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NGSPA Region 5 Championships

By Gailen Cooper and Ken Choweth | May 07, 2018
Amateur Shooting Dog Championship Winners. From left: Rich Barber, Judge Gailen Cooper, Dr. Fred Ryan with Chicoree’s Sparkle in Her Eye, Tom Davis, Hank Lewis with Hi N’s Hasty Matilda, Dan DiMambro and Judge Ken Chenoweth.

Pinckneyville, Ill. — This championship program began after the conclusion of the National German Pointing Dog Association Championships at Pyramid State Park (Denmark Site) near Pinckneyville, Ill.

A big thank you to our judges/scribes Gailen Cooper and Ken Chenoweth.

Thanks also to Purina, Jim Morehouse and SportDog and Alan Davison from Dogs Unlimited for their continued support of this field trial. Thank you to Tom Davis for driving the dog wagon and for everyone who helped to make this a successful trial. The All-Age and Derby were cancelled due to lack of entries.

The Amateur Shooting Dog Championship was capably judged by Gailen Cooper of Liberty, Mo., and Ken Chenoweth of Fari Grove, Mo. The judges were presented with six braces of quality dogs to watch.

Chicoree’s Sparkle in Her Eye, handled and owned by Fred Ryan, DMV of Lima, Ohio, was named champion. Sparkle was scouted by Hank Lewis. Sparkle’s first find was on course No.1 at 13 in the grove of trees before the first road crossing. Handler relocated her and birds were located ten feet in front of her. She pointed at 10 but it was a dead bird. At 38 she pointed in the grove of trees next to the lake. Sparkle then went past the corral fencing to the left out of sight where she was found pointing, a stylish find. At time she was found to the front after the big cast on point.

Runner-up was awarded to Hi N’s Hasty Matilda, owned and handled by Hank Lewis of Louisville, Ohio. Fred Ryan was the scout. “Matti” was turned loose in the creek bottom field. She was found to the front off the breakaway. Just before the lake, she went on point with birds right in front of her. Matti was wide at times. Her second find was in the grove of trees before the lake at 41. Her third find was at 57. Nice finish.

In the Open Shooting Dog Championship, the judges were again Gailen and Ken. They watched the performances of eight braces. Several dogs caught the judges’ eyes with the title awarded to Dezasterous Jax the Ripper, owned by Matt Smith of Long Beach, Cal., and handled by Dan DiMambro. Jax made a strong move off the cast-off and was found at 6 on point. He continued moving deep into the country with a nice find at 55. He finished the hour by rimming the final field and was found on point at time.

Earning runner-up was Riden High Rudy, owned by Ray Nelson of Rio Linda, Cal., and handled by Dan DiMambro. April Raber was the trusted scout for both dogs. Rudy had a strong forward race with a find at 5. He was found backing at 17 and 32. Rudy then was found on point at 48 with a long flush. His final find was at 58 with a very strong finish to the front.

Pinckneyville, Ill., March 20

Judges: Ken Chenoweth and Gailen Cooper


Winner—CHICOREE’S SPARKLE IN HER EYE, 1642199, female, by H’s K Man Guy—Chicoree’s Jackie v Nuke. Dr. Fred Ryan, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—HI N’S HASTY MATILDA, 1657658, female, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Hi N’s Southern Cross. Hank Lewis, owner and handler.


[One-Hour Heats] — 14 German Shorthairs

Winner—DEZASTEROUS JAX THE RIPPER, 1651159, male, by My Hunting Buddy—Triple Shots Double or Nothing. Matt Smith, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

Runner-Up—RIDEN HIGH RUDY, 1662002, male, by Tonelli’s Sky High—Palin’s Gossip Girl. Ray Nelson, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

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