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Panola Bacon, Mac Stidham’s Pointer, Wins 42nd Running

North American Woodcock Futurity

By Russell Ogilvie | Oct 12, 2018
Futurity Winners. From left: Anthony Matthew, judge; John Stolgitis with Panola Bacon, Tony Bly, judge; Joe Dahl with Magic Mist Carolina, Gretchen Adsit with trophy, Kellie Short with Paucek's Little Tommy Tucker and John Adsit with Upper Ten Kobi.

McAdam, N. B. — The 42nd North American Woodcock Futurity started as the last brace of the North American Woodcock Championship was finishing up seven miles away.

Judges for the 2018 renewal were seasoned grouse and woodcock men Tony Bly and Anthony Matthew who evaluated fifteen hopefuls as follows:

Paucek’s Sadie (Short) and Bear River Victory (Little) flew from the starting line and never let down the entire brace. Both female pointers were quick and fancy going. At 10, Sadie got behind on a sharp corner but returned to the front. Victory, owned by Christopher Clarke, was watching his Derby from the gallery as she glided through the cover with style until time was called. Both dogs have a bright future. Judge Bly mentioned after the trial that Victory had the race of the stake but unfortunately had no bird contacts.

Brace No. 2 had female setters Bog Brook Willie (Richardson) and Long Gone Hatfield (Kennedy). Both ran forward races searching in all the right places. Willie stopped on the left after crossing the powerline. Richardson made a thorough search as a woodcock had been pointed earlier in that area during the Championship. However, it wasn’t home. Hatty searched wider in the last 10 minutes, stopping in three likely spots but no birds moved. Willie shortened at the 20 and Richardson leashed the young female.

Cairds War Train (Little) and Paucek’s Tommy Tucker (Short) were up next. Little’s Derby went to the left at the breakaway and ran hard but not in unison with his handler. Little called for the retrieval unit. Tucker searched the cover at a moderate pace for Short. His effort was rewarded with a stop at 13. Judge Bly caught sight of a woodcock leaving the area. Tucker continued his quest for birds until time was called.

In No. 4, Long Gone DeQuan (Dahl) and Upper Ten Kobi (Adsit) tore into the cover on the Stinky Moose course. Both dogs seemed to feed of the energy of their brace mate. Kobi stopped first and Adsit produced a woodcock. DeQuan pointed, did a quick self relocate, and a grouse rocketed away. DeQuan stood until moved by his handler. After the find, DeQuan searched a wide area, not always heading in the direction that the handler wanted. Kobi continued a forward pattern that was rewarded with another woodcock find, Kobi shortened up a bit in his last 6 minutes. Dahl leashed DeQuan at 23.

Chasehill I’m Oscar (Stolgitis) and Tilden Pond Sam (Forrest) took to the woods. Oscar ran a very strong race. Showing a mature ground race for fall derby. Sam started off strong and settled in for Forrest. Oscar would pound the cover and handle nicely. Unfortunately he would not have any bird contacts. Sam was fancy on the ground and moved well but shorted in the heat.

Brace No. 6: Wild Apple Siri (Rizza) and Cantor’s Remi (Wilkins) headed out in the heat of the day. Remi handled the heat extremely well covering ground with ease. Remi was very fancy when seen however she had her own agenda. She finished as strong as she started. Siri was fancy as well as she hunted the cover. She would look in the right places but the heat would get to her and she shorted up. Rizza made the decision to pick her up.

Paucek’s Olaf (Short) and Panola Bacon (Stolgitis) broke away in tough conditions. Bacon had earlier in the day had run in the Championship and showed little signs of being affected. He took to the cover with authority. Olaf worked hard as well searching in likely cover in hot and dry conditions. Olaf would shorten in the heat. Bacon fought the heat and was rewarded at 29 when he stopped to the left of the course and a grouse got up. That contact took him into another gear.

In No. 8, Magic Mist Carolina (Dahl) ran as a bye. Full speed is her only speed, but she handled when called upon. Ruby had four stops on woodcock. She would slam on point but had no problem helping her handler flush the birds. She was watered after each stop but flew back into the cover each time.

McAdam, N. B., September 15

Judges: Tony Bly and Anthony Matthew


8 Pointers and 7 Setters

1st—PANOLA BACON, 1675813, pointer male, by Daddy’s Little Boy Butch—Richfield Rose. Mac Stidham, owner; John Stolgitis, handler.

2d—MAGIC MIST CAROLINA, 1671497, setter female, by Backstep Ruby—Fernwood Cove’s Bella. Joseph Dahl, owner and handler.

3d—PAUCEK’S LITTLE TOMMY TUCKER, 1679370, setter male, by Long Gone Wallace—Paucek’s Hickory Roxy. Kellie Short, owner and handler.

4th—UPPER TEN KOBI, 1671814, pointer male, by Erin’s War Creek—Fantasy Update. John & Gretchen Adsit, owners; John Adsit, handler.

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