American Field

Profiles of Dogs Nominated in the 2018 National Championship

By Stephen Bell and Amy Spencer | Feb 14, 2018

As noted elsewhere in this issue, 42 dogs have been nominated for the 119th National Field Trial Championship at Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, Tenn., the running scheduled to start Monday morning, February 12.

Appended are profiles of the current nominated contenders:

CASSIQUE’S BOSS is one of the veteran contestants, returning for his fifth year with two re-qualifying placements, both seconds, at the Prairie Open All-Age and the Hell Creek Open All-Age.

“Boss” was sired by Elhew Fibber McGee and out of Tim Moore’s good bitch Magic Carpet. Boss has won two prior all-age championships, the Florida and the Mississippi, two prior shooting dog championships, the Alabama and the National Open, and numerous runner-ups. In his past performances, he has never gone without birds and he finished three hours his rookie year.

This white, liver, and ticked ten-year old pointer male is owned by Alabaman Rick Stallings and will be handled by Steve Hurdle.

Boss has no close relatives among this year’s contestants. He is the only member of this branch of the Elhew family to compete in 2018, though this sireline ultimately goes back to Riggins White Knight and therefore he has many distant cousins here, many generations removed. Nor are there any close relatives to the mother-daughter line, but looking back 16 generations we find the notable producers Lullaby, her mother Milligan’s Jane, and daughter Lula Blue. Please don’t think that Boss is one of a kind as his little brother, Elhew G Force has been a pretty successful shooting dog and has now been seen at some all-age trials, too.


COLDWATER THUNDER, white, liver, and ticked pointer bitch re-qualified this year with two placements, both thirds, at the Benton County (Miss.) Open All-Age and the Kentucky Lake Open All-Age. This will be Lulu’s second year to run. In her first year’s run she finished the three hours with two finds.

She is sired by Coldwater Warrior, and was bred by Gary McKibben. Her dam, Thunder Bess, is a sister to Thunder Snowy, a previous competitor here who is also owned by Doug Arthur.

Lulu is co-owned by Doug with Rachel Blackwell. Lulu will celebrate her fourth birthday the night of the drawing for this year’s competition.

Coldwater Thunder is from a line that is consistently producing contestants here. Her sire, Coldwater Warrior, who competed here six times and was a son of Whippoorwill War Dance which competed here three times, he a son of Whippoorwill Wild Agin which won in 2008. Lulu’s dam, Thunder Bess (and contestant sister Thunder Snowy) was by Lester’s Snowatch which also won here(2009). Her grand-dam, Miller’s Go Rail, owned  by Tony B. Miller, was by Addition’s Go Boy out of Guard Rail’s Misty (by Guard Rail out of Sally Shadow Doe)


COLE TRAIN is just shy of six years old and is returning for his third run. He re-qualified with a third at the Missouri Open All-Age last spring, and he won the Missouri Championship the following week. That makes the third year for him to win a championship, having previously won the Kentucky and the International Pheasant Championships.

The white, black, and ticked scion of Lance’s Last Knight was bred by Ray Hamilton out of his Quinton’s Pretty Baby. In his previous runs here he has found birds, perhaps not enough, but has yet to finish three hours. Cole is owned and handled by Dr. Fred Corder.

Cole Train has numerous close relatives in this year’s competition and from previous years. First, he is the fifth son of Lance’s Last Knight to qualify as a contestant, a pretty remarkable record for a stud dog who was not a contestant himself. Cole’s half-brother Touch’s White Knight will also be competing this year, and they will be joined by their nephew Touch’s Mega Mike. Lance’s Last Knight is a son of Erin’s Bad River. There are a host of other grandsons of Erin’s Bad River in this year’s competition.

Quinton’s Pretty Baby, Cole Train’s dam, also had a daughter, Quinton’s Flying High, who produced another of this year’s contestants, House’s Buckwheat Hawk.


DANIELS CREEK WHITEHAWK is an eight year old, white, black, and ticked pointer male who comes from the west coast. He re-qualified last spring with a third at the Cecil Proctor Open All-Age in Oklahoma, but the remainder of his qualifying placements were all out west and all in championships.

This year “Rich” won the Cascade and California Chukar Championships and was runner-up in the California Quail Championship.

“Rich” is a son of Rock Acre Blackhawk out of Brown’s Northern Light, and was bred by Frances Brown. This is his second year to run here for handler Travis Gellhaus and owner Terry Reinke of Longmont, Colo.

Rock Acre Blackhawk should by now be a familiar stud as he has sired nine former contestants. Rich will be joined by his half brother Mega Blackhawk’s Progeny this year, along with a nephew, Strut Nation and grand-nephew, Westfall’s Black Ice and numerous other cousins.

Rich’s dam, Brown’s Northern Light was by Island Grove Brute out of Erin’s Rockin Robin who you may recall was the dam of Erin’s Bad River, and therefore Rich has a lot of cousins among the competitors from his maternal side, too.


DAZZLING is from the second litter of the remarkable knick of Whippoorwill Wild Agin and Sparkles. “May” is now six years old and will be making her third appearance at Ames Plantation, having re-qualified with two third places, the North Dakota Classic last summer and more recently at the Pelican State Open All-Age. She has been picked up early in her previous lackluster runs here in 2015 and 2017.

