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Field Trial Report

Nittany Valley Bird Dog Club

By Dick Brenneman | Jan 02, 2018
All In

State College, Pa. — The Nittany Valley Bird Dog Club held its fall trial on November 12 on Gamelands 176 near State College, Pa.

The weather was ideal for the dogs with temperatures in the teens in the morning to low 40s in the afternoon.

Birds were hard to find with a few grouse moved and only one woodcock.

Thanks to the Pennsylvania Game Commission for the use of the Gamelands. Also, a big thanks to Purina for the sponsorship of the trial, covering the ad in The American Field along with dog food for the winners and hats for anyone.

Thanks to all the judges. All-Age judges were Mike Oxenrider and Marty Stoker. Mike Spotts and Seth Heasley judged the Derby, and Puppy judges were Rob Boos and Dr. Bruce Mueller.

First place in the Open All-Age was Gretna Crest Anticipation (Carley,) owned by Rob Frame and handled by Ryan Frame. Carley ran a big, forward race from start to finish. Second was All In (Chance), owned and handled by Thor Kain. It took Chance a little time to get in the grove. His second half was a nice, big, forward race while hunting all the cover with class. Third was Big Bang, owned and handled by Rob Boos. She ran a big, classy, forward race. All the dogs handled birds well in the birdfield. Closest to the winners was Austin Hill Luke, owned and handled by Dave Duell.

The Open Derby was won by Game Winner (Finn), owned and handled by Dick Brenneman. Finn had an eye-catching, hard driving, classy, forward race. Second was Doodle Ridge Huckleberry (Huck), owned and handled by Bruce Mueller. Huck ran a classy, consistent race. Third was Asper Hill Pippi, owned and handled by Mike Oxenrider. Pippi also ran a classy, forward race, although not a big as the dog placed above her.

The Open Puppy was won by Super Storm (Fed), owned and handled by Thor Kain. Fed ran a big, classy hunting race. Second was Riverhill Nellie, owned and handled by Denny Aston. Nellie had a slow start but finished strong with class and speed. Third was Jar’s Way Leroy, owned by Amy and Greg Yutzey and handled by Greg Yutzey. He ran a nice, forward and classy race, but his race was not as consistent as the dogs placed above him. Close to the winners was Big Run Rambler, owned and handled by Andy Bogar. He was lost at the very end or the placements would have been different.

State College, Pa., November 12

Judges: Mike Oxenrider and Marty Stoker

OPEN ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 1 Pointer and 10 Setters

1st—GRETNA CREST ANTICIPATION, 1657384, setter female, by Michtners Rock’n’rye—Gretna Crest Bellstar. Robin Frame, owner; Ryan Frame, handler.

2d—ALL IN, 1622903, setter male, by Lilleyhill’s Secret Stash—Full Tilta. Thor Kain, owner and handler.

3d—BIG BANG, 1655609, setter female, by High Impact—Pine Summit Daisy. Robert Boos, owner and handler.

Judges: Seth Heasley and Michael Spotts

OPEN DERBY — 2 Pointers and 6 Setters

1st—GAME WINNER, 1672473, setter male, by Full Blast—Springfield’s Showgirl. Richard Brenneman, owner and handler.

2d—DOODLE RIDGE HUCKLEBERRY, 1670649, setter male, by Long Gone Studly—Doodle Ridge Mia. Bruce Mueller, owner and handler.

3d—ASPER HILL PIPPI, 1669040, setter female, by Full Blast—Shady Hills Girlie. Mike Oxenrider, Jr., owner and handler.

Judges: Robert Boos and Dr. Bruce Mueller

OPEN PUPPY — 9 Setters

1st—SUPER STORM, 1675530, male, by Pennstar—Straight Forward. Thor Kain, owner and handler.

2d—RIVERHILL NELLIE, 1675329, female, by Berg Brothers Big Easy—Valpo Silver Chic. Denny Alston, owner and handler.

3d—JAR’S WAY LEROY, 1673871, male, by Full Blast—Jar’s Way Shirley. Amy L. Snyder & Gregory L. Yutzey, owners; Gregory L. Yutzey, handler.

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