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Rio’s Rising Renegade Wins Open Title; Snowy River’s Full Strut Earns Amateur Crown

NGSPA Amateur and Open Invitational Shooting Dog Championships

By Chris and Keith Bryant | Feb 12, 2018
Open Shooting Dog Invitational Champion Rio’s Rising Renegade is posed by Tami Larrondo, joined by, from left:  John Capellino, Doug Vaughn, judge; Dr. Fred Ryan, Dr. Pat McInteer, Ray Larrondo, Keith Richardson and Sheldon Rogers, judge.

Gentry, Mo. — If you haven’t had the opportunity to be invited to compete or come spend the day riding the NGSPA Invitational you are missing out.

There is a reason the Invitational has become, as one field trialer said, the most “prestigious” event in the German Shorthaired Pointer field trial world.

As field trialers we travel around the country competing our German Shorthairs in all the hour championships, checking the NGSPA monthly newsletter for the standings with the hope to have one of the top twelve dogs in the country. Only the top twelve dogs are invited to the Invitational each year.

The format of the trial is like no other trial you run in and requires three days of running one hour each day to win. Day No. 1 the dogs are drawn randomly. On the second day, the dogs are braced so that the first braces from the previous day run last and the last braces are run first. No dog has the same bracemate or runs on the same course. The third day the judges call back the top dogs they want to see run again. Usually it is two braces or four dogs.

The trial is designed to test the bird ability, biddability and the endurance of the best of our breed. After the third day’s running, a champion is named.

We are thankful to Larry Smith and his lovely wife Linda for allowing us to hold the Invitational on their property. Larry campaigns pointers and he allows other championships to be run on his grounds but no other GSP trials will be run on his grounds.

The venue consists of his three one-hour courses covering acres of rolling crop land and dense stands of woods. The many acres of corn and soybean fields are manicured perfectly to challenge the character and tenacity of even the best of bird dogs. There are areas where a dog can stretch his legs and other areas where he must show a desire to come with the handler.

A huge thank you to all our sponsors that helped make this trial what it is.

Greg Blair from Purina was on hand and they paid half of both Ross Young oil paintings, dog food for the champion as well as gear for the judges.

Also thanks to SportDog and Garmin for the tracking and e-collars. Thanks to Ed Moody and Costa for the sunglasses and Dogs Unlimited for the judges’ gifts.

There are many to thank who make this trial become one of the best events in the NGSPA. A huge thanks to Keith and Bobbi Richardson for all their generosity and support for not just the Invitational but everything they do for our sport.

Triple J is the wrangler and he always brings some high quality horses for the judges and people to ride. Thanks to the Amish for planting birds in the dark from the horse drawn carts.

Thanks to the marshals, Larry Smith, Dr. Pat McInteer, Greg Sand and Steve Auxier.

Donna Gladstone and her lovely cousins cooked breakfast and lunch for us each day.

Russ Myers, who runs Coon dogs, hosted us each night at his beautiful lodge just down the road from Larry’s farm. The gentlemen wear suits and ties while the ladies wear nice dresses or suit-pants for the nightly festivities. We enjoy appetizers, open bar and some of the finest wine out of Keith Richardson’s wine cellar. A first class dinner is prepared by Charmayne Hughes and Brownie is our auctioneer for the Calcuttas.

2017 NGSPA Open Shooting Dog Invitational Champion Rio’s Rising Renegade, callname Ace, owned by Ray and Tami Larrondo of Nampa, Ida., handled by Ray and scouted by Tami, drew the first brace of day No. 1 and set the bar very high from the opening cast-off. The judges commented that Ace “always shows where he should. It’s obvious he is a true bird dog that knows how to find game.” After the first hour of the Championship was complete, the judges had Ace listed as their No. 1 dog, and three days later his name was still at the top of their list and would be named 2017 NGSPA Open Shooting Dog Invitational Champion.

Ace ran very consistently all three days with plenty of forward power, always searching for game, with excellent manners throughout.

