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NGSPA Chukar Championships

By Ray Larrondo | Jul 13, 2018
Amateur All-Age Championship Winners. From left: Rich Burgi and Tony McGrane, the judges; Ray Larrondo, Tami Larrondo with Rio’s Rising Renegade, Keith Richardson, Gary Stevens, Carolyn Stevens, Tim Ryan, Terry Zygalinski with P W Extraordinaire, Kewitt Paltani and Linda Randolph.

Payette, Ida. — Each April for the past several years the Prairie Wind Ranch in Payette, Ida., has played host to two NGSPA championships, held consecutively. This spring that tradition was carried on with one slight change. Previously it was the Region 9 events followed by the North- west Rocky Mountain Chukar champi- onships; however, the ranch is now home to the NGSPA Chukar champi- onships.

Although there was a change in venue for this trial, the longstanding tradition of the mounted chukar trophy for each named champion was upheld. The ranch, located in wild chukar country, is a perfect setting for this trial. Its large rock outcroppings and numerous natural water sources provide everything wild birds thrive on as well as perfect habitat for released birds. In addition to great grounds to run bird dogs on, Keith and Bobbi Richardson have added numerous amenities that make the ranch a first class trial location. There are horse pens, RV hookups, separate housing for judges, and new this year a spectacular clubhouse complete with a commercial kitchen, showers and laundry, a bar, and ample sitting area to swap stories.

As anyone who has put on a trial knows you can have the greatest grounds on earth for an event but without good help it won’t go well. We are very fortu- nate to have a topnotch group of folks who always pull together to get these trials done. Rod and Linda Randolph always keep things in camp running. They made sure no one was ever hungry and kept track of the finances. Dean and Diane Crabbs ran the dog wagon, mak- ing certain the correct dogs were brought to the right locations. Gary Moen was horseback most days filling the marshalling duties. Rich Robertson was busy releasing birds every morning as well as solving any problem that we came up against. Anita busied herself in the kitchen and kept the clubhouse tidy. Tami Larrondo took care of the drawings and secretarial tasks as well as keeping me lined out, a full time job. Terry Zygalinski and Kewitt Paltani did a great job keeping the judges with horsepower.

Most of the handlers running dogs here this year have been on the chal- lenging grounds before. Those traveling to run dogs were Josh Nieman from Nebraska; Keith Richardson had a large number of entries from Wyoming; Mike Patrick from Colorado ran numerous amateur dogs, as well Brandon Blum, Terry Zygalinski and Larry Metter from California. The two amateurs from Idaho were Gary Moen and Ray Larrondo.


With an increasing interest in amateur all-age stakes at other championships it was decided we would hold one at this trial for the first time. There were eight dogs drawn for the Amateur All-Age Championship. Judges’ saddles for the stake were filled by Tony McGrane of Waterloo, Ia., and Rich Burgi of Sandy, Utah. This was Tony’s first trip to the ranch; however, he has hunted in the area before. Rich has been involved in the setter world for years and has run and judged dogs on these grounds numerous times.

After the day’s running they named Rio’s Rising Renegade the champion. “Ace”, owned by Ray and Tami Larrondo of Nampa, Ida., and handled by Ray, is very much at home in this high desert landscape. His experience pursuing wild birds in this terrain was apparent as he determined to go seek them out at all of the tall rock points and ridgelines.

Named runner-up was another dog with a lot of experience out west, P W Extraordinaire, owned by Keith and Bobbi Richardson of Cheyenne, Wyo., and handled by Keith. She was very bold on the ground and handled game with superb manners and style.

The judges noted another good job turned in by “Roma”, also handled by Keith Richardson.

The Amateur Shooting Dog was the next stake to be run. There were 16 dogs drawn for this Championship, which was judged by Rich Burgi and Tom White of Melba, Ida. Rich’s experience was mentioned earlier and Tom has judged and successfully competed brittanys all over the country.

When the dust had settled on the two days of running it was Llano’s Hot Tamale topping the field. “Molly”, owned by Joe and Chad Inderman of Lubbock, Tex., was aptly handled by Mike Patrick. She ran a consistent shoot- ing dog race, showed great bird sense hunting all of the right places and handled kindly, a very nice performance the judges stated.

Another great shooting dog perform- ance was carded by runner-up B M B’s Madison Ave, owned by Brandon and Jen Blum of Acton, Cal., handled by Brandon. “Maddie” was very smooth on the ground, always independently hunt- ing the likely objectives. She scored numerous finds, all with good style and manners, just with a little less power than the champion. This was a great stake to sit back and watch.

