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Daddy’s Little Boy Butch Champion; Chasehill Baby Bella Runner-Up

Northeastern Grouse and Woodcock Championship

By Russell Ogilvie | Nov 07, 2017
The Winners. Front (l-r): John Stolgitis with Daddy’s Little Boy Butch and Mike Flewelling with Chasehill Baby Bella. Standing: Judge Brian Breveleri and Judge Kevin Lahoda.

Frankfort, Me. — The winner of the Northeast Grouse and Woodcock Championship came out of the last brace of the day. Daddy’s Little Boy Butch, pointer male owned by Paul Scott of Wallingford, Conn., and handled by John Stolgitis, impressed the judges with his run and grouse work to take the title. What is more impressive is this is Butch’s fourth straight placement in a wild bird championship this year.

Daddy’s Little Boy Butch and littermate Cairds Little Macy Mae (Bob Little) broke away on the Beaver Bog Course. Both dogs drove hard and forward with Butch going on the edge of bell range early. The handlers, judges and gallery made their way along the power line and past the bog without excitement, just smooth sailing canines.

At 17 Butch’s bell fell silent and soon after Macy’s did as well. Both dogs were located and Little chose to take the back. Stolgitis flushed wide and deep but could not get a bird up. Little took Macy on and Butch was allowed to relocate but without success.

Back to the front Butch went. Both dogs were working well with Butch moving stronger through the cover. At 30 Butch’s bell fell silent to the left. Handler, judge, scout and reporter started the search. Stolgitis located Butch buried in an alder tangle. Stolgitis flushed and the judge heard a grouse rumble out. Shot was fired and all was good.

Once back on course, Butch was sent forward. Just before we headed into the cut Butch’s bell fell silent again at 42 to the left of the course. The same party of four went searching but with much quicker success. Butch was found standing like a statue and with little effort Stolgitis sent the grouse airborne for his second find.

Into the cut we went with Butch handling with ease. This being the last brace, it was obvious by who walked it who the winner of this Championship was. The real question was who was the runner-up.

The runner-up ran in the seventh brace on the Costigan Farm Course. Chasehill Baby Bella, pointer female owned by Erin Stoligitis of Ashaway, R. I., and handled by John Stolgitis, took the runner-up honors. Bella was braced with Cairds Little Brynn (Little).

This course has easy walking and birds can be found anywhere. Bella stopped at 19 deep on the edge of a cut just before we crossed the bridge. It took some time to find her but Stolgitis did. His flushing attempt was not successful and after a relocation Bella charged over the bridge.

Bella ran this course as well as I have ever seen a dog run it. She covered the pockets in close but more importantly she ran deep in search of birds. Stolgitis was rewarded with this when he lost the bell at 35. The scout was dispatched to the left just past the orchard. With point being called, handler and judge went straight to the dog. With gallery moving forward the shot rang out as a woodcock took flight. Bella came forward quickly and duplicated the ground pattern she had in the first half and just as strong.

The Mid-Coast Maine Field Trial Club would like to thank Purina and Dean Reinke for their support. Not just our Championship but all championships. Proper nutrition makes all the difference.

We thank the judges, Brian Breveleri of Belchertown, Mass., and Kevin Lohoda of Vestal, N. Y., who took time out of their busy lives to support our club and give each brace their utmost attention. As many know, judges who understand wild birds, dogs and can put down the boot leather are at a premium.

A big thank-you to all the owners and handlers who entered their dogs. It goes without saying that without your support I would not be writing this. I would like to thank the club members for their help with the courses and the trial. We are few but we are dedicated to the success of this trial.

Once again, we had dry conditions. Birds were seen on every brace but getting them pointed was a challenge.

The one good point was that we were able to host our lobster and steak dinner at the stake-out area at the conclusion of the trial. Food was ready when the last brace pulled into the lot.

One final thank-you is extended to last year’s winner, Wild Apple Calvados, owner Tim Kisieleski, and handler Craig Doherty, for providing the ingredients for Friday evening’s happy hour.


Wild Apple Pippin (Little) and Guardian (Flewelling) kicked off the Championship, away at 7:30 a. m. on Costagin Farm. Both dogs headed out strong through the top half. Pippin pointed at 17 under an apple tree. The flushing attempt showed that nothing was home and Pippin was moved on. Guardian’s bell stopped at 22 near the bridge. Handler and judge were searching for “Chip” and a grouse was heard leaving by the reporter. Chip was found shortly after where the grouse had left. Pippin pointed at 50 but nothing was flown. Just before time both dogs stopped at 59. A woodcock was put to wing and both dogs credited with a find. Guardian had a strong race and was carried all the way to the last brace when the champion was named.

Elhew Snakecharm (Doherty) and Springbrook Maximus finished the Blueberry Hill Course without bird work. Two grouse were seen.

Wild Apple Spot On (Doherty) and Sunkhaze True Blu (Flewelling) broke away on the Beaver Bog Course. One grouse was seen but unfortunately it wasn’t pointed by the dogs.

Chasehill Little Thudd (Doherty) and Higby Rilo (Stolgitis) were back at Costigan Farm. Rilo had a strong race but could not connect with a bird. A woodcock was seen.

Fernwood Cove Bella (Dahl) and Wild Apple Polka Dot (Doherty) went birdless with two grouse being seen. The retrieval unit was called for at 53 for Dot. Bella hunted hard until the end with a grouse lifting next to the handler as he was watering his dog.

Wild Apple Jonathan (Doherty) had a nice run but no bird work. Chasehill Hailey (Flewelling) had stop at 45 but a bird could not be produced. Flewelling tapped her on and her bell stopped at 48. This time a woodcock was flown. Hailey had a moderate ground race.

The first brace of the second day was already reported.

Walnut Hills Anniversary (Stolgitis) and Wynot Atom (Robbins) took to Blueberry Hill. Both laid down nice ground races with Atom nailing a woodcock at 42. Annie was not as fortunate.

Snuffmill Atalanta (Dellinger) and Woodcock Have Stella (Ogilvie) had first crack at the Beaver Bog Course. Allie’s run was shortlived when she stopped on the edge of the power line and went with the doodle. Stella had a stop at 35 but a bird could not be produced. She then ended her day at 44 when she pushed a grouse too far. Another grouse was seen on the course.

Bog Brook Okie Dokey (Dahl) and Ruff Grouse Lilly (Christopher) set their sights on Costigan Farm. Okie stopped under an apple tree just across the birdfield. Lilly came in as well and stopped. Dahl thought he heard a bird go but nothing was seen or heard by the judges. Both dogs finished the rest of the course without bird work. A woodcock was walked up by the gallery.

Grouse Hill Belle (Stolgitis) and Magic Mist Sydni (Dahl) had the final go at Blueberry Hill. Syndi had a stop at 35 but no bird was home. Dahl picked her up at 55. Belle ran well through the course but toward the end she showed even back-to-back Invitational Champions have off days. To the dismay of the judges and handler, a woodcock was blocking the path and she put the boots too it.

Brace No. 12 was reported earlier.

Frankfort, Me., September 29

Judges: Brian Breveleri and Kevin Lahoda


Winner—DADDY’S LITTLE BOY BUTCH, 1655649, pointer male, by Chasehill Little Bud—Richfield Stella. Paul Scott, owner; John Stolgitis, handler.

Runner-Up—CHASEHILL BABY BELLA, pointer female, by Beaver Meadow Benjamin—Richfield Stella. Erin Stolgitis, owner; John Stolgitis, handler.

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