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NGSPA Region 12 Open Shooting Dog Championship

By T. W. Besenick | Mar 17, 2020
Championship Winners. Front, from left: Clint Matthews with Dunfur’s Emma Frost and Bob Williams with Aunt Troji’s Dirty Nike. Standing: Judge Todd Schaaf, Judge Bill Monk, Dan Hoke and Larry Metter.

Sonoita, Ariz. — The 2020 NGSPA Region 12 Open Shooting Dog Championship began January 23 and was hosted by the Southern Arizona German Shorthaired Pointer Club (SAGSPC). Again this year the venue was the historic “Empire Ranch” located just north of Sonoita, Ariz. Older generations would recognize scenery associated with the ranch in many of the older western movies of the 1950s and 1960s.

The SAGSPC would like to thank the Bureau of Land Management for the assistance they provide, and facilities associated with the trial grounds. Mountains surrounding the venue, some snowcapped, along with cool nights and warm days make trialing in Southern Arizona very pleasurable during the month of January, indeed.

The club, once again, appreciates the support Purina provides for this Championship. In addition, this being our first year working with SportDog, it was a pleasure to see Jim Morehouse and his wife R. J. at the event. They reside in Tucson which is almost a “stone’s throw” from the grounds.

In addition, the SAGSPC is indebted to our judges, Bill Monk, who hails from Wellsburg, W. Va., and Todd Schaaf of Woodland, Wash. Both gave their undivided attention as they presided over the running and enjoyed the change in scenery from their local areas. Tucson resident Lee Holsinger served as their marshal ensuring that the course was navigated accurately. [Note: It doesn’t take much to lose track of one’s position in such “open country”.]


Named champion was Dunfur’s Emma Frost,  six-year-old female handled by Dan Hoke and owned by Clint Matthews of Tucson, Ariz. Emma was the runner-up in this Championship in 2019. She is light on her feet, snappy, stays to the front, and is very responsive, appropriately. Her brace was the last of the stake, No. 10, and cast off close to mid-day of the second day, with a temperature approaching the low 60s. Her conditioning was apparent because she pushed her way through the high grass, over the ridges with ease and finished with plenty of gas in the tank!

Emma’s bracemate and this year’s runner-up was female Aunt Troji’s Dirty Nike, handled and owned by Larry Metter of California. Nike was an even match for Emma throughout the brace, with this year’s champion showing a bit more ground speed and a more forward application.  They had a divided find at 29, manners being in order, were released into a brisk headwind for the remainder of the hour. Nike styled up nicely on a find at 50, was sent on, and finished the brace with plenty of power to spare as well.

Judges remarked that this brace was one of the best that they had ever seen, and both dogs gave a superior performance. Both dogs handled their retrieve enthusiastically, kindly, with perfection.

[As a side note: This venue can be tough, at almost a mile-high elevation, warm temperatures, very low humidity coupled with the presence of knee high thick grass, the venue can be a good test for most dogs, generally.]

The Running

Twenty dogs were drawn; however, due to a handler illness 18 competed. This is a shoot-to-retrieve first bird on course stake, where the dogs are required to display their retrieving skill, which is important for this versatile breed.

V N K’s Bo Kan Do (Hoke) and D C R’s Mo Money (Pool) were away into a heavily frosted sea of grass, each reaching for the front on a near perfect morning for trialing. Kan Do struck paydirt first with a stylish point at 6 near the treeline at the south end of the course. All in order, he was sent on to a second find at 10. Mo Money settled into an impressive honor at 10 but moved forward on the eventual flush/shot and was picked up by his handler. Kan Do was not pleasing his handler over the next few minutes and was picked up as well at 15.

Teton’s Prairie Wind Trek (Lee) and Dunfur’s Dalai Bobba (Hoke) broke away with determined charges. Trek continued his determined race all the way, forcing Lee to request his retrieval unit at 18. Bobba settled into a steady even pace, working hard in the cover he was facing. At 42 on the back side of the course, where the cover is more open, he was rewarded with a nice find and handled his retrieve well. Again at 51 Bobba handled his second chukar well. Throughout the hour his application was to the front and consistent.

D C R’s Mojo Justice (Pool) executed an honor at 12, while Teton’s Just Sayin (Lee) handled the chukar with manners in order. At 25 Mojo Justice shifted into another gear and began displaying a snappier application. She stopped herself on a wild flush at 45, and finished her hour with a lot of gas still in the tank. Just Sayin appropriately honored her bracemate at 45.

After lunch, Teton’s Something to Talk About (Lee) and Golden West Duce’s Wild (Pasas) squared up for their time in the sun. Wild styled up nicely at 12 with manners, plus retrieve in order, and was sent on. Running style was forward and consistent. Wild was one of the few dogs to work the second hill, certain to produce a chukar at the top. But, for all Wild’s work, a single find in the first quarter hour was all it could tally. Something to Talk About, not pleasing her handler, was picked up at 28.

The mid-afternoon brace, V N K’s Equinox Double Trouble (Pescod) and V N K’s Dandy Duke (Hoke), turned out to be quite warm, with an afternoon sun being directly overhead, which produced a difficult challenge for this brace. Both handlers elected to pick up at the halfway mark.

