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Blair’s Witch Project Named Winner; Jaguar Za Czeshka is Runner-Up

NBHA National Amateur Championship

By Larry Carpenter | Feb 07, 2019
Championship Winner. In foreground is Blair’s Witch Project with Greg Blair. Standing, from left: Jack Glover, Jim Ogle, Tim Penn, Brent Hoehns, judge; Larry Carpenter, Jeff Wallace, judge; Randy Zimmer, Joe Zimmer and Wade Menges.

Grovespring, Mo. — The Missouri Bird Hunters hosted the NBHA National Amateur Championship December 14-16, 2018 at the Sportsmen’s Association grounds in Grovespring, Mo.

There is always concern about the weather in December and we did have some rain but the temperature was in the high 30s and 40s.

When you put on a trial you need to have good grounds, good birds and good judges. You also have to have a lot of good help. I was trial chairman and due to some health issues was not able to do much more than drive the dog wagon and give orders.

The following members of the MBHA assisted in numerous ways and without them the trial would not have been the success it was.

Joe Zimmer brought his Gator and helped with bird planting, dog wagon and anything else needed. Jim Ogle helped Joe and whatever else needed to be done. Randy Zimmer had biscuits and gravy ready every morning and had lunch ready at noon.

I would like to thank my wife for having chili and beef stew and brownies prepared for us.

Tim Penn was the jack of all trades as he was trial marshal and scout. Tony King stayed Friday and helped with scouting.

NBHA President Greg Blair was also present and helped. Purina furnished dinner Thursday evening for the conclusion of the AFTCA National Amateur Walking Championship that had several dogs in both trials.

Tony, Greg and Tim fixed a catfish dinner with all the trimmings for everybody to enjoy.

Jack Glover was also a great help and helped his friend and MBHA member Danny Althiser prepared a meal Saturday night of burgers, ham, mashed potatoes, corn bread and plenty of pie. Danny and his son also helped scout.

We were fortunate to procure the services of two fine judges for this year’s Championship. Jeff Wallace of Knox-ville, Ia., has been a frequent judge in the Midwest and has produced many fine German Shorthairs bearing the “Cajun” prefix. His partner this year also hails from Knoxville, Ia. Family doctor Brent Hoehns, who is newer to judging but not to bird dogs, hunting, and walking trials. Both judges were attentive throughout the trial. Their decisions were well received.

The Sportsmen’s Association Field Trial Grounds are a great place to run a trial. We have set up a great, out and back course that is fair to everyone. The clubhouse, kennels, horse barns, and corrals are as good as it gets. The grounds are always in great shape and this year proved to be no different.

The National Bird Hunters is blessed to have amazing sponsors. Purina provides dog food to the winners of the Championship and coupons to winners in the companion stakes, also sample bags for everybody. Garmin provides a new shock collar to the winner. Mule Supply, a new sponsor this year, provided gift certificates to the champion and runner-up, and Gun Dog Supply provides two gift certificates for a drawing. Gun Dog Central is also a great sponsor.

Their participation and sponsorship of the NBHA are greatly appreciated.


Greg Blair of Menomonee Falls, Wis., guided his seven-year-old setter male Blair’s Witch Project to the NBHA National Amateur Championship title. This is “Guy’s” second National title in 2018, winning the National Amateur Invitational Championship in the spring.

Braced with Tim Penn’s setter Penrosa Stoneyox in the seventh brace, these two started the second day of running with a bang. Away quickly, Guy was found pointing with Stone backing at 8 and again at 12, both stylish and rigid.

Stone had his first find at 16 before the road crossing, standing well with Guy backing. Sent on, both dogs were found pointing different groups of birds in the same draw at 28. Blair flushed quickly and took his dog on, all in order. Penn was persistent with an extended flushing attempt and relocation, finally flushing running birds in the heavy, thick draw.

