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NBHA Northeast Regional Championship

By Greg Blair | May 08, 2018
Championship Winners. From front left: Greg Blair with Blair’s Witch Project and Deb Dlobik with Tim’s Setter Rosie. Back: Judge Ed Liermann, Maddie Blair, Scott Kaufman, Tom Waite, John Dlobik, Tim Callahan and Judge Jeff Wallace.

Portage, Wis. — The NBHA Northeast Regional Championship was held April 5-7 and contested at the Pine Island Wildlife Refuge in Portage, Wis. These grounds are flat with plenty of objectives for dogs to reach out and hunt, although this year the cover was a bit taller than normal which made finding dogs a little more challenging. To ALL of the owners and handlers who entered dogs, thank you for sticking with us through five inches of snow, frozen ponds, 30 mph winds and wind chills in the single digits.

We would like to thank our sponsors, Purina, Garmin, Gun Dog Supply, Gun Dog Central and Trophy Athletic. Without their support our trials would not be as successful as they are . . . thank you!

We were proud to have two new judges who gave their undivided attention to our dogs. Jeff Wallace came from Knoxville, Ia., and Ed Liermann joined us from Palmyra, Wis. Both Jeff and Ed are accomplished field trialers, and have competed or judged championships throughout the greater Midwest and beyond. We appreciated their time in the saddle and attentiveness to our dogs.

Due to some nasty weather and overlapping trials, the total number of dogs was slightly down this year; 33 dogs were drawn for the week’s running. The Championship drew nineteen and the accompanying Derby, fourteen.

It was noted that close to half the dogs entered in the Championship were champions. Great group of dogs and handlers. Entries included owners and handlers from Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri. We cannot thank them enough for entering their dogs.

The Friday evening handlers’ dinner was sponsored by the Twelve O’clock Field Trial Club. The grill was under the watchful eyes of club member David Hourihan and the steaks were cooked to perfection. The evening camaraderie was enjoyable.


The 2018 NBHA Northeast Regional Champion is six-year-old white and black setter male Blair’s Witch Project. “Guy” was handled by pro Tom Waite and is owned by Greg Blair of Menomonee Falls, Wis. Guy ran in the second brace on the first day of the trial. There was still 2-3 inches of wet clumpy snow covering the course which made it a challenge to work through.

After crossing the dike, Guy was located far to the east and going to the front (crossing south to north). As the course turned and headed west he was found pointing at 28 in the grove of hardwoods. All was in order. At approximately 33 the stylish setter was pointed at the north end of the firing line. As Waite flushed, the birds flew out the front side, again all was in order. Guy carried the brushy draw to the front and was pointing at 42 across the road on the northwest side of the course where Waite flushed a single quail from the deadfall. After taking the long treeline on the left side of the course, Guy was found standing at 50 outside the last island of hardwoods, his body facing southwest and his head looking back to the east. The bird was to his side; as Waite neared him he tightened up and stood proudly for his final find. Guy then took the right edge that carried him back to the dike crossing. Prior to the crossing, time was called. After a short scouting search he was found ahead and was brought back to show the judges.

This secured Guy’s second championship in as many weeks. Judges commented that Guy was always forward, hitting the edges. All of his finds were to the front, with high style on point and handled well. He had a strong finish and never came from behind.

Tim’s Setter Rosie was named runner-up. Rosie is an eight-year-old white and orange setter female that has three championship titles to her name before this stake. She is bred, owned and handled by Tim Callahan of Wales, Wis.

Rosie is a very stylish setter that is a pleasure to watch! As Rosie started out, just after crossing the dike, she was found standing sylishly at 16. Tim sent her on and she backed her bracemate Hidden Hollow Sammy (Waite) at 32. Both handlers sent the dogs on and were again found together — Sammy pointing and Rosie backing — at 47. As Waite flushed all was in order for both dogs. Rosie was found standing at 50 on the southwest side of the course. Callahan flushed with ease and Rosie held her composure through it all. As she was sent on, Sammy was pointing ahead; as Rosie came on his stand she again backed with style. Judges commented that Rosie had good style, intense on point, moved forward along the course hitting the edges and flowed with the course on her own.

[Both the champion and runner-up are sired by Dr. Allen Dunbar’s champion stud dogs, Ch. G F Witch Doctor (Blair’s Witch Project) and Ch. Grouse Feather Mark (Tim’s Setter Rosie.]

Portage, Wis., April 5 — One Course

Judges: Ed Liermann and Jeff Wallace


Winner—BLAIR’S WITCH PROJECT, 1646203, setter male, by G F Witch Doctor—Blue Jetts Fancy. Greg Blair, owner; Tom Waite, handler.

Runner-Up—TIM’S SETTER ROSIE, 1616148, setter female, by Grouse Feather Mark—Tim’s Setter Ruby. Tim Callahan, owner and handler.

Open Derby

The accompanying Derby began on Saturday morning with single digit wind chills and sunny skies.

We had a good group of fourteen entries. Thank you to the owners and handlers who came to support us from the cover dog venue. Rod Lein, Tim Callahan, Ben McKean, Brent Sittlow and Dave Moore entered Derbies and we greatly appreciated them.

Awarded first was Brushville Burton Spencer (Waite). This was the first trial for him and his owner Ken Millikin of Richfield, Wis. Spencer handled extremely well and his ground application was consistently at “10” and “2”. He finished with three mannerly finds.

Northwoods Sir Gordon, owned and handled by Minnesotan Ben McKean, had multiple finds, his second being far to the front and held for the long walk to him. After a very nice relocation, Gordy securely pointed the bird. He was sent on, found the front and pointed again. Gordy is a stylish young setter with a bright future. Rounding out the placements was Dale Creek Roxi, white and orange pointer female that runs with nice application, handles kindly and had four bird contacts. She is owned by Tony Drake of Oconomowoc, Wis.

Thank you to ALL the club members who helped and got through Mother Nature. A deserving thank you to club board members Tom Waite, Brian Toutant, Adam Delude, John “Pops” Dlobik and Greg Blair who scrambled this spring to get this off the ground.

Thanks to our judges, Jeff Wallace, Ed Liermann, Jake Olszewski and Greg Blair.

A special thank you to the bird planters/dog wagon drivers. Ken Millikin, Scott Kaufman and Pops Dlobik, also to Mike Luebke for picking up the birds. To those who offered to scout for handlers, Pops and Deb Dlobik — thank you. And to our Derby dog van driver John Jungbluth. A hearty thank you to the providers of food/lunch help, Andrea Wood Ward, Catherine Lewis, Deb, Maddie Blair, Carolyn Black, Deb Callahan, David Hourihan.

We could NEVER have pulled this off without ALL your help. Thank you. We look forward to next year. Make plans to join us!

Judges: Greg Blair and Jake Olszewski


1st—BRUSHVILLE BURTON SPENCER, 1668700, setter male, by Jetwood—Fireside Drama Queen. Ken Millikin, owner; Tom Waite, handler.

2d—NORTHWOODS SIR GORDON, 1674314, setter male, by Erin’s Prometheus—Northwoods Carly Simon. Ben McKean, owner and handler.

3d—DALE CREEK ROXI, 1667649, pointer female, by Dale Creek Rail—Dale Creek Last Hope. Tony Drake, owner; Tom Waite, handler.

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