May is co-owned by her breeder Bob Walthall with Thorpe McKenzie of Tallahassee, Fla. This white, orange, and ticked pointer bitch will be handled by Steve Hurdle.

More about Dazzling’s breeding and relations will be discussed under Whippoorwill Justified.


DOMINATOR’S DOTTED LINE is making her rookie run this year, but she has been on the radar of field trial followers since she just missed out qualifying last year when she was runner-up at the Florida Championship in a 79-dog stake (had there been 80 entries the runner-up placement would have been qualifying).

This year “Dot” annexed the Southeastern Championship which was an 82-dog stake.

She is a seven-year-old, white, liver, and ticked pointer sired by Double Rebel Dominator out of Sinbad’s Diamond Lill, bred by Rob Butler and Stanley Howton. Jamie Daniels will handle for her cartel of owners: Curtis Futch, Will Deupree, Bill and Jim Hamilton, Field Norris, David Raines.

Dot is most closely related to another of Jamie Daniel’s dogs, Dominator’s Rebel Heir, though their shared ancestry from Cuivre River Daisy and Elhew Sinbad appear in differing positions of their respective pedigrees.

Dot’s sire, Double Rebel Dominator is a son of Just Wait a former contestant here and from Fiddler’s lineage. Dot’s dam, Sinbad’s Diamond Lill, shows the mother-daughter line from Hanna’s Elhew Lou in both her sire Elhew Sinbad (by Island Grove Brute ex Elhew Swami) and her dam Elhew Mayflower (by Elhew Explorer ex Elhew Sunflower).


DOMINATOR’S REBEL HEIR returns for his sophomore year, having made a successful three hour run last year. He qualified as a Derby for the 2016 renewal but did not run. He has re-qualified with his second win of the Masters Open Quail Championship last spring.

“Reb” previously won the Continental, Florida, and Missouri Championships and taken runners-up in the Georgia and All-America Prairie Championships.

Reb is a white, liver, and ticked four year old pointer male who was bred and is handled by Jamie Daniels. He is by Rivertons Funseek’n Scooter out of Pearl Again. Georgian Jim Hamilton is his proud owner.

Reb’s pedigree shows a number of former contestants. His sire, Riverton’s Funseekin Scooter was one, as well as Scooter’s dam, Rivertons Blackeye Pea. Scooter’s sire was Funseeker’s Rebel, the winner here in 2007. On his maternal side we find his dam, Pearl Again was a daughter of Elhew Sinbad out of Cuivre River Daisy. Daisy was a daughter of Double Rebel Sonny and Swingabout, she harkens back to John Criswell’s Swingalong and before that John Gates Sugarplum.


DUNN’S TRIED’N TRUE has been a consistent winner in the qualifying circuit since he was the Purina Top Derby in 2015, winning at least one championship every year since. This year “Jack,” returns having won the prestigious Quail Championship Invitational for the second time, along with having won the All-America Quail Championship, too. This will the fourth year to compete here for the five-year-old white and orange pointer male. He was picked up early with unproductives when he ran as a Derby, but has completed the three-hour run for the past two years with respectable bird scores.

Jack is by Miller’s Dialing In out of White Royal Pain, and was bred by Chris George. Luke Eisenhart will be handling Jack for his owners Kentucky Will and Rita Dunn.

Dunn’s Tried’N True is one of the true blue bloods of the Miller . . . line. He will be competing against his sire, Miller’s Dialing In, the 2015 winner, and his grand-sire the venerable Miller’s Happy Jack. This will be the third time that this father, son, grandson trio has returned together.

Dunn’s Tried ’N True’s dam, White Royal Pain shows several generations of Miller breedings in her pedigree, but ultimately she comes from the mother-daughter line of Elhew Dior (and before that Bimpkins Security Girl).


ERIN’S LONGMIRE is a rookie contestant that qualified with wins on the prairie at the Manitoba Championship, and in the south at the Dixie Open All-Age Classic. Isn’t that the combination of wins that the oldtimers talk about?

“Chip” is  a four-year-old white, orange, and ticked son of Erin’s Whiskey River  out of Erin’s Wild Rose and bred by Sean Derrig. His littermate brother Erin’s Redrum is also a contestant this year.

Chip is owned by longtime Colorado patron Brad H. Calkins who has placed him in the capable hands of Robin Gates.

Look for more about this breeding under Erin’s Redrum.


ERIN’S MUDDY RIVER is just shy of seven years old and is making his third attempt at this title.”Pete”  was picked up early in his two previous runs. Pete has re-qualified with a third place in the Broomhill Open All-Age, and his past championship wins have all been on the prairie; winner of the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Chicken Championships and runner-up at the Dominion Chicken Championship.

He is by Erin’s Stoney River, out of Thoman’s Miss Annie, and bred by Sean Derrig. Robin Gates will be handling this white, orange, and ticked pointer for Tommy Hamilton.

Of the four sons of Erin’s Bad River that have sired contestants in this year’s fray, Erin’s Stoney River is perhaps the most closely bred to this line as his dam, Mohawk Mill Shamrock was also a daughter of Erin’s Southern Justice. Erin’s Stoney River is also the sire of Shadow’s Full Throttle. Thoman’s Miss Annie, Pete’s dam, is by Thoman’s Bullet (a son of Miller’s Silver Bullet out of a daughter of Miller’s Silver Bullet) and out of Thoman’s Black Chief who traces back to Bar Lane Dot. Twin Lakes Wishbone, the dam of Shadow’s Full Throttle, is closer bred to this line showing Bly Spy Master on the top and bottom of her pedigree, but one has to track a long way back up her mother-daughter line to find another who has produced a contestant here and that would be Brown’s Bella Pointer, the dam of Hard Cash.


