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NGSPA Savannah River Championships

By Peter Coppens | Mar 13, 2018
Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners. From left: Judge Lisa Pollock, Lynn McKinney, April Raber with Chicoree’s Jake’s Bonnie, Dan DiMambro, Judge Tom Oswald, Peter Coppens with No Sleep Til Brook Lynn and Rich Barber.

Arabi, Ga. — The 2018 NGSPA Savannah River Championships were held at the Utopia Plantation in Arabi, Ga., starting on February 1. A special thank you to Lynn McKinney for allowing us to use the beautiful plantation. Lynn had said that it has been several years since he last burned, but that would happen later in the month.

Thank you to Purina for their support of these trials. Also thanks to Greg Blair and Terry Trzcinski for all the work you do behind Purina. Thank you to SportDog and Mr. Jim Morehouse for always supporting us.

I would like to take time and say thank you to multiple people for helping plant birds, organize lunches, run the dog wagon, etc. Tom Oswald, Chris Young, Art Terstage, Don Duvall and Amberley Simpson. Also thank you to Diane Rakers, our secretary-treasurer, for all the paperwork. Thank you to Carroll’s Sausage and Country sort in Ashburn, Ga., for delicious lunches. Thank you Hug Carroll. Thank you to Dan DiMambro, Art Terstage and Lane Hodges for making a donation to help make these Championships a success.

A shout out to the NGSPA board, Dan DiMambro and Joe Amatulli for having the confidence to allow the committee the chance to run both of these championships in Southern Georgia.

Our professionals who showed up to run dogs were Joyce and Rich Barber and Dan DiMambro and April Raber. The amateurs were Brandon Blum, Art Terstage, Chris Young, Darcy and Lane Hodges, Hank Lewis, Peter Coppens and Tom Oswald. Without the support from all of these participants the trial wouldn’t have been such a huge success.

Thank you to our judges: Lisa Pollock of Medford, N. J., and Tom Oswald of Winnsboro, S. C., in the Open Shooting Dog Championship; Lisa Pollock and Laura Davis of Dawson, Ga., in the Amateur Championship; Laura Davis and Brandon Blum of Acton, Cal., in the Derby.


By Lisa Pollock

Uodibar’s Morass and B M B’S Madison Ave broke away at 8:38 a. m. It took a few minutes for both dogs to get on the right track but once they did Madison hit point at 10, with Morass backing.

Madison was relocated, but only a pile of feathers was present. At 21 Morass had a find before the road, with Madison backing. Once across the road, both dogs hunted the piney woods well, with no reward. Both had a good finish.

Jim Kath’s Pandemonium (Panda) and Greyrock’s Mile Marker (Saint) both pointed at 8, at close but different locations. Saint had an unproductive on feathers. After a relocation Panda had a clean find. Before the road both dogs were found standing at 18. All was in order. Saint had a find in the pines at 34. Panda stayed forward but shortened at the end. Saint continued to strengthen and was found standing at time. Handler elected not to flush.

Greyrock Chief Wildcat was in and out of pocket before we got to the road; handler elected to pick up. Jax’s Tornado Allie showed promise in the opening fields. She only carded a stop to flush in the piney woods and finished short.

Seasoned veterans Up N Adams Bustin Loose (Buster) and Outbak’s Let it Ride (Ryder) went right to work. Buster scored first at 6. Ryder pointed at 7 but had an unproductive on feathers. Both dogs ran the edges well and were found standing at 18. Across the road Ryder had a find at 24, with Buster backing. Buster went missing for awhile but the judge pointed him out to the front at 40 on point. Meanwhile, Ryder hunted well to the front and had a find at 40. At 45 Ryder had an unproductive on fur. Buster continued to hunt the front well. Both dogs finished to the front.

Chicoree’s Jake’s Bonnie and Windy City’s Last Laugh (Joker). It took a few minutes for these two to put it together but once they did things got much better. Bonnie had an unproductive on the same pile of feathers that plagued dogs from the previous braces. At 8 she slammed point on her first of four stylish finds. She scored again at 18 before the road. Once across the road, Joker was not pleasing his handler and was leashed. Bonnie got stronger as she worked the piney woods, always to the front. She had effortless handle with finds at 37 and 55 in the piney woods.

Dezasterous Jax the Ripper scored a find at 6, with B M B’s Samsquanch backing. Jax had another find at 17 before the road with “Sam” backing again. At 23 Sam had a find along the driveway across the road. Jax pointed in another location; no bird was produced. Sam had two unproductives at 27 and 32 and was leashed. Jax was not pleasing his handler and was leashed at 47.

Chicoree’s What’s Up Doc and Hi N’s Hasty Matilda both had finds at the halfway mark but were leashed at 46.

Chicoree’s Sparkle In Her Eye (Sparkle) and  Ain’t Scared (Sipsey) were off to the races early. At 5 they had a divided find on the east edge of the cotton field. A head race ensued. They were found standing at 17, staring each other down. Handlers tried flush but to no avail. Across the road they continued their very competitive pace. At 36 Sparkle was pointed with I Ain’t Scared backing. After the find both dogs drove hard up the hill and were seen making the swing to the front. They were found standing on the top edge, with Sparkle’s handler electing to take a back. The dogs were sent down the hill to the swamp. Sparkle was seen forward hunting the pines. I Ain’t Scared ran out of sight. Sparkle was found pointing at 57 on a hawk kill. I Ain’t Scared was found pointed along a swampy edge at 59, all in order. Two very strong competitive dogs.

