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National Weimaraner Championships

By Chris Meyer | Aug 07, 2017
National Weimaraner Championship. From left. Chris Meyer, Ray Nowell, judge Ken Blackman, handler Diane Vater with FC Greypointe's BB Queen, scout Chuck Cooper, and judge Dale Pool

Conway, Ark. — The NWA National Amateur and Open Championships and National Open Derby once again returned to Camp Robinson in Conway, Ark. The grounds were beautiful, as always.

The weather and company were great, albeit a little warm for the dogs running.

Unfortunately, a series of burns had been done just prior to the start of the Championships which moved many of the coveys from their usual haunts and made finding birds at a premium.

Special thanks go out to our capable group of judges: Mr. Ken Blackman of Williston, Tenn., and Mr. Dale Pool of Millington, Tenn., for the Open Championship and Open Derby; and Mr. Gary Sadler of LaVergne, Tenn., and Mr. Mike Martin of Bella Vista, Ark., for the Amateur Championship.

National Open Championship

Snake Breaks SGT Schultz (Sarge/ Lance Fargo, owner, Mike Mullineaux, handler) and Grau Geist’s Texas City Slicker (Slick/Gene and Nicolette Mason/Diane Vater). Both dogs started out well, running a big gun dog pattern. Sarge stopped at 5 but his handler was unable to produce any birds. Both dogs worked diligently to find birds to no avail. Slick’s race was a bit wider and farther reaching.

Silverthorns Nobel Roman (Dr. Charles Hutchings/Mullineaux) and Graypointe’s B B Queen (Chris and Stephanie Meyer/Vater). The winner  came from this brace. Both dogs had a reaching shooting dog race. B B was able to card three stylish finds and an honor over the course of her hour’s work. Roman had a couple of unproductives and shared a find with B B just as time was called.

Silverthorn’s Snapper Jim (Michael Green) and Waybac’s Captain America (John Bonner/Vater) were hunting hard and forward with Captain having one of the biggest races of the stake. Sadly their efforts were not rewarded with birds.

Brymar’s Ode An Dan Haus Der Reiteralm (David Reynolds/Mullineaux) was up early when his efforts were not pleasing his handler. West Weim Get Yer Gun Ms Oakley (Cydney Hansen and Frank Sommer/Vater) ran a big shooting dog race but could not produce anything for her efforts.

Heartbeat’s Smokin White Walls (Mike Wiacek/Chuck Cooper) was up at 35 after an unproductive, and not pleasing his handler.  Higear’s Ottomatic Overdrive’s (Ray and Connie Nowell/ Vater) day came to an end a short time later when a covey surprised him at a stream crossing. Both dogs had medium shooting dog races during their time down.

Higear’s Train Kept A Rollin  (Wheels/Ray and Connie Nowell/Vater) and Higear’s Heartbeat Lola (Larry Anderson/Chuck Cooper) started  with pleasing shooting dog races. They shared a stylish unproductive at 41.  At 51 Wheels suffered a second unproductive, with Lola backing, that ended Wheels’ day.  Lola continued on as a nice shooting dog but could not produce anything for her efforts.

Waybac’s Silver Surfer (Beverly and Wayne Cowgill/Cooper) and  Silvershot’s Thunderstruck (Raiden/ Barb and Bill Schiemann/Vater). Surfer and Raiden had shooting dog races, although Raiden’s race was a little bigger and more searching.  Unfortunately neither dog was able to produce any birds.

Silvershot’s Otto v Knapp (Gary Lytle/Vater), as a bye. This young dog’s race was not challenging the leader so his handler elected to pick him up early.

Saga’s Major Cage (Mary and Jeff Brown/Vater), ran a medium to larger shooting dog race, but his day ended around the halfway point when he suffered a second uproductive.

Conway, Ark., March 17

Judges: Kenneth Blackman and William Dale Pool


[One-Hour Heats] — 16 Weimaraners

Winner—GRAYPOINTE’S B B QUEEN, 1654774, female, by Silvershot’s Pocket Rocket—Double Dog Dare Ya Grayce. Chris & Stepheanie Meyer, owner; Diane Vater,  handler.

Open Derby

Edelweiss and DeLuna Double Oaked (Oakey/Rodney and Wendy Moon/Mike Mullineaux) and The Marshals Favorite Miss Trax Edelweiss (Miss Kitty/Cydney Hansen and Frank Sommer/ Vater). Both  young dogs ran nicely in good shooting dog fashion. Although they checked likely coverts neither was able to produce any bird work.

