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Wild Apple Calvados Named Winner; Cairds Lefty is Runner-Up

North American Woodcock Championship

By Russell Ogilvie | Oct 12, 2018
Championship Winners. From left: John Day of SportDog Canada, Ron Levitan, judge; Craig Doherty with Wild Apple Calvados, Bob Little with Cairds Lefty and Bill Bonnetti, judge.

McAdam, N. B. — Summer was still in full swing on this September weekend. Waking up with temperatures in the 60s and having it reach low 80s made it tough on the dogs, handlers, and judges alike.

When it was all said and done, two dogs rose to the challenge and took home titles. The champion, Wild Apple Calvados, five-year-old white and liver pointer female owned by Tim Kisieleski of Amesbury, Mass., handled by Craig Doherty, and the runner-up Cairds Lefty, white and liver pointer male which turned three August 25, owned by Travis J. Riggs of Georgia and Tom Togno of New Jersey.

Wild Apple Calvados was braced with Grouse Hill Annie (John Stolgitis) on Sunday morning at County Line South. Both dogs broke away hitting the cover trying to take advantage to the cooler morning temperature. Birds had been pointed each morning not far off the breakaway but not so day three. Both dogs crossed the hydro line without any action. Brandy went wide and deep just after the crossing and took to the front on Doherty’s call. Annie, got a little sticky on the corner but shot forward as well.

Both Brandy and Annie hunted the cover in all the right spots as the handlers guided them along the course. Annie went deep to the left and her bell stopped at 40. Stolgitis searched but could not locate Annie. He called for the tracker at 50. During this long search, Brandy moved forward gritting it out through increasing temperature. With time quickly winding down, the bell fell silent deep to the right at 58. After a lengthy search, Brandy was found locked up. Doherty walked in front sending the woodcock skyward. This is the second blue ribbon for Brandy. She took those honors in the Northeast Grouse and Woodcock Championship in 2016.

The runner-up came out of the 15th brace on County Line North. Cairds Lefty (Little) was braced with Long Gone Porky (Bly). Lefty and Porky got down to business with Porky stopping at 3. Bly flushed but nothing was home. Porky was relocated and moved ahead stopping again but was unsure. Bly ended up sending him on. At 12, Lefty’s bell fell silent to the front just of the course. With Porky backing, Little waited for Bly to get to his dog before he flushed. Porky decided not to wait and moved up on his own. While Bly went to put a lead on his dog, a woodcock was flown right next to the course and Lefty had his first find.

With the course to himself, Little sent Lefty across the hydro line. Once across, Lefty quickly stopped again at 15. Little could not fly anything this time but the judged noted a pile of fresh splash on the ground. Fighting the climbing temperatures, Lefty worked the cover staying in contact with his handler. His bell fell silent again at 39. After a lengthy flush, Lefty was sent on. As the gallery watched Lefty swing to the left, he came to a sudden stop at 45. Standing like a portrait, Little went to him and quickly walked in front recording Lefty’s second woodcock find of the brace. After watering down Lefty, Little sent him on and finished the hour without any more action.

It has been a successful year for Lefty. Earlier this year he took second in the NBHA Futurity in Georgia, won the USCSDA Futurity at Hoffman, N.C., and won the USCSDA North East Championship in Rhode Island.

The Maritime Bird Dog Club, the winners, handlers, and owners would like to thank the supporters of this year’s trial. Corey Nutrition, the makers of Inukshuk dog food for producing a top of the line dog food and assisting with our advertisement. John Day from Sport Dog Canada was in attendance to hear the winners announced. John and Sport Dog Canada donated new collars to the winners.

Just like last year, Larry Costigan has donated his time and talent. He will be providing a painting of 2x Champion Wild Apple Calvados.

A big thanks goes out to the judges, Bill Bonnetti of Marston Mills, Mass., and Ron Levitan of Milford, Mich., for trudging up and down hills, through thick understory, and very warm temperature to give the dogs their full attention.