ERIN’S REDRUM comes to Ames Plantation as the recent winner of the  Continental Championship at Dixie Plantation. He also recently earned a runner-up at the Georgia Championship.

“Rex” is a five-year-old, white, orange, and ticked pointer who is owned, handled, and was bred by Sean Derrig. Rex is by Erin’s Whiskey River (Sean’s daughter Maeve’s durable contestant here) out of Erin’s Wild Rose. This will be his second year to compete here. He was picked up early with three finds in his first year.

Many dogs of the past  have shared their name with a famous racehorse, one need only look back to Quillen’s Rising Star and his namesake Rising Star. Before that was Native Tango a name honorific of Native Dancer. Though little heard of here in the United States, Red Rum was perhaps the most famous Irish racehorse in living memory, the only three-time winner of the Grand National Steeplechase in 1973, ’74, and ’77, taking seconds in the two intervening years. That is quite an appellation for this dog to carry, but Mr. Derrig will tell you that it doesn’t hurt that the name spelled backwards is “murder”.

The two littermates, Erin’s Redrum and Erin’s Longmire, are not the only national championship contestants produced by their dam, Erin’s Wild Rose. She also produced Erin’s Brave Heart when she was bred to Erin’s Bad River, and he is the sire of this year’s rookie contestant Westfall’s True Grit. Erin’s Wild Rose’s sister, Sweetbriar Sue was also the dam of a contestant, Three Rivers. Remarkably, one has to track backwards in this mother-daughter line to find a previous producer many generations ago, and she would be Allegheny Shendon Brownie, the dam of Wayriel Allegheny Sport. (Also, more information under Phillips Field Line).


GAME BO is one of the surviving dogs from the tragic fire in June 2012 that ravaged Randy Down’s kennels. Bo was just a pup then but still has the scars if you look closely.

The white and liver pointer will make his rookie appearance this year. He has qualified with wins at the West Tennessee Open All-Age last spring and at the Prairie Open All-Age recently. This six year old is owned, handled, and was bred by Dr. Fred Corder. Bo is by Rock Acre Rambo out of Regret C.

Bo’s sire, Rockacre Rambo, was one of Dr. Corder’s dogs that died in the tragic fire at Randy Down’s kennels that also took Dr Corder’s Hall of Fame dog Game Maker. Rockacre Rambo was by Rockacre Playmaker and out of Miss Elhew Chillpill, she from the famous knick of  Rock Acre Blackhawk and Elhew Katie Lee. Bo’s dam, Regret C. was also bred by Dr. Corder. She was by Amarige (another of Dr. Corder’s dogs, by Miller’s White Powder) out of Silver Susie ( Miller’s Silver Bullet).


HOUSE’S BUCKWHEAT HAWK is a five-year-old white, liver, and ticked pointer male making his second run this year. He was lost on the course last year. He has re-qualified with a second place at the Dixie Classic. He has previous championship wins, in the American Derby Invitational and runner-up at the Manitoba Championship. Hawk is by House’s White Hawk out of Quinton’s Flying High, and was bred by Keith Wright. He will be handled by Mark McLean for his Georgia owners Bruce and Karen Norton.

Hawk’s sire, House’s White Hawk, was a dog that died young from blastomycosis; he was by House’s Line Up out of Blackhawk’s Sunflower, she from the Hanna’s Elhew Lou family. Hawk’s dam, Quinton’s Flying High is by House’s White Ashes (he’s by Chief Honcho’s Samuel) and out of Quinton’s Pretty Baby (the dam of another contestant, Cole Train). This mother-daughter line comes down from Nell’s Rambling On. And with that pedigree, Hawk is a cousin to just about every other contestant this year, excepting the setters, of course.


LESTER’S JAZZ MAN is a two-time winner of the Oklahoma Open Championship that will be making his fourth run this “Sam”has finished the three hours twice before, and ran a little past the two hour mark the other year, all with considerable amounts bird work. Last year he had more finds than the winner. This year he returns having re-qualified with first places at the Cecil Proctor Open All-Age and the Inola Open All-Age, and this past week he took a runner-up at the Alabama Championship.

“Sam” is by Lester’s Snowatch out of High Point Jesse, and was bred by W. M. Harkins. Randy Anderson will handle this six year old, white, orange, and ticked pointer for his Oklahoma  owner Dan Hensley.

Sam’s sire, former National Champion Lester’s Snowatch, needs little introduction. His dam High Point Jesse is a daughter of Miller’s White Powder out of Native Missy (a daughter of Miller’s Silver Bullet and Native Class). This “Native” mother-daughter line comes down from Cotton States Kate, the dam of national champion Native Tango.


LESTER’S SUNNY HILL JO was the 2017 National Champion and need not re-qualify, but he has had a good season this year, notably taking a runner-up at the Quail Championship Invitational. Returning for his second year, he is now five years old.

Jo was sired by Ransom, out of Miller’s White Wall, and was bred by Chris George. This white, orange, and ticked pointer is co-owned by David Thompson  of Kentucky and Gary Lester, who will again be his handler.

