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North Dakota Open All-Age Classics

By Piper Huffman | Oct 11, 2019
North Dakota Classic Winners. In foreground, from left: Mark Haynes with Lowrider Frank, Cody McLean with Touch’s White Knight and Mark McLean with Ace’s R Wild. Standing: L. J. Lundstrom, Allen Vincent, Dr. Jim Mills, Tony King, Cecil Rester and Aaron Bolli.

Columbus, N. D. — The North Dakota Classics kicked off September 4 on the vast prairies of Columbus, N. D. Field trial headquarters are on Jerome Koppelsloen’s homestead where a once gorgeous Sears house stands displaying lots of character.

The Dr. Douglas Guthrie Memorial Derby drew 13 dogs and the North Dakota Classic drew 27. Immediately following the North Dakota Classics, the D. E. Hawthorne Derby began with 12 youngsters slated to run, with 24 for the D. E. Hawthorne Border Classic.

Allen Vincent was the chairman of the field trial committee and stakes manager for both, with Larry Huffman and Matt Cochran assisting with all aspects of these stakes.

Dr. Bob Rankin of Edmond, Okla., and Dr. Jim Mills of Searcy, Ark., assisted with marshalling as well as dog wagon driver duties.

The grounds cover plots of land in various crops and hay fields ranging from rolling hills to prairie with some areas of swampland currently dried up due to drought conditions.

Hungarian partridge, prairie chicken and pheasant make their home on these prairies with good numbers seen throughout the summer training as well as during the trials.

The late Gary Pinalto summered on these grounds and they are now home to summer training for Allen Vincent along with Larry Huffman.

The landowners are an important part of field trials. The Classics and Derby Stakes are run on fifteen different landowners’ acreage. They are all more than generous in providing the grounds when it comes time for the trials to start by getting their crops out so that the field trial courses are laid out to flow well.

Rick and Jeff Boness, Mike Ely and Kent Horndevet took time before the trial started to get their crops out to benefit us. They cannot be thanked enough.

Kent Horndevet goes above and beyond to help with getting hay and water to the headquarters for everyone to use.

A big thank you to Sportsman’s Pride for their generous sponsorship.

Allen Vincent, along with help from his wife Lori Vincent, Marian Mills and Mark Haynes, hosted a fish fry at the country club Saturday evening during the running. All residents of Columbus were invited with a nice turnout. The catfish, hush puppies, french fries and slaw were excellent.

Lori Edwards, a Columbus resident, tended bar and helped in the kitchen.

A special thank you to everyone who pitched in. Alex Rickert kindly provided drinks and pizza Thursday night at the bar, and Kent Horndevet served pizza at the bar Monday. A good time was had by all and everyone appreciated their generosity.

The last night of the Classic, Susan Kihle served a spaghetti dinner for everyone on behalf of the Columbus Country Club.

Judges for the North Dakota Open Classic and Dr. Douglas Guthrie Derby were Tony King of Thompson, Mo., and L. J. Lundstrom of Sisseton, S. D. The D. E. Hawthorne Classic and Derby were judged by Sean Hauser of Manchester, Ia., and Lance Schulz of Bismarck, N. D. All four gentlemen are well known and respected in the field trial community. Their time and effort were greatly appreciated. They cannot be thanked enough.


The Dr. Douglas Guthrie Memorial Derby kicked off Wednesday morning, September 4, and a super Derby Stake it was. Almost every dog had multiple pieces of bird work. The stake made for an exciting first morning watching the young dogs work.

Rester’s Cajun Charlie, white and orange pointer male owned and handled by Cecil Rester of Angie, La., put down a strong and big race complemented by two nice pieces of bird work, exhibiting handsome style and impeccable manners. He showed on a super cast along the railroad, finishing nicely to the front.

Nilo’s Feathered Indian Dot, white and liver pointer female, took second place honors for handler Mark McLean and owner Nilo Plantation in Albany, Ga. Dot impressed with a reaching ground race and eye-catching high style in her 30-minute bid. She had three attractive pieces of bird work showing high style and perfect manners for wing and shot. She finished nicely fading to the far front.

Double D Betty was placed third for handler Allen Vincent and owner Doug Burns of Norman, Okla. The white and black pointer female put down a nice performance with a strong ground race. She had three good finds displaying high style and well executed manners on all three. She finished fading to the front.

The North Dakota Open All-Age

Classic began at 2:00 p. m. Wednesday afternoon with a strong breeze and warm temperatures.

Lowrider Frank put down a performance that kept you high in the saddle convincingly earning first place honors for handler Allen Vincent and owners Dr. Jim Mills and Steve Lightle of Searcy, Ark. The seven-year-old white and liver pointer male was a strong all-age contender showing strength, range, class, style and quickness. His performance was solid with a true prairie reaching ground race. He scored two good pieces of bird work showing handsome high style and perfect manners for wing and shot. He was strong from start to finish with Dr. Mills proudly watching his standout performance.

