American Field

Now the Season’s Over

By Tom Word | May 16, 2017

Now the season’s over

And the pine woods’s smokin’

And the horses is unshod on pasture

And the tack is cleaned and hangin’ airin’


The trailer’s unhitched jacked up

The dogs is restin’ in the kennel

The handler’s turkey huntin’

The scout’s home bream pond fishin’


Soon the handler’ll be on the Gulf

Fishin’ for whatever’s bitin’

In the flats or further out

Dependin’ on the day’s wind tide and weather


And the rule not to be broken

From now ’til July Fourth

Don’t mention no bird dog

No puppy or no Derby


’Sept to call and book

With the handler’s wife at home

A place for a prospect

To go in July to the prairie



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