M D K’s the Shadow Knows Rush (Pool) and William’s White Lightning (Williams) left the line with a cool southwesterly breeze in their face. Both were eager to show their strength and ability. White Lightning scored first at 6, completed her retrieve, and continued with a very snappy ground race. At 32 and again 49 she produced birds all with stylish manners throughout. Rush was a strong competitor in this brace as well.  Scoring at 8, 16, 28 and 55, Rush certainly knew where to find the birds, all with good style and manners. The southwest wind carried with it the scent of moisture which certainly could have been a big factor in the performance of this brace; however, this does not take away from the performance of these two.

V N K’s Perfect Equation (Besenick) and Race to the Moon (Hoke) were paired together beginning the morning of the second day. The weather was a bit cloudy and an absence of the heavy frost from the previous day. Race scored first at  7 just prior to the crossing of the deep wash. Extremely stylish, he held himself motionless throughout the flush and shot; however, the shot did not set up his retrieve. His second bird contact occurred at 30, manners in order; he executed a classic, prompt retrieve. At 52 Race once again styled up, displaying  excellent manners on his third find. This young dog hunted a consistent shooting dog race, always in the pocket, always responsive to his handler. Perfect Equation located his first bird at 11 just prior to the first water. Manners and retrieve in order, he was sent on and elected to head into some heavy “chaparral” to the east. Throughout the next 30 minutes, Perfect Equation was mostly out of pocket, continuing to work the heavy cover. A limb find at 47, manners in order, was the final production for this competitor.

Chief Big Seis (Hoke) and Golden West Hi Tailyn Max (Pasas) left the line about mid-morning. At 7 Seis had a find just prior to the first wash. Manners in order, he had an unproductive at 14 and didn’t seem quite on top of the challenge. Handler elected to pick up at 20. Max started strong and went into the heavy cover at 12. Handler called for the retrieval unit at 20.

Final brace, Aunt Troji’s Dirty Nike and Dunfur’s Emma Frost. As reported above, the champion and runner-up were selected from this brace.

Sonoita, Ariz., January 23 — One Course

Judges: Bill Monk and Todd Schaaf


[One-Hour Heats] — 20 German Shorthairs

Winner—DUNFUR’S EMMA FROST, 1651022, female, by Dress Blues—Dunfur’s Tule Moon. Clint Matthews, owner; Dan Hoke, handler.

Runner-Up—AUNT TROJI’S DIRTY NIKE, 1668620, female, by Hardcore High N Tight—Dcr’s White Sky. Larry Metter, owner and handler.


Judges: Terry Chandler and Norm Ahl

OPEN ALL-AGE — 10 Entries

1st—BULLY CREEK BUCKAROO, 1653915, German Shorthair male, by Dunfur’s Tour Edition—Norma Jean. Scott Harrison, owner; Dan Hoke, handler.

2d—GOLDEN WEST DUCE’S WILD, 1662122, German Shorthair male by Slicks Cuttin Wild—Uodibar’s Lorrie Darlin. Steve Pasas, owner and handler.

3d—WINDJAMMER’S GEM, 1677162, German Shorthair female, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—M S R’s Opalescence. Terry Zygalinski, owner and handler.

Judges: Tim Kulish and Rick Peterson


1st—GOLDEN WEST HI TAILYN MAX, 1662123, German Shorthair male, by Eshod’s Uprising—Hi Tailyn Katara. Steve Pasas, owner and handler.

2d—EHRENVOGEL SHOTS FIRED AT ELWIN, unreg., German Shorthair male, by Free Flights Bosefus—Ehrenvogel Key To My Heart. Marty Cornell, owner; Terry Chandler, handler.

3d—GRAUGEISTS ON THE PROWL FINSUP, 1671788, Weimaraner male, by Grau Geists Texas City Slicker—Reiteralm Shine on Brymar Knights. Larry Anderson, owner; Diane Vater, handler.

Judges: Terry Zygalinski and Ron Yospur

OPEN DERBY — 12 Entries

1st—TROJI’S BLAZING SADDLE, 1686387, German Shorthair female, by Riden High Rudy—Sky’s Trojan Arrow. Larry Metter, owner and handler.

2d—ALMOSTA’S WILMA FLINTSTONE, 1681635, pointer female, by Almosta’s Wile E Coyote—Almosta’s Mighty Mouse. John Beauchamp, owner and handler.

3d—KNINE DTJ ALL EYES ON ME, unreg., Brittany female, by Knine Blazin Dreams—Knine Underda Marque Lights. David Jones, owner and handler.

Judges: Lance Ayers and Mike George


1st—APACHSUN MOJO BLUE ROCK, 1682208, German Shorthair male, by Kona’s Blue Mojo Rising—Blue River Kit. Jack Faley, owner and handler.

2d—BOGI, 1670188, Vizsla female, by Durite’s Mac Daddy—Durite’s Envious. Robert Yvon, owner and handler.

3d—ROSETTA STONE, unreg., Brittany female, by Gunrunner’s Lady’s Man—Desert Rose. Norm & Terry Ahl, owners; Norm Ahl, handler.

Judges: Steve Cragg and Arlette Hennessey


1st—AUNT TROJI’S DIRTY NIKE, 1668620, female, by Hardcore High N Tight—Dcr’s White Sky. Larry Metter, owner and handler.

2d—RACE TO THE MOON, 1675066, German Shorthair male, by Jett To The Moon—Dunfur’s Emma Frost. Clint Matthews, owner and handler.

3d—TETONS SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT, 1683203, German Shorthair female, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—Autry’s California Gold Rush. Don Lee, owner and handler.

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