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North Carolina Open Quail Championship

By Larry Cox | Apr 10, 2018
Erin's Full Throttle Winner of the North Carolina Quail Championship

Hoffman, N. C. — The trial started at the famous Hoffman grounds on March 19 at 8:00 a. m. The stake ran very smoothly and everyone had a good time. Handlers came from as far away as Georgia and Virginia.

Thank you to Gretchen Adsit who helped with the pizzas for lunch on Monday. Special thanks to Purina for their gracious support.

Judges Chad Adams of Goldsboro, N. C., and Derek Bonner of Mooresboro, N. C., did a great job, paying close attention to every dog. These gentlemen campaign their own dogs and know what to look for in an all-age dog. Their decisions were well received by everyone. Thank you.

The winner ran on the second course on Tuesday. Erin’s Full Throttle, pointer male owned by John and Sue Ivester of Huntersville, N. C., and handled by  Lefty Henry, scored a covey find on the left edge past the main road crossing  at 17, all in order. Bracemate Walnut Tree Free (Steve Mills) pointed nearby moments later and moved a little too much at flush and was leashed.

In bottom before the Army camp, a hundred feet in left woods, Throttle was found pointing a second covey, all ok. Past army camp little was seen of Throttle. He was reaching more and more, Henry looking everywhere for his dog. Past McGee’s Castle pickup was called and a frantic effort was made to find Throttle in time. An all-age hour.

Runner-up Marques Armed Robber,  pointer male also owned by John and Sue Ivester, was in the last brace on Monday, also handled by Lefty Henry. Bracemate was picked up and Lefty had the course to himself. Robber ran a good forward race through the new loop area, always hunting, and was rewarded with a mannerly covey find just before exiting the new loop. He showed on far hill toward clubhouse at time.


Quickmarksman Tom Tekoa (Mike Hester) on course No. 1 had an unproductive in the mile long field and pointed quail at the beaver dam at 45. Creative Cause (Tom Liesfeld) pointed a covey on right side of gallery road at 5, then had an unproductive at 12 just before road crossing and pointed at 38 in bottom past the mile-long field. Both dogs finished well to the front.

Merritt’s Bear (Calvin Curnutte) and Hatteras Max (Jim Edmundson) started well. At 28 Max pointed a covey and Bear came in to back. At flush Max couldn’t resist temptation and Bear followed, ending their hour.

Lonetree Rod Iron (Hester) and Dialing Samantha (Liesfeld) started well but both had a breach of manners ending their hour.

Marques Lucky Star (Henry) and Silver Belle (Liesfeld) broke away at 1:30 p. m. on course No. 4, sunny and hot. Belle overheated at 25 and was leashed. Star pointed a covey on left at 32, all in order. Dog and handler made it past the military engaged war games only to be lost at time.

Broken Halo (Stevenson) and August Sky (Hester) were unleashed at 2:45 in the heat of the afternoon. Hester misplaced Sky and Halo shortened in the heat.

Master Touch (Liesfeld) and Quickmarksman Dan (Hester) were the first brace on Tuesday morning on course No. 1. Touch pointed at 52 on right side and decided to help handler flush and was leashed. Dan ran a good race but didn’t locate game.

Hoffman, N. C., March 19

Judges: Chad Adams and Derek Bonner


12 Pointers and 4 Setters

Winner—ERIN’S FULL THROTTLE, 1643472, pointer male, by Erin’s Stoney River—Erin’s Pretty Penny. John & Sue Ivester, owners; Robert (Lefty) Henry, handler.

Runner-Up—MARQUES ARMED ROBBER, 1659975, pointer male, by Reloaded—Dialed In. John & Sue Ivester, owners; Robert (Lefty) Henry, handler.

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