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NGPDA National Championships

May 09, 2018
Open All-Age Championship Winners. From left: Tom Oswald, Judge Dave Capstick, Fred Ryan, April Raber with Chicoree’s Sparkle in Her Eye, Dan DiMambro, Judge Ivan Clark, Tom Davis, Rich Robertson with P W Bert’s Joke On Us, Ronnie Sale and Keith Richardson.

Denmark, Ill. — The National German Pointing Dog Association (NGPDA) Championships were held at Pyramid State Park, Demark Unit, in Southern Illinois. It was the 63rd year for these Championships. It is the 63rd National Championship, 50th National Shooting Dog Championship and the 39th National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship held by the NGPDA.

The park has three courses on the Demark Unit. Course No. 1 was not used due to the crossing not being safe.

Southern Illinois showed she was not ready for spring to start this year. We had some chilly weather for this trial.

We had some great meals. I mean where else do you get prime rib for lunch? Thank you to Jack Marchese and Bob Salamon for donating that lunch, fruit, and extras. Hats off to Chip Denham for some of the best barbecue served anywhere in the USA. Chip smoked the amateur dinner on Friday night. We also want to thank Dan DiMambro for arranging a steak and chicken dinner. Thanks to Diane for taking all the lunches and organization. Once again the amateur dinner was sponsored by Purina. It was a fun night and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Thank you to Rick Heller and Diane Rakers for organizing the raffle auction. Thank you to Tom Tubergen for the donation of the saddle for the amateur winner.

What a blessing to have a new building with electricity and a restroom. A huge thank you to Dr. Bill Roe, the friends of Pyramid and the State of Illinois for making this happen. We have a donation sign-up with a list of everyone who donated in the building and are still taking donations. They are tax deductible and will be used to improve the Denmark site at Pyramid State Park. For more information you can email Diane at We anticipate electricity being run to the camping sites sometime this year.

We have always had premium trialing grounds here in Southern Illinois. Now we have a facility that will only improve on what we can provide for the future.

This trial would not be possible without our sponsors. We extend gratitude to Purina and SportDog. Also a shout-out to our Purina rep Terry Trzcinski and SportDog representative Jim Morehouse who attended and have shown a great commitment to our sport. Ray Riehl’s of R&R Supply and Mud River for their donations as well. Without their help our dog trial would not be the same. Please support these companies.

A big thank you to bird planters, Dan DiMambro, Peter Coppens, and Rick Heller. Also thanks to Tom Davis, Peter Coppens, Lori Rezzardi, Tom Oswald and everyone for taking turns with the dog wagon and horse wagon. Everything runs great when the dogs/horses are at the line and ready to go on time.

A national event doesn’t work unless you have a lot of volunteer help from everyone. We appreciate the professional handlers, amateurs, and all who attended the trial this year.

Lastly thank you to Diane Rakers, Dan DiMambro, Peter Coppens, Rick Heller and Tom Davis on a combined effort to get this write-up completed.


This stake started on Sunday, March 12. Thirty-five dogs were entered. In the judging saddles were Dave Capstick of Missouri and Ivan Clark of Virginia. Both men have years of loving, running and training bird dogs. We thank both of them for their time and capable judging abilities.

Rick Heller, Peter Coppens and Lori Rezzardi served as stake managers. Thank you all for your time and dedication.

J B Wagoners Lightning (Jackson/GSPM/DiMambro) and Greyrock’s Mile Marker (Saint/GSPM/Barber) were quickly gone to the front. Jackson was standing  at 6. Saint pointed where a bird was flushed from Jackson. No bird was produced and handler elected to move on. Both dogs pointed at 18. Both dogs were forward at 47, Saint pointing and Jackson backing. All was in good order. Saint went on to have a find at 55. At time Jackson backed Saint with a find. Jackson was named  runner-up.

Outbak’s He’s for Me (Reggie/ GSPM/Barber) and Hillbilly’s High Moon (Cowboy/VM/DiMambro). Reggie had a find a 4, all in order. Cowboy was gone for a short while and not pleasing the handler was picked up at 35. Reggie was found standing at 42. Handler picked Reggie up at next find.

Sophie’s Red Buddy (VM/Jim Winnen) and Snowy River’s Bankin on Boz (GSPM/Chase Verdoorn). From the breakaway Buddy was gone and the retrieval unit was pulled at 20. Boz was not having any luck with finds today. He had three unproductives and was picked up at 45.

