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NGSPA National Futurity

By James Messer, Stake Manager | Jun 14, 2017
Futurity Winners. From left: Mike Patrick with Uodibar’s B C Bob, Dr. Robert Reynolds, John Rabidou, James Messer, Steve Stefaniak with Hi Point’s Starfire Opal, Chris Goegan, Judge Larry McConnell, Mike Aldridge with Uodibar’s Toot My Horn, Judge Dr. Robert Rankin and Harvey Franco.

Booneville, Ark. — Another National German Shorthaired Pointer Association Futurity is in the books. It was held at the Blue Mountain venue between the NGSPA Amateur and Open Championships.

The 2017 running was judged by Dr. Robert Rankin of Oklahoma and Larry McConnell of Idaho. Both judges gave their full attention to these up and coming young dogs.

Marshals were Harvey Franco and James Messer.

Futurity entries were lower than normal. The stake required a little more than one and a half days.

The weather was mostly co-operative with cool mornings and warmer than average afternoons.

This year’s Futurity winner was Uodibar’s B C Bob, bred and owned by handler John Rabidou of Hondo, Tex.

The brace started on the second part of course No. 1 with Bob and his bracemate, R S K’s Monstrous Typhoon, owned by Lynette Herold and handled by Chris Goegan. The dogs were turned loose right before Robbi’s mott.

Both dogs took the left edge with great speed and distance. Bob had a find off to the left at 5 where a covey was produced. Bob proceeded forward and handled well through the narrow pass. He then took the line off the river and had a second find at 8 and one more at 25 and finished the thirty-minute heat going away strong. Bob ran a true shooting dog race. His bracemate, Ty, put down a nice race as well but was unable to produce birds.

Awarded second was Hi Point’s Starfire Opal. Breeders were James and Sarah Messer; her owner  is Giovanni Goegan, and handler Chris Goegan of Ohio.

Fire and her bracemate Karmakan Biabitch (Phil Mathiowetz) started on the second part of course No. 3. Both dogs broke away just past the pavilion at high speed. Fire and Karma were on a mission making big forward casts with both dogs having a find at 20. Fire had a strong finish.

Third place winner was Uodibar’s Toot My Horn, John Rabidou again breeder, owner and handler. Tootie ran in the fourth brace which was run on the second part of course No. 2. Tootie and her bracemate Tex Bourbon Street Strutter (Keith Gulledge) broke away in full force. Tootie had her find at 7 with a back at 12 and 23. Tootie put down a broke dog performance. Both dogs were seen going away at time.

Other dogs showed good performance of note. Wind Dancer’s White Lace (Wind Dancer’s Bull Dozer ex Wind Dancer’s Cowtown Kat; breeder: Keith Witt; owners: Jerry Langford and Peggy Kovling; Handler: Ray Dohse). Lace had finds at 14 and 27, ran the lines with nice application with animation and style and will make a nice future shooting dog.

Another standout performance was rendered by Sarah’s Too Cool Jewels, owned by Jeff Yuna and James and Sarah Messer, sired by Woodland Trails L L Cool J ex M S R’s Opalescence. Jewels was on the first part of course No. 2 and made a big cast down the lines and always to the front. A real nice all-age performance but was unable to produce a bird.

In the 8th brace, Hi Tailyn Hakoda  (Uodibar’s Against All Odds ex Hi Tailyn Katara. Breeder-owner Scott Bodenstab; handler Ray Dohse) put down a nice shooting dog performance with finds at 4, 21 and 29 with good style and class.

In No. 11, Mar Macs Thor of Opalescence, by: Woodland Trails L L Cool J ex M S R’s Opalescence, was bred by James and Sarah Messer; owned by Marion Machlusa; and handled Chris Goegan. Thor ran on a hot afternoon and ran a strong shooting dog race with speed and maturity and had a broke find at 25 making this scribe regret that he sold him.

There were many great performances and  a lot of promise in the young dogs out of this year’s Futurity. I hope to see them in the future.

It was a pleasure to scribe this year’s performances.

Booneville, Ark., February 28

Judges: Larry McConnell and Dr. Robert Rankin

NGSPA NATIONAL FUTURITY — 30 German Shorthairs

1st—UODIBAR’S B C BOB, 1667311, male, by Dress Blues—Uodibar’s Lorrie Darlin. John Rabidou, owner and handler.

2d—HI POINT’S STARFIRE OPAL, 1670574, female, by Woodland Trails L L Cool J—M S R’s Opalescence. Giovanni Goegan, owner; Chris Goegan, handler.

3d—UODIBAR’S TOOT MY HORN, 1667315, female, by Dress Blues—Uodibar’s Lorrie Darlin. John Rabidou, owner and handler.

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