The North American is held in the small border town of McAdam, New Brunswick. The trial has great local support from Ross Faulkner who owns The Gun Dealer and Norm Dewitt who owns Hoof & Paw Bed and Breakfast. Ross has always been very generous by helping out with judges gifts. If you are ever near the McAdam, it is well worth the stop. Normy who is busy with his bear season, always makes sure we have a place to stay and stake out our dogs. Great place to host a trial.

Up early and walking all day means hunger people. Adam and Jenni know how to serve a plate of food. Home cooking at its finest. Adam was the grill master on Saturday evening as he served up perfectly cooked steaks. The steaks were provided by Paul Scott of Wallingford, Conn., who owns last year’s winner, Daddy’s Little Boy Butch.

A wild bird trial take up a lot of land and the club wants to thank Hugo Fillion of Fillion Forestry Inc. who owns the land we run on. They are very welcoming to the club and allowing us to use the land they manage. A big thanks to MBDC President Bob Little for developing a relationship with Hugo Fillion.

Last but not least, a thanks goes out to all the drivers, marshals, road guards, etc for all their help to make the North American successful.


Day 1. Sanderling Wild Pippin (Little) and Split Rock’s Princess Jillian (Welsh) broke away hard on this very warm morning. With the excitement of the first brace abounding, the handlers, judges, and gallery glided along the old woods road. Jill’s bell fell silent at 13 off to the left. Welsh walked in and called point just beyond the raspberry patch. As the judge and handler got closer, a grouse was seen just in front of the dog and blew out over the dog. This was a little too much for the first year shooting dog as she moved on the flush. Pippin had a stop at 23 with nothing home. He stopped again at 28 without success as well. Pippin finished the hour

Stokely’s B Annie (Bly) and Wild Apple Polka Dot (Doherty) went to work quickly. Annie stopped at 3 and had a woodcock pinned. Dot stopped at 3 and a grouse ended her day when she went with it. Annie stopped again at 8. Bly sent another woodcock skyward carding this first year shooting dog’s second find. Annie stopped again at 20 without success. She went on and pointed at 38 which was too much for her. She moved up when the bird flew.

Stoke’s Willie B (Bly) and Upper Ten Riley (Adsit) broke away on County Line North. Both dogs stopped at 3. Handlers and judges found both dogs locked up. Both handlers flushed and a woodcock was flown. Riley held but Willie moved up, ending his run. Riley  crossed the hydro line and had an unproductive at 28. With the day really warming up, Riley pushed forward. As everyone worked their way down the course along a fir thicket, Riley checked in and right in the middle of the gallery he locked up. Handler turned to see the dog take a step forward and stop. No one thought it possible that a bird was that close to the course with so many walking past, Adsit walked to him and up popped a bird as well as Riley at 52.

Brace No. 4 — Chasehill Little Thudd (Stolgitis) and Wild Apple Spot On (Doherty) — was back on course No. 1. Thudd ran hard in the heat but went birdless. Spot hunted hard as well but the heat got to him. He was picked up at 45.

Cairds Little Macy Mae (Little) and Chasehill Little Izzy (Stolgitis) ran in the hot afternoon sun. Both dogs made it through the first section without any action. With everyone across the hydro line, Izzy came up through the gallery and stopped right in the middle of the trail at 12. Stolgitis spoke to her and she took a step and locked up again. With Macy coming up from the rear, Stolgitis sent Izzy on again but this time she went too far and a grouse was flown. Macy continued on but not for long. The heat go to her; she was picked up at 20.

Guardian (Stolgitis) and Ruff Grouse Lilly (Christopher) had sweltering temperatures to deal with for the last brace of the day. Lilly had a stop at 12 along the hydro line but nothing was flown. Both dogs crossed over and Chip’s bell fell silent deep to the left. Handler, judge, and scout searched for 20 minutes trying to locate Chip. Finally the retrieval unit was called for and he was found with a woodcock in front of him. Lilly went ahead and had another stop. She was picked up before the hour.

