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NGSPA National Futurity

By Chris Streitenberger | May 15, 2018
Futurity Winners. From left: Chris Goegan, Dr. Robert Reynolds, Judge John Russell, Steve Stefaniak with In Country’s Hurricane Jane, Judge Mike Jackson, Hank Lewis with Rock River’s U Can’t Handle It, James Messer, Dr. Fred Ryan with Chicoree’s Sparkling Ruby and Dan DiMambro.

Booneville, Ark., — The 2018 Futurity was easily the largest entry for this fixture in recent years. Thirty-seven dogs were drawn.

The stake was held March 1-2 at the Blue Mountain venue near Booneville, Ark., in conjunction with the NGSPA National Championships.

The Futurity was run on the continuous figure-eight course laid out earlier for the NGSPA Amateur Championship. Six braces were run in the morning and six after lunch.

Judges were Mike Jackson of Battle Ground, Ind., and John Russell of Bowling Green, Ky. Both men are well known and respected in the field trial world.

The 2018 winner was In Country’s Hurricane Jane, owned by Dr. Robert Reynolds of Salem, Ohio and handled by Chris Goegan.

Janie has had an interesting early life in that she changed hands three times because no one apparently saw her potential until she landed at the Reynolds’ house. Bob doesn’t say a lot but has a great eye and knows dogs.

Janie was turned loose on the first afternoon of the Futurity. She was braced with the eventual runner-up which made for a great brace to watch. Janie scored her first find at 17 with 12 o’clock styke and polished manners like a dog much her senior. Her second stand came at 21, a divided find. At 26 she was found standing and at 29 she had another divided find. All bird work was solid broke to wing and shot. Her race exhibited speed and all-age potential.

Dr. Reynolds recently retired and I’m guessing Janie will occupy quite a bit of his time for the next several years.

Rock River’s U Can’t Handle It, owned by Rick Heller of Allenton, Wis., and handled by Dan DiMambro, was placed second and came from the same brace as our winner. At 17 he backed his bracemate in mature finished dog fashion. At 21 and 29 he shared divided finds with Janie. All bird work was broke dog worthy. Like our winner, “Dually” exhibited all-age potential in an animated forward fashion.

Third place went to Chicoree’s Sparkling Ruby, owned by Fred Ryan of Lima, Ohio and handled by Dan DiMambro. Ruby showed speed of foot and great style on her one find at 28. Like our other two placed dogs, she exhibited broke dog manners. Her ground race was desirable and could be described as more in line with that of a shooting dog.

Congratulations to all the owners and handlers of these great potential champions.


The first brace: P W Race to the Front (Racey), owned by Keith Richardson and handled by Ronnie Sale, and Evergreen’s Jed Clampet, owned by Lance Olsen and handled by Dan DiMambro, kicked off the breeders’ classic. Racey was standing at 3. She assisted with the flush and was ordered up. Jed hunted at medium range early, then shortened toward the end of her time. She did handle three finds with broke manners.

P W Evolution’s Recreation (Richardson/Sale) was not in the game early and handler picked up. Boschuit’s Rowdy Rooster (Curtis Boschuit/Art Armbrust) had bird contact but was ordered up due to immature manners.

PWK Lonewolf’s BJ, owned by Dean Crabbs/Diane Goracke and handled by Ronnie Sale, was paired with Dezasterous Final Justice (Magic), owned by Reese Smith and handled by Dan DiMambro. BJ scored one find at 17. His range was conservative but he did finish the half hour. Magic had bird work at 9 and 12 but was also credited with two unproductives at 18 and 28.

Hickory Acres All Out Blitz, owned by Scott Weslow and handled by Chris Goegan, went with a bird at 17 and was ordered up. Snowy River’s No Limits Nyla, owned and handled by Chase Verdoorn, suffered the same fate at 10.

Covey Up’s Wicked Witch (Hazel), owned by John Kadavy and handled by Josh Nieman, and M S R’s Pretty Little Psycho (Harlie), owned and handled by James Messer, were in brace No. 5. Hazel pointed at 11 but the stand proved unproductive. Hazel and Harlie stood on a divided find at 19. At flush both went with the bird and were ordered up.

P W Golden Ring, owned by Jamie Edwards and handled by Ronnie Sale, and Cuttin Wild’s Hidden Gem, owned by Mike Patrick and handled by Josh Nieman, were the last brace of the first morning. Ring was not into the hunt on this day and handler picked up at 13. Gemma ran a great all-age type race but came up birdless at time.