On day No. 1, Ace got started early with a nice covey find at 4, followed by a single bird located after a big move down the right treeline of first course. Ace finished the hour going just as strong as when he cast off. When time was called he had carded five nice finds and was found standing on point. After the day’s running, the judges’ notes read: “Best race of the day.”

Running in the fifth brace on the second day, Ace put down another stellar performance with three nicely spaced finds as well as a couple of divided finds with his bracemate. He continued showing lots of power to the front, had good manners on his game, and in the words of the judicial panel “did a very nice job of hunting the most likely areas.” After the first two days of running had been completed, Ace remained in the No. 1 dog on the judges’ list.

Ace drew the second brace on day No. 3, again showing his bird-finding ability carding multiple mannerly finds with the same enthusiasm as he started day No. 1. At 9 Ace was found standing after a huge move down the treeline on the left side of the course. After this spectacular find it was his championship to lose without a doubt. Ace maintained his No. 1 position in the judges’ book wire to wire.

Others Called Back

Kimber Tactical, callname Tac, owned by John Kadavy of Greeley, Colo., and handled by Josh Nieman, covered a lot of ground on day No. 1 but finished the hour with only one find, one back, and one unproductive.

Running in the third brace on day No. 2, Tac had a lot of ground to make up as his name didn’t even show in the judges’ top six list at the conclusion of day No. 1. He was clearly up to the challenge though. Tac had his first find at 3, his second find at 5, and finished the hour with eight finds. Early in the brace the wind picked and the judges were very impressed at how well he used this to his advantage, “He always seemed to be on the downwind side when the time was right.” Tac is very stylish on point and commands attention. He was consistently forward hunting hard for the entire hour on day No. 2. After the second day’s running had finished, “Best run of the two days” was the note under Tac’s name for his second day.

Drawing the first brace on day No. 3 Tac cast off showing his desire to reach out and find game, but this was not his day and handler picked him up early.

P W B D K’s Dot on the Horizon, owned by Keith and Bobbi Richardson, handled by Keith Gulledge and scouted by Robbi Gulledge, ran in the sixth brace on day No. 1. Dot ran an impressive race, recording her first divided find at 2. She is stylish on point and moves across the ground with a real flare. Dot was found standing for her second find at 15 after a huge move down the left side of the course, displaying perfect manners. She finished her hour with four finds, showed as the No. 3 dog on the judges’ list at the end of day No. 1.

Dot drew the first brace on day No. 2 and took full advantage, putting five finds and one stop to flush in the books. Dot ran a wide forward pattern for the entire hour, searching in all the likely places and handling well, requiring very little scouting. The judges considered all five finds “outside edge finds” and named her a top contender to be called back for day No. 3. Dot started strong in the callback, but made a wrong turn and never returned.

J B Wagoners Lightning, callname Jackson, is owned by Lee Wagoner of Union City, Mich., handled by Dan DiMambro and scouted by Peter Coppens. Running in the second brace on day No. 1, Jackson showed everyone his outstanding style and bird-finding ability with four finds along with four divided finds. At 21 he was found standing on the edge of the small pond with one of the most impressive pieces of bird work in the trial. A long working unproductive at 28 got Jackson a little behind and he spent some time catching the front.

Day No. 2 he drew brace No. 6 and ran by himself producing seven finds, showing his proud style on all. The judges commented that his race was “flawless” on day No. 2 and were very impressed that he did not record a single unproductive with all the bird scent lingering on the course. Called back for day No. 3 Jackson ran a nice strong course with a couple stylish finds. He started digging into the woods and spent a little too much time catching the front. He pushed the winner right to the end.

The Other Eight Entries

Chicoree’s Sparkle in Her Eye, owned by Dr. Fred Ryan and handled by Dan DiMambro, was the top point earning dog in qualifications and with seven finds on day No. 1 impressed the judges enough to be their No. 2 dog at the end of day No. 1. Sparkle showed us her style and handled kindly both days. She was next in line for the callback.

Sixxem’s A Cut Above, callname Sadie, owned by Keith Bryant and Mick Cheshire, handled by Josh Nieman, is last year’s returning champion. She ran a good shooting dog race both days with multiple finds each day, but her age might be catching up with her.

