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NBHA Southeast Regional Championship

By Scott Turner | Apr 05, 2018
Sand Mountain Icy Winner of the NBHA Southeast Regional Championship

Camden, S. C. — South carolina bird hunters hosted the Southeast Regional Championship at the Mid-Carolina field trial grounds commencing on January 12. We are very fortunate to have such grounds to be able to host championship events of this caliber.

Warren Parrott and John Everett were the driving forces behind all the hands on duties with the help of newcomer Dave Emert. Dave was here to plant every brace of the Shooting Dog. (Make note: The temperature was in the teens for all three days!)

The Championship started on Friday and had a good draw of 31 dogs. Those numbers were up from our previous few years.


The 2018 champion is no stranger to the winners’ circle — Sand Mountain Icy, owned by Warren Parrott of Scranton, S. C. Icy was drawn in the second brace of the Championship and was fast and forward at all times. She is a very antimated powerful pointer female that always seemed to be pointed well to the front. A statue on her game with five stellar finds set the standard early.

Named runner-up was Brown’s Coldy, pointer male owned by Andrew Brown. He had multiple finds and a strong forward race. This is a strong and powerful male that should be around for many years and should spend plenty of time in the winners’ circle.

The Open Derby was a very tough stake for the judges. There was plenty of bird work with strong races. We were fortunate to have seasoned judges in the saddle to make a well received decision.

First place was Show Me Mo, setter male handled by Dave Emert. Mo was a multiple winner last year in the open puppy stakes all over the NBHA circuit. He had several broke finds and a stellar race. Second was Hirollins Total Package, setter male owned by Warren Parrott. Total Package has hit the NBHA circuit full trottle placing just about every time down. Third was Home Cookin Ellie Mae which showed shooting dog manners on her game, just a little short on race to help separate the winners. Congratulations to all these young dogs and good luck for continued success.

The Open Puppy broke loose on Sunday morning with temperatures hovering around 10°!

First place was Brown’s Moonshine, flashy setter that was always up front and never hung up in the woods or behind. Second was Emert’s Hyrock Samson, setter male that was wide at times and a little hard to handle. Dave did a good job finishing Samson to second place. Third was Hirollins Show Biz, classy pointer female that should win at the next level.

Lastly we need to take time to send out a huge thank you to our sponsors. Purina has been a loyal supporter of the NBHA for years and has always sent pallets of feed and support to our trial.

Gundog supply is also very generous in support of the NBHA. Garmin supplied a training collar to be awarded to the champion and has done so for many years. Thank you for what you do for us in the NBHA!

South Carolina is very proud of the people who step up and judge when asked. James Baldwin and Dennis Lamoine  graciouly stepped in and to do this thankless job. For that, thank you.

Thanks to all who competed in our trial. Have a great season.

Camden, S. C., January 12 — One Course

Judges: James Baldwin and Dennis Lamoine


Winner—SAND MOUNTAIN ICY, 1650844, fmale, by Great River Ice—Xtremist. Warren Parrott, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—BROWN’S COLDY, 1661381, male, by R J’s Long Shot—Harbor City China. Andrew Brown, owner; Sean Melvin, handler.


1st—EMERT’S SHO ME MO, 1668349, setter male, by Brannigan’s Last Straw—Hytest Horizon. Dave Emert, owner and handler.

2d—HIROLLINS TOTAL PACKAGE, 1671476, setter male, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—Waymaker Hello Dolly. Warren Parrott, owner and handler.

3d—HOME COOKIN ELLIE MAE, 1678164, pointer female, by Lindley’s Slowhiteguy—Lindley’s Hello Dolly. Karl Forsberg, owner and handler.

Judges: Dennis Lamoine and Scott Turner

NBHA OPEN PUPPY — 16 Entries

1st—BROWN’S MOONSHINE, 1676952, setter male, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—Fast and Loud. Andrew Brown, owner; Sean Melvin, handler.

2d—EMERT’S HYROCK SAMSON, 1675279, setter male, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—Hytest Horizon. Dave Emert, owner and handler.

3d—HIROLLINS SHOW BIZ, 1676923, pointer female, by Mohawk Mill Pirate—Vodoo’s Distant View. Warren Parrott, owner and handler.

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