Jo’s sire, Ransom, will be discussed in more detail under Whippoorwill Justified. Jo’s dam, Miller’s White Wall is by Lester’s Snowatch out of L G White Lily who is a sister of Phillips Silver Star, the dam of another National Champion— Miller’s Dialing In.

A couple of others from this mother-daughter family are two daughters of Phillips Silver Star (both sired by Phillips White Twist): Phillips Southern Star, the dam of Phillips Field Line another contestant this year, and Phillips Miss Kate, the dam of the former female contestant Circle Masquerade. This mother-daughter line traces back to the famous producer Ichaby Fanny.


LONE TREE’S SHOWBIZ is a white, orange, and ticked pointer male that will male his rookie appearance.

“Al” has quite a record of qualifying win this year: three championships, the California Quail, the National Chukar, and the Northwest Chukar, and one runner-up at the Pacific Coast Open.  This four-year-old was bred by and is owned by Nebraskan Mitch Solt, and is handled by Travis Gellhaus.

Al was sired by Wiggins River Wild (by Whippoorwill Wild Agin ex Wiggins Miss Sammie) and his dam is Wiggins Miss Reba.

Wiggins Miss Reba was formerly Reba’s Red Patch and she is by No Middle Ground (by Elhew Chinkapin ex Miss Fearless) and out of Barilla’s Storm Damage (by Barilla’s Elhew Geronimo ex Barilla’s Moon Light). Her mother-daughter line goes back to Guard Rail Susan.


MEGA BLACKHAWK’S PROGENY is running for the fourth time, this year with a new owner, Brad Kennedy. The seven-year-old son of Rock Acre Blackhawk, out of Mega Ruby, was bred by one of his former owners, Bob Craig.

He  re-qualified for this year’s run with a third place at the Sunflower Open All-Age. He is a previous winner of the Saskatchewan Chicken Championship and a runner-up of the All-America Quail Championship. Steve Hurdle will still be handling this white and black pointer.

The contestants related to Rock Acre Blackhawk have been discussed under Daniels Creek Whitehawk. Mega Ruby was sired by Whippoorwill War Dance out of Whippoorwill GMA, a daughter of Game Maker. This mother-daughter line goes back to Bar Lane Dot.


MILLER’S DIALING IN took a year off, but now he’s back. “Spec” re-qualified last spring with a second place in the West Tennessee Open All-Age after a drought which left him un-qualified for last year’s championship. He has since taken a runner-up at the All-America Quail Championship. This will be the fifth year to run for this seven-year-old pointer. His prior performances include his win in 2015, and he has finished the three hours once before that. Spec is by Miller’s Happy Jack out of Phillips Silver Star, and was bred by Nathan Phillips. He will be handled by his owner, Gary Lester.

“Spec’s” sire, Miller’s Happy Jack, is a contestant this year (please see his profile for further breeding information). Spec’s dam, Phillips Silver Star was discussed under Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo. Often we hear an old timer remark that it is so easy for these dogs to re-qualify each year, that all they need is a third place, but in actuality it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Spec had won a championship or runner-up every year that he competed until 2016. His records shows five championships and six runner-ups in the qualifying trials.


MILLER’S HAPPY JACK will be appearing in for the ninth time at Grand Junction and will join a select coterie  of durable contestants. Only four other dogs have run nine or more years here. The ten-year-old, white orange, and ticked pointer has re-qualified with a runner-up at the Manitoba Championship last summer and is still a serious contender anytime, anywhere he runs.

“Jack” was sired by Lester’s Bandit, his dam was Bryson’s Powder Twist, and he was bred by Alvin Bryson. Randy Anderson handles Jack for his owner Scott Griffin of North Carolina.

Miller’s Happy Jack is probably the most blue-blooded of any of the so-called Miller line living today. His sire, Lester’s Bandit, was a son of House’s Line Up out of Will’s Wendy (by Miller’s On Line out of Cloudburst, a daughter of House’s Rain Cloud). Lester’s Bandit was injured when he was young and did not compete in field trials, but his two sisters, Mac’s Memphis May and House’s River Fever were contestants here. Miller’s Happy Jack’s dam, Bryson’s Powder Twist was by Miller’s White Powder out of Wiggin’s Twist N Shout (by House’s Rainwater out of House’s Little Bess, a daughter of Miller’s Silver Bullet).

This year Jack will compete against two of his sons, Miller’s Dialing In and Touch’s Game Point, his grandson, Dunn’s Tried N True, and his great-granddaughter, Pendy’s Good Grace.

We are uncertain whether a four-generation group of contestants have ever competed together before, but it certainly can’t be considered common.


OAKSPRING BIG TIME WARRIOR returns for his third year, having been picked up early here twice before, each time with not enough birds to be in contention. This six-year-old white, orange, and ticked pointer re-qualified for this year with a third place at the Inola Open All-Age.

“Fred” is by Oakspring Big Time (he was from the first Whippoorwill Wild Agin-Sparkles litter) and out of Barshoe Eclectic. Fred was bred by Allen Vincent, who also handles him for his owner, Jeff Miller.

Fred’s sire, Oakspring Big Time is discussed among the other Whippoorwill Wild Agin-Sparkles littermates under Whippoorwill Justified. Fred’s dam, Barshoe Eclectic is by Hey Two Pete, a son of Erin’s Southern Justice. Barshoe Eclectic’s dam, Barshoe Epiphany is by Barshoe Hard Twist (a grandson of Redemption’s Reward) out of Barshoe Belligerent, who was a daughter of Barshoe Fly.