Tuli’s Excess, owned and handled by Joe Amatulli, is the 2017 NGSPA National Open Shooting Dog Champion. “Lexi” started off day No. 1 looking like the champion she is, but a horse accident with Joe early in the hour on day No. 1 seemed to break her stride. She had five finds the second day and handled very well for a new handler, running a consistent shooting dog race.

Jax’s Tornado Allie, owner Adam Burch, handler Rich Barber, is a super stylish dog on point that moves over the terrain in an impressive way. She was found on point with a nice divided find at time on day No. 1. Day No. 2 Allie used the entire course. She covered a lot of ground, but a slight breach of manners probably took her out of contention.

Riverside Farm’s No Sleep, callname Brooke, is owned by Chuck Lane and handled by Rich Barber. Brooke put nine finds in the judges’ books over the two days. She had a good day No. 1 that had her in the standings. Brooke has big time style and lots of desire. She was a little hard to handle a couple times that hurt her chances to make the callback.

Hi N’s Hasty Matilda, owner-handler Hank Lewis, had a rough time on day No. 1 and then followed that up by having a serious injury early in the hour on day No. 2. She was also one of the qualifiers to run in the Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational, but was unable to compete in that venue after her injury.

Llano’s Snowbird, owned by Chad Inderman, handled by Josh Nieman, recorded ten finds over the two days. Her day No. 2 race earned praise from the judges, but a failed back on day No. 1 kept her from participating on day No. 3. Snowbird ran a smart course both days, always to the front and searching the right areas.

Jaegermeister Dollop A Daisy, owned and handled by Joe Orndorff, ran a good shooting dog race on day No. 1 but was unable to card any finds. She was unable to compete on day No. 2.

The Open Shooting Dog Invitational was honored to have two experienced and knowledgeable judges make a journey from Saskatchewan, Canada to watch our dogs. Sheldon Rogers agreed to return to the Invitational for a second year, after judging the Amateur Invitational in 2016. This was the first trip to our venue for Doug Vaughn. Both have been competing and judging field trials for many years. We really appreciate them taking the time to come help us.

Gentry, Mo., November 27

Judges: Sheldon Rogers and Douglas Vaughn

NGSPA OPEN SHOOTING DOG INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats on Two Consecutive Days; One-Hour Finals] —

12 German Shorthairs

Winner—RIO’S RISING RENEGADE, 1643567, male, by Storm Over Rio Grande—Little Lady Lexi. Ray & Tami Larrondo, owners; Ray Larrondo, handler.

2017 NGSPA Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational

Judges for the 2017 NGSPA Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational were Sean Kelly of Loomis, Cal., and Chris Livingston of Vandalia, Mo. Both men knew what they were looking for. Their services were greatly appreciated.

Snowy River’s Full Strut, handled by Chase Verdoorn of Platte City, Mo., was crowned the 2017 NGSPA Amateur Shooting Dog Champion run on Larry Smith Farms December 1-3. Strut is owned by Mark and Chase Verdoorn.

Other top contenders called back to challenge the winner on the third day were Ace with Ray Larrondo, Buckshot with Robin Lambourn and Dozer with Chase Verdoorn.

The Champion Snowy River’s Full Strut exhibited three consistent hours in the field with multiple dead broke finds each hour. The judges made the comment about how well Chase, Mark and Strut worked the fields as a team. Chase was able to keep Strut in the pocket and needed very little scouting.

On day No. 1 Strut was forward and had three dead broke stylish finds. He was very biddable and showed intensity on his birds. He hunted and ran the course showing his maturity and power! Strut had a nice finish to end day No. 1.

Strut came back the second day and again had a strong forward race while handling on a string for Chase. He rimmed the bean fields hunting while powering to the front. Strut had four perfectly mannered finds. Once again he was consistent with his race and needed little scouting as he stayed right in the pocket.

