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Brock and Wells Open Shooting Dog Classic

Northern California Bird Dog Club

By Jared Tappero | Nov 29, 2017
Brock and Wells Open Shooting Dog Classic Winners. From left: Paul Wells, Kay Kelly, Wanda Wells, Holly Higgins, Leif Lendrop with Lindley’s Rambler, Art Harris, Mike Stephens, Sean Kelly with Kelly’s Rebel Louie, John Keel, judge; Julie Kelly, Kara Kelly, Colleen Kelly, Jeff Lostak, Michaele Kelly, Karissa Shuman and Ron Shuman, judge.

Oroville, Cal. — As is the case most every renewal, the weather was warm throughout the weekend at the Oroville Wildlife Area. Morning temperatures were in the mid 40s, afternoon highs in the mid to high 80s. Welcomed intermittent morning breezes each day came from the south off the afterbay (large agricultural reservoir).

The Oroville grounds are made up of rolling bluffs and pasture land, an abandoned plum thicket and eucalyptus groves. Sedges and tules along the edge of the afterbay create an edge for the dogs to run which lines the pasture land.

The water level of the afterbay this year was considerably lower than normal, making dog and horse access to the water a little more challenging. Most all crossings were free of water, where in a normal year the water would be 6 to 12 inches deep at these locations; sometimes belly-deep on a horse. The levees out to the big island were not covered with water but considerably muddy, making that piece of ground inaccess-ible again this year.

Bird work was plentiful, with a total of 51 finds on released bobwhite quail in the nine braces of the Brock and Wells, and five finds in the three braces of the All-Age. The Derby had six entries.

Bobwhite quail were released throughout the continuous course each morning and continually supplemented throughout the braces, giving the competitors plenty of opportunity to point and show their manners.

This was the first horseback trial of the 2017 season in Region 11.

The running of the Brock and Wells Open began at 8:00 a. m. Friday,

October 6, and concluded just before lunch Saturday. Eighteen dogs were entered and started in this one-hour Purina Top Shooting Dog Award Points Classic.

Of the 18 starters, 12 dogs finished; 6 were picked up for various reasons. The top three dogs finished with a total of 14 finds between them.

The Winners

Top honors went to Touch’s California Dream, white and orange pointer dog owned and handled by Tom Griffin of Watsonville, Cal. “Pete” ran in the third brace and started his hour with a stylish find at 5 at the pond, then again at 15 along the edge heading to Heron Grove. Pete then made a nice cast to the grove where he stood intensely for find No. 3 at 20. Pete then cast to the dry pond for his fourth find where he was found standing with style. Along the edge to burnt hill, Pete was at nice range when he stood mannerly at 45 for find No. 4. Pete was then forward through the junction and on to the pond where he was found standing staunchly near time. Pete was forward and consistent in his application the entire hour, and stood his birds with style and intensity.

Second  was Lindley’s Rambler, white and orange pointer dog owned and handled by Leif Lendrop of Napa, Cal. Rambler ran in the fifth brace with style and covered the ground with a nice fluid gait and cracking tail. He had a consistently forward race with good overall application. Rambler finished his hour with five well-handled stylish finds, a back and an unproductive.

Third was Kelly’s Rebel Louie, white, liver and ticked pointer dog owned and handled by Sean Kelly of Loomis, Cal. During his hour Louie hunted to the front with tail-cracking style, but lacked some consistency in his application. Showing high style and intensity on point, Louie finished his hour with four well-handled finds and an unproductive.

Judges for this year’s running of the Paul Brock and Paul Wells Classic were John Keel of Oakdale, Cal., and Ron Shuman of Woodland, Cal. Both judges sat high in the saddle giving all competitors their fullest attention, and conducted themselves in a professional manner.  We thank both of them for their time and effort in judging this stake. Their decision was well received.

Oroville, Cal., October 6

Judges: John Keel and Ron Shuman

BROCK AND WELLS OPEN SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 13 Pointers and 5 Setters

1st—TOUCH’S CALIFORNIA DREAM, 1669606, pointer male, by Touch’s Smooth Rider—Touch’s Silver Scar. Tom Griffin, owner and handler.

2d—LINDLEY’S RAMBLER, 1628509, pointer male, by Flatrock Silver—Lindley’s No Mercy. Leif Lendrop, owner and handler.