P W Jim Kath’s Kate (GSPF/DiMambro) and Jax’s Tornado Allie (GSPF/Barber) broke away strong and forward. Before getting to the orchard, Allie was lost and handler elected for the retrieval unit. Kate had two unproductives and a solid find at 38. Handler asked for the retrieval unit and picked up at 55.

Riden High Rudy (GSPM/DiMambro) carded an unproductive at 2. Rudy went forward and was up front with All Odds Against Gage (GSPM/Jim Juergens). Rudy was found standing at 15, all in order. Again at 21 Rudy pointed with Gage backing. Rudy had an unproductive and Gage was leashed. Rudy was putting down a nice forward race with a find at 40. He was released and forward standing at 55 with an unproductive. Handler elected to pick up.

Snowy River’s Cuttin Country (Dozer/GSPM/Chase Verdoorn) and Windy City’s Last Laugh (Joker/GSPM/ Barber) were off to a strong start. Dozer had an unproductive at 5 with Joker backing. Both dogs were forward and at 13 Dozer had a find with Joker backing. Dozer had a find at 20. Joker also had a find at 20 with a hawk kill. Joker carded a find at 32. Both dogs scored with a find and back at 35. Dozer was forward again and had a find at 40. Joker was leashed by handler for lack of manners.

Jeep (GSPM/Ronnie Sale) had a nice forward race. He was last seen at 15. Ronnie had to use the retrieval unit to find him. Hi N’s Matilda (Mattie/ GSPF/DiMambro) had a nice forward consistent race. She hunted the lines and objectives well and was found standing with birds at 10, 15 and 45. Mattie handled each one with style and intensity. At 35 she was found pointing a dead bird. She finished the last 15 minutes strong.

Outbak’s Let it Ride (GSPM/Barber) was forward off the breakaway. He showed good ground speed and application but was last seen at 23. Sale picked up P W Mya’s Clean The Slate at 28.

The dogs entered in brace No. 9 were scratched.

LSV’s Hammer Down (GSPM/Jim Juergens) and Chicoree’s Jake’s Bonnie (GSPF/DiMambro). Shortly after the breakaway Hammer was found standing at 5. Juergens produced the bird, all in order. Hammer had a nice forward run and showed proper application and bird manners. He found a bird at 44 and a dead bird at 46. At 5 Bonnie found and pointed a hawk kill. She backed her bracemate at 44. DiMambro picked her up shortly after.

Prairie Wind’s Razor’s Edge (Mickey/ GSPM/Sale) and Franchi’s Son of a Gun (GSPM/Rick Heller). Mickey was found at 9 backing Frank. Mickey showed good manners on a bird at 37 and a dead bird at 39. Frank showed good ground speed and a forward race. He found multiple birds at 9, 18, 38, 55 and 58.

J Bar J Right out of the Saddle (Revis/GSPM/Barber) was found at 5 pointing a dead bird. He showed good bird dog skills. The scout found Revis backing his bracemate at 30 with good manners. Shortly after he had an unproductive and one more find at 58. Chicoree’s Cuttin Loose (GSPF/DiMambro) had a good race and nice style on her three finds at 5, 30 and 52.

Snowy River’s Full Strut’s (GSPM/C. Verdoorn) application and bird-finding ability were that of a veteran. He was found several times to the front standing, with finds at 20, 28, 44 and 51, each time showing good style and intensity. He finished out the hour strong and far to the front. Strut was named NGPDA OSD Champion! Congratulations to the Verdoorns for another well deserved “feather for your cap!” Dezasterous Jax the Ripper (GSPM/DiMambro) had a good ground speed and a forward race. His finds at 15 and 24 were in order. Jax was found again pointing a bird at 43. He unfortunately took a few steps and was picked up at 43.

Rumels Auggie Doggie (GSPM/DiMambro) broke away strong and was found standing at 12 but it was unproductive. He broke away to the front and was found again at 35. This time a bird was produced. P W Flirt She’s a Keeper (GSPF/Sale) made a real nice move to the front and was found at 10 pointing. A bird was flushed and all was in order. She was released by Ronnie and found another bird two minutes later. The pressure was too much as she chased the quail and was put on the rope.

