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NGSPA Region 2 Championships

By Clint Sails | Jul 07, 2017
Open All-Age Championship Winners. Front (l-r): Chris Young with Chicoree's Sparkle In Her Eye and Jody Orndorff with Joke’s On You. Standing: Anthony Rusciano, Joe Amatulli, Dayna Rusciano, Judges Clint Sails and Tom Oswald; Dan DiMambro.

Bloomingdale, Ohio — The 2017 National German Shorthair Pointer Association (NGSPA) Region 2 Championships started on April 11, hosted by Mingo Sportsman Club located in Bloomingdale, Ohio.

We are proud to say that the event drew over 43 of the top German Shorthair Pointers from around the region from which our judges were able to select Open Shooting Dog, All-Age, and Amateur Shooting Dog Champions, in addition to a Derby Classic.

The 2017 NGSPA Region 2 event was headed by the very capable Mr. Joe Amatulli. This was the first year it was held at the Mingo Sportsman Club.

Several championships are held here throughout the year, so this was an ideal location for the venue.

In addition to the outstanding grounds, Mingo Sportsman Club also provides volunteer members to help run the event. Mr. Bill Monk, a prominent club member, spearheads the effort to ensure that every championship held at Mingo is a class event. Mingo Sportsman Club members prepared breakfast every morning during the championship event with a judges’ dinner held the first evening prepared by Ms. Dana Rusciano and friends. The Region 2 Championships were in good hands.

Region 2 was supported by numerous well-known professional and amateur handlers. To name a few: Dan DiMambro, Chris Goegan, Nikolaus Scharpf, Bill Monk,  Joe Amatulli,  Jody Orndorff, Tom Oswald and Chris Young.

The Region 2 NGSPA Open Shooting Dog began April 11. A field of 24 dogs set off in their bid  for the 2017 Open Shooting Dog title. The course was set and the dogs broke away at sunrise. We had a short pause after the second brace due to weather conditions (lightning in the area). This break allowed the dogs to run in similar conditions throughout the stake.

The winner was J B Wagoners Lightning, liver German Shorthair male handled by Dan DiMambro and owned by Lee Wagoner of Union City, Mich.

“Jackson”, in brace No. 5,  ran a solid forward race with finds at 11, 25 and 35, in addition to honoring his bracemate at 18. He rolled around the course naturally with little to no handle needed, making his charge look effortless. At all times Jackson stayed to the front, making extraordinarily intelligent moves in an effort to locate game throughout the course. His performance was rewarded with the championship title.

Runner-up was Chicoree’s Jake’s Bonnie, also handled by Dan DiMambro  and owned by Dr. Fred Ryan of Lima, Ohio, in brace No. 4. Bonnie, like Jackson, ran a strong forward race throughout the hour. She scored finds at 17, 47 and 57, with an unproductive at 20.

Bonnie ran the course with vigor and had immaculate style on all her game.

Other notable dogs during this stake were “Ruger”, handled by Mr. Nikolaus Scharpf, and Lexy, handled by Mr. Joe Amatulli.

Bloomingdale, Ohio, April 11 — One Course

Judges: Tom Oswald and Clint Sails


[One-Hour Heats] — 24 German Shorthairs

Winner—J B WAGONERS LIGHTNING, 1652983, male, by Shoemaker Shootingstaars—Son Starr’s Lady. Lee Wagoner, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

Runner-Up—CHICOREE’S JAKE’S BONNIE, 1659618, female, by Chicoree’s Jake—Chicoree’s Sparkle in Her Eye. Dr. Fred Ryan, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

Open All-Age championship

The Open All-Age Championship broke away the morning of April 13 with a field of 12 contenders. The stake proved a challenge to many of the handlers and scouts due to the enthusiasm of each dog stretching out to the far limits to locate game.

In some cases, handlers requested retrieval units ending their bid for this coveted championship.

