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NBHA Northeast Regional Championship

By Greg Blair | May 16, 2017
NBHA Northeast Regional Championship Winners. In foreground, from left: Mike Luebke with Rebellious Rotten Ralph and Andrea Ward with Zansett Simply Red. Behind: Greg Blair, Judges Ed Brock and Mark Livingston; John Dlobik, Catherine Lewis, Dean Reinke and Tom Waite.

Portage, Wis. — The NBHA Northeast Regional Championship was held April 5-8, contested at the Pine Island Wildlife Refuge in Portage, Wis. These grounds are nice and flat with plenty of objectives for dogs to reach out and hunt.

Spring here has been extremely wet, but thankfully warm. Water was standing on the grounds which made for wet feet but plenty of replenishment for the dogs.

We would like to thank our national sponsors Purina, represented by Dean Reinke; Garmin, Gun Dog Supply, Christie Enterprises and Gun Dog Central. Without their support our trials would not be as successful as they are . . . thank you!

The Twelve O’Clock Field Trial Club has also secured Trophy Athletic, a Milwaukee, Wis., business that provides our awards at a substantial discount. They have been a loyal supplier for years.

This year we were proud to have two new judges who gave their undivided attention to our dogs. Mark Livingston came from Central City, Ia., and Ed Brock joined us from Genoa, Ill. Both Mark and Ed are accomplished field trialers and have competed or judged extensively throughout the greater Midwest and beyond. We appreciated their time in the saddle and attentiveness to our dogs.

Forty-seven dogs in all were drawn for the week’s running. The Championship drew 24 shooting dogs, the accompanying NBHA Derby, 23.

Pros Tom Waite (Burlington, Wis.), Garry Malzone (New Jersey) and Justin Crook (Joplin, Mo.) and numerous successful amateurs were well represented. Entries included handlers from Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and New Jersey! We cannot thank the owners and handlers enough for entering their dogs.

The Friday evening handlers’ dinner was sponsored by Mike Luebke in honor of last year’s winner Rebellious Rotten Ralph. Mike was extremely gracious the entire week by offering to sponsor the meal, picked up birds prior to the trial and ran errands for us throughout the running. Thank you, Mike!

The grill was under the watchful eyes of club member and Purina Area Manager Dean Reinke. The steaks were cooked to perfection. The camaraderie for the evening was enjoyable!


The 2017 NBHA Northeast Regional Championship was again won by Rebellious Rotten Ralph, handsome white and orange setter male owned and handled by Mike Luebke of Reeseville, Wis. Ralph ran in the second brace on the second day. He was standing at 10 with bracemate Indian Creek Perfect Storm backing. As Mike was flushing, Perfect Storm moved forward on his back. Malzone collared him, ending his day.

Ralph stood for a long time as this flushing attempt was lengthy, even putting Mike to his knees in an attempt to produce a bird. A bird was produced along the water’s edge on the back side of the standing grass and all was in order. With the course to himself Mike carried Ralph on with a chorus of “bumps-n-loves”. Ralph was standing at 25; after an extensive flushing attempt it ended up being his first and only unproductive. Mike and Ralph went on to handle the course with ease producing four more finds at 39, 46, 53 and 57.

Zansett Simply Red was named the runner-up. Red is a red setter male owned by Catherine Lewis and Dean Reinke of Elkhorn, Wis. He was handled by pro Tom Waite. Red is a current walking National Champion and has other runner-up championship titles to his name.

Red ran in the heat of the second day in the fifth brace. Red possesses a fluid ground race and had a stop to flush at 9, a stylish back at 23. After he was watered and sent on, Red grabbed the front and had finds at 37, 48 and another stop to flush at 55 just after we crossed the dike and headed back to the breakaway. Sent on under Tom’s whistle Red took the south side of the dike and finished to the front at time.

Red’s bracemate, Harwich Indian Creek Buck (Malzone), won this Championship in 2015. Buck finished an exciting brace with finds at 27, 35, 39 and 48.

The Running

The Championship started Thursday morning under clear but cool temperatures. As the day progressed, a strong wind greeted each dog as they broke away. It was a tough day to produce birds.

Megan’s Blackjack (Malzone) and Dale Creek New Era (Waite) started the running. “Banner” got the trial started with a find at 13 but his failure to back “Eddie” at 35 ended his bid. Eddie had an unproductive at 40 and another find at 59.

Dale Creek Cuppa Joe (Waite) and Foghat (Malzone) followed. Joe is a very animated setter that really makes you watch him. His youthful exuberance got the best of him and he was leashed at 38. Foghat finished without carding any finds.

Jaguar de Czeska (Lear) and Raintree’s Double Strike (Waite) took to the front, Jaguar scoring a find at 8 and an unproductive at 35. Magda sent him on and he was found standing at 38, all in order. He was sent on and finished the hour. Strike was up at 8 for going with the flight of the bird.

Indian Creek Bocephus (Malzone) and Rebellious Meat Man (Luebke) started the afternoon braces, again in a strong wind. “Bo” was coming off being named runner-up at the NBHA Open Invitational. He ran a strong race and stood at 10 but Garry was unable to produce a bird. They went on and had finds at 28 and 33 but was unable to stop in time for a backing opportunity so Garry leashed him. After “Charlie’s” back at 10, he continued on and produced birds at 36, 39 and 43. That last bird was a little too tempting for this youngster and Charlie’s bid was ended at 43.