PENDY’S GOOD GRACE is one of the two contestants this year that qualified as Derbies. She won the Georgia and Pacific Coast Derby Championships, and was runner-up at the American Derby Invitational. She was the Purina Derby Award winner  for last season.

Grace is a three-year-old white, orange, and ticked pointer bitch. She was sired by Reloaded, out of Dialed In, and bred by Jim Pendergest. She is owned by Kentuckian Matt Pendergest and handled by Luke Eisenhart.

Grace’s sire, Reloaded is by House’s Line Up and out of Drama Queen. Her dam, Dialed In is by Miller’s Dialing In out of Rester’s Zumba Girl. Rester’s Zumba Girl is a sister of another contestant this year, Shadow’s White Warrior, and you can follow Grace’s pedigree further under his name.


PHILLIPS FIELD LINE is a rookie contestant with handler Randy Anderson. “Jim” qualified last spring with a first in the Region 8 Championship Association Open All-Age, his other first was at the Alberta Classic back in 2015, and in the meanwhile he picked up two runners-up at the Manitoba and Missouri Championships.

Jim is a six-year-old, white, orange, and ticked pointer. He is by R W Scarface, out of Phillips Southern Star, and was bred by Nathan Phillips. Don Stroble  of Mechnicsburg, Pa., is his owner.

Jim’s dam, Phillips Southern Star was discussed under Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo. His sire, R W Scarface is a brother of Wiggins River Deuce, the dam of Erin’s Wild Rose (see Erin’s Redrum). They are by Wind N Rain who was from the Miller’s Silver Bullet — Wiggins Twist N Shout knick. Their dam was R W Fancy and she was by Pike Creek Mikie out of Gold’s Fiddler Girl.


QUICKMARKSMAN’S TOM TEKOA is the latest setter sensation, a rookie this year who recently qualified winning the Georgia Championship and prior, a first at the North Carolina Open All-Age. Tom also won runner-up at the Tarheel Championship this fall. Tom was bred by and is owned by Larry Earls of South Carolina, and will be handled by Mike Hester.

The six-year-old, white orange, and ticked setter male is by Quickmarksman’s Tekoa out of Quickmarksman’s Sue, both parents also bred by Larry Earls.

Pretty much all the dogs in Tom’s pedigree for the first few generations were bred “in house” by Larry Earls who tells an interesting back story about the beginnings of his breedings. The dog that started it all for him was a son of Tekoa Mountain Sunrise who didn’t have a tail. A vet had mistaken the puppies for Brittanys and had docked their tails, and Larry was offered one of the pups for a hunting dog.


SALEM’S ANNIE OAKLEY will be appearing at Ames for the third year. Shere-qualified with a first in the Alberta Classic, and for “May” that is par for the course. She has no second places in her past, all firsts, originally qualifying with three championships; the Dominion Chicken, the Texas, and the Missouri.

May is a white, liver, and ticked pointer bitch that is just a couple of weeks shy of here eighth birthday (February 27). She is by Smokey Knight, out of Good Knight Tramp, and was bred by Dr. Dan Bloom. May is owned by another doctor, Dr. James “Jim” Santarelli of Springfield, Ill.,  and is handled by Andy Daugherty.

Salem’s Annie Oakley’s sire, Smokey Knight is a son of Sir Lancelot out of Powder’s Best Liz. That makes May the only dog to come down from Gunsmoke in this year’s competition. Her dam, Good Knight Tramp is by Poncho out of Silver Spectacular, brother and sister, both by Jed Pinto out of Kodak Candy. This mother-daughter line goes back to Bar Lane Dot.


SHADOW’S FULL THROTTLE is a white, liver, and ticked, seven year old pointer male who returns for his fourth year. In his previous year’s runs he has been picked up early or lost.

“Cutter “ re-qualified  for this year’s stake with a second place at the Broomhill Open All-Age. He is a former Continental Champion, and has subsequently taken a runner-up there and at the Masters Quail and Kentucky Championships.

Cutter by Erin’s Stoney River, out of Twin Lakes Wishbone, and was bred by John Neely. Cutter is owned by Georgian Larry Lee and will be handled by Robin Gates.

Cutter’s breeding was discussed under Erin’s Muddy River.


SHADOW’S NEXT EXIT returns this year, having won the Saskatchewan Chicken Championship. Last year, his first, he qualified as a Derby. He was lost from the course after two finds.

“Pat” is a four-year-old, white, orange, and ticked pointer male who was sired by Exit Lane, out of Weber’s Little Snowball, and bred by Jason Loper (Osceola Kennels). He will be handled by Robin Gates for his owner, Hall-of-Famer N. G “Butch” Houston III.

At the first glance of Pat’s pedigree, one might not notice all of his Miller lineage. His sire, Exit Lane, is by Exit Wound, a son of Cypress Gunpowder;  Exit Lane’s dam was Time Line Lane a daughter of Miller’s Dateline out of a daughter of Miller’s White Powder. Pat’s dam, Weber’s Little Snowball is by Weber’s Little Bullet (from the Miller’s Silver Bullet—Wiggins Twist N Shout knick) and out of Bentley’s Snowy Bess, a daughter of Lester’s Snowatch out of Miller’s Therapy (by Miller’s White Powder out of Therapy’s Little Bess). And all of that makes Pat’s blood a little blue - err, white.