In the end, Chicoree’s Sparkle In her Eye, handled by Dan DiMambro and owned by Dr. Fred Ryan, prevailed as this year’s Region 2 All-Age Champion. Sparkle, in brace No. 3, ran the course in all-age style reaching out to the extreme limits of the course in search of game. Sparkle carded four finds at 7, 12, 42 and 48.

Runner-up  was Joke’s On You,  handled by Chris Goegan and owned by Steve Erikson of Ann Arbor, Mich. “Buddy” started off slow but quickly came together a few minutes after the start of the brace. Buddy made some impressive moves throughout the run that garnered the judges’ attention. It seemed all was lost for Buddy until a find was scored at 58. Buddy handled the find with superb manners.

Rumor, handled by Mr. Art Terstage, entered the judges’ discussion and warrants mention as a notable performance.


[One-Hour Heats] — 12 German Shorthairs

Winner—CHICOREE’S SPARKLE IN HER EYE, 1642199, female, by H’s K Man Guy—Chicoree’s Jake v Nuke. Dr. Fred Ryan, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

Runner-Up—JOKE’S ON YOU, 1658871, male, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—M S R’s Opalescence. Steve Erikson, owner; Chris Goegan, handler.

Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

By Art Terstage

The NGSPA Region 2 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship was held  April 13-14. Judges were Art Terstage of Louisville, Ky., and Nikolaus Scharpf of Macon, Ga.

The grounds were groomed perfectly giving the handlers an excellent opportunity to showcase their dogs. Braces No. 1 through No. 5 were held on the first day; braces No. 6 and No. 7  on the second. Both days started out with moderate temperatures but got hotter as the day went on.

Named runner-up from brace No. 6 was Hard Hitting Critical Kate, handled by Chris Young of Rochester, Pa. The champion, Tanglewood Harlie Jaine, handled by Joe Orndorff of Wardensville, W. Va., came from No. 7.


Quail Point West Wind Pandora (Macy/Wayne Horner) and Preacher’s Cocktail Waitress (Sugar/Tom Oswald) broke away running up the breakaway hill. Sugar came back and met her handler at the top. Macy was found standing in the corner over the breakaway hill at 8. Her manners were not what were desired and she was picked up. Working closely with her handler, Sugar had a find at 10; all was in order with nice style. At 19 Sugar carded a stop to flush. Sugar covered all the objectives, keeping in touch with her handler and had additional finds at 27, 30, 46 and 50.

Mo Dixie’s Curly (Margot Clasquin) and Muzz (Chris Young) broke away together and were seen once the group got to the top of the hill. Both dogs worked efficiently around the course. Muzz was picked up by her handler at 50. Curly finished the hour birdless and was starting to labor at the end.

Hi N’s Hasty Matilda (Hank Lewis) and Tulli’s Excess (Lexi/Joe Amatulli) were away up the hill. “Matte” was seen at the top and was sticking with her handler. Lexi was pointed out once the group was at the top of the hill. Matte carded her first find at 35, excellent style. Lexi had a find at 38 up from the pond, followed by a find by Matte at 39. Matte was noticed going into the cover while approaching the two towers but not coming out. She was found not too far off standing at 47. As with the two finds prior, all was in order with nice style. At 51 Lexi had an unproductive. Lexi carded another find at 55. It was noted the she took steps in during and after the flush. Both dogs finished out the hour.

Up N Adams Bustin Loose (Buster/ Dayna Rusciano) and Mo Dixie’s Larry (Clasquin) broke away very strong. Buster was found standing by his scout in the corner past the breakaway hill at 8. All was in order with acceptable style. Buster carded another find at 13. Larry was laboring and slowing down at this point and his handler picked him up at 15. At 40 Buster got hung up and continued in the wrong direction at the turn toward the two towers. The scout was sent and he eventually came back to the front. Buster continued on through the two towers toward camp, appearing a bit gassed from his adventure at 40. After the pond before hitting camp, Buster made a hard right. Thinking he was making the move forward, his handler kept riding but he did not show. Buster’s scout was again sent out. Buster returned to the front and finished the hour.

