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NGSPA Region 1 Amateur Championship

By Jen Hazel | Jan 11, 2019
The Winners. From left: Joe Amatulli with Tulli’s Shot to the Heart and Tom Oswald  with Tulli’s Faraway Giddyup.

East Windsor, Conn. — ‘You can’t do a thing about the weather.”

Usually farming talk when there is a bad year. This year it applied to the NGSPA Region 1 Championship held at the John E. Flaherty Field Trial Area in East Windsor, Conn.

If we had a nice day, I don’t remember it. Rain, cold, wind and imminent snow put quite a damper on the Championship held November 12-13, but scheduled to run that whole week.

The “snow” forecast did materialize with about six inches of wet, heavy packing snow, which affected travel and safety on the grounds. I’ve been at Flaherty for the “Region” in years when the weather was so pleasant that mid-days we were in shirtsleeves. This was not one of those years.

Thank you, Purina! Your support of our trial was needed and appreciated more than it has ever been. That support took a bit of the “bite” out of our situation.

Thanks to many who devoted their time and support in so many ways: the Nutmeg German Shorthaired Pointer Club for your perennial sponsorship of this trial; John Lucey who stepped in at the eleventh hour to coordinate a small but devoted crew to keep the Region going; Jennifer Hazel whose behind the scenes coordination and direction were invaluable, and doing this without her help would have been a train wreck. And thank you Jenn for the best clam chowder in the East!

Dennis Hazel took on the secretarial duties just because he “didn’t have anything else to do”. We know better Dennis. Mark Alexander, treasurer of the Nutmeg Club, was there to take care of the financial issues. Robin Shadle for her fine string of horses, and wrangler/ helper/chef Chris who went above and beyond his duties to help. That boy can cook a steak. Dick Frawley, president of Flaherty, for coordinating Purina deliveries, food acquisition and being an invaluable liaison with the State of Connecticut DEEP. Ralph DeSanto again made a delicious hot lunch on Tuesday. It warmed and filled a bunch of cold bellies. Mike Ernest for making it to cook breakfasts and add a seasoned veteran’s view to the situations that arose.

Our judges, Tom Jarnich, Bob Vaulding, Wayne Horner and Jeff Currier. These gentlemen were there and stuck it out to be available to fulfill their commitment to our sport.

My personal thanks to Tom Mercier who has chaired this event along with Mike Ernest for several years. Without your answering my never ending phone calls and questions and dealing with last minute situations we would have been completely sunk.

All the help and preparation could not stop unforeseen situations that arose which terminated the Region at the conclusion of the Amateur Shooting Dog Stake. The weather was the biggest deterrent. It was like having the finest crop of second cutting hay to harvest with too much rain falling. The Region 1 was scheduled very close to the Region 3 in Maryland which did not help. That combined with the forecast of heavy snow made for a tough go. The Derby and Open Shooting Dog had to be cancelled.

We did have a championship quality Amateur Shooting Dog. Thank you to our participants who made that stake the highest of caliber with their well polished dogs.


Named champion was Tulli’s Shot To The Heart, callname Cupid, owned and handled by Joseph Amatulli of New Hartford, Conn., and scouted by Tom “The Reverend” Oswald.

Cupid broke away Tuesday morning and took in the entire bowl that lays out in front of the handlers off the breakaway. On a mission, Cupid scored a find just to the east side of the first pond with all in order. Without wasting a whisper of time, she was found standing at 8 just north of the old tobacco barns. A lengthy flushing attempt resulted in a relocation and birds were produced. A nice piece of bird work. Cupid rolled on and pinned a covey in the pitch pines leading to the power lines. With every ounce of intensity running through its body the dog stood high and tight for its handler to notch a stellar find. Cupid made her way in fine fashion and on a mission to Dearborn where she scored stylish finds at 42 and 50. Judges’ notes confirm the gallery’s observations; Cupid made large sweeping casts, always to the front but never out of pocket. She was stylish and staunch on her birds and deserving of the champion title.

Runner-up  was awarded to Tulli’s Faraway Giddyup, callname Fairgo,  also owned and handled by Joseph Amatulli. Finds were recorded at 12, 25, 34 and 50. Fairgo’s style and intensity on his game were strikingly similar to that of his kennelmate’s. His application was fast and far to the front but always in contact with handler.

And Others

Brace No. 1 broke away Monday morning — Hi N’s Zip It (Hank Lewis) and Wolf Plain Brooks Raven (Jeffrey Currier). Zip had a great breakaway but some bad luck and was up at 28. Raven had stylish finds at 9, 28 34 and 42 and applied herself like the “old pro” that she is.

Hi N’s Bodacious (Lewis) and Quail Point Black River Harlee (Wayne Horner) “smoked the tires” off the breakaway with Bodacious scoring first. He had finds at 7 and 16, an unproductive on a hawk kill at 29, and at 41. He took an extended hike after his last find but was seen far to the front at time. Harlee worked the bugs out covering a bunch a ground, then scored stylish finds at 35 and 41.

Fly’n F’s Rocco Round the World (Chuck Gonzales) blistered the breakaway but found bad luck when he went with a bird at 8. Hi N’s Feed Jake (Lewis), after blowing off some steam at the get-go, had finds at 35 and at the end of Dearborn at 53. Both were stylish and in order.

Moore Farms Zephyr Cyclone (John Lucey) had staunch finds at 17, 27, 39 and 49 and finished nicely with a find in the bowl at 59. Hello Lucy (Wayne Horner) was on a mission and the  etrieval unit was called for at 26.

Quail Point West Wind Pandora (Horner) had a nice breakaway and a find on a hen pheasant at 8. Another pheasant find at 20 was a bit too much too soon and Pandora was up. Field-master’s Oregon Road Phosperous (Lucey) had a high and tight find by the old tobacco barns at 18 with all in fine order. Handler elected to pick up at 26 due to an apparent injury.

Braces No. 6 and No. 7 were previously covered.

Region 1 would like to extend special gratitude to our wranglers who really went above and beyond their  uties. They made accommodations in one of their horse trailers on Thursday night for our horses to weather the snowstorm. We hope to see everyone next year and hope for better weather.

Just like farming, there’s always next year!

East Windsor, Conn., November 12 — One Course

Judges: Tom Jarnich and Robert Vaulding


[One-Hour Heats] — 12 German Shorthairs

Winner—TULLI’S SHOT TO THE HEART, 1668023, female, by Hi N’S Feed Jake—Tulli’s Excess. Joseph Amatulli, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—TULLI’S FARAWAY GIDDYUP, 1668019, male, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Tulli’s Excess. Joseph Amatulli, owner and handler.

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