3d—KELLY’S REBEL LOUIE, 1656988, pointer male, by I B Burnt—I B Pike Creek. Sean Kelly, owner and handler.

Open All-Age and Open Derby

The Open All-Age started after lunch Saturday afternoon. There were five starters drawn in this half-hour stake; the field consisted of four pointers and one setter.

Of the five starters three finished the half hour with sufficient bird work; Indian Head Abbigale, Indian Head Outlaw and Tekoa Desert Firewheel.

Named the winner was Indian Head Abbigale, nine-year-old white, liver and ticked pointer bitch owned and handled by Jared Tappero of Greenville, Cal. “Abbi” ran in the first brace and was to the front and distant at times. She was direct in her application, covering the ground with style and purpose. Showing intensity and very stylish on point, Abbi finished her heat with two well-handled finds at the dry pond.

Second was awarded to Indian Head Outlaw, five-year-old white, black and ticked pointer bitch also owned and handled by Jared Tappero. “Jessi” ran in the second brace and was forward and consistent in her application, but did not show Abbigale’s range. Jessi finished her brace with a pair of stylish finds; one at the plum thicket, one at Heron Grove.

Tekoa Desert Firewheel had a well-handled find along the edge heading toward burnt hill and backed Indian Head Abbigale nicely at the pond in the first brace. “Wheels” was forward in her application but wasn’t as direct or distant as Abbigale or Outlaw.

Waygoing Black ran with Indian Head Outlaw in the second brace and provided challenges to Jessi. She was up at 20, her race not pleasing her handler.

Judges for the Open All-Age were John Keel and Sean Kelly. Their time in the saddle was much appreciated and their decision was well received.

The (Shooting Dog) Derby had six young starters; the top three finishers were placed on race.

Placed first was Kay’s Last Chance, white and liver pointer dog owned and handled by Kay Kelly of Loomis, Cal. Second was awarded to Saddle Up Butler, white and liver pointer dog owned and handled by Sean Kelly of Loomis, Cal. Third place went to Kelly’s Rocket Man, white and orange pointer dog also owned and handled by Sean Kelly.

All three prospects showed nice range and style on the ground, and wanted to come and go with the handlers as they went through the country. We look forward to seeing these biddable prospects in the future.

Judges for the Shooting Dog Derby were Jared Tappero and Holly Higgins. Their decision was well received.

Judges: John Keel and Sean Kelly

OPEN ALL-AGE — 4 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—INDIAN HEAD ABBIGALE, 1615259, pointer female, by Kelly Talk’n Smak—Wells Fargo Mollie. Jared Tappero, owner and handler.

2d—INDIAN HEAD OUTLAW, 1647287, pointer female, by Guard Rail Spirit—Addition’s Pike Creek Kate. Jared Tappero, owner and handler.

Judges: Holly Higgins and Jared Tappero

OPEN DERBY — 6 Pointers

1st—KAY’S LAST CHANCE, 1675674, male, by Snake Lemon Express—Cache Creek’s Most Wanted. Kay Kelly, owner and handler.

2d—SADDLE UP BUTLER, 1675374, male, by Kelly’s Rebel Louie—Wells Fargo First Lady. Sean Kelly, owner and handler.

3d—KELLY’S ROCKET MAN, 1675675, male, by Kelly’s Rebel Louie—Wells Fargo First Lady. Sean Kelly, owner and handler.


Members of the Northern California Bird Dog Club would like to thank all who volunteered and contributed their time to make the trial a success. Bird planting duties were shared by Sean Kelly, Leif Lendrop and Jared Tappero.

Art Harris and Paul Wells manned the dog truck through the Brock and Wells, and the All-Age Stake, flawlessly. The duo were prompt with the truck and had it loaded with cool drinks and snacks for the handlers and judges at all times.

Fabulous lunches served in the shade of the eucalyptus trees at “Seminar Grove” were prepared and served by Julie, Michaele and Colleen Kelly, and Wanda Wells.  Lunches consisted of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, chili, macaroni and potato salad, chips, cookies and brownies, and plenty of cool drinks.

The Northern California Bird Dog Club would like to thank Nestlé Purina for providing generous support for this field trial, which included: covering the cost of the advertisement in The American Field, providing Purina ball caps for the attendees and Purina feed coupons, which were given to the handlers of the winning competitors of all stakes.

Thanks again to all who volunteered and came out to support the trial. J. T.

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