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Ozark and Arkansas Open Shooting Dog Championships

By Steve Messick | Jun 25, 2020
Arkansas Shooting Dog Championship Winners. From left: Shawn Kinkelaar, Virgil Moore with True Choice, Judge Earl Connolly, Steve Hurdle, Justin Crook with Swift Justice, Judge Dennis Sneed and Bud Moore.

Conway, Ark. — Each fall, as John Seawright used to say, the circus would come to town. Well, it was that time for sure, fall in Arkansas.

The tent is the famed grounds of Camp Robinson! Just think or if still living remember just for a moment. This is where history lies. People the likes of Mary Oliver, Cov, John Gardner, , Ronnie and Tom Smith, Leon Cantrell, Hoyle Eaton used to sit around the old clubhouse and warm themselves by the fireplace.

The older I get it seems that history becomes more important. The sport of field trials is to this day a book of history, days gone by and the people who loved the mthe sport, supported it, some gone, too.

The field trialers in this area work hard and long just to try and fight off Father Time just a little longer. We try to make the grounds resemble the old days and give you the chance to flush birds like it used to be when each home had a bird dog tied up in the yard. Good cover was around each farmhouse and quail were plentiful. Call us crazy but I guess we will try and keep it going for a few more years.

The first act of the circus was the Ozark Open Shooting Dog Championship. We were delighted to have two topnotch amateurs calling the shots — Bob Barker of Inola, Okla., and Jim Martin of nearby Greenbrier, Ark. Both men grew up hunting and have thrown their share of buckshot.

The winner was a first-timer, Tug O’War, handsome four-year-old white and liver pointer male of strong stature. He is owned by Adam Hart and a delightful young lady by the name of Glenda Haag of Coffeyville, Kan.

Glenda is keeping up the tradition that she shared with her late husband Dr. Stan Haag. Glenda knows the game and it’s with great pleasure I call her friend.

Tug was handled by a pro in every respect, Mr. Shawn Kinkelaar. I have no clue of how many titles Shawn has won here but I’m sure it would be a big chief tablet and many pencils to count them all. His charge was credited with a stop to flush and a dandy find. His race made the championship cut.

The runner-up came in the form of South Forty Princess Di, snappy little three-year-old white and black ticked pointer female owned Mr. John Roswech of Chester, N. J. She bounced to the front the entire hour and had a well handled find at the completion of a good cast. She also was handled by Kinkelaar and was shown in a championship manner.

Conway, Ark., December 6

Judges: Jim Martin and Bob Barker


41 Pointers and 4 Setters

Winner—TUG O’WAR, 1668963, pointer male, by Sugarknoll War Paint—Nehawka Amazin Sue. Glenda Haag & Adam Hart, owners; Shawn Kinkelaar handler.

Runner-Up—SOUTH FORTY PRINCESS DI, 1682248, pointer female, by Sinbad’s Bear—Erin’s Miss Faye. John Roswech, owner; Shawn Kinkelaar handler.


The Arkansas Derby Classic was next on the list followed by the Arkansas Open Shooting Dog Championship. In these two important stakes we call on years of trial experience to make the calls. Earl Connolly of Memphis, Tenn., and Dennis Sneed of Ewing, Ill., were mounted and ready.

The Derby was a sweep for handler Steve Hurdle and his two hopefuls.

Taking the top spot was Coldwater Stevie, pointer female owned by Mr. Gary McKibben of Hernando, Miss. The Coldwater is known for hard running bird dogs and she did not disappoint the name.

In the runner-up spot was Ransom’s Pearl, pointer female owned by Mr. Mark Maynard of Washington, Ind. These two will be in the winners’ circle in the future no doubt.

It was good to see Mr. Hurdle add these Championships to his circuit.

Judges: Earl Connolly and Dennis Sneed


Winner—COLDWATER STEVIE, 1681222, pointer female, by White Reign—Catch Me Dot. Gary W. McKibben, owner; Steve Hurdle, handler.

Runner-Up—RANSOM’S PEARL, 1681762, pointer female, by Ransom—Quicksilver Rosie. Mark Maynard, owner; Steve Hurdle, handler.


The Arkansas Open Shooting Dog Championship rounded out the final act.

The champion came by way of yet another of Shawn Kinkelaar’s well prepared string. True Choice was the top choice; her performance was high caliber. She had two nice finds under tough conditions early in the morning. True Choice is a six-year-old white and liver pointer female owned by Mr. Greg Fried of Millerstown, Pa. I’m sure he is still proud, and well he should be.

The runner-up was a extremely strong setter  — Swift Justice. One was all it took to give a well deserved nod. The powerful six-year-old white and orange setter male is owned by Mr. Brad Kennedy of Red Bay, Ala.

Mr. Kennedy is known for his generosity to the game. I personally want to thank him for all he does! Steve Hurdle had the challenge of keeping up with this hard going he-man. He did a great job doing so.

In today’s times it’s impossible to have a quality stake without help. I would like to thank our sponsors, Purina and SportDog. Without the likes of Greg Blair of Purina and Jim Morehouse of SportDog, passion for the game would not be the same. A big thanks to you both!

On the local level Roger Martin and Johnny Taylor; a big “atta a boy” goes for the dog wagon duties and help in the kitchen which went a long way with great appreciation.

Mr. Bob Reynolds of Kansas City, Mo., is a steward of the game. He treated everyone to a barbecue dinner in honor of last year’s Arkansas Champion Pure Gossip, handled by Missourian Chuck Stretz. Her performance, if ever duplicated, will be a winner for sure.

So in ending a great deal of appreciation goes to all the handlers, their owners and the people before us who started this sport of great pleasure.

Hope all have a good summer and much success in the future! Thanks again.


[One-Hour Heats] — 51 Pointers and 8 Setters

Winner—TRUE CHOICE, 1661286, pointer female, by True Confidence—Bar P Fizz. Greg Fried, owner; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.

Runner-Up—SWIFT JUSTICE, 1660363, setter male, by Shadow Oak Bo—Smith’s Hytest Ally. Brad Kennedy, owner; Steve Hurdle, handler.

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