Following the two amateur stakes was the Derby Classic. Tom White and Rich Burgi were once again called upon to fulfill the judging duties. Besting the field of six young dogs was Cuttin Wild’s Hidden Gem, owned and handled by Mike Patrick of Berthoud, Colo. “Gemma” showed to be extremely bold in this open country and topped off her great application with some good bird work. Earning second was another one of Mike Patrick’s promising youngsters, Cuttin Wild’s Rebel Yell, handled by Josh Nieman. Rebel showed just a little inconsistency in his ground race that his kennelmate did not which proved to be the deciding factor in the placements. Josh Nieman handled Bildors Dirty White Girl to third for owner William Potamianos. “Trixie” showed she is an extremely good bird dog, just lacked the independence the two in front of her had.

We brought in a new team of judges for the final two stakes; however, they were not unfamiliar with these grounds. Kevin Joyce of Northport, N. Y., and Helmut Schoen of Pipersville, Pa., have made the trip out west to judge these championships before and are very pop- ular amongst the handlers and owners. These gentlemen have very keen eyes for great bird dogs and never fail to entertain. Eleven shorthairs were drawn for the Open All-Age Championship.

Lambourn’s Slick Shot was named champion. “Buckshot” is owned by Robin Lambourn of Denver, Colo., and was handled by Josh Nieman. He pushed to the limits of the course at times but maintained crucial contact with his han- dler when needed and topped that with some nice pieces of bird work. Hot on Buckshot’s heels was a female with some recent success, P W Extraordi- naire, owned by Keith and Bobbi Richardson and handled by Keith. She earned the runner-up title with a really nice ground race, just not quite reaching as much as the champion, but with great style and intensity on game.

Wrapping up this trial was the Open Shooting Dog Championship with 16 entries. Kevin Joyce and Helmut Schoen filled the judicial seats once again. With temperatures climbing to the mid 80s and ample time to finish the event it was decided that we run half days to give the dogs all fair opportunities given the arid climate. It was a dog very familiar with the high desert environment that rose to the occasion once again. K C Moen’s Royal Diamond, owned and handled by Gary Moen of Boise, Ida., took the well deserved honors. Diamond’s knack of moving to and through objectives and impeccable style when found pointed proved unmatchable by the rest of the field. Josh Nieman captured one last placement before heading back to Nebraska with Llano’s Snowbird. “Feather” is owned by Joe and Chad Inderman but hunted the rocks and high ridges like she was developed here, taking the runner-up title.

To all of the volunteers, judges, own- ers, and handlers who put forward the time and resources to make this event possible, thank you. Keith and Bobbi Richardson deserve huge accolades for the venue they’ve created for these events.

We often forget to mention a couple of companies whose banners are always flying in the background, Purina and SportDog. These two companies’ support for the field trial game is unmatched, so next time you bump into any individual representing either of these brands give them a thanks and a few minutes of your time to learn about their great products.

Payette, Ida., April 22

Judges: Rich Burgi and Tony McGrane


[One-Hour Heats] — 8 German Shorthairs

Winner—RIO’S RISING RENEGADE, 1643567, male, by Storm Over Rio Grande—Little Lady Lexi. Ray & Tami Larrondo, owners; Ray Larrondo, handler.

Runner-Up—P W EXTRAORDINAIRE, 1629669, female, by P W Zip N Lock—P W Eat Mya Dust. Keith & Bobbi Richardson, owners; Keith Richardson, handler.

Judges: Rich Burgi and Tom White


[One-Hour Heats] — 16 German Shorthairs

Winner—LLANO’S HOT TAMALE, 1647829, female, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—Llano’s Tails Aflame. Joe & Chad Inderman, owners; Mike NGSPA CHUKAR DERBY CLASSIC — 6 German Shorthairs

1st— CUTTIN W ILD’S HIDDEN GEM, 1673447, female, by Uodibar’s Against All Odds—Cuttin Wild’s Lil Angel. Michael Patrick, owner and handler.

2d—CUTTIN WILD’S REBEL YELL, 1673649, male, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—C L K’s Point Me The Way. Michael Patrick, owner; Josh Neiman, handler.

3d—BILDORS DIRTY WHITE GIRL, 1670856, female, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—Bildors Smoke N Hot Klo Da Ho. William Potami- anos, owner; Josh Neiman, handler.

Judges: Kevin Joyce and Helmut Schoen


11 German Shorthairs

W in n e r— LAMBOURN ’ S SLICK SHOT, 1649500, male, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—Gold Country Sky High Annie. Robin Lambourn, owner; Josh Neiman, handler.

Runner-Up—P W EXTRAORDINAIRE, 1629669, female, by P W Zipp N Lock— Prairie Wind’s Eat Mya Dust. Keith & Bobbi Richardson, owners; Keith Richardson, handler.


[One-Hour Heats] — 16 German Shorthairs

Winner—K C MOEN’S ROYAL DIAMOND, 1650509, male, by K C Moen Rock Buzzsaw Bill—K C Moen’s Miah’s Rising Sun. Gary Moen, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—LLANO’S SNOWBIRD, 1653149, female, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—Llano’s Tails Aflame. Joe & Chad Inderman, owners; Josh Neiman, handler.

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