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By Kevin Western | Oct 12, 2020
Amateur All-Age Winners. From left: Dr. Pat Mcinteer with Nemaha Rio, Dan McClellan with Treeline’s Molly Mae, Dave Taylor with Nemaha Boot.

Browning, Mo. — The North Missouri Field Trial Association held its annual fall trial September 18-19 on Bill Westfall’s Browning, Mo., grounds. The weather was amazing and the grounds, as usual, were fantastic.

We hosted four stakes: Amateur All-Age (one-hour), Amateur All-Age Derby, Open Shooting Dog, and Open Puppy.

Dr. Pat McInteer took first and third with Nemaha Rio and Nemaha Boot, respectively, in the Amateur All-Age, with Dan McClellan taking second with his female Treeline's Molly May.

Doug Meyer took first and second with his nice Derbies Greypointe Patron and Greypointe Padre. Nemaha Magic Marker was third for Dr. Pat McInteer.

Scott Beeler swept the Open Shooting Dog with Jack, Beau, and Dot.  Beau is Gary Cowell's nice setter, and Jack and Dot are co-owned with Mr. Charlie Beeler.

Doug Meyer scored first and second again in the Open Puppy with his nice prospects Waylon and Merle and Dan McClellan scored again with a third-place finish with Windy.

The weather was amazing, and I believe a good time was had by all.

We want to extend a special thank you to Bill Westfall for allowing the North Missouri Club the use of these amazing grounds.

We also thank all of the judges,  Scott Beeler, Tim Penn, Jack Glover, Klaus Schmidt, and Kevin Western, for their hard work and attentiveness in looking at the fine dogs.

We could not have pulled off a successful trial like this without the hard work of Jim Giles and Charlie Beeler with the dog wagon duties and making sure the dogs were on the line when they needed to be.

Ned Meyer and his horse created some excitement and we are super thankful that he and his horse, both bruised up a little, should make a full recovery.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we were blessed to have Mr. Don Hilliard, longtime club member, show up and visit with the group.  He was escorted by his lovely wife Donna and daughter Penny.  Don has been a club member for years and we pray for him as he battles some health issues.

Browning, Mo., September 18 — One Course

Judges: Scott Beeler and Kevin Western

AMATEUR ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 8 Pointers

1st—NEMAHA RIO, 1668952, male, by Nemaha Free Style—Wiggins Snow Rebel. Dr. Pat McInteer, owner and handler.

2d—TREELINE’S MOLLY MAY, 1679653, female, by Wild Covey Shockwave—Erin’s Maggie May. Dan McClellan, owner and handler.

3d—NEMAHA BOOT, 1651910, male, by Nemaha City Slicker—Nemaha Tinker Bell. Dr. Pat McInteer, owner and handler.

Judges: Scott Beeler and Tim Penn

AMATEUR DERBY — 9 Pointers

1st—GREYPOINTE PATRON, 1689123, male, by Whippoorwill Justified—Greypointe Invierna. Doug Meyer, owner and handler.

2d—GREYPOINTE PADRE, 1689122, male, by Whippoorwill Justified—Greypointe Invierna. Doug Meyer, owner and handler.

3d—NEMAHA MAGIC MARKER, 1687208, male, by Nemaha Night Hawk—C E K’s Meaculpa. Dr. Pat McInteer, owner and handler.

Judges: Tim Penn and Klause Schmidt

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 12 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—BEELER’S BLACK JACK, 1679751, pointer male, by Wilson’s Hammerin Hank—Wilson’s Josephine. Charles & Scott Beeler, owners; Scott Beeler, handler.

2d—FABIUS RIVER BAD HABIT, 1658506, setter male, by Hytest Sky Hawk—Milomix Sue. Dr. Gary Cowell, owner; Scott Beeler, handler.

3d—BEELER’S MISS MIZZOU, 1675485, pointer female, by S F Bandwagon—S F Rushhou. Charles & Scott Beeler, owners; Scott Beeler, handler.

Judges: Jack Glover and Tim Penn

OPEN PUPPY — 6 Pointers

1st—GREYPOINTE QUE QUIERE, 1690521, male, by Greypointe Izquierda—You Never Can Tell. Doug Meyer, owner and handler.

2d—GREYPOINTE QUIEN SABE, 1690522, male, by Greypointe Izquierda—You Can Never Tell. Doug Meyer, owner and handler.

3d—TREELINE’S KANSAS WIND, 1690353, female, by Lester’s Shockwave—Lester’s Snowy Kate. Dan McClellan, owner and handler.




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