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NGSPA Savannah River Championships

By Diane Rakers | Jul 01, 2020
Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners.  Front, from left: April Raber with Rumel’s Augie Doggie and Rich Barber with Greyrock’s Mile Marker. Behind:  Dan DiMambro, Dr. Fred Ryan and Joyce Barber.

Arabi, Ga. — The 2020 NGSPA Savannah River Championships were held at the Utopia Plantation in Arabi, Ga., starting on February 20. A special thank you to Lynn McKinney for allowing us to use the beautiful plantation.

Thank you to Purina for their support of these trials. Also thanks to Greg Blair and Terry Trzcinski for all the work you do behind the scenes.

Thank you to SportDog and Mr. Jim Morehouse for always supporting us.

I would like to take time and say thank you to everyone who planted birds, organized lunches, ran the dog wagon, etc. Also thank you to Diane Rakers, our secretary-treasurer, for all the paperwork. Thank you Sonja Bradley for accepting the Purina dog food and support of this trial.

Our professionals that showed up to run dogs were Joyce and Rich Barber, Jamie Fountain and Dan DiMambro/ April Raber. A BIG shout out to our amateurs as well. Without the support from all of these participants the trial would not have been the success it was.

Thank you to judges Paul Connelly and Peter Coppens in the Open Shooting Dog Championship. Thank you to judges Jamie Fountain and Janet Erbe in the Amateur Championship. And thank you to judges Bob Erbe and Dr. Fred Ryan in the Derby.

Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Peter Here

Both Windy City’s Last Laugh (Barber) and Chicoree’s Sparkling Ruby (DiMambro) had multiple finds and backs. “Joker” had a good finish. Ruby also finished the hour.

Chicoree’s Glitter And Gold (DiMambro) and Hitch (Barber) carded a divided find at 7. Glitz was doing good until the handler elected to pick up at 41.

Hi N’s Hasty Matilda (DiMambro) had finds at 7 and 20 with Reggie Outbak’s He’s for Me (Barber) backing. Reggie finished the hour with a good strong finish. Matilda was absent for a short while and finished the hour.

Rumel’s Augie Doggie (DiMambro) had a back at 5 and finds at 23 and 37. He finished strong and all in order. Augie’s performance earned him the Open Shooting Dog Championship title. Dulac Princess Aviator (Barber) had an unproductive at 8 and a breach of manners at 21.

Chance (Barber) had a divided find at 22 and a breach of manners at 35. Handler picked up. Slate Rock’s Mountain Heart (DiMambro) had a divided find at 22. He also had finds at 35 and 40. He finished the hour.

Outbak’s Let it Ride (Barber) pointed at 11 with Evergreen’s Jed (DiMambro) backing. Ride had an unproductive and then finds at 31 and 38. He finished the hour. Jed was not pleasing the handler and was picked up.

M S K’s Lil Mighty Mite started strong but was not seen at 18 and DiMambro asked for the retrieval unit. She’s Miles of Sass (Barber) had finds at 25, 31 and 41. She had an all-round good shooting dog race.

Greyrock’s Mile Marker (Barber)  had a mannerly find at 8. Heartly (DiMambro) had a find at 32. “Saint” carded a find at 35. He was making a large cast and had a big finish. Heartly finished the hour. Greyrock’s Mile Marker’ performance earned him the runner-up title.

Outbak’s Purdy Slick (Barber) pointed but had an unproductive at 9. P W Made In The U S A had a breach of manners and DiMambro elected to pick up. Purdy had a find at 25 and made a big move to this find. Purdy was picked up at 43.

Aunt Troji’s Dirty Nike (DiMambro) carded an unproductive with Outbak’s Rough Cut (Barber) backing. Nike ran a forward race with a divided find at 33. Both dogs were forward with Nike scoring another find at 42 and Diamond backing. Both dogs finished to the front and finished the hour.

The next six braces were all bye dogs. Von Cap’s Zip (DiMambro) had a find at 17. He was not pleasing hander and was picked up.

Top Fuel’s Holy Hustler (DiMambro) had two finds at 7 and 20. Handler elected to pick up.

Wingfield’s Remily (DiMambro) was released and not seen again. Handler requested the retrieval unit.

Riden High Rudy (DiMambro) was gone to the front from the breakaway and found standing at 11. He had a stop to flush at 28, and another find at 32. He finished the hour.

Rudder (DiMambro) had a find at 8. Handler elected to pick up.

Wingfield’s Lancer had a stop to flush and DiMambro elected to pick up.

