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Inez C. and Elwin G. Smith Classics

Pittsburgh Field Trial Club

By Brian Sanchez | Oct 04, 2018
Inez C. Smith Open Shooting Dog Winners. From front left: Brooke, Grace, Mathew Sanchez; George Tracy with Miller’s Unbridled Forever, Eric Russell with Miller’s Heat Seeker, Mike Tracy and Carl Bishop with Waybetter Rocky. Standing: Mary Tracy, Dave O’Brien, Allen Linder, Madison McDonald, Muriel Primm, and Judges Dayna and Anthony Rusciano.

East Windsor, Conn. — September 3 kicked off the start of our Purina points shooting dog season in the Northeast. The Pittsburgh Club and Associated Field Trial Clubs of Connecticut hosted the trial at the Flaherty Field Trial Area in East Windsor, Conn.

Once again we had great support for the trial. A total of 107 dogs were drawn — 27  dogs in the Open Derby, 54 in the Open Shooting Dog and 26  in the Amateur Shooting Dog.

Weather was not in our favor this year as temperatures were in the mid- to high- 90s all week.

Judging this year were Dave O’Brien of Malborough, Conn., and Aidan Malone of Bolton, Conn.,  for the Open Derby; Anthony and Dayna Rusciano of Newfield, N. J., for the Open Shooting Dog; Jason Smit of Montgomery, N. Y., and Cory Roy of East Windsor, Conn., for the Amateur Shooting Dog.

We thank them for their time in the saddle. Riding seven hours in the 90s is never fun. It was a long week for our judges.

Purina is our major sponsor as they are for most field trials. Thank you to Purina and Greg Blair for all they do for our sport.

Putting on a trial is not an easy task. It takes many people to do the work. Thank you to our bird planters, Dave O’Brien, Carl Bishop, Gene Casale, Jr., Amilcar Pereira and Stephanie Bock. Special thank you to Mary Tracy, Muriel Primm and Karen Reed for all of their help in the kitchen and shopping. We couldn’t do it without you ladies!


The Bill McNamee Memorial Open Derby drew a field of 27 dogs. Topping the field was  pointer female Hightailing Penny with two finds and one unproductive for handler Mike Tracy and owners Kevin and Maureen Joyce of East Northport, N. Y. Second was Panola Bacon with two finds for handler John Stolgitis and owner Mac Stidham of Columbia, S. C. Third was Hightailing Maggie with one find for handler Mike Tracy and owners Kevin and Maureen Joyce.

The Inez C. Smith Open Shooting Dog drew a field of 54 dogs. Coming out on top was Miller’s Unbridled Forever with a big forward race always to the front. The first find at 14 was a limb find with great style and manners. A back at 21 and finds at 30, 38 and 55, all with good style. He finished strong and to the front. Second was Miller’s Heat Seeker which complemented the first place dog with a strong forward race with three stylish finds at 8, 16 and 31. He covered a lot of ground while hunting, using the wind with a strong finish. First and second place were handled by George Tracy. Placed third was Waybetter Rocky which ran a good race with a divided find at 7, a back at 13 and finds at 15, 26 and 42, all with style. He finished as strong as he started.

The judges had some honorable mentions: Jessie’s Bonanza, Pinestraw Sweet Tea and Ladywood’s Miss Daisy, all handled by Jeanette Tracy; Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride and Bulltaeo, handled by Mike Tracy; Miller’s Honor Code, handled by George Tracy.

East Windsor, Conn., September 3

Judges: Aidan Malone and Dave O’Brien

BILL MCNAMEE MEMORIAL OPEN DERBY — 26 Pointeirs and 1 Setter

1st—HIGHTAILING PENNY, 1674285, pointer female, by Bail Me Out—Calico’s Redhot Ember Annie. Kevin & Maureen Joyce, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

2d—PANOLA BACON, 1675813, pointer male, by Daddy’s Little Boy Butch—Richfield Rose. Mac Stidham, owner; John Stolgitis, handler.

3d—HIGHTAILING MAGGIE, 1674283, pointer male, by Bail Me Out—Walden’s Ridge Liz. Kevin & Maureen Joyce, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

Judges: Anthony Rusciano and Dayna Rusciano

INEZ C. SMITH OPEN SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 44 Pointers, 9 Setters and 1 German Shorthairs

1st—MILLER’S UNBRIDLED FOREVER, 1661404, pointer male, by Just Irresistible—Miller’s Bring the Heat. Great River Kennel & Neil Walker, owners; George Tracy, handler.

2d—MILLER’S HEAT SEEKER, 1674886, pointer male, by Just Irresistible—Miller’s Bring the Heat. Dennis Hood, Bill & Muriel Primm & Jack & Fran Miller, owners; George Tracy, handler.

3d—WAYBETTER ROCKY, 1652783, pointer male, by Brown’s Tom Tom—Waybetter Reba. Bill & Muriel Primm & Carl, Joyce & Collin Bishop, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.


The Elwin G. Smith Amateur Shooting Dog drew 26 dogs. Coming out on top was pointer male Calico’s Mr. Wonderful with four finds and a good forward race for Alex Smith. Second was Talladega with five finds, an unproductive and a good forward race for  John Malone. Third  was Calico’s Touch of Class with seven finds and a good forward race for Alex Smith.

Overall it was another successful trial. Thank you to our judges, and all the amateurs and professionals who came to support the trial.

Look forward to seeing all of you next year!

Judges: Cory Roy and Jason Smit

ELWIN G. SMITH MEMORIAL AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 25 Pointers and 1 Irish Setter

1st—CALICO’S MR. WONDERFUL, 1651048, pointer male, by Calico’s Catch N Release—Calico’s Touch of Class. Calico Kennels & Tiffani & Alex Smith, owners; Alex Smith, handler.

2d—TALLADEGA, 1657299, pointer male, by Whippoorwill Wild Agin—Sparkles. Elias Richardson III, owner; John Malone, handler.

3d—CALICO’S TOUCH OF CLASS, 1625612, pointer female, by Night Hawk—Shotgun Elhew Attitude. Calico Kennels & Pete & Chris Del Collo, owners; Alex Smith, handler.

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