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Marjo’s Leftover Named Champion; Magnum High Velocity is Runner-Up

Pennsylvania Brittany Shooting Dog Championship

By David Webb | May 17, 2018
Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners. From left: John Perry with Marjo’s Leftover, Chris Streitenberger, judge; Vince Anderson with Magnum High Velocity and Dan DiMambro, judge.

Bloomingdale, Ohio — The weather often is unpredictable in March in Ohio. What was also unpredictable was location of the event.

As time “rolled around” for the trial to take place the second week in March, it was determined that there were not enough dogs entered to hold the event at the Tri-Valley grounds near Dresden, Ohio. Both the Open Shooting Dog and Derby were cancelled the last week in February. Within several days of announcing cancellation, contact was made from the Mingo Sportsman Club indicating that their grounds would be available March 26-28 if the Pennsylvania Brittany Championship Association wanted to hold the stakes there in 2018.

With help from Mary Jo Trimble, Steve Ralph, Wade Haines, Lisa Pollock, Leslie Andreas and Connie Thomas (AKC) regarding the “re-registration” paper work necessary for change of date and venue, the trial was moved to the Mingo Sportsman Club venue in Bloomington, Ohio. With regard to the actual event, it was a success. Twenty-seven dogs were entered in the Shooting Dog and fifteen in the Derby.

With the help of the following individuals the trial was a complete success: Gene Stewart, bird planter and dog wagon driver par excellence; Bill Berger and Stan Williamson, also dog wagon drivers; Jack Alexander, bird planter and side-by-side driver; Tom Tracy, laying out the continuous course; Bill McLewis, breakfasts and lunches.

The Pennsylvania Brittany Championship Association (PBCA) and the American Brittany Club also wish to recognize and thank Nestlé Purina for their continued support of this ABC Championship both with funding and dog food. We recognize their continued cooperation and sponsorship. While the monetary support helps our club, the quality of the dog food helps us keep the dogs in a competitive condition.

Chris Streitenberger of Lancaster, Ohio and Dan DiMambro of Leroy, Mich., were in the saddle to judge the field of 27 entries from professional trainers Bob Burchett and Tom Tracy, Jr., and amateur handlers John and Joanne Perry, Vince Anderson and Tommy Thomas.

The first day was in the 50s with sunshine; day No. 2 was much cooler with rain. The trial proceeded “smoothly” with three continuous courses allowing for a quick change to occur between braces.

Open Shooting Dog Championship

The winner came from the 11th brace, Marjo’s Leftover, aka Haley, handled by John Perry for owner Danielle Perry of Claymont, Del. Haley is a nine-year-old white and orange female sired by Marjo’s Red Rum with the damn being Elyssa’s Allie Baba.

Runner-up was Magnum High Velocity (Gauge), which ran in the 10th brace. Gauge is a five-year-old white and orange male sired by High Hopes Tiger Jac; his dam is Dot’s Original Spice. Gauge is owned and  handled by Vincent Anderson of Erie, Pa.

Rendering a strong competitive run  was Turning Points Shenanigans, aka Shandy, white and orange female sired by Masked Jack of Diamonds ex Copely Winecrest Grand Theft Auto. Shandy is owned by Julie Nelson and Mark Claypool of Aurora, Ill., and was handled by Bob Burchett.

Also in the mix was Hope’s Chief of Crosscreek, white and orange male owned by Barb and Wayne Pepin and Polly and Bob West of Floyd Knobs, Ind., and handled by Bob Burchett. Chief ran in brace No. 2.

Bloomingdale, Ohio, March 26

Judges: Chris Streitenberger and Dan DiMambro

Pennsylvania BRITTANY OPEN Shooting Dog Championship

[One-Hour Heats] — 27 Brittanys

Winner—MARJO’S LEFTOVER, 1615029, female, by Marjo’s Red Rum—Elyssa’s Allie Baba. Danielle Perry, owner; John Perry, handler.

Runner-Up—MAGNUM HIGH VELOCITY, 1669433, male, by High Hopes Tiger Jac—Dot’s Original Spice. Vincent Anderson, owner and handler.

Derby Classic

The Open Derby Classic started Tuesday afternoon and was concluded Wednesday morning. Judges were April Raber of Leroy, Mich., and Rich Pristov of Brookpark, Ohio. The judges endured rainy and cool weather for the eight braces of the Derby. Bob Burchett and Tom Tracy, Jr. entered dogs along with amateurs Stan Williamson, Tommy Thomas and Richy Allen.

The winner came from brace No. 4, Redbud Jake, white and orange male owned and handled by Stan Williamson of Lewistown, Mo.  Runner-up was Pine Crest’s Chippen Away, white and orange male owned by Tim Huglen of Rochester, Minn., and handled by Tom Tracy, Jr. Chip ran in the brace No. 1.

In addition with a competitive run and placing third was Osage Fork Slick, owned and handled by Bob Burchett. Slick is a white and orange male that is only 10 months old. Placing fourth was Glade Run Ruger, white and liver male owned by David Webb of Valencia, Pa., and handled by Tom Tracy, Jr.

Judges: April Raber and Rich Pristov

Pennsylvania Derby Classic — 15 Brittanys

Winner—REDBUD JAKE, 1678254, male, by Jac’s Over Aces—Gun Creek Zipster. Stan Williamson, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—PINE CREST’S CHIPPEN AWAY, unreg., male, by Castaway Wilson—Wilma Bean. Tim Huglen, owner; Tom Tracy, Jr., handler.

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