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New England Brittany Championships

By Sarah Conyngham | Nov 05, 2018
Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners. From left: Sarah Conyngham, Kyle Merrill with Waypoint Big White, Kevin Stuart, judge; Ben Lorenson with Kinwashkly Midnight Rambler and Dick Frawley, judge.

East Windsor, Conn. — The New England Brittany Championship Association held the Open and Amateur Shooting Dog Championships on October 2-5 at the Flaherty Field Trial Area in East Windsor, Conn.

We appreciate the mowing and upkeep of the grounds by the State of Connecticut DEEP.

Also, without the support of Nestlé Purina we would not be able to run these championships. They provided bags of Purina Pro Plan 30/20 to the winning and placing dogs and small bags for each participant.

NEBCA served free lunches and dinners every day. On Tuesday night dinner was hosted by Tom and Robin Maule of Haddam, Conn., in honor of last year’s Open Shooting Dog champion, Shailorville’s Gunner. Wednesday evening John and Joanne Perry of Claymont, Del., provided dinner in honor of T J’s Black Diamond, the 2017 Amateur Shooting Dog champion. Thursday evening Mike Tiberii and Leslie Fleury hosted dinner in memory of Dave Marshall, a founding member of NEBCA. Everyone signed a ceramic platter in memory of Dave Marshall.

Also, thanks go to the committee: Chairman Bob Fleury, Reporter Sarah Conyngham, Bill and Fran Gorman, Rita Poland, Henry Wierzbicki, Mike Tiberii, and Secretary Leslie Jane Hunt.

Thank you to Tom Wood for planting birds throughout the championships and Paul Shirley who took a day off to help plant birds.

We were fortunate to have four respected judges, Kevin Stuart of

Schenectady, N. Y., and Dick Frawley of East Windsor, Conn., who judged the Open Championship, and Howard Shultz of Bealsville, Md., and Andrew Campbell of Northfield, Mass., who judged the Amateur Championship. We thank them for their wisdom, judgment, and kind manner.


The Open Shooting Dog Championship ran 23 dogs on October 2-3. The stake found the Flaherty venue saturated by one of the wettest summers anyone could remember.

Waypoint Big White was named the 2018 New England Brittany Open Shooting Dog Champion. The eight-year-old white and orange Brittany male is owned by Joyce Roberts and Vic Williams of Calhoun, Ga., and was handled by Kyle Merrill.

The champion, aptly named Big White, appeared in the last brace. Some dogs need a bracemate, but Big White did not. He covered the country intelligently and purposefully, scoring three well-spaced finds, each with manners befitting his placement.

Though the paths had been furrowed by many before him, two of his finds were in locations in which no other dog had scored. In the last, the cover was so impenetrable bird flushing seemed unlikely, yet the handler was unpredictably successful in making the bird fly. Big White concluded his hour gamely seeking distant objectives, but attentive to his handler.

Runner-up, from the 6th brace, was Kinwashkly Midnight Rambler, owned by Jodi Miller and handled by Kyle Merrill. “Jack” exemplified a smooth run, fast and forward, scoring in the maples behind the pond despite a steady rain that fell the entire hour. His bracemate, Marjo’s Fille De La Bretagne (Brie/John Perry), was on a shopping spree carding finds below the pines, above the culvert, and at the creek west of the clubhouse in heavy cover. She had one unproductive. At the creek and culvert on Dearborn’s return loop, the two had a divided find. It was Jack’s application and the pattern of his casts that put Jack in the driver’s seat in this brace.


Marjo’s Leftover (Haley/Perry) and Sunrise in Tennessee (Misty/Merrill) started in a cool, light rain with no wind. Misty’s find at the maples behind the pond started the ball rolling. Haley flew around the course, not to be spotted too often. A divided find on Tobacco Barn Hill showed Haley in the foreground. Misty was up at 20. Haley continued her long, loose run.

Rusty Nail of Coos (Lorenson) was not with us long and the retrieval unit was soon in use. Magnum High Velocity’s (Anderson) race and early finds were sound and systematic. His relocation west of the clubhouse was textbook. Dearborn’s southern edge held an unproductive for him, while at the end of the loop he handled birds with ease.

Diamond Hill Dangerous Weapon (Stu/Pollock) and Palmetto Pointe’s Starship Trooper (Lorenson). The pond’s maples saw the first find with Stuart pointing and Trooper backing. Trooper’s turn was next in the trees above the culvert behind Fox Hill. At Tobacco Barn Hill, a bird ended Trooper’s bid. Stuart was picked up on the downhill side, not pleasing his handler.