Day 2. No. 7: Magic Mist Sydni (Dahl) and Kalamity Cinder (Sloan) broke away on another very warm morning. Both dogs were running well and hitting the cover right from the start. We made it through the first section without any action. Cinder’s bell fell silent to the left of the course at 22 . As the handler walked in the search for her dog, the bell started up and we moved on. Toward the end of the hour, Sydni was stopped at 54 on the side hill and Dahl went up to locate her. As he moved toward her, a grouse got up to his right but the dog was not near. Sydni’s bell started up and would not stop again.

Bog Brook Okie Dokie (Richardson) and Elhew Snakecharm (Doherty) broke away on County Line South. Okie’s bell stopped at 2:00 and a woodcock was flown. Okie had an unproductive at 28:00. Okie stopped at 45:00 and was relocated several times. As Richardson was leashing Okie, the judge walked up a woodcock on his was out to the course. Charlie would run well and finish the hour but did not have any bird contacts.

Daddy’s Little Boy Butch (Stolgitis) and Mooselook Mac (Little) took to the woods. Butch was strong on the ground but was a little bullish at times. He stopped just after time was called. Mac went well but struggled in the heat. He stopped at 40 in a likely spot but moved up when his handler was flushing.

Brace No. 10: Wild Apple White Lighting (Doherty) and Duckhook (Stolgitis) had the tough Lakeland course in the heat of the day. Brutus stopped at 20 but nothing was flown. He ran hard through the heat but could not come up with a bird. Mikey ran well in the heat as well but got a little sticky on a corner. He would not have any contacts either.

Chasehill Baby Bella (Stolgitis)  had stops at 8 and 24 before the hydro line but nothing was flown. Long Gone Mercedes got ahead of Bly and he lost contact with her and called for the retrieval device. Bella made it across the hydro line but quickly faded in the heat and was picked up at 24.

Stokely’s Frankie B (Bly) and Springbrook Maximus (Ogilvie) got to enjoy the hot afternoon sun. Both dogs made it across the hydro line without any excitement. Max stopped on a corner and was searched for over 10 minutes. When he finally was found, nothing was moved and did not have success during a relocation. Max hunted hard and handled the heat but could not come up with a bird. Frankie went ahead, made it through the hour without bird work.

Day No. 3. We woke this morning to warm temperatures once again but there seemed to be a small front going through. We had cloud cover, a small breeze, and a little moisture in the air.

Wynot Atom (Forrest) and Panola Bacon had the morning run on Lakeland. Atom and Bacon charged out and search high and low for birds but could were not successful. Stolgitis pushed forward trying to get Bacon into areas that had not been hunted before. We all thought it worked when Bacon stopped at 55 on the back side of a raspberry patch. Nothing was flown and the relocation was unsuccessful. Atom hunted well but was independent at times.

Braces No. 14 and 15 were noted earlier.

Higby Rilo (Stolgitis) was the last dog of the trial to be cut loose. Rilo went out hard and deep. We lost the bell and a quick search was done after a grouse blew out of a raspberry patch to the left. Another two grouse were walked up to the right of the course. The retrieval device was called for at 20, concluding the 2018 North American Woodcock Championship.

McAdam, N. B., September 14

Judges: Bill Bonnetti and Ron Levitan


21 Pointers, 9 Setters and 1 Irish Setter

Winner—WILD APPLE CALVADOS, 1649834, pointer female, by Autumn Moon—Cover Dog Covergirl. Tim Kisieleski, owner, Craig Doherty, handler.

Runner-Up—CAIRDS LEFTY, 1673245, pointer male, by Knight’s White Light—Pine Hollow Belle. Travis J. Riggs & Tom Togno, owners; Robert Little, handler.

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