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New Initiative to Benefit Field Trials

Dec 06, 2019
Dr. Angelo G. Lulus

Dr. Angelo G. Lurus, during his tenure as president of the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America in 1988, undertook the not-so-small goal of securing an IRS 501(c)3 filing for the then newly created 20th Century Fund as an aid to receiving contributions that would be directed toward promoting  the amateur sport, education, and the game bird preservation and propagation.

Not one to give up easily, Dr. Lurus working with legal counsel, the late  John McNamara of Santa Rosa, Cal., acknowledged the original IRS declinations, then energetically built a stronger case that ultimately resulted in the  AFTCA  successfully receiving this filing and securing the biggest win for the field trial sport in decades. No single effort and vision has done more to help the sport in the past fifty years than Dr. Lurus’ efforts some thirty years ago. We cannot thank Dr. Lurus enough for this accomplishment of building a solid foundation for all of us.

Continuing to build on Dr. Lurus’ accomplishment, the AFTCA has launched a Land Contribution Program to help recognize the generosity of landowners nationwide who unself-ishly donate the use of their property for field trial events. We have long known that taking over someone’s property for a week imposes on their privacy and their pocketbook. We also ask them to pause what they are doing on their property during this period and a “thank you” never seemed like a just and fitting acknowledgment of their generosity.

Now, thanks to Dr. Lurus’ efforts and building on our filing, we can give back in a small but positive way for landowners’ generous contributions to the sport.

A $2,500 daily contribution will now be available. Requesting and allocating the contributions will come at the direction of the hosting AFTCA member club. The program’s form is available on the AFTCA website.

Because the AFTCA membership and benefits are not restricted to just amateurs, these land contributions are available whether it is an Open or Amateur event or some combination of the two. All that is required is that the host club be a current member of the AFTCA and the event is a recognized Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB) sanctioned trial. Each application will be reviewed to make sure everything is in order. This valuable program must be protected for future generations.

The AFTCA is built on the grassroots concept of volunteerism. Everyone who helps, who gives of their time, their resources and their passion do so volunteering. Becoming a member is the first step in becoming a volunteer. Anyone who sees value in a consistent set of rules and governance to the value of helping an individual develop their skills with bird dogs and supports a healthy environment for upland game birds is encouraged to join our organization.

Joining is easy and for just $25 for an individual or $100 for a club you can have a meaningful and positive impact on not only the sport of field trialing but just as important, your membership is a statement that you support learning, developing and helping build a stronger relationship between an owner and their bird dog.

Besides a membership, displaying the AFTCA decal on your vehicle or trailer is a positive way to publicly declare that you support and promote these values.

FDSB sanctioned field trials continue to be a primary way we can promote amateur competition, participation and development. However, youth trials, seminars, fun runs, demonstrations, fundraisers, promotional fairs all play an important role in helping handlers better their skills in not only training, development and handling, but also animal care.

A robust AFTCA membership signals a healthy sport and positive outlook to potential sponsors. Partnering with sponsors who provide valuable products and tools that assist in helping with responsible ownership creates a win-win relationship between members and businesses. We have a long way to go, but the Land Contribution Program is a program we can build on together.

“AFTCA is not an organization for just amateur competitors, it is an organization for all to support amateur competition.”

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