SHADOW’S WHITE WARRIOR returns this, his second year as a champion after  having won at the Dominion, his first championship title. Last year he was picked up early with a commendable three finds under his belt.

“Bo” is a seven-year-old, white, orange, and ticked son of the 2010 national champion In The Shadow, out of Rester’s Whistling Dixie, and was bred by Cecil Rester. Bo is owned by Carl Bowman of Louisville, Ky., who also owned his sire. Bo will be handled by Robin Gates.

The breeding of Bo’s sire, In The Shadow, should be familiar as he was from the last registered litter by Miller’s White Powder. Bo’s dam (and great grand-dam of Pendy’s Good Grace) is Rester’s Whistling Dixie, she  a daughter of House’s Line Up out of Rester’s Cajun Cookin (by Miller’s Dateline out of Rester’s Domino). This mother-daughter line goes back to Barshoe Fly.


SKYFALL returns for his fourth year having just won the Alabama Championship for the second time. In his previous three runs here he has been picked up early or lost, each year without bird work.

“Pete” is a handsome white and liver, six year old pointer from that famous knick of Whippoorwill Wild Agin and Sparkles. Pete’s litter was bred by Bob Walthall who co-owns Pete with Thorpe McKenzie. Pete will be handled by Steve Hurdle, who earlier this year handled him to runner-up at the United States Open Championship.

Skyfall’s and all of the relations to the Whippoorwill Wild Agin—Sparkles will be discussed under Whippoorwill Justified.


SLEEPLESS IN SACRAMENTO will return for her second run at Ames Plantation’s title. She qualified to run in 2016 as a Derby but was not entered, and last year she was lost at  two hours and twenty mark.

She re-qualified for this year with the California Pheasant Championship and two runner-ups at the Cascade and Western Open Championships.

“Meg” is a four-year-old, white and orange pointer bitch. She was bred by her California owners Jim and Cami Wolthuis, and is by I B Ironhorse out of Super Express Nash Begone. Meg is handled by Sheldon Twer.

The dogs in a West Coast pedigree, such as Sleepless In Sacramento’s, are often unfamiliar at first. Meg’s sire, I B Ironhorse is by Wells Fargo First Dude (by Kelly’s Laser Eye ex Cache Creek Julia) out of Wells Fargo Mollie (by Pinehill Doc’s Trouble ex I B Abbigale). Kelly’s Laser Eye is by Yastrzemski out of I B Bean, and this sire line traces back to Paladin’s Royal Flush. Pinehill Doc’s Trouble traces back to Tiny Wahoo.

Meg’s dam, Super Express Nash Begone is by Super Express William out of Amazon Express Bullett. Super Express William was a former contestant here, and his lineage comes down from Elhew Mr McGoo. Amazon Express Bullett was by Miller’s Silver Bullett out of Super Express Samantha, which was a great-grand daughter of Gwinn’s Little Gal. This mother-daughter line tracks back to the immortal Brenda Breeze.


STARDUST CHAZ is the most senior setter contestant who has now qualified for his fourth year with a first at the Tootsie Hurdle Open All-Age. In his previous three runs, he has completed the three hours once and the other two years he has been picked up just short of the two hour mark, each year with finds.

Chaz is an eight-year-old white, orange, and ticked setter male. He is by Wildwing Warrior, out of Stardust Coco, and was bred by Scott Kermicle. Scott is joined with John Sayre and Bob and Sarina Craig in Chaz’ ownership cartel. Chaz will be handled by Steve Hurdle.

When Chaz and his half-sister, Prodigy’s Bonfire, first qualified to run back in 2015 they were little known and their pedigrees at first seemed unfamiliar. Ultimately this line goes back to Tekoa Mountain Sunrise for the most part, but utilizes his lesser bred-to offspring (like Double Dog Dare) and in combinations (with Tomoka’s and The Performer’s offspring) unlike many of the other Tekoa Mountain Sunrise dogs. And now these breedings have become known to many of the setter fans as the Kermicle brothers’ line.


STRUT NATION is retuning for his second year’s run with a third place at the Heartland Open All-Age, which was just enough to satisfy his owner, Scott Jordan who often runs him in amateur competition.

“Jake” has not been as widely campaigned as many of the other contestants, though he has won two prior championships, the United States Chicken and Georgia Derby Championships. Last year Jake was picked up just shy of two hours with two finds, which was not enough for his handler to continue. Jake will turn four years old the day before the competition begins. He is a white and orange pointer male by Game Strut out of High Value Special, and was bred by Tommy Davis who will also handle him here.

Strut Nation’s sire, Game Strut, is a son of Strut, making Strut Nation a great grandson of Rock Acre Blackhawk. His dam, High Value Special, is still another daughter of Elhew Sinbad, this time out of Hanna On Line who was a daughter of Miller’s On Line out of a daughter of Miller’s White Powder. Her mother-daughter line goes back to Sally Shadow Doe who was a descendant of Cotton States Kate.


TOUCH’S ADAMS COUNTY re-qualified at the Broomhill Open All-Age and a win at the Oklahoma Championship (his fifth championship). He is just a few days shy of his ninth birthday and will be returning for his sixth run. He has in past runs finished the three hours twice before.

