners. He scored again at 25 on the eastern part of the course, again with good manners. Chief showed a forward and moderate race with a pleasing handle. He finished to the front.

Young Grouse Freddie (SM/Forman) scored at 5 in the wooded grove, showing good manners on his bird. At 14 Freddie pointed in the fields past the hummock with Belly Dancer (PF/ Childers) honoring. He was on the leash after taking steps after the flush. Dancer scored a find in the eastern field, showing a little tail motion on his stance. He suffered an unproductive at time.

Phillips Half Moon (SF/M. Hughes) found his first bird at 4 in the wooded grove, good manners displayed. Let’s Do It (SM/DeRosa) suffered an unproductive at 15. At 18 he pointed in a feed strip on the back portion of the course; the handler relocated the dog after an extensive flushing effort. The dog re-established point, then elected to retrieve the bird, and he was on the hook. Half Moon scored a find in a feed strip on the north side of the course, displaying good manners and style. Half Moon made some nice moves, taking the edge around the eastern portion of the course and moving out to the point past the observation deck. He was found standing at time. A bird was produced; Moon showed good manners to end the brace.

Shady Hills Whiskey Bonfire (SM/ Forman) scored the first find at 4 in the wooded grove, Lambo’s Koby (PM/ Melvin) honoring. Both dogs showed good manners as a single lifted. Both dogs made nice casts to the front. Koby scored a find at 9 on the back corner of the lower course along the woodsline; good manners were displayed. Bonfire scored a find in a feed strip on the north slope of the course, with Koby backing. Koby scored a single on the edge near the creek, showing good manners and nice retention as the bird lifted and shot was fired. At 22 Bonfire pointed in the eastern field, Koby honoring from a good ways off; good manners were shown by both dogs. At 24 Koby scored a find in a small feed strip on the eastern portion of the course, Bonfire honoring. Melvin flushed the bird, which flew about 25 yards and hit Forman in the side of head, and dropped directly next to Bonfire! Both dog and handler maintained their composure. Both dogs finished moving forward and to the front.

Suemac’s Sashay had a short run as he pointed at 3 on the breakaway stretch and then pushed the bird into flight, and decided to go along for the trip. Backcountry S H Sassy (PF/Catanzarite) scored a find at 4 over the crest of the breakaway stretch, showing good manners. Sassy pointed further down the backside of the crest in a small island of shrubs; no bird could be produced. Sassy was relocated and nailed the bird about ten yards away in some heavy grass. She displayed good manners as the bird was put to flight. Sassy scored an additional find at 23 on the eastern portion of the course. She finished to the front with a medium race.

J’s Shadyhill Titan (SM/Angott) scored an early find at 3 in the wooded grove, good manners shown. He scored again at 15 in the field just after the ditch crossing. After a short cast, he pointed again in a feed strip in the back section of the course. Titan pointed at 23 in the eastern field, Suemac’s Roll Tide (PM/Hughes) honoring. Roll Tide moved off the back as the bird lifted and was on the leash for his indiscretion. Titan continued forward with a medium but busy ground pattern to finish.

Blast Off (SM/Forman) scored at 7 in the far back corner; he took a small step on the flush. At 14 Blast Off pointed in the woods near the pond; he swung and took a short hop on the flush. At 16 Blast Off was on the leash after deciding to go for a short walk as a bird was flushed. Black River Ruby (SF/Melvin) scored a find at 23 in the eastern portion of the course, showing nice manners and retention on the flush and shot. Ruby showed a pleasing and forward medium race, finishing to the front.

Grouse Hill Bullet Proof (SM/Forman) pointed a bird at the crest of the breakaway stretch at 5, with Kendal Hills Dawson Creek (PM/M. Hughes) honoring. Dawson Creek continued to stand as Bullet Proof gave a vigorous pursuit of the flushed bird, and he was finished. At 12 Dawson Creek was standing at quite a distance on the woodsline near the creek on the north side of the course. During the approach, the dog relocated. When handler reached the location at 17 he was able to flush a bird in front of the dog which showed good manners and nice retention. Dawson Creek was found standing at 20 in heavy cover west of the hummock exhibiting good manners and nice retention as the bird lifted and the shot was fired. He scored again at 28 in the eastern part of the course with good manners and retention. He finished with a wide cast, fading to the front and out of sight.

Shady Hills Colt (PM/Forman) scored a find at 4 at the crest; the dog spun to mark the bird but stayed on the spot. Heavy Chevy Jason (RSM/Melvin) pointed near the wooded grove at the crest at 7 but was on the leash after pushing the bird. At 15 Colt was giving a hearty chase under a bird in the back area of the course and his run was over.

Remember, Futurities are called “Futurities” because they are the future of our sport. An examination of this Futurity, as well as most other Futurities in the country, will find that Futurity placements produce the majority of our bird dog champions.

Please support the National Walking Futurity by nominating your litter! We hope to see you next year at the 29th National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity.

Judges: Collin Bishop and Doug McMillen

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 13 Pointers, 11 Setters and 1 Irish Setter

1st—PHILLIPS HALF MOON, 1648257, setter female, by Long Gone Boston—Grouse Ridge Comet. Mathew Phillips, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

2d—BOSTON, 1655337, pointer male, by Chasehill Little Bud—Richfield Stella. Jim Kilrain, owner; Scott Forman, handler.

3d—LAMBO’S KOBY, 1661381, pointer male, by R J’s Long Shot—Harbor City China. Reid H. Cumbo & Donald H. Lamm, owners; Sean Melvin, handler.

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