Quail Point Black River Harlee (Horner) and Jim Kath’s Pandemonium (Young) raced up the breakaway hill. The group caught up with “Panda” on the other side. With Harlee not being seen yet at the corner after the hill, her handler went back up the hill to gain more visibility. Panda continued on with her handler. Still not seeing his dog, Harlee’s handler decided to move forward. At 25 Harlee was yet to be found and her handler asked for the retrieval unit. Panda carded an unproductive at 25. As the brace went on she was laboring more and more. Panda was picked up by her handler at 48.

Preacher’s Original Sin (RJ/Tom Oswald) and Hard Hitting Critical Kate (Young) raced up the hill on the breakaway. Kate made a cast to the corner after the hill and was found standing at 9. Handler had difficutly finding the bird so she was relocated. Once the bird was found all was in order; she turned to mark but did not make any forward movement. RJ established point at 16. Kate was coming up from her find and backed RJ. RJ appeared a bit nervous about the situation but all was in order for both dogs when the bird was flushed. Working strong, Kate carded a find at 27 and followed that with another at 33. It was RJ’s turn at 39 and he was not quite as nervous as his previous find. At the turn toward the two towers, RJ failed to make the turn. He was brought back forward, then went back the way he came. Point was called for RJ when the handler went back to get him again at 47. RJ was released and headed toward the two towers this time. Kate continued to demonstrate good application. Kate finished the hour strong, with RJ not too far behind.

Chicoree’s Elvis (Lance Felty) and Tanglewood Harlie Jaine (Orndorff)  charged up the hill at breakaway. Harlie was on a mission and made a strong move around the turn once the group was on top of the hill. Elvis was seen up front running into cover at the bottom but was not seen coming out. He was finally found standing in that cover at 12. He handled a scary flush perfectly and was sent on. Harlie was found standing at 15 and handled the flush perfectly. She was sent on and at 20 was found standing at the woodsline by her scout near the woods off the right side of the course; this proved unproductive. Harlie continued on working off the beaten path making strong moves. At 40 Elvis had still not been seen and his handler was handed the retrieval unit. Harlie finished the hour the strongest out of the dogs seen in the Championship, making big shooting dog moves the entire time.

Judges: Nikolaus Scharpf and Art Terstage


Winner—TANGLEWOOD HARLIE JAINE, 1664962, female, by Hi Point’s Lightning Bolt—Jagermeister Dollop of Daisy. Joe Orndorff, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—HARD HITTING CRITICAL KATE, 1671163, female, by Uodibar’s Against All Odds—Hill’s Hard Hitting Jazz Time. Chris Young, owner and handler.

OPEN Derby Classic

By Joe Amatulli

The Derby was judged by Joe Ordorff and April Raber. They named Maverick XXII, owned by Robert Brown and handled by Bill Monk, the winner.

Maverick ran a very strong forward race, what can be considered a power race. This dog handled extremely kind and was a pleasure to watch. I am sure that we will see this dog on the championship circuit.

Ulm’s Remington Zum Ziel, owned and handled by Nikolaus Scharpf, also ran a powerful race, didn’t handle as kindly as our winner, but was pretty forward and was gaited nicely.

Third was Preacher’s Sneakin Out At Dawn, owned and handled by Tom Oswald. This dog also ran a nice forward race; he did not run as big as our top two placements, showed a very strong desire to find game and stayed with his handler.

Judges: April Raber and Jodi Orndorff

NGSPA OPEN DERBY CLASSIC — 7 German Shorthairs

1st—MAVERICK XXII, male, by Hi N’s Bodacious—Hi N’s Diamonds in the Sky. Robert Brown, owner; Bill Monk, handler.

2d—ULM’S REMINGTON ZUM ZIEL, 1670580, female, by Ruby To the Rescue—Chicoree’s Ally. Nikolaus Scharpf, owner and handler.

3d—PREACHER’S SNEAKIN OUT AT DAWN, unreg., male, by Preacher’s Bare Knuckles—Middle Creek’s Ground Effort II. Tom Oswald, owner and handler.

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