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NBHA Midwest Regional Championship

By Larry Carpenter | May 16, 2018
Championship Winners. From left front: Indian Creek Bocephus with Jill Stuhr and Zansett Simply Red with Andrea Ward. Standing: Don Kimble, judge; Joe Zimmer, Garry Malzone, Larry Hedge, judge; Ken Black, Tom Waite, Randy Zimmer and Greg Blair.

Bunceton, Mo. — The NBHA Midwest Regional Championship was hosted again by the Missouri Bird Hunters Association. The trial started on March 16 on the Lynn Felger Farm south of Bunceton, Mo. These grounds have plenty of edges to run and hunt. The MBHA thanks Lynn Felger for the use of his land.

Judges for this Championship — Don Kimble of Andover, Kan., and Larry Hedge of Sedgwick, Kan. — were asked to return for another year after the many compliments and job they did the year before. Don runs his dogs in mostly horseback trials and some walking trials in the Midwest. He has judged several championships in both walking and horseback. Larry used to be a professional trainer but now runs his setters in both walking and horseback trials. Both judges gave their full attention to the dogs and their decisions were well received.

To put on a championship trial you have to have good help. Randy Zimmer helped all three days for the preceding Free-for-All Championship (issue of April 28) and continued to do anything I needed from catching birds, driving the dog wagon, warming up the food my wife had prepared for lunch to doing the dishes. His brother Joe was unable to be here for the Free-for-All but helped all three days of this trial.

Jim Ogle was here for the Free-for-All and the first day of this stake. Jim commented before the Free-for-All that putting on two championships back-to-back was not that much harder than putting on one. I reminded him at supper on Thursday night that if we had only one championship we would be able to sleep in the next morning but we had three more days of running.

Jack Glover also helped with both trials, and not to forget Mrs. Ken Black helped Randy with the food. I am very thankful for all the great help.

I would also like to thank our great sponsors. Purina provided twelve bags of Pro Plan Performance to the winner and six bags to the runner-up. Purina also furnished three bags for the Derby and $15 coupons for the placements in the Derby and Puppy and caps for the puppy placements, plus two pound bags for handouts. Garmin gave an e-collar to the champion; Gun Dog Supply donated two $25 gift certificates. We appreciate our great sponsors.


The winner was Indian Creek Bocephus (Bo), pointer male owned by Ed Marron of Ho Ho Kus, N. J., and handled by Garry Malzone. Bo is a multiple champion and ran in the third brace on Saturday morning.

He started strong and had his first find at 16. He then was found on point at 29 and again at 35. He had a far-reaching race and had his last find at 43, then finished strong to the front and finished in the big bottom.

Runner-up was Zansett Simply Red, Irish setter male owned by Catherine Lewis and Dean Reinke of Elkhorn, Wis., and handled by Tom Waite. Red was in the second brace on Saturday. He had his first find at 20 with all in order. His next find was at 23 and again at 32. He then had a nice find in the woods at 45 and continued over the hill. After a nervous few minutes of not seeing Red and Tom going on to the front he was spotted in the thick draw where a wild covey was known to hang out. Tom came back and went in among the briars to put the wild covey to flight at 59. A nice way to end a brace.

This was Red’s 4th runner-up to go with one championship title.

After three nice days for the Free-for- All, Friday started with rain which continued on and off all day.

The first brace of A Keystone Kid (Archie/SM/Keith Foreman) and Dale Creek Gypsy Queen (Bling/SF/Deb Dlobik/Tom Waite) were loosed at 8:30 a. m. Bling scored at 7 with Archie backing. Archie then scored at 14. At 17 both dogs was pointing for a divided find. Archie was found pointing at 25 with Bling on point farther up the draw. After a long flushing attempt, a bird was produced for Archie. Waite had flushed Bling’s bird and went on ahead. Archie then had a dug-up find at 29. As we went over the hill, Keith did not have Archie. He came on to the front and was on point at 36 but no bird could be flushed and an unproductive was carded. He then pointed at 43 with all in order. Bling and Waite were out ahead where Bling pointed at 45, all in order. Archie scored at 50 and again at 59. Bling finished strong to the front.

Milomix Orb (SM/Dr. Bill Wright) and Megan’s Blackjack (Eddie/Joe Faggiola/Garry Malzone) were away strong. Eddie was found pointing at bottom of hill with Orb backing. Garry stepped in and a wild covey was flushed. We started up the hill and Eddie had a mishap and was picked up. Point was called for Orb and handler and judge went into the woods and a woodcock was flushed. At 15 Orb was pointing again, took a step at flush and was picked up.

Doc’s Free Fall (PM/ John Ruetschi) had a find at 8 and moved at flush. Dale Creek Jackson (PM/Tom Waite) had an accident at 15.

Pure Confidence (Tango/PM/Pete Labella/Malzone) and Scannon’s Stella (SF/Scott Kaufman/Waite). Stella, the bye dog, was moved up when Keith Foreman scratched The Seminole Wind. Tango scored at 5 with Stella backing. Tango pointed again at 16 with Stella backing. Neither dog was pleasing handler and they were up soon after.