The dogs were separated because of the long relocation. Stone went on to have a nice find on the edge and a fourth find at time, again with a prolonged flushing attempt handled well by the  eteran campaigner. Blair’s charge went on a tear, running the race of the stake, quick and snappy, always forward and required a minimum of handling. He had three more well-spaced finds on the back of the course for a total of six finds. Still running strong, he was found forward, standing at time and picked up. A great race and deserving championship performance.

Runner-up was Jaguar Za Czeshka, setter male owned by Dylan Lear and handled by Magda Lear of Louisville, Ky. Braced with the runner-up was Big Trouble Duke, handsome pointer male owned and handled by Steve Heenan.

Both dogs were away quickly starting from the clubhouse. Birds were noted in the air across from the cemetery with Jaguar standing immediately for a nice stop to flush. Brought on Jaguar stretched out nicely and had a second find on the treeline before the road crossing. Duke had a nice stand before the road crossing, all in order. Both dogs were found standing on the bottom before the sycamore tree very close to one another. Duke gave into temptation during the flushing attempt and was picked up. Lear’s charge was steady, but taken on for an unproductive.

Jaguar finished nicely. With a minimum of handling, he covered the edges, showed good range, stayed to the front and scored on three more birds. All his finds were well located and handled with perfect manners. A total of five finds during his hour.

The Running

Brace No. 1 started at 8:00 a. m. sharp. Hainline’s Rock N Roller (PM/ Jeff Hainline) and Doc’s Free Fall (PM/John Ruetschi) started off strong, Rock having a find at the cemetery at 6. Free Fall was pointing at 13 in the creek bed and a pre-released covey was too much temptation. Rock had another find at 14, all in order. On his third find at 23 he moved at flight.

Beaucoup Creek Buck (SM/Don Heisner) and Winkleman’s Little Sugar (PF/Mike Duvall) started on course No. 1. Both dogs had their running shoes on and went to the right places. Sugar drew first blood with a find at 16 with Buck backing. She was found pointing again at 25 with Buck backing. At shot Buck took a step and Don decided to pick him up. Sugar continued on with a big race and was found pointing at 32, 48 and her last find at 53. She was a handful today.

Ruth’s High Flying Goose, pointer male owned by Mike and Ruth Roper, handled by Mike, and Crazy Train (PM/ Kenny Snow). Goose, or Monkey, as his co-owner Ruth calls him, had a find at 9 with Train having trouble on the back and being picked up. Goose continued on with a find at 25 and then at 33 no bird could be flushed and he was taken on with an unproductive. He then went on to the front and finished with good finds at 47, 55 and 58.

Big Trouble Duke and Jaguar Za Czeshka were previously reported.

Beaucoup Creek Gus (SM/Heisner) and Golden County Sizzle Sid (SM/ Steve Donovan) were to the front early, Gus found on point at 7, all in order. Gus pointed again at 15 with Sid backing. Sid was found pointing at 21 but no bird flushed. Gus was on point on the other side of the field at 21. Gus pointed again at 30 with Sid backing and then finished with a find at 40 and again at 50.

We took a 30-minute break for lunch and with fog starting to move in and heavy rain predicted for around 4:00 p. m. we decided to run one more brace and call it a day. A good thing we did. The weatherman was correct.

Brace No. 6: Crow Creek Deuce (PF/Ken Black) and Doc’s Right Wing (PM/Ruetschi) took in the big bottoms at breakaway. Wing had a pre-released covey at 4, a nice piece of work. Deuce scored at 7 with Wing backing. Both dogs continued on with Deuce pointing at 27 on one side of the field and Wing found pointing at 28 to the front. Deuce had her last find at 35, all in order. Wing was picked up at 37.

The efforts of Penrosa Stoneyox and Blair’s Witch Project were detailed.

A Keystone Kid (SM/Keith Foreman) and Hainline’s Silver Star (PF/Jeff Hainline). Star was scratched as she had come in heat. Royal Rocks Lotta Hardcash (PM/Mike Roper) was the bye dog and was moved up. Lotta scored first at 5 with “Archie” backing. Lotta had his next find at 8. Archie had a good find at 21, all in order, then scored again at 26 with Lotta backing. Both dogs continued on. Archie had the next two finds at 35 and 40 with Lotta backing at 40. Both dogs were pointing on opposite sides of the course at 44. Lotta finished with finds at 51 and 55. This was a very exciting brace to watch.