Prairie Wind Jimkath’s Kate was in and out of pocket and the retrieval unit was called for within the first 10 minutes. What’s the Point Flint was slow to get started. Once across the road he had a find at 26. He was leashed at 40.

Riden High Rudy headed to the right across the first cotton field and scored his first find at 6. Outbak’s He’s For Me (Reggie) finished his first cast and showed up to back Rudy. Reggie was not pleasing his handler at 10 and was leashed. Rudy continued on to have finds at 14 and 26, but was leashed at 36.

Chicoree’s Cuttin Loose (Lucy) and  No Sleep Til Brook Lynn (Brooke). After a good breakaway, Brooke was found standing on the east side of the cotton field at 5 with Lucy backing. At 9 Lucy was pointed, with Brooke backing. No bird was produced. Both dogs continued along the long edges of the cotton fields and were heeled across the road. Lucy had a find at 24 but shortly after was leashed. Brooke continued a strong race, with good application through the piney woods with finds at 33 and 53. She had a strong finish when set loose in the open field.

Chicoree’s Jake’s Bonnie was named the champion for owner Dr. Fred Ryan of Lima, Ohio, handler Dan DiMambro and scout April Raber.

Runner-up was No Sleep Til Brook Lynn, owned by Charles Edward Lane II of West Branch, Mich., handled by Rich Barber and scouted by Peter Coppens.

Arabi, Ga., February 1 — One Course

Judges: Tom Oswald and Lisa Pollock


Winner—CHICOREE’S JAKE’S BONNIE, 1659618, female, by Chicoree’s Jake—Chicoree’s Sparkle in Her Eye. Dr. Fred Ryan, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

Runner-Up—NO SLEEP TIL BROOK LYNN, 1662506, female, by Texas Bushwacking Bud—Cuttin Wilds Space Cowgirl. Charles Edward Lane II, owner; Rich Barber, handler.



We had 12 competitive dogs in this stake. A big shout out to all the amateurs who pulled together to make this stake a success.

The winner was B M B’s Madison Ave, owned and handled by Brandon Blum. Peter Coppens was the scout. Madison had great application of the open cotton field edges, with one find and one unproductive. Once across the road, she really caught the judges’ eyes with her forward, effortless handle. Madison had a stylish find at 37 in the pines and finished the hour well.

Runner-up  Hi N’s Hasty Matilda is owned and handled by Hank Lewis of Louisville, Ohio. Matilda started off with early promise and was found standing on the east edge of the breakaway field. She and her bracemate had some hang ups, but Matilda quickly got back on track. She scored a stylish find at 18 before the road.

Judges: Laura Davis and Lisa Pollock


Winner—B M B’S MADISON AVE, 1670283, female, by Trueblu’s B D K Ace inthe Hole—Time To Pay the Piper. Jennifer & Brandon Blum, owners; Brandon Blum ,handler.

Runner-Up—HI N’S HASTY MATILDA, 1657658, female, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Hi N’s Southern Cross. Hank Lewis, owner and handler.


By Brandon Blum

High Standing Cuttin Edge (Woody/ DiMambro) and Hi N’s Cool Hand Luke (Lewis) started off strong down the left side line on the open field. Both made big moves to the front. As we rode into the piney woods Woody hunted more maturely and with a little more independence than Luke, earning Woody third place. They both finished strong to the front.

Outbak’s Rough Cut (Diamond/Coppens) started off in the big cotton field wanting to take the right line. The handler rounded him up and got moving forward. He hunted a very mature pattern with three broke finds and stayed in the cover with bold moves throughout the stake to be awarded first. Rocklane’s Ellie Mae (DiMambro) started off well but as a young dog did not quite hunt the thick cover as well as her bracemate.

Hi N’s Allison Miranda (Ally/Lewis) and Gabby G’s Stella Bella (DiMambro) both took to the front immediately in a big sweeping move. Stella hunted the cover well and pinned her birds in a mature fashion to earn second place. Ally ran a mature race overall but a small hiccup on a bird kept her out of the winners’ circle in this stake.

Hi N’s Cinch UP (Lewis) started off well but couldn’t quite cut the cover like the winners. Mystical Spirit’s Bad Bad Man (DiMambro) had his running shoes on today. Taking off boldly to the front he was not seen much. With a couple minutes left he reappeared, but appeared gassed out. He showed great potential.

Rockland’s Miss Freddie (DiMambro) started off well and hunted the cover nicely, with not quite the power of the winners.

Rockland’s Mister Sparky (DiMambro) took a little bit to get going. With not quite the power of the winners he still did a commendable job and will be one to watch with a little more experience.

Awarded first was Outbak’s Rough Cut, owned by Rich Barber and handled by Peter Coppens. Placed second was Gabby G’s Stella Bella, owned by Ryan Roessel, handled by Dan DiMambro and scouted by April Raber. Third was High Standing Cuttin Edge, owned by Anthony and Dayna Rusciano, handled by Dan DiMambro and scouted by April Raber.

Judges: Brandon Blum and Laura Davis


1st—OUTBAK’S ROUGH CUT, 1672639, female, by Greyrock’s Mile Marker—Outbak’s Lil Josey. Richard Barber, owner; Peter Coppens, handler.

2d—GABBY G’S STELLA BELLA, 1677561, female,b y Odyssey’s Cool J Callen—H’s Double A Flagship. Ryan Roessel, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

3d—HIGH STANDING CUTTIN EDGE, 1675198, male, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—C L K’s Point Me The Way. Anthony & Dayna Rusciano, owners; Dan DiMambro, handler.

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