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By Brian Sanchez | Sep 15, 2017
Open Shooting Dog Winners. From front left: Bully Bragg with Mike Tracy, Ladywood’s Keepsake with Dillon Shaffer and Urban Fantasy with Matt Basilone. Standing:George Tracy, Mary Tracy, Judge Joe Amatulli, Becky Johnson, Jeanette Tracy, Judge Lisa Pollock and Bob Reed.

East Windsor, Conn. — August 25 kicked off the start of our Purina points shooting dog season in the Northeast.

The Pittsburgh and Associated Field Trial Clubs of Connecticut hosted the trial at the Flaherty Field Trial Area in East Windsor, Conn.

Once again we had great support for the trial drawing a total of 109 dogs for the week. And the weather was in our favor this year.

Judging this year were Jason Smit of Montgomery, N. Y., and Dave O’Brien of Marlborough, Conn., for the Open Derby. Jeanette Tracy of Glenville, Pa., and Jason Smit teamed for the Amateur Shooting Dog Classic. Lisa Pollock of Medford, N. J., and Joe Amatulli of New Hartford, Conn., judged the Open Shooting Dog Classic.

We thank them for their time in the saddle!

Purina is our biggest sponsor as they are in most field trials. Thank you to Purina and Greg Blair for all they do for our sport.

Putting on a trial is not an easy task. It takes many people willing to do the work. Most of all thank you to Mary Tracy and Muriel Primm. Without all of your help I could not have gotten it done.

There are too many others to name and I do not want to forget anyone, so thank you to all who pitched in and helped.


The Bill McNamee Memorial Open Derby Classic drew 29 hopefuls — 28 pointers and 1 setter.

Topping the field was Glassilaun War Paint, owned by Jamie Nee  of Quincy, Mass., and handled by Toby Tobiassen. Coming in second was High Drive Gail, owned by Allen Linder and handled by George Tracy. Placed third was It Ain’t My Fault, owned by John and Aidan Malone and handled by John Stolgitis.

The Elwin G. Smith Amateur Shooting Dog Classic drew a field of twenty dogs — 17 pointers, 1 setter, one German Shorthaired Pointer and 1 Irish setter.

Coming out on top was Shadow Oak Doc, owned by Allen Linder and Jack and Brian Sanchez, handled by Brian Sanchez. Second was North Country Girl, owned by Joe McHugh and Dave McKay and handled by Dave. Third  was Waybetter Rocky, owned by Carl, Joyce and Collin Bishop and Bill and Muriel Primm and handled by Carl Bishop.

The Inez Smith Open Shooting Dog Classic drew a strong field of 60 dogs — 51 pointers and 9 setters.

This year’s winner was Urban Fantasy, white and liver pointer male owned by Troy Terlizzi of Wake Forest, N. C.,  and handled by Matt Basilone. Second place was Ladywood’s Keepsake, white and liver pointer female owned by Becky Johnson, Ted Foust and Brian Sanchez and handled by Jeanette Tracy. Third was Bully Bragg, white and liver pointer male owned by Bill and Muriel Primm of Cream Ridge, N. J., and Ernie and Karen Saniga of Nottingham, Pa.,  and handled by Mike Tracy.

Overall it was another successful trial.

Thank you to all the amateurs and professionals who came out to support the trial. Look forward to seeing all of you next year!

East Windsor, Conn., August 25

Judges: Dave O’Brien and Jason Smit


and 1 Setter

1st—GLASSILAUN WAR PAINT, 1667331, pointer male, by Sugarknoll War Paint—Neely’s Hot Pepper. Jamie Nee, owner; Toby Tobiassen, handler.

2d—HIGH DRIVE GAIL, 1674794, pointer female, by Sugarknoll War Paint—Bluebar Jill. Allen R. Linder, owner; George Tracy, handler.

3d—IT AIN’T MY FAULT, 1672101, pointer male, by Erin’s War Creek—Richfield Almond Joy. John & Aidan Malone, owners; John Stolgitis, handler.

Judges: Jason Smit and Jeanette Tracy

ELWIN G. SMITH MEMORIAL AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 17 Pointers, 1 Setter, 1 German Shorthair

and 1 Irish Setter

1st—SHADOW OAK DOC, 1644034, setter male, by Shadow Oak Bo—Bohannon’s Elizabeth. Allen R. Linder & Great River Kennel, owners; Brian Sanchez, handler.

2d—NORTH COUNTRY GIRL, 1654212, pointer female, by Great River Ice—Richfield Silver Belle. David McKay & Joe McHugh, owners; David McKay, handler.

3d—WAYBETTER ROCKY, 1652783, pointer male, by Brown’s Tom Tom—Waybetter Reba. Carl, Joyce & Collin Bishop & Muriel & William Primm, owners; Carl Bishop, handler.

Judges: Joe Amatulli and Lisa Pollock

INEZ C. SMITH MEMORIAL OPEN SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 51 Pointers and 9 Setters

1st—URBAN FANTASY, 1656623, pointer male, by Erin’s Stone Cutter—A Whiskey Lullaby. Troy Terlizzi, owner; Matt Basilone, handler.

2d—LADYWOOD’S KEEPSAKE, 1652796, pointer female, by Great River Dominator—Ladywood’s Pippi. Becky Johnson, Ted Foust & Brian Sanchez, owners; Jeanette Tracy, handler.

3d—BULLY BRAGG, 1650794, pointer male, by Our Big Bully—Little Wing Silver Belle. Ernie & Karen Saniga & Muriel & William Primm, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

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