Milomix Paddy (SF/Bill Wright) carded a nice find at 9. R Z Zuzu (SF/Randy Zimmer) had a find at 12 and Paddy had trouble with the back and was up. Zu went ahead and had finds at 16, 17 and on her last find at 34 she took a step at flight and was picked up.

Bevel’s Royal Bayou (SM/Shane Bevel) was scratched. Pointer male Outlaw Secret Agent’s owner-handler Jim Crook had become ill and was not able to travel from Alabama.

Crow Creek Sugarbaby (PF/Black) and Courageous Blue Shadow (SF/ Foreman) were away strong and were not seen for awhile. Shadow was found pointing at 12 with Sugar backing. Sugar had a find at 26 and then at 35 both dogs were seen moving on a bird and were picked up.

El Camelot, pointer male owned by Danny Martin and Danny Draffen, handled by Danny Draffen, and Thumper’s Anything But (PF/Mike Duvall) had their running shoes. Thumper had a find at 22, moved and was up. Cam was found pointing to the front at 25, a good find, all in order. He had his next find at 34 and moved at flight. We returned to the clubhouse to announce the winner.

Entries in the Championship came from Alabama, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arkansas and Missouri. The MBHA would like to thank all the participants.

Grovespring, Mo., December 14

Judges: Brent Hoehns and Jeff Wallace


14 Pointers, 10 Setters and 1 Irish Setter

Winner—BLAIR’S WITCH PROJECT, 1646203, setter male, by G F Witch Doctor—Blue Jetts Fancy. Greg Blair, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—JAGUAR ZA CZESHKA, 1624177, setter male, by Charko My Czeshka—Lishko Be Czeshka. Dylan Lear, owner; Magda Lear, handler.


The Derby had a good field of 10 dogs. The first place dog was Wendy, pointer female owned and handled by Kenny Snow. She had a strong race and one find. Second went to her littermate Lisa, also owned and handled by Kenny Snow. Lisa had a good race and a find. Third went to Belle, setter female owned by Carpenter’s Kennels and handled by Danny Draffen. She had a nice race and one find. There was several other Derbies that made a nice showing.

The Puppy had six entries. First was Grits, setter male owned and handled by Jack Glover. He had a nice race and a nice find on a covey that he held for awhile. Jojo’s Pot of Gold, setter female owned and handled by Jim Ogle, placed second. Third was Charley, owned by Carpenter’s Kennels and handled by Joe Zimmer.

NBHA AMATEUR DERBY — 4 Pointers and 6 Setters

1st—LET’S GO CRAZY, 1674530, pointer female, by Crazy Train—My Lil Whiskey Girl. Jerry Snow, Jr., owner; Kenny Snow, handler.

2d—RASPBERRY BERET, 1675399, pointer female, by Crazy Train—My Lil Whiskey Girl. Jerry Snow, Jr., owner; Kenny Snow, handler.

3d—CARPENTER’S BLUE SMOKE, 1677947, setter female, by Carpenter’s Mr. Palladin—Carpenter’s Last Jett. Carpenter’s Kennels, owner; Danny Draffen, handler.

NBHA AMATEUR PUPPY — 2 Pointers and 4 Setters

1st—GLOVER’S GRITS, 168299, setter male, by Attitude’s True Grit—Forstar Dirty Dancer. Jack Glover, owner and handler.

2d—JOJO’S POT OF GOLD, 1680509, setter female, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—Jojo’s Sky Hawk Sadie. Christian J. Ogle, owner and handler.

3d—CARPENTER’S CHARLEY P, 1681541, setter male, by A Keystone Kid—Signature Ridge Cody. Carpenter’s Kennels, owner; Joe Zimmer, handler.

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