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NGSPA Region 2 Championships

By Joe Amatulli | Jul 11, 2018
Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners. From left: April Raber with Riden High Rudy, Judge Mark Calder, Dan DiMambro, Steve with Flyn F’s Rocco Round The World and Chris Goegan.
Bloomingdale, Ohio —

The annual NGSPA Region 2 Championships began April 18 at our new grounds at Mingo Sportsman Club in Bloomingdale, Ohio.

This year was a bit different in that it will be my last year as president of one of the oldest NGSPA Championships. But that does not mean I have handed it over to just anyone. Bill Monk and Jody Orndorff, two very qualified and profes- sional GSP owners and handlers, will take over. I believe that I have handed it to very capable hands and that these championships will continue to grow and run with the highest of quality.

Myself, Jerry Albanese, Helmut Schoen and Kevin Joyce took this cham- pionship trial over in 1991. As time went on, my partners moved on, and it is time for me to move on also.

I want to thank Purina, SportDog, Bill Monk, the people of Mingo and every- one who has helped run this year’s trial along with all the people who have helped over the year. And of course I want to give a special thanks to our judges. Dave Walker of Gray, Ga., judged the Open Shooting Dog along with Mark Calder of St. Clairsville, Ohio, who also judged the Open All-Age with Mark Johnson of Winnebago, Ill. Tom Davis of Sylvania, Ohio and Mark Johnson judged the Amateur Shooting Dog.



Mingo Sportsman Club. As with so many trials the weather can have a big impact on the dogs’ performances and the comfort of the people involved. April in Ohio was no exception this year as we were welcomed with blowing snow, rain, more snow and plenty of wet ground too.

The Shooting Dog started about 9:00 a. m. as planned and the first brace was a quiet but successful venture. Uodibar’s Morass (Dan DiMambro, handler; Ben and Don Coller, owners) and Flyn F’s Rocco Round the World (Chris Goegan, handler; Charles Gonzalez, owner).

Morass had a solid performance with tight bird work and a solid consistent ground race. Rocco had a solid perform- ance but didn’t have the same snappy gait that Morass offered the judges.

The next few braces had some power- ful dogs that acted as though they knew the course and may not require the use of a handler for most of their hour. After lunch we had a couple of nice perform- ances from Tulli’s Shot to the Heart (Amatulli) and Thor (Goegan) but both dogs ended up with bobbles which kept them out of championship contention.

In the last brace of the day, Mattie (Dan) was certainly exceptional. Her ground race was classy, speedy and smart. She was leading the field at this point, but unfortunately Mattie was under a quail at 45 and her bid was up.

Day No. 2 started cold, windy, rainy, and just plain tough. After the first few braces gave it their best to make the hour we were quickly on to lunch.

After lunch Panda (Dan) started strong, hunted smart and pretty and looked snazzy on game. The weather took its toll on her and she ran out of steam at 45.

Brace No. 11 started strong and had the attention of the judges right from the get go. Fiargo (Joe Amatulli) made some moves, looked very nice on game and did a solid job on the course. His inexperience showed but his future is very promising. Riden High Rudy (DiMambro/Ray Nelson) hit the ground with speed and authority. He had several classy finds and all were very mannerly. Rudy hunted smart and handled easily for DiMambro. He finished strong with plenty left in the tank.

Rudy was the best in our opinion for this Championship and Rocco was a deserving runner-up.

Bloomingdale, Ohio, April 18 — One Course

Judges: Mark Calder and David Walker NGSPA REGION 2 OPEN SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] —

24 German Shorthairs

Winner—RIDEN HIGH RUDY, 1662002, male, by Tonelli’s Sky High— Palin’s Gossip Girl. Ray Nelson, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

Runner-Up—FLYN F’S ROCCO ROUND THE WORLD, 1668496, male, by Beaver’s Rude Little Milton—Monica’s Bye Bye Lady. Charles Gonzalez, owner; Chris Goegan, handler.



The All-Age Championship was won by D G’s Lil Miss Memorial, handled by Chris Goegan, owned by Dave Gangle of Chippewa Lake, Ohio. Missy ran a very powerful, forward race with four finds; two of them were outstanding limb finds. Our runner-up was M S R Q C’s Bunker Buster, also handled by Chris Goegan and owned by John Glover. This dog also ran a powerful for- ward race, not with the power that Missy did, and also only had one find.