Brymar’s Sixpack Cuda (Charlie/ David Reynolds/Mullineaux) and Touchstone N Barrett’s Autobot Smokescreen (Turbo/Kim Burnell, Anne Taguchi and Erin Smith/Vater). Unfortunately the only bird contact these two dogs had was when they were still attached to the scouts. Both dogs exhibited a pleasing shooting dog race and hunted their half hour with Turbo showing just a little bit better. Turbo came away with his second Derby win in as many years. Charlie’s efforts did garner her a second place finish.

Brymar’s Sixpack Challenger (Holley/David Reynolds and Penny Hoffman/Mullineaux) and Touchstone N Barrett’s Autobot Villian (Ticon/Anne Taguchi and Kim Burnell/Vater) ran medium shooting dog races, Ticon showing a bit more punch in his run. Neither dog produced birds.

Brymar’s Lambeau Leap (Justin Buehring/Mullineaux) had a short shooting dog race and checked some of the likely spots. Graugeists On The Prowl Finsup (Larry Anderson/Vater) was hard driving, far and wide. He was a little rough on the handle but his efforts still garnered him third place.

West Weim’s The Sidekick Ms. Hayes (Cydney Hansen and Frank Sommer/ Vater) was not preforming to handler’s expectations and was up early. West Weim’s Dodge City’s Marshal Trax v Edelweiss (Cydney Hansen and Frank Sommer/Cooper) pushed up birds at 13 but the judges did not see him point.

Judges: Kenneth Blackman and William Dale Pool

NATIONAL OPEN DERBY — 10 Weimaraners

1st—TOUCHSTONE N BARRETT’S AUTOBOT SMOKESCREEN, unreg., male, by Erbenhof S N S Boogie Woogi Bo—Southpaw’s In the Red. Kim Burnell, Anne Taguchi & Erin Smith, owners; Diane Vater, handler.

2d—BRYMAR’S SIXPACK CUDA, 1671790, female, by Brymar’s Ode to Reiteralm—Brymar’s Hemi’s Cuda. David Reynolds, owner; Mike Mullineaux, handler.

3d—GRAUGEISTS ON THE PROWL FINSUP, 1671788, male, by Grau Geists Texas City Slicker—Reiteralm Shine On Brymar Knig. Larry Anderson, owner; Diane Vater, handler

National Amateur Championship

Graypointe’s B B Queen (BB/Chris and Stephanie Meyer/Chris Meyer) and Higear’s Ottomatic Overdrive (Otto/ Ray and Connie Nowell/Ray Nowell)  went straight to cover, searching with intensity. With the recent burning on the grounds, both dogs went wide and to the front. They were consistent throughout the hour. At 49 B B pointed, but after a relocation no birds could be produced. Both ended  without bird contact.

Waybac’s Silver Surfer (Dude/Beverly and Wayne Cowgill/Chris Meyer) and Snake Breaks Sgt Schultz (Sarge/Lance Fargo) were away with strong opening moves. Sarge pointed at 22, Dude showing excellent manners on his honor. Sarge stopped again at 33 and after a lengthy attempt to find birds nothing could be produced. Dude was picked up by the road at 35 as he was not pleasing his handler. Sarge finished the hour hunting hard.

Waybac’s Jewel Up Up And Away (Clark/Chris and Stephanie Meyer/Chris Meyer) and Heartbeat’s Smokin White Walls (Wally/Mike Wiacek/Mike Wiacek). On the breakaway both dogs took to the timber and at 12 Clark had an unproductive. As the dogs were moving forward down the path Clark was coming down a hill, and off the side of the path a quail popped and his stop to flush was all in order. Wally was running wider and disappeared for a period.  He did show shortly after time was called.

Silverthorn’s Nobel Roman (Dr. Charles Hutchings/Lance Fargo) and West Weim Get Yer Gun Ms Oakley (Annie/Cydney Hansen and Frank Sommer/Frank Sommer). With the temperatures rising, bird work became extremely tough. Annie was gone for awhile but was able to show from the side. Roman was mostly forward during the hour. Neither had birds.

Grau Geist’s Texas City Slicker (Slick/Gene and Nicolette Mason/Gene Mason) and Silverthorn’s Snapper Jim (Michael Green). At the breakaway both dogs headed to the heavy cover. Some deer came out but neither dog appeared to chase. At 6 Slick disappeared and eventually the retrieval unit had to be pulled.  Jim looked in all the right places but unfortunately came up empty.

Higear’s Train Kept A Rollin (Wheels/Ray and Connie Nowell/Ray Nowell) and Higear’s Heartbeat Lola (Larry Anderson). At 22 Wheels stopped on point. Unfortunately, Lola failed to honor. No bird was produced at that time. At 27 Wheels  pointed again and a bird flushed as his handler was dismounting, everything in order.  After his find Wheels was very handy for the rest of the hour. Unfortunately no big championship moves were seen.

Judges: Michael Martin and Gary Sadler


[Placements Withheld]


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