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NGSPA Region 3 Championships

By Joe Amatulli and Tim Holmes | Jan 13, 2021
Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners. In foreground, from left: Chuck Gonzales with Hi N’s Hurricane Jane, and Fred Ryan with Hi N’s Hasty Matilda. Standing: Tom McKellar, judge, Chris Goegan, Hank Lewis, and Cliff Mesnard, judge.

Queenstown, M. D. — NGSPA Region 3 ran an Open All-Age, Amateur Shooting Dog, Open Derby and Open Shooting Dog Championship this year, the second time in many years that Region 3 conducted all three Championships.

Let me start off by thanking our judges. Brian Sanchez and Dave O’Brien served for the All-Age and the Amateur Shooting Dog. Brian Sanchez and Wayne Horner handled the Derby. Cliff Mesnard and Tom McKellar presided for the Open Shooting Dog.

Also, I would like to thank those who jumped in to help put this trial on; Tim Holmes, Chuck Gonzalez, John Frank, and Doug Carey did the bird planting and had his son bring down a skid steer to fill in the numerous holes that were created by dogs, horses and trunks. Chris Goegan helped by letting us use his horses.

And, of course, I want to thank the pros: Dan DiMambro, Chris Goegan, Barry Bollinger, and Mike Mullineaux who came to compete.

I also want to give special thanks you to Purina and SportDog for their contributions and, of course, the amateurs, without them this trial would not be impossible.


Let me start by apologizing for this poor write-up; the notes were lost and I was unable to get a lot of information.

We drew 28 dogs. The day started with rain and as promised heavy rain for the p.m., we ran our first five braces and shut it down for the afternoon, and held it up in the morning after a monsoon rain that evening caused flooding.

Our champion was Hi Country's Hurricane Jane, owned by Bob Reynolds and handled by Chris Goegan. Our runner-up champion was H N’s Hasty Matilda, owned and handled by Hank Lewis.

Queenstown, M. D., November 10

Judges: Tom McKellar and Cliff Mesnard


[One-Hour Heats] — 28 German Shorthairs

Winner—HI COUNTRY’S HURRICANE JANE, 1672744, female, by Hi N’s Bodacious—Slaterock Mattie Clark. Robert Reynolds, owner; Chris Goegan, handler.

Runner-Up—H N’S HASTY MATILDA, 1657658, female, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Hi N’s Southern Cross. Hank Lewis, owner and handler.


Unlike the first few days the weather could not be better, but the mud got really bad.

Chicoree’s Elvis Aairing Felty was our champion owned by Lance Felty, handled by Chris Goagan. Elvis truly ran a very forward all-age performance with three well spaced finds. After he ran we all knew we were playing for second.

High Standing Cuttin Edge, owned and handled by Anthony Rusiano was our runner-up. "Woody" ran a somewhat short race for an all-age, but did have a find and was never out of pocket.

Judges: Dave O’Brien and Brian Sanchez


[One-Hour Heats] — 8 German Shorthairs

Winner—CHICOREE’S ELVIS AAIRING FELTY, 1649301, male, by Chicoree’s Jake—Chicoree’s What A Hoodlum. Lance Felty, owner; Chris Goegan, handler.

Runner-Up—HIGH STANDING CUTTIN EDGE, 1675198, male, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—C L K’s Point Me The Way. Anthony & Dayna Rusciano, owners; Anthony Rusciano, handler.


The Open Derby was won by Carey’s Blazing Cooper, owned by Doug and Debbie Carey and handled by Joe Amatulli. Cooper showed some all-age potential. He ran a very big race, basically forward and showed some serious power.

Highstanding's Bustin Fannie, owned and handled by Anthony Rusianio, was our second place dog. "Jewel" also showed some power, but was directionally challenged. There was not third place due to an error on the posting of the running order, when the correction was made there was a strong objection by one of the handlers and as a result that dog was withdrawn and only two placement were awarded.

Judges: Wayne Horner and Brian Sanchez

NGSPA REGION 3 OPEN DERBY — 4 German Shorthairs

1st—CAREY’S BLAZING COOPER,1 687878, male, by High Standing Cuttin Edge—Tulli’s Shot To The Heart. Doug Carey, owner; Joe Amatulli, handler.

2d—HIGHSTANDING’S BUSTIN FANNIE, 1692498, female, by M S R Q C’s Bunker Buster—Chicoree’s Country Fan. Dayna & Anthony Rusciano, owners; Anthony Rusciano, handler.


Hank Lewis made a clean sweep of this one. Hi N’s Bodacious is our champion; Bo ran a strong forward race with multiple finds. Hi N’s Hasty Matilda was our runner-up champion. "Matte" is no stranger to the winners' circle. She did an outstanding job with six finds; she was big and forward and very impressive on her birds.

Judges: Dave O’Brien and Brian Sanchez


[One-Hour Heats] — 12 German Shorthairs

Winner—HI N’S BODACIOUS, 1657655, male, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Hi N’s Southern Cross. Hank Lewis, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—H N’S HASTY MATILDA, 1657658, female, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Hi N’s Southern Cross. Hank Lewis, owner and handler.






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