Bo is by House’s Line Up, out of Line of Beck, and was bred by T. Mason Ashburn. This stout, white, lemon, and ticked pointer is owned by Arizonan Ric Peterson and handled by Randy Anderson.

Bo’s sire, House’s Line Up should be familiar to all, but in case you’ve been living in a cave in Afghanistan, he is a son of Miller’s Dateline, a grandson of Miller’s White Powder, and great-grandson of Miller’s Silver Bullet.

Bo’s dam, Line of Beck is a daughter of Cherokee Gunfire out of a grand daughter of Cherokee Gunfire. Cherokee Gunfire is by Hendrick’s Majic Touch out of Rain Cloud’s Shadow, and Hendrick’s Majic Touch was a son of Hendrick’s Pride who was a brother of Miller’s Showcase, the sire of Miller’s Silver Bullet.


TOUCH’S GAME POINT returns for his fourth year having re-qualified by winning the Tarheel Championship. That was his second championship as he won the Continental in 2013. In his previous years here he has completed a three-hour run.

“Buster” is seven years of age, a white, orange, and ticked pointer male by Miller’s Happy Jack, out of B C Angelina, and was bred by Gary Baird. He will be handled by Mark McLean for his co-owners  Tony Gibson and Dr. Reuben Richardson of Alabama.

Buster’s sire, Miller’s Happy Jack is a contestant this year and there is more information about him under his profile. Buster’s dam, B C Angelina is a daughter of Lester’s Snowatch out of Beaucoup’s Daisy. This mother-daughter line traces back to an old time top producer — Quick Willing.


TOUCH’S MEGA MIKE is one of two contestants that qualified for this year as Derbies. Mike was the winner of the National and the All-America Derby Championships while handled by Ike Todd. Since then Mike has done some considerable winning with Mark McLean handling him, four first places and two runner-up championships: the Dominion Chicken and Continental.

The three-year-old, white, orange, and ticked pointer male is by House’s Ring of Fire, out of Touch’s Blaylock Bess, and was bred by Keith Wright. Mike is co-owned by Eddie Sholar and Ted Dennard.

House’s Ring of Fire, Mike’s sire, is a son of Lance’s Last Knight and he was discussed under Cole Train’s profile. Touch’s Blaylock Bess is a sister to Mega Ruby, the dam of Mega Blackhawk’s Progeny, you can see a little more there.


TOUCH’S WHITE KNIGHT is a six-year-old white, orange, and ticked pointer male that was knocking on the door in last year’s run. He had six finds when he was lost, the tracker requested at 2:58. This will be his third year to run here, having re-qualified with a second at the Kentucky Lake Open All-Age and a third at the Sunshine (Fla.) Open All-Age. He has won endurance championships in the past, the National Free-for-All and the Quail Championship Invitational, along with the Masters and Border International Championships.

“Bo” is by Lance’s Last Knight, out of Prairieland Lucy, and was bred by Dwight Grace. He is handled by Mark McLean for Eddie and Carole Sholar.

Lance’s Last Knight was discussed under Cole Train’s profile. Prairieland Lucy is by Law’s High Noon out of Shelly Rae, a daughter of Black Crude. This mother-daughter line goes back to High Fidelity’s Bluff and Jerry’s Runaway Bandit.


TRUE CONFIDENCE is returning for a third year, winning the National Pheasant Championship for a second time and a runner-up at the Missouri Championship. Last year he finished his three hours with three finds.

“Bob” is an eight-year-old white and orange pointer who is sired by Two Acre Bulldog, out of Bar P Annex, and was bred by Robert J Saari. Luke Eisenhart will handle Bob for his owners Frank and Jean LaNasa.

True Confidence’s sire, Two Acre Bulldog is by Funseeker’s Rebel out of Rester’s Tiny Dancer who was a daughter of House’s Rainwater out of Barshoe Justice (a grand-daughter of Barshoe Fly). Bar P Annex was by Bar P Shadow (by Shadow’s Mark ex Gateway Addie) out of Bar P Xena (by Front N Center ex Hard Driving Bev). This mother-daughter line comes down from Crossover.


WESTFALL’S RIVER ICE is a white, black, and ticked rookie contestant. He took a second place at the Cecil Proctor Open All-Age as a Derby last spring and  since qualified in the fall with a first at the Kansas Prairie Open All-Age and winning the Southland Championship. He is shy of four years old. “Bud” is by Westfall’s Black Ice, out of Westfall’s Quick Gold, and was bred by Bill Westfall. Bud is owned by Brad Calkins and will be handled by Andy Daugherty.

Bud’s sire, Westfall’s Black Ice was from the Rockacre Blackhawk-Elhew Katie Lee knick. His dam, Westfall’s Quick Gold has a somewhat more exotic pedigree. She is by Mount Nebo’s Lefty (by Rock N Roller ex Absolute Charm) and out of I B Fancy (by Highview Buddy ex I B Lonestar). To take this further: Rock N Roller was a son of Elhew Damascus and Highview Buddy was a son of Fiddlin Rocky Boy. This mother-daughter line traces back through Lady Button to Juneaire.


WESTFALL’S TRUE GRIT is the youngest contestant this year and he did not qualify as a Derby; rather he won the first two trials he was entered in early in the season, both championships: the Border International and the Mid-America. “Jack” is still less than three years old, he has an April birthday. He is a white, liver, and ticked pointer male, sired by Erin’s Brave Heart, out of Westfall’s Irish Bell, and bred by his Missouri owner Ryan Westfall, He’s handled by Andy Daugherty.