No. 5 showcased Scannon’s Stella (Kaufmann) and Hidden Hollow Sammy (Waite). Both setters took to the front and each was standing at 23. Stella had a stop to flush and Tom was able to produce a bird for Sammy. Stella went on to have a find at 27 but too many steps while Scott was flushing ended her day. Sammy went on to produce finds at 36, 40 and 47. Tom was able to produce a bird on his find at 40 after a beautiful relocation on a piece of downed timber and standing grasses. Sammy finished the hour in strong fashion.

Crow Creek Sugar Baby (Black) was last seen at 9 and the retrieval unit was requested. [Side note, Sugar was not located until later that evening . . . but in good condition, just tired.] Indian Creek Wingman’s (Malzone) bid ended early at 8 on manners.

Friday morning started with a much calmer wind and suitable temperature to wrap up the running. A Carolina Shadow (Malzone) and Jan’s Ultimate Cash began our day. Shadow had a powerful ground race and was pointed at 9. All was in order and Garry sent him on and across the dike. After a very lengthy absence and just before the retrieval device was requested, he was found pointed at 30. The single was produced and Shadow was again released and sent on to finish the hour. Cash had a find at 10, an unproductive at 25, a back at 30 and finished with two finds, one at 38 and another at 42.

The next brace was described above with Rebellious Rotten Ralph and Indian Creek Perfect Storm.

Pee’s Tater (Hourihan) had a find on the northeast side of the course near woods with all in order. After being sent on he stood again but it was unproductive. Dave, not liking his performance, decided to end his bid. Pure Confidence (Malzone) had finds at 9, 15, 26 and 35 and finished the brace.

The afternoon started with Blair’s Witch Project (Waite) and Brown’s Brute Ace (Black). “Guy” pointed at 9 and seemed a little unsure of himself but Tom was able to produce a bird down wind of him along the water’s edge. He went on and ran a snappy race and point was called at 25. He was found in the grove of trees. Unfortunately when we came upon him (in this scribe’s opinion) it looked as if he had slid to a stop on the hillside and his back end was on the ground. Multiple birds were produced, all was in order, but he was picked up due to style. Ace had a nice walking race with a back at 9, an unproductive at 24 and finds at 30, 34 and 40. Ace finished the hour pleasing to his handler.

The next brace — Zansett Simply Red and Harwich Indian Creek Buck — was described above.

The final pairing slated Dale Creek Jamie Jackson and Texas Honey Bee. Jackson is a strong up-and-coming shooting dog on Tom Waite’s string. He started off with power and handled through the first dike crossing. The retrieval unit was requested at 28. Bee is a champion in her own right. She finished the hour under Garry Malzone’s whistle with one find carded at 48.

Portage, Wis., April 5 — One Course

Judges: Ed Brock and Mark Livingston

NBHA NORTHEAST REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 11 Pointers, 12 Setters and 1 Irish Setter

Winner—REBELLIOUS ROTTEN RALPH, 1617562, setter male, by Grouse Feather Mark—Tim’s Setter Ruby. Mike Luebke, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—ZANSETT SIMPLY RED, 1643777, Irish setter mlae, by Kevin’s Kosmo Kramer—Lucille O’Ryan. Catherine Lewis & Dean Reinke, owners; Tom Waite, handler.


The accompanying Derby began Saturday morning under cooler skies with 23 entries. Due to unforeseen logistical issues at the NBHA National Championship in Tennessee, this stake was selected as the “NBHA National Derby”. What that means is that the multiplier for the NBHA Handler and Dog of the Year Awards points was higher than a normal regional championship.

First place went to Dale Creek’s Gypsy Queen (Waite) which finished with four bird contacts, two handled with adult manners. She is owned by Deb Dlobik. Second was Indian Creek Lefty which had a nice race and handled well for Garry Malzone. He also had multiple bird contacts and looked to be another candidate for Garry’s string. Lefty is owned by John Avanzato and Edward Marron, Jr.

Rounding out the placements was Woodsway’s Angel Fire, snappy white and orange setter that runs with a ton of style, handles kindly and had a couple bird contacts. She is owned and handled by amateur Eryn Pearson of Illinois.

Again we would like to thank all the owners and handlers. We truly appreciate them all. It would not be appropriate to close this article without thanking the many Twelve O’Clock Field Trial Club members who took on responsibilities throughout the entire week. We could NEVER have pulled this off without ALL your help. Thank you and we look forward to next year. Make plans to join us!

NBHA NATIONAL OPEN DERBY — 11 Pointers, 11 Setters and1 Brittany

1st—DALE CREEK’S GYPSY QUEEN, 1662473, setter female, by Dale Creek Mickey Finn—Dale Creek’s Cajun Queen. Deb Dlobik, owner; Tom Waite, handler.

2d—INDIAN CREEK LEFTY, 1670071, pointer male, by South Bound Strech—Indian Creek Sugar. John Avanzato & Edward W. Marron, Jr., owners; Garry Malzone, handler.

3d—WOODSWAY’S ANGEL FIRE, 1664945, setter female, by Shadow Oak Bo—Smith’s Hytest Ally. Colleen & Eryn Pearson, owners; Eryn Pearson, handler.

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