Prairie Wind Mya’s Contender (GSPF/Sale) was found shortly after the breakaway at 6. Ronnie could only produce feathers. She left to the front and was found again at 22, again only feathers were located. Contender hunted strong to the front but was last seen at 42. Outbak’s Purdy Slick (GSPF/Barber) left the line strong and was found at 15. The bird was produced. Purdy turned to mark the bird but Rich was able to whoa her. She was released to the front and made a very strong move down the right line. Purdy was found standing again at 41, 45 and 50. Quail were produced on all finds. Purdy finished strong to the front.

Hi N’s Bodacious (GSPF/DiMambro) had a strong race to front and a clean bird find at 11. He was next found standing at 27; however, only a dead bird was located. Dan elected to pick Bo up at 40. Prairie Wind Mya’s Feather Duster (Kirbee/GSPM/Sale) was found backing Bo at 11. He was not seen again after breaking away.

Chicoree’s Sparkle in Her Eye (GSPF/DiMambro) hunted hard to the front and covered a lot of ground. She was last seen at 21. Prairie Wind Icon (Ike/GSPM/Sale) made some very nice moves off the breakaway and had a good clean limb find at 18. Ronnie set him loose to the front. Ike hunted well hitting the objectives. The handler had to pull the retrieval unit at 45 due to a long absence.

Saddle’s Little Brandy (GSPF/Barber) ran alone as a bye dog. Rich elected to pick her up 20 as Brandy appeared to turn her ears off.

Denmark, Ill., March 11

Judges: Dave Capstick and Ivan Clark


[One-Hour Heats] — 31 German Shorthairs and 2 Vizslas

Winner—SNOWY RIVER’S FULL STRUT, 1646738, German Shorthair male, by Snowy River’s Cutting The Edge—Snowy River’s S S Super Sport. Mark Verdoorn, owner; Chase Verdoorn, handler.

Runner-Up—J B WAGONERS LIGHTNING, 1652983, German Shorthair male, by Shoemaker Shootingstaars—Son Starr’s Lady. Lee Wagoner, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

National Championship

By Tom Davis

The Open All-Age Championship  was also judged by Ivan Clark and Dave Capstick. Tom Oswald and Tom Davis stepped up as stake managers.

The All-Age Stake originally had 13 dogs to draw for this stake. However, trainer Dan DiMambro lost his voice. He couldn’t handle his entries and was going to scratch five dogs. In the meantime Ohio sportsman and owner Dr. Fred Ryan said he would come over from Lima, Ohio to run his dogs himself. Fortunately for Fred he did.

Chicoree’s Country Fan (Fred Ryan) ran a good forward race with three stylish finds at 10, 15 and 50. However, she was a little short for this stake. Prairie Wind Icon (Ronnie Sale) was lost on course and had no finds.

P W Teton Aroma of Sage had a forward race with a barren stand at 2 but no birds for the rest of the hour. Snowy Rivers Cuttin Country had a back on Aroma’s find at 2 and then an unproductive on a pile of feathers. The dog ran a nice race but was a little short for all- age.

P W Penny for Your Thoughts (Sale) and Snowy River’s White Out (C. Verdoorn). “Thor” was gone and the retrieval unit was called for at 20. “Willie” had a dead bird find at 25 and he grabbed a dead bird at 38. He was a little short for this stake.

P W Bert’s Joke on Us (Bart), owned by Keith and Bobbi Richardson and handled by Ronnie Sale, had an excellent forward race with one find and excellent style. His effort earned him the runner-up trophy. The Kansas Wind (Mariah/Ken Sanderson) was gone at the cast off and later chased a herd of deer out of contention.

Chicoree’s Sparkle in Her Eye (Ryan) is directionally challenged in the extreme. Sparkle had an excellent forward race. She hit the cover well and was found point to the front numerous times. She had a divided find at 5 and then three more finds at 20, 25 and 45. She also had two backs of her bracemate. Snowy Rivers’ Full Strut (Chase Verdoorn) shared the find at 5 and had a back at 45. He also had backs at 20, 33 and 45. After much thought and deliberation, the judges awarded Sparkle the title based on the rapport the dog and handler exhibited during the hour.

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to the judges for their efforts.


[One-Hour Heats] — 13 German Shorthairs

Winner—CHICOREE’S SPARKLE IN HER EYE, 1642199, female, by H’s K Man Guy—Chicoree’s Jackie v Nuke. Dr. Fred Ryan, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—P W BERT’S JOKE ON US, 1655432, male, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—P W Fast Forward. Keith & Bobbi Richardson, owners; Ronnie Sale, handler.


