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By Katherine Gove | Jul 13, 2017
Open Shooting Dog Winners. From front left: Rob Tomczak with Rockwoods Ladies Man, Matt Eder with H K’s Sea Cat and Bob Gove with Restless Red Bella. Standing: Judge Lance Schultz, Judge Shane Anderson, Larry Brutger, Todd Manns, Jean LaNasa, L. J. Lundstrom, Scott Jordan and Justin Martin.

Hankinson, N. D. — The Northwest Field Association ran its second spring trial in association with the North Dakota Pointing Dog Club at the Sheyenne Grasslands near Hankinson, N. D. The grounds are wide open with sand dunes and scattered trees and brush rimming the edges.

The north portion had been burned recently and although it had greened up the black base added to the heat at the finish of each brace. The cover even in the small brush areas was fairly light and didn’t always hold birds but plenty of dogs found birds if they were willing to dig in and hunt.

The Open Shooting Dog was won by Vizsla male Rockwoods Ladies Man, handled by Rob Tomczak. “Enzo” had a strong race with two stylish finds and a strong finish. Sea Cat, handled by Matt Eder, handled beautifully staying in the pocket the entire brace with one faultless find at 6. Restless Red Bella, handled by Bob Gove, ran strong and hunted the cover with three finds to garner third place. Judges noted that Haley, handled by Greg Dixon, did a noteworthy job.

The Open Derby was easily won by Jumpstart for handler Frank LaNasa with a very characteristic strong race right up to the end and classy style that makes you think the dog is floating across the country. Duramax, handled by Rich Boumeester, laid down a good strong race searching the cover for the elusive birds in the afternoon heat. Dan, handled by Scott Jordan, put down a good race hitting the edges searching for birds. Cali, handled by L. J. Lundstrom, was also close to the pack.

The Amateur Shooting Dog was run with conditions quickly climbing to the low 80s which many dogs weren’t acclimated to. The fresh green cover and heat radiating up from the ground made scenting conditions difficult.

Rich Boumeester’s Fire Feet ran the extremes from the get-go. At the breakaway he hit the sand dune hills and continued to rim the edges throughout. “Ash” was found on point on a true limb find midway through the course followed by another find and strong finish. Ridge Creek Lou handled the course well for Larry Brutger, rewarded for his effort with two perfect finds shortly after the breakaway and a divided find in the deadfall.  Rafe, handled by Cindy Findley, had a powerful forward race including three attractive finds, one of which Rafe was tested when bracemate failed to back and took out the bird.

The Amateur Derby was won handily by Jumpstart for Frank LaNasa. “Huck” seemed oblivious to the heat with the same strong performance shown in his other first placement. White Lace and Luci Leiu demonstrated strong hunting desire and forward reaching races for handler Jerry Langford, placing them at the top of the field in second and third place, respectively.

The new manager of the Sheyenne Grasslands was extremely supportive of the dog trial which is a refreshing change from most public lands.

Local residents Lori and Mark Pfiefer were incredibly generous, providing hundreds of gallons of water and assisting in every way possible.

Thanks to judges Lance Schultz, Shane Anderson, Justin Martin, Matt Eder and Rob Tomczak. They were very dedicated while enduring the heat and long days in the saddle.

Dog wagon provider and driver Justin Martin deserves our gratitude along with bird planters Bob Gove, Rich Boumeester, Todd Manns, Frank LaNasa and Justin Martin.

Chairman Todd Manns did a great job orchestrating the trial at this new venue.

Hankinson, N. D., May 11

Judges: Shane Anderson and Lance Schultz


1st—ROCKWOODS LADIES MAN, 1662849, Vizsla male, by Shiloh Cash Jackpot—Rockwoods Pole Dancer. Mike Northwood, owner; Robert Tomczak, handler.

2d—H K’S SEA CAT, 1661189, German Shorthair male, by Uodibar’s Tomcat—H K’s Time Trial. Matt Eder, owner and handler.

3d—RESTLESS RED BELLA, 1602599, Irish setter female, by Silver Creek’s Wanted—Restless Red Cedar. Robert Gove, owner and handler.

Judges: Justin Martin and Lance Schulz

OPEN DERBY — 18 Entries

1st—JUMPSTART, 1670197, pointer male, by Bar P Big John—Lil Miss Sunshine. Frank LaNasa, owner and handler.

2d—BOUMEESTER’S DURAMAX, 1669447, pointer female, by Erin’s Redrum—Bar P Fizz. Rich Boumeester, owner and handler.

Judges: Matt Eder and Robert Tomczak

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 6 Pointers, 7 Setters and 1 Vizsla

1st—SKYDANCER FIRE FEET, 1656940, setter female, by Skydancer Hang Fire—Skydancer Dancing Lava. Rich Boumeester, owner and handler.

2d—RIDGE CREEK LOU, 1660357, setter female, by Ridge Creek Cody—Foxrun’s Gemstone. Larry Brutger, owner and handler.

3d—RIDGE CREEK KATE, 1660395, setter female, by Ridge Creek Cody—Foxrun’s Gemstone. Larry Brutger, owner and handler.

AMATEUR DERBY — 10 Entries

1st—JUMPSTART, 1670197, pointer male, by Bar P Big John—Lil Miss Sunshine. Frank LaNasa, owner and handler.

2d—WIND DANCER’S WHITE LACE, 1664713, German Shorthair female, by Wind Dancer’s Bulldozer—Wind Dancer’s Cowtown Kat. Jerry Langford, owner and handler.

3d—WIND DANCER’S LUCI LEIU, 1664713, German Shorthair female, by Wind Dancer’s Bulldozer—Wind Dancer’s Cowtown Kat. Jerry Langford & Peggy Kovling, owners; Jerry Langford, handler.

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