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Quickmarksman’s Dan Named Winner

North Carolina Open All-Age Trials

By Dwight Smith | Apr 12, 2018
Open All-Age Winners. From front left: Quickmarksman’s Dan with Gary Miller, Quickmarksman’s Tom Tekoa with Mike Hester and Fast Times with Nan Hilliard. Second row: Larry McDonald, Judge David Steele, Judge Don Garris and Mack Hilliard. Third: Dennis Snyder, John Adsit and Paul Gadd. Back: Jim Emerson and Gretchen Adsit.

Hoffman, N. C. — QuickMarksman’S Dan, three-year-old white, liver and ticked pointer male, was named winner of the North Carolina Open All-Age Stake. He is owned by Larry Earls and was handled by Mike Hester. Dan’s ground application and one find earned him first place over his kennelmate Quickmarksman’s Tom Tekoa, setter male also owned by Larry Earls and handled by Mike Hester.

Fast Times, white and liver pointer male owned by Nan Hilliard, was named to third place. Times had two finds and was handled by Mack Hilliard.

This was the 64th renewal of the North Carolina Open All-Age Stake, sponsored by the North Carolina Field Trial Association.

An entry of only thirteen all-age dogs was disappointing. It is thought that the low number of entries was due to the overlapping of championship trials and other all-age events. It seems that the powers that be name National Championship qualifying trials and let them run in the same time period while strongly suggesting that a National qualifying trial maintain an entry of twenty dogs. Doesn’t make sense to this writer.

The North Carolina flagship stake is a National qualifying stake and a Purina points trial.

Weather during the two days of competition was terrible for quail hunting. The wind blew without letting up, with gusts up to 30 mph and bright sunshine all day. Quail were hard to come by at times due to weather conditions; however, quail population is at an all-time high on the Robert Gordon grounds.

The Sandhills Wildlife Area grounds are in great condition thanks to the North Carolina Wildlife Commission’s continued efforts to make them “great again.” New management of the area supports not only improving field trial grounds but also improved conditions for other outdoor recreational activities by their support.

Not known to a lot of field trialers is an area called the “Drop Zone,” that is also on the Sandhills Area. Several one- course and walking trials are held on the Drop Zone each year.

As this writer was checking out of the motel after the trial, a group of field trialers from Ohio were eating breakfast before they went to the Drop Zone for a continental breed trial.

Trial Chairman Paul Gadd had every detail taken care of for this 63rd renewal. John and Gretchen Adsit were helpful in many ways and of course Larry McDonald was “Johnny on the spot” with the dog truck.

Judges David Steele of Signal Mountain, Tenn., and Don Garris of Lagrange, N. C., were attentive, knowledgeable and were shown respect by the handlers due to their analytical ability.


All-Age winner Quickmarksman’s Dan drew the first brace and set the standard that no other entry reached. He was released in a strong wind, 30 mph gusts, with the sun already shining brightly at 8:00 a. m.

Dan reached to the bottoms below the clubhouse, topped the next hill and was pointed out by Hester before the elbow. Hester collected Dan up, crossed the road, then the creek, and headed toward Baggett Lake.

Dan was out of pocked just a few minutes before showing up in the mile-long field. He had a find, Cook’s American Pharoah backed, all in order, a nice piece of bird work.

Dan toured the mile-long field, hunted the hills before going into the bottoms before the cemetery area. He seemed to get stronger as time went on and had a strong finish near where course No. 1 ends.

Quickmarksman’s Tom Tekoa drew the fifth brace that started before the concrete bunker because the fourth brace ended early. Tom Tekoa had recently annexed the Georgia Quail Championship for owner Larry Earls and handler Mike Hester.

Hester held Tom Tekoa in close for the first 30 minutes or so, not letting him really reach, then after a find at 30 Hester “turned him loose” and Tom took advantage of his freedom to apply himself and reach for the open edges before and beyond the bear trap.

Third placed Fast Times ran in the third brace facing a strong wind, but hunted into the wind throughout the hour. Times had two good finds, handled exceptionally well given the weather conditions.

On another occasion Mack Hilliard called point, called the flight of quail but neither judge saw quail. Times was credited with two finds.

Marques Armed Robber impressed with his ground work, had a find handled correctly to be the only entry besides those that placed that impressed in the raw weather.

Hoffman, N. C., March 15

Judges: Don Garris and David Steele

NORTH CAROLINA OPEN ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 13 Entries

1st—QUICKMARKSMAN’S DAN, 1664443, pointer male, by Quickmarksman’s Tony—Witt’s Snow Angel. L. S. Earls, owner; Mike Hester, handler.

2d—QUICKMARKSMAN’S TOM TEKOA, 1650471, setter male, by Quickmarksman’s Tekoa—Quickmarksman’s Sue. L. S. Earls, owner; Mike Hester, handler.

3d—FAST TIMES, 1659507, pointer male, by Makin Time—Home Boy’s Girl. Nan Hilliard, owner; Mack Hilliard, handler.


Thirteen Derbies were entered in the 30-minute stake. Only two had work on game that showed a finished Derby.

Stoney Run’s Spector, owned and handled by Dennis Snyder, was placed first on a performance that produced one find and a heck of a race.

L C Smith, owned and handled by Gary Miller, had an excellent piece of bird work. Smith’s range might not have been as intense as Spector’s, but the footwork was more than adequate.

Home Suits Me was placed on class. He was always to the front, taking in big chunks of the countryside. A good prospect for the future he is.

OPEN DERBY — 9 Pointers and 4 Setters

1st—STONEY RUN’S SPECTOR, 1670901, pointer male, by Stoney Run’s Buddy—Sinbad’s Little Bit. Dennis Snyder, owner and handler.

2d—L C SMITH, 1671185, pointer male, by Stoney Run’s Buddy—Fast Act Rachel. Gary Miller, owner and handler.

3d—HOME SUITS ME, 1672546, pointer male, by Walnut Tree Fred—Home Boy’s Girl. Paul Gadd, owner; Mack Hilliard, handler.

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