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NBHA Alabama Region Trials

By Edwin Cooley | May 15, 2019
The Winners. From left: Open Puppy winner Barton’s Gunfire with Joe Barton; Open Shooting Dog Winner Bob’s Elhew Kate with Sam Ridings; Amateur Shooting Dog Winner Frigid Freda with Edwin Cooley; Judge Burl Hicks, scout’s helper Emerson Thomas; Open Derby winner Goldberg with Daryl Thomas, Jr.

Walnut Grove, Ala. — The Alabama Region of the NBHA held its spring trial with 34 entries at Ken Tolbert’s Murphee Farm training and trialing grounds near Oneonta, Ala., on April 13. The hundred plus acres of open farm land, stripped sedge and cut-over woodslines provide an excellent venue for dogs, owners and handlers.

Additional grain sorghum feed strips were added this year to increase the cover but the hunting preserve pressure and the warm weather had reduced cover to short stubble. Weather conditions fluctuated from early morning cool rain to afternoon sun and dry wind. Break-away was at 7:15 a. m. and final pickup on the seventeenth brace of the day was at 6:15 p. m. Judges and trial participants made sure that dogs were on the line and ready to go. There were no delays, and only a thirty-minute lunch break.

The club would like to thank Purina Pro Plan for the dog food coupons, Gun Dog Supply for the gift certificates, and the National NBHA for their financial support. These corporate sponsorships are critical to the success of NBHA and state and regional affiliations. In addition, the Alabama Region of NBHA would like to thank the many out-of-state participants who traveled many miles to support the trial and show their dogs. It takes a lot to put on a successful trial, and active supportive participants are a key ingredient. The Region would also like to thank the following: Ken Tolbert for allowing the use of his training grounds, his clubhouse, and his willingness to coordinate the purchase and delivery of birds; Region President Harold Boyett for his homemade soup, the prizes, and the coordination with judges; Dr. Jim Crook for his willingness to just jump in and do whatever was necessary (also his gallon jar of homemade divinity candy); and, finally, Delmer who prepared the clubhouse and put out birds for all seventeen braces.

A large entry of ten pups began the morning in a cool rain shower. Earning first was Joe Barton’s pointer male Barton’s Gunfire which had a big, front-running, animated race. Placed second was Montana Bullet, owned and handled by Gary Dowdy of North Carolina. “Ree’s” race was to the front and animated. Third place went to Dr. Jim Crook with his pointer male Outlaw Masterson. “Bat” ran well to the front and showed excellent punch, style and handle. Several pups did well enough to deserve placement. It’s great when judges have to choose from several and only slight differences in range, carriage and handle separate the winners.

The Open Shooing Dog was won by pointer female Bob’s Elhew Kate for owner-handler Sam Ridings of Cumming, Ga. Kate ran to the front with an animated race and multiple finds. Her manners were impeccable. Placed second was Stanley McCain’s setter male Trooper’s Money Boy, handled by Oscar Whitt. Money had an excellent race with well-spaced finds. His nose and composure on point make him a threat every time he competes. Third was Spectacular Impact, pointer female for owner-handler Brud Powell. “Spec” had a nice race, broke finds and an excellent back.

The Amateur Shooting Dog was won by Frigid Freda with a showy, biddable race and two well-spaced, high and tight finds. Second was Beachcreek Iron Jill, Stanley McCain’s setter female. She had a showy, good-handling race with one find. Third place went to Trooper’s Money Boy with a nice application and excellent manners around game.

The Open Derby winner was Goldberg, a south Georgia pointer male owned by Adam Hart and handled by Daryl Thomas, Jr. “Bill” is a handsome dog running and pointing. His ground application separated him from the competition, and his three finds during the hottest part of the day were impressive. Second was Ed Cooley’s Dial Direct which had an excellent race with one big bottom limb find. His manners were excellent, and his find at pickup on a bathtub size feather pile was a nice “unproductive.” Stanley McCain’s pointer female Belle Star, coming off her runner-up win at the NBHA Futurity, won third place with excellent ground coverage and an animated race. Her manners around game and her desire to please her handler Oscar Whitt set her apart. Run during the hottest part of the day, bird-finding was at a premium for the Derbies.

With a dry warm wind, temperatures in the upper-70s after lunch, and U. S. Weather Service warning of impending severe storms, all in attendance were pleased to be able to get in seventeen braces, announce winners and head for home. It was a good day!

Walnut Grove, Ala., April 13 — One Course

Judges: Burl Hicks and Steve Hurdle

NBHA OPEN PUPPY — 9 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—BARTON’S GUNFIRE, 1679589, pointer male, by Jesse’s Cold Shoulder—Class Act Kasey. Joe Barton, owner and handler.

2d—MONTANA BULLET, 1682237, pointer female, by Montana Bud—Montana Missy. Gary Dowdy, owner and handler.

3d—OUTLAW MASTERSON, 1682538, pointer male, by C J Skipper—Outlaw Momma Grizzly. Dr. Jim Crook, owner and handler.

NBHA OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 4 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st—BOB’S ELHEW KATE, 1647040, pointer female, by A Tarheel Tapout—Bob’s Elhew Nell. Sam Ridings, owner and handler.

2d—TROOPER’S MONEY BOY, 1645388, setter male, by Trooper’s Boy Tripp—Panovski Billy Boy Bell. Dr. Stanley McCain, owner; Oscar Whitt, handler.

3d—SPECTACULAR IMPACT, 1658311, pointer female, by Shadow’s Frigidaire—Silver’s Lou. Brud Powell, owner and handler.

NBHA AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 7 Pointers, 2 Setters

and 1 German Shorthair

1st—FRIGID FREDA, 1651639, pointer female, by Shadow’s Frigidaire—Silver’s Lou. Edwin Cooley, owner and handler.

2d—BEACHCREEK IRON JILL, 1664035, setter female, by Attitude’s Iron Will—Frostproof. Dr. Stanley McCain, owner and handler.

3d—TROOPER’S MONEY BOY, 1645388, setter male, by Trooper’s Boy Tripp—Panovski Billy Boy Bell. Dr. Stanley McCain, owner and handler.

NBHA OPEN DERBY — 8 Pointers

1st—GOLDBERG, 1673254, male, by Night Ryder—Butler’s Jill. Adam Hart & Lance Schulz, owners; Daryl Thomas, Jr., handler.

2d—DIAL DIRECT, 1682657, male, by Miller’s Speed Dial—Royal Return. Edwin Cooley, owner and handler.

3d—BELLE STAR, 1678805, female, by Miller’s Speed Dial—Cold Creek Ms. Kay. Dr. Stanley McCain, owner; Oscar Whitt, handler.

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