Kahlua III (Kali/Tiberii) and Piney Run Three Sheets to the Wind (Jib/Lorenson). Jib’s gait was attractive and animated, but he seemed unsure of the course. Kali stood the birds at the pond and both dogs headed for Tobacco Barn Hill. At the top Jib stood intently on point in the field to the right of the treeline while Kali approached with intent less noble. Kali was up and Jib clean. Jib had a good find at the end of Dearborn. His last find caused a small sensation as the dismounting handler put the birds to wing, but he had a harder time finding the dog. In tall creek grass he stood obscured, his handler eventually locating him by logic.

I’m Your Man’s (Lorenson) story ended quickly with a find and a disappearance. D H Work Hard Play Harder (Gin/Pollock) had two quick finds at the near end of Tobacco Barn Hill. Her final find at Dearborn’s midline on the return side followed.

Brace No. 6 was noted earlier.

Rainbow’s Chik’N McNugget (Merrill) and Palmetto Point’s Autumn Blazing Star (Lorenson). Their divided find was at the pond’s maples, and two other finds had “Autie” in the backing position. At Dearborn a shared stand became an unproductive for Autie, while Nugget succeeded in a relocation. At the little creek crossing on the return loop, Nugget had scent, but no birds could be persuaded to leave an awful tangle of shrubs and roses. Her race was impressive and exciting. Autie also ran a good, honest race.

DuBois Ridge Super Sonic (DuBois) was interested in the forest and would not return to the course. Jake’s Royal Legacy (Lorenson) ran hard and was not seen until the back stretch. The retrieval unit was called for at 20.

Shailorville’s Gunner (Lorenson) streaked off and was found standing at an oak tree short of the islands. Bird up, shot fired, dog acceptable. The Tobacco Barn Hill yielded another find. Gunner steady to wing and shot. The rest was a private affair, the retrieval unit later activated.

The clouds thinned and the temperature swelled and Just Call Me Eli (Merrill) and Shailorville’s Tucker (Lorenson) were loosed. Tucker didn’t join us much, but Eli kept with us. At the culvert behind Fox Hill, both dogs stood, but seemed unsure. Eli was sent to relocate while Tucker backed. At Eli’s stop the birds flew. In the scattered trees below the clubhouse, Eli had a clean contact. Tucker stood in the distance at the end of Dearborn, holding his birds. His find was good and so was his scout on the next leg. The brace ended with a divided find on the steeply descending hill at the power line.

Ammo’s Denver Briar Patch (Merrill) is an attractive dog. Denver handled the course methodically finding a bird in the trees west of the clubhouse. Enthusiastic on his game, he acknowledged the approaching handler, finishing clean.

The sun was out and overbearing. Brigadoon’s High Proof Moonshine (Hooch/Merrill) had a stylish find at the maples behind the pond. At 23 Hooch was picked up at Tobacco Barn Hill.

A forward dog, Piney Run Rex (Lorenson) had a ground-eating pace. He suffered an unproductive in the trees next to the pines and hit the edge to cover the north part of the course. At the top of the Tobacco Barn Hill, Rex was pointing into hip-high weeds in the overgrown cultivated field. Flushing failed to produce a bird and Rex was up with a second unproductive.

The winner, Waypoint Big White, was covered above.

East Windsor, Conn., October 2

Judges: Richard Frawley and Kevin Stuart


Winner—WAYPOINT BIG WHITE, 1669434, male, by D B Cooper—Waypoint Chance’s Jesse. Vic Williams & Joyce Roberts, owners; Kyle Merrill, handler.

Runner-Up—KINWASHKLY MIDNIGHT RAMBLER, unreg., male, by Jumping Jack Flash—Kinwashkly Ruby Tuesday. Jodi Miller, owner; Kyle Merrill, handler.


The Amateur Shooting Dog Championship ran 18 dogs on October 4-5.

I’m Your Man (Gus), Brittany male owned by Frances Gorman of Ashford, Conn., and handled by Art Cohen, was named the Amateur Championship winner.

Running in the third brace with Coal (John Perry), Gus notched his first find at 10 a. m., locating birds on the islands after a relocation. We were pressed to keep pace as Gus swept to the front. On his next find upgrade from the culvert he was steady to birds overhead as handler flushed and fired. Atop Tobacco Barn Hill, Gus indicated the birds’ exact location at a respectable distance. It was Coal’s turn in the trees below the clubhouse, Gus having another clean find nearby. Coal powered up the treed midline at Dearborn, and Gus was at the end. Gus cast wide at the pines while Cohen sang strongly. Coal had recovered connection with Perry. Gus resurfaced at the west power line bridge, later pointing on the hill that descended to the water ahead. Cohen liberated a bird from heavy cover, bringing the exciting brace to a close.