If there is a record for how quickly a dog can get qualified in his first all-age year, this is probably it. Erin’s Brave Heart was mentioned in Erin’s Redrum’s profile. Westfall’s Irish Bell is by Wiggins C C (by Wiggins River Crossing ex Wiggins Miss Maggie) out of River Ranch Belle (by Caladen’s Rail Hawk ex Caladen’s White Powder Rail). This is another mother-daughter line that comes down from Cotton States Kate via Sally Shadow Doe.


WHIPPOORWILL BLUE BLOOD re-qualified for his sixth year’s run this past spring with a first place in the Missouri Open All-Age. In his five previous years he has yet to finish the three hours. Blue is the oldest contestant from the Whippoorwill Wild Agin—Sparkles knick, and this first litter was bred by Dr. Jack Huffman, who co-owns Blue with Keith Wright. Larry Huffman will be handling this nine-year-old white and orange pointer.

The breeding details for the Whippoorwill Wild Agin-Sparkles contestants will be under Whippoorwill Justified’s profile.


WHIPPOORWILL FOTO OP has re-qualified for her third run with a second place at the Sunflower Open All-Age. She previously won the Mississippi and Alabama Championships. This six year old, white, orange, and ticked pointer bitch has not finished the three hours in her past two runs.

“Jill” is by Ransom out of Whippoorwill Wild Wing and was bred by Dr. Jack Huffman. She is handled by Larry Huffman for Tennesseans Ken and Sue Blackman.

Whippoorwill Foto Op’s sire is Ransom, one from the Whippoorwill Wild Agin - Sparkles knick that will be discussed under Whippoorwill Justified’s profile, and if that starting to sound repetitious, well it just is. Jill’s dam, Whippoorwill Wild Wing is a daughter of Rock Acre Blackhawk out of Wild Agin Sue, who is a sister of Whippoorwill Wild Agin from a repeat breeding of Whippoorwill Wild Jack and Whippoorwill Girl.


WHIPPOORWILL JUSTIFIED is a returning National Champion (2016). This year he re-qualified and did so with three first places, the Hell Creek Open All-Age, the Benton County (Miss.) Open All-Age, and the Pelican State Open All-Age.

“Patch” is five years old and the youngest of the Whippoorwill Wild Agin - Sparkles dogs to compete here, and this will be his third year to do so. He is handled by Larry Huffman for Ronnie Spears.

For the record, Whippoorwill Wild Agin is by Whippoorwill Wild Jack (by Whippoorwill Wild Card ex Bitter Delight) out of Whippoorwill Girl (by Bly Spy Master ex Silver Belle H); Sparkles is by Rock Acre Blackhawk (by Rock Acre Buckwheat ex Santo) out of Southern Sunflower (by Erin’s Southern Justice ex Elhew Sunflower). Elhew Sunflower was one of the three Hall of Fame shooting dog daughters of the famous blue hen Hanna’s Elhew Lou.

It is going to be difficult to run down all of the details regarding the knick of Sparkles and Whippoorwill Wild Agin. It is easy to say that it is “one for the record books”, but there are many records involved here.

Let’s start with this knick has produced eight all-age champions, and no other dam has come close to that. They are: Whippoorwill Blue Blood Whippoorwill Red Rage, Texas Wild Agin, and Ransom from the first litter; Skyfall and Dazzling from the second litter; Whippoorwill Justified from the third litter; and Whippoorwill Mayhem from the fourth litter.

Five of them have been contestants here (the four from this year and Texas Wild Agin who is now retired), and that ties a record set by Wiggins Miss Sammie. And there may yet be more, as Whippoorwill Mayhem is half-qualified and is handled by Larry Huffman; Whippoorwill Red Rage is half-qualified and still running, now with Andy Daugherty; and Barshoe Five’N Dimer is on Allen Vincent’s string.

Whippoorwill Wild Agin and Whippoorwill Justified are the most recent father-son national champions. It wasn’t that long ago that Lester’s Snowatch and Touch’s Whiteout had that distinction but now neither are living.

And all that is just for the first generation, in the second generation we find a second national champion, Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo, and a couple more qualified contestants, Whippoorwill Foto Op and Oakspring Big Time Warrior. Where all this will be in the next five or ten years is anybody’s guess, but for the first time, in a long time, there is a group of contestants that are other than Miller’s White Powder who are the dominate family here.


WHIPPOORWILL WILD ASSAULT is a seven-year-old white, orange, and ticked pointer male. He has qualified for his third year with a first at the Kentucky Lake Open All-Age and a runner-up in the Mississippi Championship. The past two years that Assault  has run here, he has been picked up early without any birds, but the weather and the draw hasn’t been in his favor either.

Salt is by Whippoorwill Wild Agin, out of Boxwood Bang (she by Miller’s White Powder ex Holly Hunter), and was bred by Dr. Jack Huffman. Larry Huffman will be handling Salt for Michigan owners Jim and Stephanie Bickers.

Editor’s Note: Five other dogs were duly qualified but not nominated. Eisenhower is deceased. Erin’s Hidden Shamrock has been withdrawn. Gator Done was not nominated. Just Irresistible is deceased. Mohawk Mill Pirate was not nominated.

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