Arabi, Ga., February 20 — One Course

Judges: Peter S. Coppens and Paul Connelly


Winner—RUMEL’S AUGIE DOGGIE, 1666390, male, by HI N’s Feed Jake—Chicoree’s What A Hoodlum. Carl & Melody Checklist & Rocklyn Turano, owners; Dan DiMambro, handler.

Runner-Up—GREYROCK’S MILE MARKER, 1642030, male, by J A K’s Mile Away—Outbak’s Jade. Tom Tubergen, owners; Rich Barber, handler

Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

By Jan Erbe

The Savannah River Amateur Shooting Dog Championship was run on Tuesday, February 25, under the watchful eyes of Judges Jamie Fountain and Jan Erbe.

Twelve German Shorthairs competed in the stake under cloudy skies and cool temperatures. The rain was intermittent with a downpour in the second brace. The grounds were wet and muddy and taxed the horses. The dogs, however, had no problem making huge casts.

The stake started out through the peanut fields which powered the dogs to run lines. The stake continued through the piney woods with several well-placed bird callers and an abundance of quail. It was tough going to finish the stake for the handlers as several of the dogs were gone too long and the handlers opted to pick up.

The winner was High Standing Cuttin Edge, callname Woody, owned and handled by Anthony Rusciano of Newfield, N. J. Woody tried to escape the handler in the peanut fields; however, was brought back by the handler and continued under judgment.

Woody finished the stake with three beautiful finds with a 12 o’clock tail in the piney woods.

Runner-up was Hi N’s Ramblin Gypsy, owned and handled by Hank Lewis of Louisville, Ohio. Gypsy had her first find in the peanut field and continued with four more finds in the piney woods.

Judges: Jan Erbe and Jamie Fountain


Winner—HIGH STANDING CUTTIN EDGE, 1675198, male, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—C L K’s Point Me The Way. Anthony & Dayna Rusciano, owners; Anthony Rusciano, handler.

Runner-Up—HI N’S RAMBLIN GYPSY, 1673551, female, by G K’s Whistling Straight—G K’s Ramblin Cindy. Hank Lewis, owner and handler.

Open Derby

By Bob Erbe

The Open Derby judges were Bob Erbe and Dr. Fred Ryan.

The Derby started at 11:00 a. m. under partly cloudy and cool conditions. Twelve hopefuls went to the line.

Hi N’s Stella (Hank Lewis) had an eight-minute absence and one broke find. P W Chicoree Kix Chic (DiMambro) was lost and the retrieval unit was called for at 15.

Sonny wasn’t pleasing Peter Coppens and was picked up. Ream’s Easy Doze (DiMambro) was picked up early also.

Dee (DiMambro) had two broke finds on coveys. Hi N’s Family Ties (Lewis) had three broke finds on two coveys. She hunted hard through the piney woods and finished three-eighths of a mile away on the treeline in the cotton field. She was awarded a well deserved third place.

Chicoree’s Riden High Trixie (DiMambro) was a nice snappy pup with two broke finds. Close to the winners. Hi N’s Charlie (Lewis) carded one broke covey find.

Monkeyshine’s Total Chaos (April Raber) ran an erratic course with one find. Ream’s Stay In Your Own Lane (DiMambro) was another nice snappy pup with two broke finds. Also close to the winners.

Hi N’s Dirty Secret (Lewis) was a very independent nice pup which had a find on a covey and finished 500 yards going away in the cotton field. Very deserving of being named the first place winner. Top Fuel’s Bail Jumper (DiMambro) was another highly independent pup. She took the course and wasn’t as decisive on her birds as the winner, but ended up a half mile away going down the forest edge in the woods. Clearly the runner-up.

The course tested the ability of these fine Derbies. It consisted of piney woods, some very dense, some open fields and finished in some big cotton and peanut fields.

The future is bright for this bunch of Derbies. Most had broke finds on coveys.

Judges: Bob Erbe and Dr. Fred Ryan


1st—HI N’S DIRTY SECRET, 1687997, female, by Hi N’s Bodacious—Hi N’s Hasty Matilda. Hank Lewis, owner and handler.

2d—TOP FUEL’S BAIL JUMPER, 1684349, female, by J B Wagoners Lightning—B D K’s T J Badaboom. Courtney Jo Campeau, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

3d—HI N’S FAMILY TIES, 1687999, female, by Hi N’s Bodacious—Hi N’s Hasty Matilda. Hank Lewis, owner and handler.








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