Touch’s White Knight, seven-year-old white and orange pointer male, was awarded second for handler Mark McLean and owner Eddie Sholar of Leesburg, Ga. His performance impressed the entire hour, showing plenty of strength, class and high style. Point was called at 54, White Knight standing like a bull to the far front. McLean flushed a pheasant in front of the mannerly dog as he displayed high style and impeccable manners.

Ace’s R Wild was named to third for handler Mark McLean and owners Tony Gibson of Union Springs, Ala., and Dr. Reuben Richardson of Montgomery, Ala. The white and black pointer male’s hour bid was consistently forward with plenty of strength. He chalked up two nice pieces of bird work at 22 and 33. He had a stop to flush at 34. His bird work showed nice high style displaying excellent manners.

Columbus, N. D., September 4

Judges: Tony King and L. J. Lundstrom


1st—RESTER’S CAJUN CHARLIE, 1683364, male, by Dunn’s Tried’n True—Rester’s Redial. Cecil R. Rester, owner and handler.

2d—NILO’S FEATHERED INDIAN DOT, 1686608, female, by Touch’s Mega Mike—Hendrix’s Game Line. Nilo Plantation, owner; Mark McLean, handler.

3d—DOUBLE D BETTY, 1686313, female, by Westfall’s True Grit—Westfall’s Cutter. Doug Burns, owner; Allen Vincent, handler.

NORTH DAKOTA open all-age CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 27 Pointers

1st—LOWRIDER FRANK, 1650933, male, by Miller’s Happy Jack—Fairchase Jiggs. Dr. Jim Mills & Steve Lightle, owners; Allen Vincent, handler.

2d—TOUCH’S WHITE KNIGHT, 1647849, male, by Lance’s Last Knight—Prairieland Lucy. Eddie Sholar, owner; Mark McLean, handler.

3d—ACE’S R WILD, 1668628, male, by Just Irresistible—Wildlife Sis. Dr. Reuben Richardson & Tony Gibson, owners; Mark McLean, handler.

Dr. D. E. Hawthorne Border Classics

S S S Stormy won the Derby for handler Allen Vincent and owner Rick Snipes, Jr. of Aspermont, Tex. The white and liver pointer female put down a big powerful bid rolling with purpose and drive. Nilo’s Feathered Indian Dot was back to take second place honors again. She was strong and solid throughout her always forward performance.

Third placed Rester’s Cajun Charlie handled by owner Cecil Rester, rendered a nice prairie race from start to finish.

Winning the Dr. D. E. Hawthorne Border Classic was Touch’s Malcolm Story for handler Mark McLean and Montana owner Alex Rickert. The three-yea-old white and orange pointer male impressed with each step, reaching to the far front the entire hour. He chalked up five pieces of bird work, each with handsome high style and impeccable manners on all of them. A grand performance that grabbed your attention.

Touch’s Blue Moon, five-year-old white and orange pointer male, captured second for handler Cody McLean and owner Frank Foley of Albany, Ga. Blue Moon ran a big strong race with class and style. He had a good find deep to the front standing like a statue with impecable manners for wing and shot.

Whippoorwill Mayhem, five-year-old white and orange pointer male, was third for handler Larry Huffman and owner Ric Peterson of Gilbert, Ariz. Mayhem’s performance was big, reaching deep into the outer limits of the country, showing high style with each step. He scored on one piece of bird work with a super finish to the extreme front.

Judges: Sean Hauser and Lance Schulz


1st—S S S STORMY, 1684479, female, by Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt—S S S Jill. R. A. Snipes, Jr., owner; Allen Vincent, handler.

2d—NILO’S FEATHERED INDIAN DOT, 1686608, female, by Touch’s Mega Mike—Hendrix’s Game Line. Nilo Plantation, owner; Mark McLean, handler.

3d—RESTER’S CAJUN CHARLIE, 1683364, male, by Dunn’s Tried’n True—Rester’s Redial. Cecil R. Rester, owner and handler.


24 Pointers

1st—TOUCH’S MALCOLM STORY, 1675103, male, by Touch’s Knight Rider—Blackhawk’s Sunflower. Alex Rickert, owner; Mark McLean, handler.

2d—TOUCH’S BLUE MOON, 1661242, male, by Touch’s Knight Rider—Whippoorwill G M A. Frank Foley, owner; Cody McLean, handler.

3d—WHIPPOORWILL MAYHEM, 1662410, male, by Whippoorwill Wild Agin—Sparkles. Ric Peterson, owner; Larry Huffman, handler.

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