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By Barry Moore | Jan 11, 2019
Amateur All-Age Winners. Front (l-r): Lynn Oxendine with Double Rebel Cowboy and Jon Humphrey with Bromance. Standing: Mike Griffin, Bob Barker, judge, and Dan Hensley. [Photos by Barry Moore.]

Inola, Okla. — Inola, Okla. — October in northeast Oklahoma brings signs of fall coming as summer just keeps hanging on. It also brings the Oil Capital Field Trial Association “OCFTA” fall trial at the Ingersoll Ranch in Inola, Okla.

Entries were down a little this fall as they were last year. Once again this year we had a conflicting date with a Kansas trial even after careful planning to try and avoid it. OCFTA is a member of the Kansas Field Trial Clubs Association and counts on Kansas participants.

We will try again next year to avoid conflicting with Kansas. The total number of trials in Oklahoma is still way down. In the future we will need participation from Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri trialers to make our trials successful.

On another disappointing note, the bird population in Oklahoma is down this year as reported by the Oklahoma Wildlife Department after two positive years. Once again it appears that the best bird crop will be in Western Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma-Kansas border, especially as you go west, is still maintaining a fair bird crop. One positive note is that there are growing populations of birds in the Southeast. The dogs’ ability to locate birds in this trial was down some. I believe this could be related to the still very heavy and still green cover.

Once again the gallery was finding more birds than the dogs, but who’s counting?

As always we want to thank Win and Kay Ingersoll for allowing us to field trial at their wonderful ranch and for all their gracious support.

This beautiful new clubhouse is solely an effort of theirs. We are still attempting to conjure up more participation. Every effort we have made to try and increase the involvement of the OCFTA in Oklahoma they have supported. They want to support the sport in every way they can. This year there was a Red Setter trial running along with our club trial.

The trial chairman was Dan Hensley. Thanks to Mike Griffin and Jason Reed and others for handling most of the dog wagon chores. Appreciation and thanks go to the guys and gals of the Oil Capital Field Trial Association for the well received lunches.

We want to thank the judges, Bob Barker of Inola, Okla., and David Payne of Pryor, Okla., judging the All-Age Stakes, and Stan Wint of Gardner, Kan., and Randy Anderson of Vinita, Okla., judging the Shooting Dog Stakes. Thank you for your time in the saddle.


In the Amateur All-Age, first place went to Double Rebel Cowboy, pointer male owned and handled by Lyn Oxendine of Joplin, Mo. Cowboy ran a big always up front race and had a strong finish. Second was Bromance, pointer male owned and handled by Jon Humphrey of Claremore. Bromance had a big hard race directly to the front and finished going away.

In the All-Age Derby, awarded first was Honky Tonk Supermann, pointer male owned and handled by Stan Wint of Gardner, Kan. Supermann had a wonderful race to the front and all the enthusiasm of any Derby plus an extra helping. Second was Rebel Tough Man, pointer male owned and handled by Lynn Oxendine. Tough Man had a very good race to the front and once again made a mark for his handler. Third place went to Iron and Wine, pointer female owned and handled by Jon Humphrey. Iron and Wine had a very good race to the front.

The Shooting Dog Stake was won by Griff’s Big Ransom, pointer male owned and handled by Mike Griffin of Stilwell, Okla. Big Ransom ran a strong race to the front and finished strong. Earning second was Nitro Elhew Gentleman Jack, pointer male owned by Bill  sborne of Broken Arrow, Okla., and handled by Kurt Ochsner of Bixby, Okla. Jack hunted hard and to the front and made his owner and handler proud. Third was Country Club Butch, pointer male owned and handled by Mike Griffin. Butch had a very good race, made some big casts and handled to the front at all times.

The Shooting Dog Derby winner was Class Man Jack, pointer male owned and handled by Jason Reed of Tuttle, Okla. Jack ran a great race, hunted the right spots, handled well and finished strong. Second went to Stylish Slim Jim, pointer male owned and handled by Tom Curtsinger of Collinsville, Okla. He was always to the front, handled well and was fast afoot. Third was Barker’s Rio Bravo, setter male owned and handled by Bob Barker of Inola. Rio Bravo had a great race and was always up front.

This spring should bring better conditions and hopefully more birds with all this green vegetation hopefully brown and on the ground. The club will be implementing more efforts to streamline all aspects of the trial. We will once again be trying to have the Tulsa Bird Dog  ssociation running a walking stake in the pasture behind the clubhouse at the same time off the horseback stakes. Come join us. We would love to have you.

Inola, Okla., October 20

Judges: Bob Barker and David Payne

AMATEUR ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 6 Pointers

1st—DOUBLE REBEL COWBOY, 1673791, female, by Frontline Butch—Double Rebel Mayhem. Lynn Oxendine, owner and handler.

2d—BROMANCE, 1668193, male, by Tallokas Lane Change—Osceola Patty Cake. Jon Humphrey, owner and handler.

Judges: Bob Barker and David Payne

AMATEUR DERBY — 6 Pointers

1st—HONKY TONK SUPERMANN, 1677580, female, by Doc’s Bullet—Cody’s Super Fly. Stan Wint, owner and handler.

2d—REBEL TOUGH MAN, 1681410, male, by Frontline Rebelator—Frontline Thelma. Lynn  Oxendine, owner and handler.

3d—IRON AND WINE, 1681861, female, by Westfall’s True Grit—Hear Her Roar. Jon Humphrey, owner and handler.

Judges: Randy Anderson and Dr. Stan Wint

AMATEUR DERBY — 4 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st—CLASS MAN JACK, 1675680, pointer male, by Truley Amazing—Black Ice Night. Jason Reed, owner and handler.

2d—STYLISH SLIM JIM, 1678149, pointer male, by Stylish Go Boy—Stylish Twice’s Nice Taz. Tom Curtsinger, owner and handler.

3d—BARKER’S RIO BRAVO, 1679088, setter male, by Shadow Oak Bo—Star’s Last Chance. Bob Barker, owner and handler.

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] — 7 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—GRIFF’S BIG RANSOM, 1667466, pointer male, by Ransom—Coldwater Snow. Mike Griffin, owner and handler.

2d—NITRO ELHEW GENTLEMAN JACK, 1666127, pointer male, by Elhew Prophet—Nitro Elhew Delight. William Osborne, owner; Kurt Ochsner, handler.

3d—COUNTRY CLUB BUTCH, 1621778, pointer male, by Country Club Player—Sequoyah’s Wishbone. Mike Griffin, owner and handler.

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