Autry’s The Jokes On You (Crazy), owned by Heath Autry and handled by Josh Nieman, and P W The Real Deal, owned by Keith Richardson and handled by Ronnie Sale, kicked off the afternoon running. Unfortunately both were lost early and retrieval units were called for.

M S R’s Rowdy Rhonda, owned by James Messer and handled by Chris Goegan, hunted hard early and had one find but was immature for this stake. Tibercreeks Two Paws Up, owned by Mark Calder and handled by Joe Amatulli, went birdless.

AK Veroom The Chase Is On, owned and handled by Art Armbrust, and Orlando’s Otis v Grief, owned and handled by Bill Orlando, were loosed mid-afternoon. Veroom could not get started and Art picked up at 10. Otis seemed to use more road than necessary to get to the front. When no bird work had been recorded, handler chose to pick up at 20.

R S K’s Wildfire Marshall, owned by Gary Herald and handled by Chris Goegan, was off his game and picked up at 15 by handler. Sixxem’s Californication, owned by Keith Bryant and handled by Josh Nieman, was shorter in range and birdless up to 25. At that point handler picked up.

Sundance’s Desert Rose, owned and handled by Andy Gerdes, was scratched. Rocklane’s Mister Sparky, owned by David Morgan and handled by Dan DiMambro, ran as a bye. Sparky came to hunt and recorded a find at 2. Handler became unhappy with forward movement and chose to pick up at 12.

Chicoree’s Sparkling Ruby was described earlier. Dirty White Girl, owned by Bill Potamianos and handled by Josh Nieman, made some nice shooting dog moves but went birdless.

Whiskey Wild Nights, owned by David Killam, Jr. and handled by Eldon Hongo, and Rocklane’s Miss Freddie, owned by David Morgan and handled by Dan DiMambro, kicked off day No. 2. Whiskey had a broke find at 21 but tended to be shorter in range; handler picked up early. Freddie was lost early and the retrieval unit was out at 12.

Dually and Janie were covered earlier.

Autry’s Kodiak Bear (Kodi), owned by Heath Autry and handled by Josh Nieman, and Prairie Wind Made In The USA (Mayda), owned by Keith Richardson and handled by Dan DiMambro, were both standing at 8. Mayda encouraged the bird to fly which proved too much temptation for Kodi; he also went with the bird. Both were ordered up.

H K’s Gidget, owned by Hayley and David Killam and handled by Eldon Hongo, failed to back at 18 and was ordered up. Tulli’s Faraway Giddyup, owned and handled by Joe Amatulli, scored mannerly broke finds at 11 and 18. She ran well early but slowed and shortened as the heat progressed.

AO Tripps To Win, owned by Alan Davidson and handled by Josh Nieman, hunted at shooting dog range and scored several times on game. His first came as a stop to flush at 5. At 11 Tripp was found standing with all in order at flush. At 21 he backed Tulli’s Shot To The Heart (Cupid), owned and handled by Joe Amatulli, and rounded out his time with a solid piece of bird work as a divided find at 27. Cupid first made game at 5. Her manners were that of a seasoned broke dog. At 11 she stood again with the same results at flush. Game contact was also made at 21 and she finished her half hour with a divided find at 27. Her bird work was polished for her age and her overall hunt was that of a big shooting dog.

All N’s Cuttin A Blue Streak, owned by Joe Orndorff and handled by Chris Goegan, ran a very nice forward race with plenty of punch. He scored finds at 12 and 26 with broke dog manners. Armbrust’s Watch Out For The Ace, owned and handled by Art Armbrust, was limited in his run and went birdless.

M S R’s Charlie’ Little Angel, owned by Chuck Gonzalez was not pleasing handler Chris Goegan and was picked up at 11. Autry’s Natural Chromoly Steel (Molly), owned by Heath Autry, was standing at 5 but moved up as handler Josh Nieman approached and was ordered up.

Booneville, Ark., March 1

Judges: Mike Jackson and John P. Russell

NGSPA NATIONAL FUTURITY — 37 German Shorthairs

1st—IN Country’s Hurricane Jane, 1672744, female, by Hi N’s Bodacious—Slaterock Mattie Clark. Dr. Robert Reynolds, owner; Chris Goegan, handler.

2d—ROCK RIVER’S U CAN’T HANDLE IT, 1671158, male, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Tulli’s Excess. Rick Heller, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

3d—Chicoree’s Sparkling Ruby, 1677558, female, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Chicoree’s Sparkle In Her Eye. Fred Ryan, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

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