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Two Decisions Shape Future of the German Shorthaired Pointer


By Keith Richardson | Oct 05, 2018

At the June, 2018 meeting of the National German Shorthaired Pointer Association, the NGSPA Board of Trustees made two decisions that will have a profound and positive impact on the future of the German Shorthaired Pointer. The trustees voted unanimously to move the NGSPA National Championships from Booneville, Ark., to Grovespring, Mo. They also decided to establish an Open All-Age Invitational with one dramatic change: the callback will be 90-minute heats.


For thirty years the NGSPA has been holding its National Championships in February/March at Perry Mikles Blue Mountain Area near Booneville, Ark.

For the past five or six years they have encountered serious problems with flood waters backing up onto the courses and reducing available grounds. This year was a huge disappointment as flooding reduced three courses to one.

A search for new grounds was conducted and the clear winner was Grovespring, Mo. The trustees are excited about this new venue and will hold the 2019 National Championships there in the first part of April, 2019.


The NGSPA launched its first Invitational in 2012 for open shooting dogs. It was so successful that an Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational was established in 2016. Both are held back-to- back during late November at Larry Smith’s farm in Gentry, Mo. The success of these two stakes in promoting the German Shorthaired Pointer shooting dog has been proven.

It was recognized that the all-age dog is the foundation to the continued improvement of the German Shorthaired Pointer breed, and required an Invitational to further establish the “Best of the Best.”

As with the other Invitationals the top twelve invited dogs will run one-hour heats on two consecutive days, with a callback on the third day.

In a move to substantially raise the “performance” bar the callback will be 90-minute heats. This will be the first 90-minute endurance stake in the entire GSP world, and coming after two days of running will truly test the dogs.

This trial will be held at the Hell Creek WMA grounds in Mississippi. It will be the only NGSPA trial held on these challenging all-age grounds. The launch date of this prestigious event will be January 4-6, 2019.

Taken together these two decisions by the NGSPA Board of Trustees are expected to raise the standards of performance for the entire German Shorthaired Pointer breed. Indeed the future is bright for those who compete and hunt this remarkable breed.

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