Day No. 3 was tough for bird work as the weather changed and all the dogs were challenged to find birds. The judges named Strut the champion as he was the most consistent dog over the three days they ran. He was always forward, never left the pocket and had great manners on his birds.

Others Called Back Lambourn’s Slick Shot, owner-handler Robin Lambourn, had an impressive first day with seven finds and a huge forward race. Day No. 2 Shot had three nice broke finds and a solid forward race. Day No. 3 Strut and Shot were braced together and were putting on a great race. Shot had a small breach of manners on his bird work that took him out of the running.

Rio’s Rising Renegade, owned by Ray and Tami Larrondo, had an impressive three days. Day No. 1 “Ace” had four finds and a powerful forward race. Day No. 2 was Ace’s best day as he put on a show with his ground speed and power while having five intense finds. Day No. 3 didn’t go as Ray planned and Ace had a breach of manners on his bird work.

Snowy River Cuttin Country, owned by Mark and Chase Verdoorn, had a consistent three days. Day No. 1 he had four nice broke finds as he rimmed the fields. On the second day, Cuttin Country had a couple nice finds and showed he knew how to run and finish his lines. In the finals he had a couple of unproductives that took him out of the running.

Overall the judges were looking for a dog that had the power to run for three days straight. They wanted a dog that handled and needed very little scouting. The bird work had to be flawless and the dogs needed to show great style and intensity. Strut was the most consistent dog over the three days!

The Other Seven Entries

The remaining dogs are noted in the order from the highest to lowest, based on the number of qualifying points earned to garner an invitation to this Championship.

Llano’s Game on Dude, owned by Chad and Joe Inderman, is the defending champion. Over the two days Dude showed why he was named the 2016 NGSPA Amateur Invitational Champion with his speed and power. Dude had a couple finds with excellent style and perfect manners. His power and ground speed are tough to beat. Day No. 2 Dude had a couple nice limb finds before a breach of manners knocked him out.

Moen’s Royal Diamond, owned by Gary Moen and handled by Ray Larrondo, had a solid two days running. Day No. 1 Diamond was showing his power and his range that got him qualified for the Invitational. He had a couple finds with great style. Day No. 2 Diamond started off strong before a breach of manners got him knocked out.

B M B’s Free Ride, owned by Brandon Blum, over the two days showed great power and was stylish on his birds. Day No. 1 Ride ran a big shooting dog race and had a couple nice finds with a small breach of manners. Day No. 2 he again showed power and style on birds while rimming the edges.

Llano’s Hot Tamale, owned by Chad and Joe Inderman, showed well over the two days. Day No. 1 Tamale was cruising around the course but got lost for awhile before Chad decided to pull the retrieval unit as it was starting to get dark. Day No. 2 was Tamale’s best day as she had five finds and showed her style and speed that got her qualified for the Invitational.

Sixxem’s A Cut Above is owned by Keith Bryant and Mick Cheshire. Day No. 1 “Sadie” ran a forward race with a couple nice finds but had several unproductives. On day No. 2 Sadie made some really nice moves and was found standing on the limb but halfway around Keith picked her up after she had several more unproductives.

Chicoree’s Cuttin Loose, owned by Fred Ryan, had a solid two days of running. Day No. 1 “Lucy” had two dead broke finds and showed great style. She rimmed the edges as she handled for Fred. Day No. 2 Lucy had multiple finds but the judges didn’t think she had enough power to be called back.

Greyrock’s Mile Marker, owned by Tom Tubergen. Day No. 1 “Saint” was impressive on the ground and with his bird work. He had four broke stylish finds while covering tons of ground. Day No. 2 he was lost at 12 and Tom pulled the retrieval unit to knock him out of contention.

Congratulations to Mark, Chase and Strut for being named the 2017 NGSPA Amateur Shooting Dog Champion!

Judges: Sean Kelly and Chris Livingston



Finals] — 11 German Shorthairs

Winner—SNOWY RIVER’S FULL STRUT, 1646738, male, by Snowy River’s Cuttin the Edge—Snowy River’s S S Super Sport. Chase Verdoorn, owner and handler.

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