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Open Range Terminator Wins Title for Owner Bob Barker; Purpleline Casper is Runner-Up

Oklahoma Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Michael G. Griffin | Feb 12, 2020
Championship Winners. Front, from left: Justin Crook with Open Range Terminator and  Harold Gearhart with Purpleline Casper. Standing: Bob Barker, Doug Meyer and Steve Rutkowski, the judges, and Chuck Stretz.

Claremore, Okla. — After being forced to move  the start date, we wound up starting on January 10. It turned out to not be a great weekend but we started anyway under adverse weather conditions.

And we had a good time. We pointed a few birds, got wet, but went on.

We lost the last half of Friday due to thunderstorms.  We picked up Saturday morning with cold sleet, high wind but  still pointed birds.

Saturday night we enjoyed last year’s winner’s dinner social time honoring  the 2019 campion, Denton, and handler Stacy Perkins. A good time was had by all with a great barbecue.

Sunday was again cold and windy but we still pointed birds. It was hard work but we got through it all. We finished the Championship on Monday after running 34 shooting dogs. It was a good championship, followed by the Open Derby with ten entries.

Once again we are fortunate to enjoy the gracious hospitality of Win and Kay Ingersoll and the McFarlin-Ingersoll Ranch near Inola, Okla., for the running.  Not only the venue, but a remodeled, enlarged, comfortable clubhouse. The Ingersolls have supported field trials at their ranch for fifty years, a great contribution to the field trial pastime in Oklahoma.

The judges were experienced dog men, Doug Meyer of Tonganoxie, Kan., and Steve Rutkowski, formerly from Arizona, now Oklahoma.

The Winners

When all was said done, the champion emerged from the eighth brace, Open Range Terminator, seven-year-old white and orange pointer male owned and handled by Bob Barker of Inola, Okla. He had a good race with four solid finds sprinkled in. His style was good and he showed good rapport with his handler.

Runner-up came from the 16th brace, four-year-old white and orange pointer male Purpleline Casper for handler Chuck Stretz and owner Dr. Richard A. Steckley of Wichita, Kan. Casper handled well while hunting everywhere coupled with two good finds, nice style and a good finish.

These two dogs bested a nice field of dogs as the judges were pleased with all dogs and handlers in the stake.


Pure Gossip (Stretz) ran with nice enthusiasm, hunting hard with finds at 37 and 50 and finished a little behind.  Jacked Up Jasper (Virgil Moore) ran a good race with finds at 43 and 50 but got behind on a couple casts and came in from behind.

Glenmartin Excalibur (Stretz) put down a solid mature race with finds at 25, 30 and 57 and finished okay. Mike (Smith) ran a young race with a shared find at 25 and finished okay.

Real Truth (Stretz) ran a fair race but had no bird contact. Topp’s Hackberry Ceasar (Harold Gearhart) ran a nice forward controlled race with a find at 28 and a very good finish.

Hackberry’s Ice Chip (Gearhart) ran  a solid race in sleet and ice with finds all in order. Bromance (Jon Humphrey) had a shared find 12, a find at 28, an unproductive at 50 and finished okay.

Anchor Down Sonny (Gearhart) ran in very miserable conditions and was picked up at 27. Jayhawk Jailbreak (Moore) also gave it a good try but succumbed to sleet and snow at 27.

Boumeester’s Bar None (Stretz) ran a nice forward race with a find at time. Cactus Jet J R (Justin Crook) started with a good race but got lost at 24.

Joho’s Grand River Bess (Stretz) ran in real cold conditions but did have two finds, one unproductive, a fair race, but kind of a slow finish. Ninnescah Ranger handled a little rough and Gearhart  elected to pick up.

R J Smith was in and out, succumbed to adverse conditions and was picked up at 37. Open Range Terminator (Barker) had four finds with a good race, strong at the finish to be named the winner.

Hackberry’s Dancer (Gearhart) put down a nice race with one find, good style, okay finish. Hale’s Southern Touch (Dr. Jeffrey Hale) had two finds with a big race, good finish.

Touch’s Big Whiskey’s (Stretz) race was okay but had no bird contacts. Unfinished Business (Crook) was picked up with no birds.

T’s Plain White (Crook) had a nice race to start but was adversely affected by extreme cold and wind and was picked up 28. West Jeans Rebel Rose (Gearhart) had a find early, but also fell to wet and cold weather.

Two Fingers Neat wasn’t pleasing Moore and was picked up 28. Objective (Crook) ran too big for the day and was lost at 26.

Hale’s High Flyer did not live up to expectations and Dr. Hale elected to pick up. West Jeans Kate was picked up by Gearhart.

L F Dyno Mike (Moore) started well, carded a find 15, then got into a bird hunting pattern for a few moments, picked up steam, had a find 52 and a good finish Big Trouble Duke (Crook) started strong, got stronger and was lost at 23.

Topp’s First Take (Gearhart) ran a nice race with a back at 33 but had no birds. Hale’s Kickstarter ran a controlled race with a find at 33 and no other contacts this hour.

Flint Ridge (Crook) was picked up when the dog appeared ill. Purpleline Caster (Stretz) had a very good race with finds 12 and 42 with excellent style, good rapport with handler and a nice finish.

Double Ransom (Stretz) started strong, was absent, got back, had a find 33, a little rough at finish. World Class Chief ran big  and fast with good handle and a great finish but no birds.

Claremore, Okla., January 10

Judges: Steve Rutkowski and Doug Meyer

OKLAHOMA OPEN SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 31 Pointers and 3 Setters

Winner—OPEN RANGE TERMINATOR, 1646050, pointer male, by Elhew Sinbad —Senator’s White Lie. Bob Barker, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—PURPLELINE CASPER, 1662271, pointer male, by Sir Eaton—Doc’s Touch of Gold. Dr. Richard Steckley owner; Chuck Stretz, handler.


Steve (Crook) ran hard but was a little erratic. Purpleline Cold Front was too much dog this day and Stretz called for the retrieval unit.

Flint Ridge Remington (Crook) had a really good race, strong. Hackberry’s Ice Callie (Gearhart) had a nice, biddable, forward race.

Boone (Crook) put down an okay race.  Open Range Adeline (Barker) was also too much dog and the retrieval unit was called for.

Fast Money’s (Crook) race was a little erratic. World Class Big Country  (Gulick) had a nice race, forward with good handle, and nice finish with a solid find at 6.

Duke (Crook) had a good solid race, a little short at times. Purpleline Sally’s (Stretz) race was not up to the standard of other dogs in the stake.

OPEN DERBY — 10 Pointers

1st—WORLD CLASS BIG COUNTRY, 1685990, male, by Dunn’s Tried’n True—World Class Cass. Michael Marietta, owner; Jeremy Gulick, handler.

2d—HACKBERRY’S ICE CALLIE, 1684203, female, by Hackberry’s Ice Patch—Numark Surefire Peg. Robert Konz, owner; Harold Gearhart, handler.

3d—FLINT RIDGE REMINGTON, 1685997, female, by Flashpan—Hackberry’s Lightfoot Ice. Paul Ott, owner; Justin Crook, handler.

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