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NGSPA Sharptail Championships

By Tom Davis | Nov 07, 2019
Open All-Age Championship Winner P W B D K’s Dot on the Horizon posed by Rich Robertson, joined by, from left: Judge Jeremy Skousen, Mrs. Robertson, Tami Larrondo, Judge Keith Bryant, Keith Richardson and Terry Davis.

Baker, Mont. — Ben Franklin once remarked, “He that can have patience, can have what he will.”

He believed that a trusting attitude and a patient attitude went hand in hand.

Patience is not just waiting for something it is about how you are waiting or your attitude while waiting.

I began this article with these thoughts because they are so relevant to this year’s edition of the NGSPA Sharptail Championships.

Five years ago the Sharptail Championships moved from Ekalaka, Mont., thirty miles north to Baker, Mont. At the time of the move, I was chairman of the trials and asked the people in attendance to have patience as it would take a few years on this new venue to iron out all the wrinkles.

The first year on the Dean Wang Ranch the cover was pretty slick, and the birds were scarce. The second year the signs of a drought were evident in the thin cover and few birds.

The third year was cancelled because of severe drought. Last year recovery was evident but short grass and few birds were the norm.

This year, the fifth, our patience was rewarded. Summer rainfall amounted to more than the usual annual amount. The cover was lush and green, and the bird count was more than adequate for a wild bird trial of this size.

Fortunately, the attitudes of Tami and Ray Larrondo, Diane and Dean Crabbs, R. J. Marquart, Mike Patrick and your scribe remained positive. Our patience had come to fruition.

This year turned out to be the best thus far from the cover, the birds and participants’ perspective.

We added a new stake — an Amateur All-Age — this year and drew 100 dogs for all five stakes.

A big thank you to the ranchers — Dean Wang, Mike Gunderson and Kelley Dusharme — for letting us use their very valuable land resource. It is much appreciated.

A thank you to good friend Jim Morehouse for his SportDog support and to Purina for their huge support. Thanks are not enough for support staff of Dean and Diana Crabbs, Tami and Ray Larrondo, R. J. Marquart, Mike Patrick and my brother Terry Davis.

Also, a big thank you goes out to those who  occupied the judicial saddles making the event a big success. These men of note were Eldon Hongo, Mark Johnson, Jeremy Skousen, Mike Mullineaux, Keith Bryant and Brandon Blum. Without these men willing to donate their time and expertise, these trials would not be possible. Thank you.

As a final note it should be stated that due to the financial success of this trial in the past, the association was able to donate $500 to the volunteer Fire Department of Baker for some much-needed equipment.

Due to haphazard book work by the secretary, only the winners of the stakes will be written up.

NGSPA Sharptail Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

The winner was Liverhead’s Sizzlin Lizz, owned and handled by Peter Wilkin of Fontana, Kan. Lizz had a good forward start. She was found standing with a stylish find at 20 followed by finds at 31 and 34. She had a barren stand at 45 where the handler couldn’t move fast enough to flush birds. Lizz had good quality application and finished the hour strong.

The runner-up spot went to Snowy River’s Bankin on Boz, owned and handled by Chase Verdoorn of Platte City, Mo. Boz had a stop to flush at 42 and at 46 a nice well pointed covey find. He too had good style and a consistent forward race for the full hour. He finished strong.

Baker, Mont., August 31

Judges: Eldon Hongo and Mark Johnson


[One-Hour Heats] — 28 German Shorthairs

Winner—LIVERHEAD’S SIZZLIN LIZZ, 1662979, female, by B D K Chloe Jax of All Trades—Liverhead’s Jumpin Jackie. Peter Wilkin, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—SNOWY RIVER’S BANKIN ON BOZ, 1664277, male, by H’s Hedge Rise Ignited—Snowy River’s S S Super Sport. Chase Verdoorn, owner and handler.

NGSPA Sharptail Amateur All-Age Championship

The winner was B M B’s Samsquanch, owned and handled by Brandon Blum of Acton, Cal. “Sam” had a good breakaway. At 32 birds were in the air and Sam was found standing. He carded an unproductive at 35. After several good forward casts, Sam was found pointing at 51. A good covey was raised with good manners displayed. Sam finished strong to garner the title.

The runner-up placement went to Rock Rivers U Can’t Handle It, handled by owner Rick Heller of Allenton, Wis. After a good opening cast “Dually” seemed to be too attracted to his bracemate which was coming in heat. The handler leashed his dog and Dually went on. He ran a nice all-age race. He was found pointed along a fenceline at 51 where a single was flushed. The dog finished well to the front.


[One-Hour Heats] — 14 German Shorthairs

Winner—B M B’S SAMSQUANCH, 1669573, male, by Trueblu’s B D K Ace Inthe Hole—Time To Pay The Piper. Jennifer & Brandon Blum, owners; Brandon Blum, handler.

Runner-Up—ROCK RIVERS U CAN’T HANDLE IT, 1671158, male, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Tulli’s Excess. Rick Heller, owner and handler.


The Open All-Age title was won for the second year in a row by P W B D K’s Dot On the Horizon, owned by Keith and Bobbie Richardson of Cheyenne, Wyo., and handled by Rich Robertson. Dot seems to favor these grounds as she sailed around without a lot of scouting. She had a good forward race with a find on a covey at 44. Her manners were excellent at the flush and shot. Dot seemed to slow just a bit at the finish, but the temperature had topped 87° by then. A good finish.

No runner-up was named.

Judges: Keith Bryant and Jeremy Skousen


Winner—P W B D K’S DOT ON THE HORIZON, 1647542, German Shorthair female, by P W Zackly Right—B D K’s Outbak Cutter. Keith & Bobbie Richardson, owners; Rich Robertson, handler.


The runner-up trophy went to Chicoree’s Glitter and Gold, owned by Fred Ryan  of Lima, Ohio and handled by April Raber. “Glitz” was fairly handy during the hour but she carded an excellent find at 18 with manners in order. She finished with gas in her tank.

Named champion was P W Indian Brook Heads Up, owned by the Richardsons and handled by Rich Robertson.

“Enzi” carded a stop to flush with both dogs in an alfalfa field. Both dogs went forward. At 50 birds were seen in the air and over a hill the dog was found standing. She ran a commendable shooting dog race, hunting good places and finished well and to the front.

Judges: Mike Mullineaux and Jeremy Skousen


[One-Hour Heats] — 24 German Shorthairs

Winner—P W INDIAN BROOK HEADS UP, 1661199, female, by No Mars Mack v Haus—Prairie Winds Pennies From Heaven. Keith & Bobbie Richardson, owners; Rich Robertson, handler.

Runner-Up—CHICOREE’S GLITTER AND GOLD, 1686474, female, by Chicoree’s Immaculate—Chicoree’s Country Fan. Fred Ryan, owner; April Raber, handler.

Judges: Brandon Blum and Keith Bryant


1st—H K SUNRISE KIZUNA. [Placement Voided].

2d—R C’S ROCKIN LIKE A HURRICANE, 1684539, male, by Kimber Tactical—Uodibar’s Tonk Queen. Roy Yamamoto, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

3d—HEARTLEY, 1682848, male, by Kimber Tactical—Uodibar’s Honky Tonk Queen. Chris Herrmann, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

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