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Oakdale Bird Dog Club

By Sheldon Twer | Nov 30, 2018

Lathrop, Cal. — If memory serves, the Oakdale Bird Dog Club ran its first Fun Day not long after the club was formed in 1982. Our 36th running was done with the same leadership and similar goals in mind: make it available to new people interested in competing with their pointing dogs. Bring the family, and learn something about what is required at various stages of the dog’s development.

The event gave club members the satisfaction of achieving what we always hope for: there were lots of kids, puppies and new folks. New judges were tutored by the more experienced. The turnout was great.

The first day defined the Fun Day: Handlers were permitted to use whatever training devices they wished, and were encouraged to work with their dogs. Some supervision and instruction was provided by one of the senior judges-pro trainers.

A Derby followed the Walking Shooting Dog. Judges were not limited to three placements. In fact, ended up awarding six in the Shooting Dog.

The main event before lunch came off like a party: the little puppy stake. Kids ran their pups with almost the entire crowd following them. The two ladies judging for the first time decided on a multiple puppy tie.

Sunday’s running was a sanctioned qualifier with amateur winners getting open and amateur credit. A very young pointer called Hank made history by dominating both days, winning all the stakes with an overall total of double digit bird work. His owner, Marc Cuneo of Sonoma, Cal.,  handled him on Saturday. Jim Wolthuis took over in Marc’s absence on Sunday.

After the fine lunch Jim Wolthuis provided on Saturday, professional auctioneer Dick Jorgensen auctioned off all the items that donors provided. Thanks to our numerous donors, the generosity of the participants, and Dick Jorgensen’s efforts, the club will better afford the three other trials it sponsors this season.

We are grateful to Jim Camarillo who judged multiple stakes and provided a gallery wagon. Tim Clements spent hours mowing and secured the location. Russ Barstadt, Terry Erickson, Sheldon Twer, and Ray Nelson all helped judge.

Jim Wolthuis provided great meals and helped organize the event. Your reporter and club founder was there in 1982 and plans on being there in 2019.

Lathrop, Cal., August 26 — One Course

Judges: Russ Bargstadt and Jim Camarillo


1st—SONOMA STRONG, 1681078, pointer male, by Twister’s Pretty Boy—Wells Fargo Paula. Marc Cuneo, owner; Jim Wolthuis, handler.

2d—SUNSETTER’S RANGE RUNNER, 1676536, setter male, by Rapidan—Sunrise Sunsetter. Jimmy Reynolds, owner; Jim Wolthuis, handler.

3d—FRONTLINE REBELATOR’S FLY, 1678314, pointer female, by Frontline Rebelator—Worth The Wait. Blake Edwards, owner and handler.

Judges: Jim Camarillo and Ray Nelson

OPEN DERBY — 4 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—SONOMA STRONG, 1681078, pointer male, by Twister’s Pretty Boy—Wells Fargo Paula. Marc Cuneo, owner; Jim Wolthuis, handler.

2d—BOOFER’S AMERICAN SCOUT, 1674815, setter male, by Audubon Americus—Gertrude. Russ Bargstadt, owner and handler.

3d—SNOWMAKER’S WILL, 1680748, pointer male, by Wildcovert Snow Maker—Wildcovert Pitter Patter. Sheldon Twer, owner; Jim Wolthuis, handler.

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