Judges: Mark Calder and Mark Johnson NGSPA REGION 2 OPEN ALL-AGE CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 8 German Shorthairs

Winner—D G’S LIL MISS MEMORIAL, 1649793, female, by G K’s Nuke It— Hipoint’s Lukes Leading Lady. Dave Gangle, owner; Chris Goegan, handler.

Runner-Up—M S R Q C’S BUNKER BUSTER, 1655522, male, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—M S R’s Opalescence. John Glover, owner; Chris Goegan, handler.


Under mostly clear skies and springlike conditions (finally), the Amateur Shooting Dog Championship commenced on Saturday morning. Tom Davis and Mark Johnson gave of their time and experience to serve as judges for this Championship. Stake manager Joe Amatulli and dog wagon driver Joe Amatulli insured the smooth running of this stake from beginning to end. Bill Monk, representing the Mingo Sports- man Club, was on hand for the first brace of dogs, always attentive to the needs of the participants. Additionally, other members of the club were there to serve up grilled burgers, sodas, and chips for lunch. Their contributions to the championships that run on these grounds are always appreciated.

The Amateur Championship ran on a single course which was a bit more than an hour in length, so as each brace concluded there was a 10-15 minute ride back to the breakaway point. The Mingo field trial venue sits among long rolling hills surrounded by woods and some interior gravel roads that are part of the mining operations taking place on the periphery of the course. As noted above the weather finally broke from rain and sleet to some warming sunshine and light wind, which helped dry things up a bit. This made for good conditions for dogs, handlers, gallery, and scouts.


This year’s champion and runner-up came from the fourth brace run mid-day on Saturday. The winner, Hi N’s Hasty Matilda, female owned and handled by Hank Lewis of Louisville, Ohio, put on a pleasing wide shooting dog show with quality to the front, with a find at 10, a divided find at 34, and a showy cast at 52 that landed her a quality find at the top of a hill. She finished the hour punching the front as time was called.

Runner-up All N’s Double Down, female owned and handled by Jody Orndorff of Wardensville, W. Va., complemented his bracemate as each traversed the rolling hills and valleys independently. It was a pleasing show to watch these two athletes canvas the Mingo venue. “Dobby” carded a high style, shoulder-to-shoulder divided find at 34 and finished the hour heading toward camp.


Brace No. 1 broke away shortly after 8:00 a. m. Chicoree’s Elvis Aairing Felty (Lance Felty) carded an unproductive at 20 followed by a find at 22. He headed south and was not seen again as handler called for retrieval device at 36. Hi N’s Bodacious (Hank Lewis) ran an aggres- sive race, periodically lateral and out of pocket longer than desired. His finds were in order as well as a strong finish.

Tulli’s Shot To The Heart (Amatulli), callname Cupid, broke away clearing the top of the hill and was seen at 7 moving forward. She carded a find along the feed strip at 16 with a slight move to mark on the flush. Handler was unable to produce birds at 17 and again at 32, so Cupid was put in the harness to run another day. Friedelheim’s Mimi (Barry) was credited with a find at 17 lacking class on her game. She was taken on and was found backing at 32 and finished the hour.

The youngster Tulli’s Far Away Giddy Up (Amatulli) showed potential for the hour and was credited with finds at 15, 26 and 40. With maturity in application and confidence on his casts, this dog will be a challenger. Friedelheim’s Mason (Barry) ran a shorter shooting dog race while displaying suitable bird work packaged with a handy finish.

Mattie and Dobby, winner and runner- up, respectively, were reported above.

Tulli’s Excess (Amatulli) was released mid-afternoon and showed potential for 10 minutes or so. She shortened some- what and was found pointed at 20. Han- dler elected to pick up at 20. Hi N’s Feed Jake (Lewis) carded a find at 10 but did not finish the hour.

Both Felty’s Gunner (Felty) and All N’s Blue (Orndorff) were lost at the breakaway.

Judges: Tom Davis and Mark Johnson NGSPA REGION 2 AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] —

12 German Shorthairs

Winner—HI N’S HASTY MATILDA, 1657650, female, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Hi N’s Southern Cross. Hank Lewis, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

Runner-Up—ALL N’S DOUBLE DOWN, 1652879, female, by Hi Points Nuke Powered Tank—W T R Hightailing Ruby. Joe & Cindy Orndorff, owners; Jody Orndorff, handler.


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