Runner-up was Autumn’s Blazing Star (Autie), owned and handled by Tom Bass of Fort Myers, Fla. In brace No. 4, Autie and Gin (Pollock) had the look of seasoned professionals as they crossed the water at the base of the pines. Gin searched the right edge and had her handler flush there. Gin was rewarded at the islands. Autie canvassed the course intelligently while Gin had an honest stop to flush on the near side of the culvert. Autie’s first find occurred in the trees beyond. Gin pointed in the strips past the trees but did not find the birds that had been there the day before for her. At the top of Tobacco Barn Hill, Autie handled not one but two finds. At the entrance of Dearborn, she did not come up with the birds she had pointed, even after a relocation, but at the other end she stood flawlessly for an extended flushing effort that put birds in the air. She seemed as honest as her run was long and graceful.


Palmetto Pointe’s Starship Trooper (Bass) and Marjo’s Magic Bullet of Hope (Joey/Luisi) fired off the line at 7:42 a. m. Trooper, not pleasing Bass, was taken up. Joey scoured likely spots after pointing beyond the culvert hill, culminating in a find. Handler harnessed him before time.

Kahlua III (Kali/Tiberii) skated the course effortlessly. Magnum High Velocity (Gauge/Anderson) hit the course hard and came into view only on the backside. Above the culvert Gauge found his first bird while Kali was cautioned, taking up a backing position. At the top of the big hill Kali was taken up for an indiscretion. Gauge’s find there was clean. Under the trees below the clubhouse, Gauge relocated exactly as he had the day before to collect his third find. Next, Gauge was at Dearborn pointing nearly one thousand or so blackbirds. The handler’s flushing and a thorough relocation did not yield a game bird. Then Gauge stood near the wet draw to the west of the pines. Again the birds were elusive. Undeterred, the dog and handler worked a full five minutes to produce a bird. Five minutes is not a long time in other contexts, but in this one unbridled tenacity was required. And they were successful.

Braces No. 3 and No. 4 were covered.

Second Amendment (Remi/Perry) and Rainbow’s Chik’N McNugget (Cohen). Tobacco Barn Hill provided the cover for Nugget’s point, which eventuated unproductive, but was a terrible temptation for Remi. Remi soon succumbed to a later lapse in discipline while Nugget had a clean find at the end of the treeline. She was the hot little engine that could but chose not to, as the handler moved toward Dearborn and Nugget headed north. She soon changed her course and disappeared in the cuts and cover of Dearborn when the handler called for the retrieval unit.

One of the last autumn afternoons of hot sun. Colby’s Hobo Run (Arcand) and Piney Run Three Sheets to the Wind (Jib/Bass) pointed separately at the islands. Colby had an unproductive, but soon tallied a clean find nearby. Colby had three more finds, two of which were in novel spots though adjacent to the course. Jib was up for failure to stop. Colby disappeared up the midline of Dearborn and had a long find at the end with two relocations, the bird finally spotted in the adjacent corn field.

The sun was hot but Rusty Nail of Coos (Wood) steamed up the edge and Kinwashkly Midnight Rambler (Jack/ Cohen) was soon out of sight until the back stretch. Rusty found birds at the culvert hill, all neat and clean while Jack moved past. Rusty scored on Tobacco Hill and again in the trees and below the clubhouse. Jack failed to stop on a flush. Rusty’s devotion to the edge failed him at Dearborn, but he produced another clean find at the end of the loop, using the edge well on the return side.

Sunrise in Tennessee (Misty/Bass) and Diamond Hill Dangerous Weapon (Stu/Pollock). On the right edge of the fields after the pines Misty pointed a large covey while Stuart backed. Stuart’s find came on the hill above the culvert with Misty backing on the other side of the trees, all in order. Stuart stopped to flush on the way up the hill, and had a point, relocation, and find in the trees below the clubhouse. Misty enjoyed an unrelated clean find nearby.

Kip’s Bay Dark And Stormy (Maddie/Kipp) and Marjo’s Cruzan Rovan (Luisi) moved well to the islands where Maddie burst through one of the clumps, failing to honor Cruzan and sending two birds up. After her clean find, Cruzan stopped again for a bird in the tall, marshy grass close by. The top of Tobacco Barn Hill held birds at its far end for Cruzan, all in order. Her final find occurred below the clubhouse in the dense cover around the road’s seep. Her time ended at the turn in Dearborn.

The New England Brittany Championship Association appreciates the support of the owners, handlers, and their dogs. Without you, there would be no championship.

Judges: Andrew Campbell and Howard Shultz


Winner—I’M YOUR MAN, 1650667, male, by Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid—Sam’s Sandbank Rose. Frances M. Gorman, owner; Art Cohen, handler.

Runner-Up—AUTUMN’S BLAZING STAR, 1665385, female, by Special Duty—Windancer Kansas Star. Tiffany & Thomas Bass, owners; Thomas Bass, handler.

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