By Tom Davis

The Open Derby was judged by Jon Small of Missouri and Mark Johnson of Illinois. They were attentive to the dogs and helpful to the handlers. Many thanks to them for their time and expertise.

Tom Davis and Rich Barber were stake managers. We appreciate the work put into this stake.

Davis Levi Strauss (DiMambro) ran a shooting dog race of short and long casts. He pointed well and was finished at the flush. P W Golden Ring (Sale) had a good forward shooting dog race with three finished finds. The effort garnered the dog a second place in the stake.

Evergreen’s Jed (DiMambro) ran a full 30 minutes with a finished shooting dog presentation. He had three broke finds and a stylish back. Jed was awarded the first place ribbon. Gone with the Wind (Ken Sanderson) had a back, bumped some birds, got out of pocket and the retrieval unit was called for.

Prairie Wind Made in America (Sale) had a strong race with her bracemate. She had a find at 8. The dog did not have enough of a finish to place. Mystical Sprites Bad Man (DiMambro) was short and had no finds.

Rocklane’s Mister Sparky (DiMambro) had a strong race with bird work a and nice finish. Sparky was awarded third. Joker’s Sin City Slick Ace (Bob Thompson) had a hawk kill find at 5. He had a strong race and finished but he was a little too lateral for a placement.

Slate Rock’s Mountain Heart (DiMambro) and Iz What She Iz. Both dogs cast off well. “Rommel” was out of pocket at 8 and the retrieval unit was pulled. “Izzy” was like a yo-yo with short and long casts. She also finished with no bird contact.

Gabby G’s Stella Bella Cast (DiMambro), as a bye, cast off well but was picked up early.

Judges: Mark Johnson and Jon Small

NGPDA OPEN DERBY — 11 German Shorthairs

1st—EVERGREEN’S JED, 1676169, male, by Trueblu’s B D K Ace in the Hole—Chicoree’s What A Hoodlum. Lance Olsen, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

2d—P W GOLDEN RING, 1669580, female, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—P W Fast Forward. Jamie Edwards, owner; Ronnie Sale, handler.

3d—ROCKLANE’S MISTER SPARKY, 1677154, male, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Chicoree’s Sparkle In Her Eye. David Morgan, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

By Dan DiMambro

The NGPDA welcomed amateur handlers from several states. We drew 29 German Shorthairs for a very competittive  Amateur Championship.

Judges were Mark Johnson and Jon Small. Both men have  champion caliber dogs and love this sport. Both were very impressed with the dogs  handlers.

Stake managers were Dan DiMambro and Lori Rezzardi. We can’t say enough about the time and commitment they put into making this a successful trial.

Hi N’s Hasty Matilda, owned and handled by Hank Lewis of Louisville, Ohio, just recently won the both the NGSPA Open and Amateur Nationals and claimed her third national title at Pinckneyville. “Matti” had a very powerful and flowing shooting dog race. She had five finds throughout the brace and all of them were hit with style and intensity. Matti handled like she was on a string for handler Hank Lewis as they both ran through the course pointing birds and running to the front. The judges were impressed the most with her ability to finish every move she started. There was not a wasted minute on her run!

J B Wagoners Lightning, owned by Lee Wagoner of Union City, Mich., and handled by Peter Coppens, was in the last brace of the stake. “Jackson” had six impeccable finds and ran a big, intelligent  shooting dog race. He started to get off course at one point and that’s what separated the two dogs.

Others that the judges noted were: Franchi Son of a Gun, owned by Jake and Lauren Schultz, handled by Rick Heller,  and Prairie Wind’s Razor’s Edge (Mickey), owned and handled by Keith Richardson; Hi N’s Bodacious, owned and handled by Hank Lewis,  and Snowy River’s Full Strut, owned and handled by Chase and Mark Verdoorn.

The NGPDA board is committed to making this the No. 1 trial to attend. We are always looking for ways to improve and look forward to seeing everyone next year. Until we meet again, happy trials!

NGPDA NATIONAL AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 28 German Shorthairs and 1 German Drahthaar

Winner—HI N’S HASTY MATILDA, 1657658, German Shorthair female, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Hi N’s Southern Cross. Hank Lewis, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—J B WAGONERS LIGHTNING, 1652983, German Shorthair male, by Shoemakers Shooting Staars—Son Starr’s Lady. Lee Wagoner, owner; Peter Coppens, handler.

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