After a break for lunch, No. 5 had Bevel’s Royal Bayou (SM/Shane Bevel/Tom Woods) and Dale Creek Resurrection (Liar/SF/David Matthews/ Waite), both up early with infractions.

Brown’s Brute Ace (PM/Ken Black & James Brown/Black) and Courageous Blue Shadow (SF/Foreman) were away strong. Shadow had a find at 10 with Ace backing. Ace then scored at 15. On Shadow’s next find she did not look right so Keith decided to pick up. Ace had a find at 20 but moved at flush and was up.

Doc’s Right Wing (PM/Ruetschi) and Blair’s Witch Doctor (Guy/SM/Greg Blair/Waite). Greg, the NBHA national president, was here to watch Guy. This brace started strong but at 5 Wing had a mishap and was picked up. Guy was found pointing atop hill at 6, everything in order. At 10 he was pointing again. We went over the hill and Guy was standing on point by the wheat field at 18. As we got closer the bird left, then Guy moved.

Not sure what was happening today but a lot of good dogs had problems; only two dogs finished the hour.

Saturday morning was a better day weatherwise, temperature in the high 30s and sunshine.

Crow Creek Sugarbaby (PF/Black) and Indian Creek Wingman (Lucky/ SM/Stuhr/Malzone). Sugar, after a trip to the vet on Wednesday and feeling better, started with a find at 3, all in order. Lucky pointed at 5, all good. We headed up the hill and Lucky pointed again at 15, then at 18. Sugar scored with Lucky backing. Sugar was pointing at 21 with Lucky a couple hundred yards ahead pointing too. Both birds were handled well. At 28 Sugar was pointing. Lucky did not back to Garry’s satisfaction and was picked up. Sugar had a find at 35 but no birds, an unproductive carded. She went over the hill and was found pointing in the woods at 42, then pointed again at 49. She had a final find at 52 and finished to the front.

Big Trouble Duke (PM/Steve Heenan) started  strong with a find at 7 but a mishap on the next bird had him up. Zansett Simply Red’s brace was already described.

Jeannie of Snow Creek (PF/Glenda Haag/Woods) had a find at 14 with all in order but was picked up a little later. Indian Creek Bocephus’ effort was described earlier.

Penrosa Stoneyox (SM/Tim Penn) scored first at 12 but moved at flush and was up. Hidden Hollow Sammy (SM/ David Matthew/Waite) had finds at 20, 32, 41 and 55. He finished to the front.

Both Hifive’s Passin Time (PF/Ron Levitan/Malzone) and Rose of Snow Creek (PF/Ray Roberts) broke away strong, Snowy scoring first at 9. At flush she moved and was up. Time went ahead and had finds at 12, 23, 28. Her last find was at 47 when Garry decided to pick her up.

We returned to camp for the winners to be announced.

Bunceton, Mo., March 16 — One Course

Judges: Larry Hedge and Don Kimble


1 Irish Setter

Winner—INDIAN CREEK BOCEPHUS, 1656742, pointer male, by Brown’s Tom Tom—Indian Creek Riptide. Edward Marron, owner; Garry Malzone, handler.

Runner-Up—ZANSETT SIMPLY RED, 1643777, Irish setter male, by Kevin’s Kosmo Kramer—Lucille O’Ryan. Catherine Lewis & Dean Reinke, owners; Tom Waite, handler.


The Derby  had a great field of youngsters. Both judges said there were several performances that could have been used.

The winning Derbies all had multiple bird work. The number and quality of these Derbies will make an impact for years to come in the NBHA.

The Missouri Bird Hunters Association would like to thank all the participants in the trial, the judges, sponsors and everybody who helped make this a successful trial.

NBHA OPEN DERBY — 12 Pointers and 9 Setters

1st—W W SADDLE TRAMP, 1672778, pointer male, by Whippoorwill Wild Agin—Miss Fibber Lee. Chris Gebhardt & Mitch Solt, owners; Tom Waite, handler.

2d—BEAUCOUP CREEK GUS, 1666953, setter male, by Shadow Oak Bo—Beaucoup Creek Ellie. D. R. Heisner, owner and handler.

3d—BEAUCOUP CREEK BUCK, 1666952, setter male, by Shadow Oak Bo—Beaucoup Creek Ellie. D. R. Heisner, owner and handler.


1st—THREE BOYS JESSIE, 1677677, female, by Carpenter’s Blue Hawk—Sue Jetta Sue. Danny Althiser, owner and handler.

2d—EMERT’S DRIVIN MISS DAISY, 1675308, female, by San Jack’s My Charlie—San Jac’s Bandit. David Emert, owner and handler.

3d—GLOVER’S VAN HALEN, 1674172, male, by Carpenter’s Blue Hawk—Sue Jetta Sue. Jack Glover, owner and handler.

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